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  1. Good question, there's history to this which dates back to Germany in 1860 and a debate between Moritz Steinschneider and Ernest Renan. Steinschneider was the one who first used the term anti-semitism to refer to Jews only, later on in the 1870s Wilhelm Marr carried on the trend. It could have remained as a local oddity in 19th C Germany but spread out to other European countries. I try to avoid using the word myself, am I being pedantic or just clear and logical? After all, the logical fallacy works both ways: not all Semites are Jews, and not all Jews are Semites (ie speak a Semitic language as their native tongue).
  2. Also I've heard stories about walkers drinking from nice looking hillside streams only to discover a dead sheep further upstream.
  3. Accuse your enemies of what you yourself are doing, it's an old tactic. I guess we're not the intended audience for this, and I found another quote from him which takes it to the next stage of threatening retaliation. Now of course Tass is a Russian news agency and the quote below is from a Chinese website so perhaps this is more about cementing the bond between those two countries. "6th November 2023 – (Moscow) In a recent address at the International RUSSIA EXPO’s Znanie (Knowledge) marathon, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov expressed the necessity for Russia to introduce reciprocal measures against diplomatic missions of Western countries. Lavrov highlighted that European countries, along with the United States and Canada, have severed ties with Russia, leaving discussions solely focused on the functioning of diplomatic missions, such as embassies and consulate generals. These missions have encountered significant obstacles, ranging from conducting financial transactions to ensuring their own security. Lavrov emphasised that Russia’s response, which involves creating technical difficulties for the operations of Western embassies, is not intended to cause harm but is instead based on the diplomatic principle of reciprocity. He explained that these measures are a direct consequence of Western countries refusing to engage in dialogue through any other means. Lavrov asserted that Western nations only comprehend the language of force, leaving Russia with no alternative but to respond in kind." https://www.dimsumdaily.hk/russia-implements-reciprocal-measures-against-western-diplomatic-missions-amid-strained-relations/ Mind you I find it refreshing to see the name Anglo-Saxon used, our own overlords don't use our indigenous tribal names any more but prefer us to call ourselves white British or something similar. Lavrov has a poor grasp of ancestry if he thinks Joe Biden or Rishi Sunak are Anglo-Saxon or that the Anglos have been in charge here for the past 957 years!
  4. Thanks @Martin1234 and how does ghee compare with using regular butter?
  5. The stone tape theory gets regularly mentioned in ghost hunting programmes, it helps explain why sightings are often very repetitive and the ghosts don't move very far away. It's just a theory though.
  6. To lay me down by the Grateful Dead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcvng9u7REE
  7. Those diversity fans love the EU too with its open borders. So never mind a one nation solution just for IsraelPalestine, how about they apply their own logic and start supporting a Middle East Union with open borders and economic union for the whole region.
  8. It's an interesting choice of words don't you think? Baffled not only means bewildered, but also silenced - are the scientists and doctors confused about what's happening or being muzzled? https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/baffle Historically it also used to mean to deceive.
  9. I've heard the idea that the US can only fight two wars at once, but surely the msm can report more than one at a time if they want to? They're deliberately shifting attention to where they want our thoughts to be. And another curious thing is why should Zelensky even care what the mass of us ordinary westerners get to see about the war over there as long as he gets the cash and weapons from our governments. What difference does it make to the progress of the war? It's not like we get a say in it or even know the full truth of what's happening. It's almost as if media coverage exists for another purpose, to control what we think and when.
  10. Yes they want us to hate ourselves, and this poison has spread into the "conspiracy theory community" too. Just look at how many conspiracies and wikileaks relate to westerners behaving badly compared to natives from other continents.
  11. There was that "defender of faith" speech in the 90s and when Charles started expressing admiration for Islam I remember some muslims were saying that he might convert, or was already a crypto muslim. I didn't believe it at the time, I thought he was more of a dreamer, but with the progress of new age syncretism I'm not so sure.
  12. At least the facial recognition won't work if you're wearing masks and sunglasses.
  13. The Balfour declaration is, in it's own words a "declaration of sympathy" from 126 years ago by a long finished government. It didn't have any legal force at the time, let alone now, so as far as I can see it's an interesting piece of history but nothing to do with us now.
  14. "Leftists admit mass immigration is equivalent to colonisation. They see it as payback for Britain’s history…" Even by their own flaky logic how would they explain that some ex-imperial countries are more colonised than others? Some like the Turks are still proud of their past and others like ours are ashamed, so there must be cultural differences in how people get educated about these issues.
  15. I've actually heard socialists and hardcore liberals suggest borderless living, all of them westerners. But I'm inclined to think that we're hard wired in our DNA to thrive best in moderate sized communities and when too many of us get together we fragment, start competing and create new borders between neighbourhoods etc. This is how we evolved for the majority of our pre-history but since the advent of city-states and countries we need to club together in larger numbers for safety and trade, so we've expanded in size and complexity. Do borders exist in nature? Well we're a social species and need to live in communities; try doing a search on pictures of wolf pack territories and what happens is that the territories are roughly similar sizes and the wolves tend to respect the borders without creating empires. Of course we're a different species to wolves but I think we should take anthropological knowledge into account for our politics. www.reddit.com Satellite mapping of 6 different wolf packs in Voyageurs national park.
  16. Hi, I had a quick look at it and wanted to check the methodology, eg where they did it, was there a breakdown of who replied to the poll etc, but don't have time today to find the details. Also to do some background research into the National Centre for Social Research. I'm sceptical because of the size of the claimed increase in "very positive" since the previous surveys. If the data is accurate it shows how far gone the natives are in our decline. I'm thinking that we shouldn't even call it immigration any more but colonisation.
  17. Good idea for a thread. I've listened to some modern nondual (neo-advaita) teachers like Rupert Spira, Jim Newman and Tony Parsons. Ramana Maharshi crops up in discussions, was he a common link to the modern movement? Also I can see pockets of nonduality in many other traditions, but using different vocabulary.
  18. I added release of the hostages too, and how about also stopping the use of civilian human shields? Those would make a ceasefire more meaningful imo. "Us" is a bit ambiguous, but in the context of your earlier post which I was replying to, let's say the UK. Should we get involved monitoring it, or perhaps the UN? I dunno, perhaps a ceasefire doesn't need a military to police it if there's enough journalists around to watch what's going on. White English / Anglo-Saxon. Then what's "European, ethno-nationalist, settler colonial project" all about? I appreciate it's not your words. Agreed and commendable to call it out and try to stop it. But do you think this conflict gets disproportionately more attention than others which cost just as many lives?
  19. The UK govt has been involved in middle eastern politics since the demise of the Ottoman empire over a hundred years ago and this is where we are. Vicious ethnic wars (the Syrian war is still ongoing too), and mass immigration to the west. Would it have been any worse if the Europeans, Americans and Russians had withdrawn after WW1 and let the locals set up their own nations with borders which worked for them? A ceasefire and release of all hostages would be very good but who should police it?
  20. I got as far as "The European, ethno-nationalist, settler colonial project in Palestine ..." before realising this is just another anti-white spell. Yes what's going on there is terrible but my ethnic people is not responsible.
  21. Interesting, thanks for sharing. By a coincidence I had a thought this morning (before I read this), how do we know that the afterlife isn't another simulation? Just because there appears to be people there congratulating or judging us, it could be just another roll of film in the projector.
  22. "Never again" is a phrase we hear around this time every year at solemn ceremonies for remembrance day. I'm starting to see the poppies around again, to remind us of all those young men (our ancestors) who slaughtered each other under orders from their leaders. How can I take sides and cheer on this latest war and then hang my head in sorrow at the previous wars? What kind of psyop is that? What does 'taking sides' even mean to me anyway? I'm just sat here watching the news, writing a few posts, but otherwise living my life in another continent. It may influence who I vote for in the next election but I'm hardly going to get actively involved.
  23. Yes, in other words solipsism can be true from God's infinite pov but not little me. Unless I'm saying I have achieved the highest enlightenment and become one with God, which I don't.
  24. Point taken, sorry. I guess I got carried away by the subject of the creation of the universe. At one time I used to call myself an atheist, but pantheist covers it better now. God is the whole of reality which doesn't have to be a personal thing.
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