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  1. Yes this is all true when I'm awake or semi-awake, but when I'm in deep sleep I have no reference points to say anything about it. From the pov of awareness it's just not there. Yes I'm talking from memory now but I can't help that.
  2. "And you run, and you run to catch up with the sun but it's sinking Racing around to come up behind you again The sun is the same in a relative way but you're older Shorter of breath and one day closer to death" That's from Pink Floyd's Time, I'm quoting it to say that although it's always Now in the present moment (a truism imo), things change too. All those Now moments aren't the same, isn't time the process of change?
  3. I suppose I know I've been asleep because I'm aware of the peaceful light sleep stages of falling asleep and waking up (I don't know the proper names), and the occasional dreams. But I can't say I've ever experienced hours of nothingness or objectlessness at night. The nothingness just feels like, well, nothing inbetween periods of drowsiness, even though it lasts for hours in physical time. "consciousness at rest" yes, I get that; rest, relaxation etc is great when I'm conscious of it. But for me deep sleep is unconscious, perhaps that's the difference between us.
  4. Yes, well, it's all nothing really. Deep sleep apparently happens but I don't experience it, I'm not even there to have an experience, even of time. Like when I had a general anaesthetic in hospital, I had no experience of the following couple of hours until I came round in the post-op room, it all happened in a single moment. Or it's like my subconscious mind is busy doing its thing and I'm totally oblivious. But my conscious mind is a creation of my subconscious. We've forgotten that we are already nothing/everything which creates the illusion of 'me having experiences'. Why is there something rather than nothing? It's a trick question really, this is nothing appearing as something. Do you mean the ego death of spirituality rather than physical death? If so then yes I get what you're saying. But there's a risk that someone might misunderstand if they're suffering and looking for an escape. Death isn't an escape from suffering, there's no guarantees it'll be peaceful either. Even ego death turns out to be imaginary because the ego wasn't real to begin with. I'm not alive in the first place, it's the other way round. We don't have a life, life has me and you. Life is the cycle of birth and death, death isn't the end of life. So true happiness isn't something to seek and find (or not find), it's something to be. When we search for happiness, we're searching for ourselves, our true self. But we don't know it because society is desperate to keep us seeking happiness externally. Sorry just some random thoughts, I'm not trying to build a belief system or argue for or against anyone.
  5. If you both left primary school 4 years ago, are you now teenagers at senior school? What did he say when you spoke with him, did he explain what happened?
  6. Campion


    I'd suggest getting expert advice rather than relying on an internet forum. If you can afford it, a good lawyer should help with the legal side, otherwise try your local citizens advice bureau. Sorry to hear about your health problems, best wishes.
  7. That's used in cryptography too, hide a secret message inside a public one, or within a picture.
  8. Could be, we give off lots of subliminal signals with body language, clothes, hairstyles etc so tattoos could be part of that, tho they never appealed to me. When I was a lad, badges were in fashion and I had a collection for all the causes and symbols I valued.
  9. I guess it depends on the situation because it's a big subject. Some things are naturally fearful, fear and guilt are likely natural survival processes if in moderation. I get anxiety over public speaking, and will only do it if I'm more afraid of the consequences of not doing it. I'm retired now, so need to motivate myself. Getting stuff done does feel good, better than lazing about, even though it needs an injection of energy to get started; but once started and the ball is rolling, so to speak, the energy flows by itself I find. It also helps when I'm in control and using my creativity, rather than being told what to do in detail. When I was working, I got told the projects which needed doing, and deadlines but could contribute my ideas in how to get there, which helped as I had some responsibility and ownership.
  10. Thanks, this is a worrying trend as we've become ever more reliant on technology. At one time, we just needed a username and password for a digital ID. Then that evolved to including a mobile phone for additional pin numbers to avoid the hackers, now you can't open an email account without a mobile. TBH I don't know how digital IDs work, but presumably they're something that can track you across the net. Then the next thing will be including biometrics so our physical life will be caught in the net as well as our digital footprint.
  11. I'm grateful for your posts, even though they don't load very well on my ancient tablet. Some images spark off a train of thought and make new connections so I see them, like much else in the forum as material for ongoing research.
  12. If Charles does abdicate, it's not up to him who succeeds is it? William would automatically follow him according to the rules unless he renounces his claim, in which case it would be William's three children in the line of succession before Harry or Andrew or Edward.
  13. Yup, some things don't change, fast forward a few generations and we had 9/11 to start off wars in Afghanistan and the middle east. Yeah, they like those brother wars where strong civilisations essentially have a civil war within their own culture, and have to borrow lots of money from the bankers to pay for it. Even demoralised us enough to open the doors for the caliphate to come in. Westerners have a short memory, the Muslims tried conquering Europe all through the middle ages and partially succeeded until the Moors and Ottomans were driven out. I'm sure the Muslim countries wouldn't be happy being demographically replaced by white Westerners either, but there's not much danger of that while we're too degenerate to breed and grow ourselves.
  14. The UK could have decided to remain neutral in both wars, but imo it would probably been at the expense of losing the empire (which happened afterwards anyway so was already planned). Germany didn't declare war on the UK first, we gave Germany ultimatums in both wars which Germany ignored and we declared war on them. Perhaps we would have been invaded later on, but in the early stages Hitler hoped he had enough support over here for us to keep out of it. WW1 was basically a war between imperialists in Britain, Austria-Hungary and France etc where the ordinary people were cannon fodder. Yes. Yes, agreed, but those WW2 men were the children of the WW1 veterans, so why the difference? The 'roaring twenties' was a boom time, there was the Weimar Republic which represented decadence and cultural deconstruction of the modernist movements, but it all ended in the great depression. So maybe WW1 and its aftermath was the Illuminati's first attempt at destroying the white western civilisation but it overreached and failed, and they tried again with WW2, followed by all the cultural weakening projects you mention and more. If it doesn't go according to plan this time, then will we have WW3 to make sure?
  15. This is a very unequal war for sure. On the Palestinian side, you're mentioning Hamas by name as the combatants and presumably the bulk of ordinary civilians are innocent bystanders who have the misfortune to be born into a chronic conflict zone. On the other side, you're calling out Israel which is the whole country. Is that what you mean, or could there be a controlling faction which are the aggressors and we should be saying "not all Israelis" are responsible for atrocity? Israel does claim itself to be the only well functioning democracy in the middle east which means we need to look at who votes for whom, but they also have conscription into the IDF if I remember correctly so it could be their young people are put into fighting the war whether they want to or not. David Icke talks about the Sabbatean Frankists who are the unelected cabal behind this and other agendas. I'm not so well informed on this as people like him, but if we're to avoid stirring up more divide and rule conflict should we be calling out who are the string pullers and who are the pawns? If the ordinary Israelis and ordinary Palestinians could see where the evil originates maybe they'd be more willing to accept each other as neighbours peacefully.
  16. I read that the genuine nationalists asked their supporters to stay away from these demos because they respect the remembrance ceremonies and could see it was a trap to generate anti-white headlines. At least the EDL false flag psyop has now blown whatever cover it had.
  17. "Spain is Christian not Muslim" Ok but if you want it to stay that way you need to have more Christian children, at the moment the Spanish birthrate is even lower than Britain's.
  18. The Israel/Palestine situation does generate a lot of emotions, more than other wars. A combination of media coverage, religion and history seems to lead to emotional identification with the "holy land", which clouds our reason and makes it more difficult to approach this in an unbiased way. I'm what you might call a Little Englander politically, almost an isolationist, and "taking sides" at the level of a whole foreign country is a very blunt instrument; when you look within any country there's a mixture of sides and factions and it's very complex. For example, the last election in the Gaza strip was in 2006 when Hamas came to power, so for whatever reasons the Gazan Palestinians haven't been able to choose their government for 17 years and are effectively living in a dictatorship. So I have no idea what the ordinary Palestinians want politically in order to decide whether to support them or not beyond a basic humanitarian wish for them to have a decent quality of life. Israeli politics is likewise a complex picture and what it looks like to me is two cultures each wanting their own ethnostate in a small patch of land (about the size of Wales).
  19. Few and far between are the groups which aren't caught in the spider's web and being manipulated.
  20. This situation makes a telling contrast with previous history when the police have agreed to being portrayed as institutionally racist, sexist and in essence playing favourites with a toxic white male culture strawman which needs to be taken down using things like equality & diversity training and 'positive discrimination' recruitment. So that's one agenda going on. And now after all that criticism and breast-beating about the police, we're told that undermining respect for them is unhinged? Why, because this time they're accused of discriminating against white right-wingers instead? The cracks in the facade are showing so clearly now I'm surprised more people aren't noticing.
  21. Since when was living a long life seen as a crisis and something bad? This is a small step away from calling old people a burden. There should be good healthcare already and its lack is a symptom of another problem. There's a diversion from the real crisis, which they rarely mention: chronic low birth rate among the natives. Caused by the toxic physical and cultural environment they've created.
  22. Comparing the Hanged man and the Joker with Heathen Gods Odin and Loki, there's some similarity. Odin The Hanged Man Loki The Joker
  23. "Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way." Pink Floyd, from Dark side of the moon.
  24. I quit smoking ages ago, but there's some garden flowers called nicotiana which are a close relative of the tobacco plant. Oh and if you want the real thing try searching ebay for "tobacco seeds". Golden Virginia came top of the list, I remember that from rollups!
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