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  1. It would need your race put on your government identity like they did in Apartheid South Africa, look how well that worked out. What about mixed race people, do you pay 50% or 25% tax depending on your parents/grandparents? Besides, anyone can identify with whichever race they want, it's a social construct not a biological fact according to the left's current ideology, so what's to stop everyone identifying as black and defunding the whole government If they want race to be determined by physical characteristics instead, then these leftists will need to stop their opposition to scientific_racism and they'll be in league with the Nazis. The whole idea is hilarious let them keep this stuff coming, they're keeping up America's reputation as losing the plot. Which is perhaps the point of it, it's the kind of thing which is pushed by America's enemies abroad.
  2. In round figures ... very round ...
  3. Agreed, it's what we called resonant_frequency at school. If you use the same frequency as the natural oscillation of the object, or a simple multiple like 2x or 4x you can transmit the energy more efficiently. Like when an opera singer smashes a glass when they hit the right note. Or if the wind speed is resonant, and the damping insufficient it can blow down a bridge like the Tacoma_Narrows_Bridge_1940
  4. Totally agree about the genocidal nature of USSR which killed many of its own people, I don't know how it compares with deaths in WW2 but definitely a very bad regime. In my terminology, globalist westerners like Churchill and Roosevelt represent the illuminati axis; but if it's a choice between illuminati, communists or fascists then god help us. We do need a political system which advocates for our people and can defend us against these threats but not under occupation by an empire.
  5. Well I heard the idea that Hitler invaded the USSR, breaking the non-aggression pact, because he needed oil due to the allies' blockade. What I've just learned is that there was a secret protocol in the pact which divided up eastern Europe between Germany and USSR. So, if true and Germany was going on a liberation spree, they were willing to throw half of eastern Europe to the communist wolves. Why ally themselves with Russia like that, were they unconfident of their chances of success and simply being realistic, or in some kind of real pact? I just want freedom and sovereignty for my own people. Occupation by illuminati, nazis, communists or whoever else isn't an acceptable option in my book. Happy to be allies with my brother tribes but I don't trust empires of any stripe. But yeah, I'm doing my some digging.
  6. Thanks, and no but I'll have a watch. Always glad to see alternative histories.
  7. I am precisely wondering why they didn't focus on defending themselves. Germany was strong enough to defeat Poland, France, the low countries, Norway etc, hold off Britain and get as far as Stalingrad and most of north Africa before getting overstretched. I know I'm not a military expert but surely that's taking a massive risk if all they needed was a defensive position for their own country? When one country starts doing that it forces the others to fight back, but with a defensive line there's a better chance they'll hold onto the territories they've taken over without a full-scale war. A bit like with the Ukraine war perhaps? The brothers you refer to in your earlier post with the German soldier saying "Bruder you killed me". Us ordinary folk the indigenous Europeans. Yes a lot of us were and are mind controlled by what I call the illuminati cult, but I'm looking at it to see if the Nazis fell into a trap when they went on their invasion spree, and made their downfall more likely.
  8. I don't know enough about them to give a good answer, like which ethnicity or nationality they call themselves. And I doubt if there's free speech or unbiased surveys to find out. From what little I do know, the Crimea has changed hands a lot over history, was given to Ukraine by Khrushchev in 1954 and taken back by force in 2014 (though will little resistance by the Ukrainians). Why do you think the Kiev regime is neo-nazi?
  9. It is getting dangerous to be open-minded about history, but thanks for the reply. I'm doing a kind of thought experiment, what if ... what if Germany had: stopped paying the WW1 reparations; demanded a refund on what they'd already paid; taken back the German lands taken from them and reasonably considered part of Germany [1]; built strong defensive positions on their new borders; voluntary repatriation of other ethnic groups and left it at that, concentrating on building themselves up inside their new borders. ( [1] It's debatable what to include here but we could include territory taken off Germany after WW1. I would say no to Austria (a separate country) and I don't know enough about Sudetenland to comment. I think it's good to have long-term historical borders which are accepted by all sides and if an ethnic group spreads beyond it's native borders that doesn't mean the newly occupied lands should be annexed. ) Would that have been a sustainable position, preventing a world war and the takeover of eastern Europe by the Russians? You're implying not because they were provoked? Well I don't know enough to give a good answer yet. But the choice which Germany took, meant they over-extended themselves as far as North Africa and Russia, as well as having the Americans drawn in, so they couldn't hold the line. It makes me wonder whether they were free of illuminati influence or if their choice of a brotherhood war in Europe and beyond was not in their interests from the start. If all of Europe is dominated by illuminati overlords then this history makes more sense to me. I'm trying to look at this long-term and blaming particular groups like Bolsheviks, Hitler's Nazis, the Cold War etc omits the big picture because those are milestones along the waypath of the ancient cult agenda.
  10. I didn't use the word but I'd say it means something like one country invading another territory and incorporating it into their own country. Rather than including it in an empire and allowing it to keep a separate identity. In this context we could talk about the annexation of Alsace-Lorraine, Sudetenland, Austria. And some disputed territory on the German/Polish borders.
  11. I'm willing to look at history with an open mind (or as much as I'm able with how I've been brought up). But I can't reconcile someone being a nationalist and invading other countries to take them over. That looks like imperialism. If the third reich had been confined to securing the borders and prosperity of the Germanic peoples without killing and invading other ethnic groups it'd have a bit more integrity. Yes there were some disputed territories that were taken off Germany after WW1 but they went way beyond that.
  12. I'm probably well behind on all this but I just noticed the numerology here IX XI = 911.
  13. “The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.” ― Charles Bukowski Though imo this isn't really a problem, it's a feature of the world that truth doesn't come easy and lots of people are lazy - including me sometimes lol .
  14. I looked up the hooked cross on the internet and it came up with the swastika. Is that what you mean by it? If so I didn't know that about the early Christians, afaik it's an ancient symbol dating back to the stone age.
  15. Yes, healthy cultures, traditions and religions are close to nature, close to the geography and climate they are rooted in. Even the human body adapts to suit the environment it needs to survive in. Mass immigration tries to undermine this and is a huge social experiment creating large swathes of population who don't identify with the land they inhabit. So we lose our 'meat suit' to gain another, 'energy suit' with rather similar assaults on our wellbeing to steal our health and prosperity. Greed, selfishness, ego, basically the same as what we have here. I do have a slight problem with the idea of a matter-energy duality that can be separated: energy without matter in other words, how is that possible? I have no first-hand experience to draw on, but I don't see why we can't continue relationships with the family and friends we had in life here. Relationship is an example of energy in motion (process) and it's not the purpose of life to store up energy; we take in energy as food etc to convert it into an active life. I know I'm going to die eventually and will need to let go and pass on to the next generation. None of that scares me because it's not my tradition. But yeah we need to face our fears and other imperfections, not to get rid of them but to make peace and acceptance because it's the inner conflicts which are the problem.
  16. Yes that's right (in the UK). Sorry for any confusion, I thought you were talking about when you were going to sell up and crystallise gains/losses. It's just sale price minus purchase price, and the cycles and halving events etc which happen inbetween aren't relevant for CGT. You can also include costs of buying/selling - I don't know if you have any charges with crypto but can be relevant for other assets. Houses and pension funds are a bit more complicated but not this topic.
  17. I'm afraid the rot had already set in by the first world war. In 1917 Marcel Duchamp used a urinal as a piece of sculpture, called 'Fountain'. And he's considered by the art establishment as one of the most important artists of the 20th century. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fountain_(Duchamp) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marcel_Duchamp
  18. I haven't had time to watch the video yet, but why should I believe these people are unbiased? After all, Russia has had anti-British propaganda in their press too. The British and Russian royal families were intermarried, there were lots of blood relations between the European royals. So it didn't really matter who won the wars between them, the bloodlines of "The Firm" had both sides covered and would win either way. It's the ordinary folk who get slaughtered and dispossessed. It's not right to say things like "the British started promoting hatred against Russia". It makes it sound like it's us ordinary Brits getting up to all this savagery, but at heart we just want to get on with our own lives in our own homeland. Unfortunately we are victims of the propaganda and brainwashed into paying and fighting for the overlords against peoples we have no quarrel with.
  19. Boiling the frog mate. "Global warming" was an earlier stage of the agenda. Back in the 60s & early 70s it was going to be a new ice age, then came global warming from the 80s, then it was climate change (c. 2000s) and the latest slogan we're supposed to use is climate emergency. I wonder what it'll be next? Sometimes it pays to be behind the times (like me!) and see the big picture I've got more long-sighted as I've got older (in more ways than one).
  20. Ok agreed in principle but I think it exists as a mask, a symbolic or mythological front to cover the puppet masters and give us a shadow play. Designed for the Christians; other cultures are given different masks to play out the narrative and hide the real truth.
  21. Japan has a lot going for it for their ethnic group but there's no room for complacency even there. And you can't pass the buck to the ptb to look after the tribe, we all need to take responsibility to look after ourselves and ensure we have a future. https://www.msn.com/en-xl/news/other/news-in-easy-english-japan-ready-to-accept-many-more-foreign-workers/ar-BB1kMYrd "TOKYO -- The Japanese government made a decision during a Cabinet meeting on March 29 to include four more areas under the "specified skilled worker" residency status and allow up to 820,000 foreign workers to enter the program until the 2028 fiscal year. Opposition to immigration in Japan has lessened due to the country's shrinking population. The addition of four new fields -- automotive transportation, railways, forestry, and the timber industry -- is speeding up preparations to welcome more foreign workers. However, there are challenges, too."
  22. Can you expand on this a bit and point us to some of these ways?
  23. Yes, via Kabbalah which practices numerology. Just a couple of references but I'm sure there's lots of others: https://astrotalk.com/numerology-introduction/kabbalah https://www.amazon.com/Kabbalah-Freemasonry-Becoming-One-God/dp/B0B8R37FRL
  24. You're waiting until it's dropped more than half? Or do you mean wait for it to drop then bounce back up again? Obviously I don't understand this crypto stuff!! With CGT (in the UK) £3k allowance is for your gain rather than how much you withdraw, so it needs a calculation. That's from the 24/25 tax year starting on Saturday. If you sell in this tax year 23/24 it's £6k. Unfortunately you can't carry forward your unused allowance, but if you've got some losses elsewhere you can offset against the gains. I think losses can be carried forward but would need to look into that.
  25. Yes, i think it's all the pictures taking up memory, I have a similar issue on my old tablet but my new laptop copes with him ok. I like his posts too but unfortunately don't have time to take in all the details.
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