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  1. Wow! How's that been, have you had any comeback from the council?
  2. I'm out of likes but yes there's wisdom in having kit you can repair yourself, or at least with local tradespeople. Also, flour mills have a very dusty atmosphere, so wooden parts won't create sparks and start fires.
  3. Am I missing something here? The Pope says he's seen omens of something terrible but I can't see in the article what those omens actually are. Just a reference to what we already know like wars, poverty, injustice. I tried looking on some other reports of this but they all say the same, as if they've copied and pasted from a press release. It's all very vague and non-committal. Sorry Francis, but if you want me to get interested I need some detail.
  4. I'm a bit unsure on this, the video clip is about Jews & Blacks, so what's the relationship between Sabbateans and Jews nowadays? I get that Sabbateanism was historically an offshoot from Judaism and became crypto-Jews. Then it becomes rather obscure, they went underground and secretive, but are they still connected with Judaism any more, or do they wear whatever mask suits their interests? Re the video, it's the laugh after he says "get Whitey" which says it all really. If anyone were to say "get Blackey" or "get Jewey", they'd not only be rightly booed off, they'd be banned from YT.
  5. Science is supposed to be puzzling at the cutting edge, otherwise we'd know it all and there'd be no point being a scientist. I think this is just the Daily Mail trying to hype it up and present a cartoon picture of science.
  6. I guess we're also the richest species who can afford to be a bit inefficient sometimes. On the other hand, we're better at preserving things with our technology; we can save our spare food with freezers, cans, drying etc. But if a lion can't finish its kill it has to leave the rest for the vultures and hyenas. It's wasted in a relative sense but not in the absolute.
  7. Nice, I often check out the etymology of words which shows how much wisdom there was in the ancient worlds of Greece and Rome where many English words originated, and their Indo-Aryan predecessors. Another example is 'exist', from ex+ sistare to stand out. Existence is that which stands out in our awareness, ie what we're focused on, giving attention to. So in that sense, we create reality and existence although I don't mean it in some grand metaphysical theory, it's just my experience in this moment.
  8. And seeing as they're reopening some coal-fired power stations, how about some more of our coal mines too? Seeing as all this imported energy is so unreliable, expensive, and exporting our jobs.
  9. You've got me wondering Bom, if there's a debate within Communist circles between old style socialists who do at least have the interests of the genuine working-class at heart; and younger, woke middle-class commies who are more interested in the latest flavour-of-the-month issues fed to them by the elite.
  10. There's been legalisation in some parts of the USA recently too, Columbia I think, and some other cities like Amsterdam have decriminalised it ages ago so I guess there's evidence of how it went. I don't really mind what consenting adults do in private, within reason, but dope has a lingering smell which feels like I'm breathing in their fumes as secondary smoking. When I visit flats the smell lingers in the communal areas, it's anti-social. But I realise that some of my antipathy is due to association of users with black-market dealers and criminal gangs. Drug running is used to fund other things like terrorism too, and legalisation is claimed to break that link. Presumably replacing criminal gangs with corporate ones and government taxes. Oh well.
  11. I can't stand it when people smoke dope in public, only today I was out playing in the snow with my daughter and a young guy, student-age, walked past smoking a cigarette which reeked of dope. It makes the neighbourhood feel unsafe for the many children and elderly people who live here.
  12. You're into miscegenation Just kidding ... reminds me of another point about the HFEA Human Fertility & Embryology Authority which has tightened up on the rules for sperm donors so much in the UK (I think it is, not just England) that there's a shortage of donors and we import sperm from abroad from countries with looser rules. It's another ridiculous policy designed to destroy our sense of national identity while at the same time virtue signalling about how moral we are here. There's a similar policy about how we treat animals in farms, we have strict animal welfare rules which impose restrictions and costs on our farmers, at the same time allowing imports of meat raised with much lower standards, in the name of free trade.
  13. And that's another way of looking at the problem: how has a once thriving, proud and assertive civilisation in Western Europe been reduced to a state where we are literally giving away our own lands, destroying our future and our very existence as a people? Within a historically short space of time, give or take 100 years? I suggest this thread is a good place to find answers, and we can see the evidence in the world around us.
  14. No offence intended, but do you mean that literally or are you being tongue in cheek? It's hard to tell in forums sometimes. Just checking before asking my question: what about the parables in the New Testament? Are they stories about historically true events, or simply teaching aids to illustrate the moral truths Jesus was trying to communicate?
  15. It occurred to me today that the measures are already here hidden in plain sight, ready for them turning up the dial. Eg we have "Universal Credit" which is means-tested at the moment but they only need to loosen the criteria to make it truly universal, ie UBI.
  16. I had an awakening which reminds me of David's ideas, although rather more ordinary. I followed the teaching in a meditation book called The Mind Illuminated by John Yates / Culadasa which gives a practical approach to contemplating attention (point of focus) and peripheral awareness (unbounded consciousness). I can see how attention creates things out of the sea of awareness, which in turn creates consciousness out of subconsciousness. I don't have infinite consciousness in the sense of omniscience of course, but perhaps 'Boundless Awareness' is a better term (and that's the name of another good book too by Michael Rodriguez).
  17. Wiki on Deuteronomy: "Virtually all secular scholars (and most of Christian and Jewish scholars) reject the traditional Mosaic authorship of Deuteronomy and date the book much later, between the 7th and 5th centuries BCE. Its authors were probably the Levite caste, collectively referred to as the Deuteronomist, whose economic needs and social status it reflects." The problem is, the authors of this passage would also be beneficiaries of any successful conquest of other tribes. Therefore we have to take account of bias and conflict of interest when deciding if they're actually telling the truth regarding whether this came from God. And even if a God did say it, it's clearly a biased God.
  18. 'Multicultural', 'melting pot', 'integration' and 'diversity' 'are good'. These and other slogans were used to prepare us for mass immigration. But imo humans are basically a tribal species and most want to live with their own kind (including middle-class liberals can be seen as a tribe). Bucking this truth only creates trouble. We're all like that, the British too, eg when I go to the costas in Spain they have lots of English and Irish bars for the ex-pats as well as the tourists. This knowledge isn't new, there's been ghettos and 'quarters' for millennia and anyone with a basic education in history knows this. Yet the postmodern progressives seem to think that this time it's different and we won't suffer inter-racial or communal conflict on a large scale.
  19. But maybe deflation is a symptom of the depression rather than the cause, which is all that debt and hyped up profiteering which the big corporations do during the growth stage. Deflation would be the supply-and-demand equation trying to get itself back into balance. Like, house prices are extremely high at the moment which is effectively a wealth transfer from the young first time buyers to the older generation. Maybe a bit of deflation here wouldn't be such a bad thing. A house is a house after all, a home to live in, its value hasn't changed while its price has rocketed.
  20. Wasn't there a higher takeup of the jabs in European countries amongst the white natives than immigrant groups? I remember there were campaigns in the news to highlight this. Maybe immigrants are more distrusting of governments than locals. It's been an uphill struggle to get mass immigration into the arena as an election issue, but infertility is even more hidden by the mainstream politicians, deliberately so, and immigration is still used as the answer to staff shortages.
  21. How does deflation work and cause a problem? It happens so rarely I can't remember a time when it was an issue. I was thinking about inflation yesterday; the govt and Bank of England has a target figure of about 2% inflation but why is that a good thing? Why not aim for 0% ? Whenever there's inflation in prices we're always under pressure to keep up with our wages so there's a structural need for workers to conflict with their employers. Surely there's some advantages in things becoming cheaper, especially the basic necessities.
  22. Agreed, and it's probably too late to turn back the clock to return to our earlier state. However, having learned a twisted version of the deconstruction skill, perhaps one answer is to actually improve on the process and teach our young people to start critically examining the system which brought them to this point. To think for themselves in a healthy way. However as the mainstream establishments are under the control of the fifth columnists this requires a great deal of work. The global superstate of course, which wants to convince us how nasty all these individual national states are.
  23. For me the spiritual practices like meditation and mindfulness help me to focus, pay attention and observe what's going on without my mind being distracted and led in certain directions by the agenda. I can observe and 'let go of' the reactions going on in my mind when, for example, watching TV without getting lost into them and having my desires, emotions and thought patterns manipulated. At least some of the time, I'm not an expert at this self-awareness.
  24. 'It'll wipe out every dollar in the world' - new crash fears as $80 trillion 'goes missing' The world faces a staggering financial meltdown with potential losses exceeding the total number of US dollars in circulation. By HARVEY JONES 08:39, Wed, Dec 7, 2022 This warning does not come from some headline-grabbing doomsayer but arguably the most respectable financial body of all, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS). This is a body of central bankers based in Basle, Switzerland. BIS is know as “the central banker’s banker”, an umbrella body for august institutions such as the Bank of England, US Federal Reserve and European Central Bank. Its researchers can predict financial crises three years in advance using machine learning to aggregate predictions from different models. Now they are warning of a crash the scale of which we have never seen before, with a staggering $80 trillion (£65 trillion) at stake. https://www.express.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/1706328/Financial-crisis-FX-swap-market-central-bankers-80-trillion-crash-meltdown-BIS I really can't decide what to do with my savings these days. Put it into building society, shares, gold, land or what? Maybe that's the point, Swiss bankers stirring up this sort of panic so they can fleece us ordinary folks.
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