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  1. I think the quotes need further inspection, just because they are so transparently wrong at first glance. Ie at the level which most people will see. 'Nothing is true, everything is permitted' is such an obvious nonsense coming from an evidently intelligent man, that imo it's either the delirious ramblings of someone on their deathbed (or after too much hashish), or there's a hidden message intended only for his initiates. 'Nothing is true' is a self-contradicting statement, as for it to be true it must also be false. If 'everything is permitted' then there is no authority able to give permission or withhold it. The esoteric meanings I can see are: Nothing is true means the ultimate truth is nothingness, emptiness or the void. This ties in with certain mystical teachings in Buddhism, Advaita and nondualism. Everything is permitted is the flip side. The ultimate truth is everything undivided, wholeness, infinity. And free will means you can do what you want, but so can everyone else. The universe (or God) doesn't stop criminals stealing or whatever, neither does it stop the rest of us clubbing together and creating a justice system to catch them and punish them. I'm allowed to defend myself against someone who wants to attack me. Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law. I see this one as a little test. Who does 'thou' refer to? Most people interpret it as the individual, so it means a lawless anarchy. Christians could read it as God's will, as the statement is similar to "Thy will be done". Thou (you) can also be plural so it can mean the will of the people. The ambiguity suggests it's throwing a question back at you: who are you? What is the self? That's also a well known approach in the eastern religions I mentioned. I'll add a caveat that I'm taking these quotes out of any context which the original authors may have had to explain them, so this is all my interpretation.
  2. Thanks Mac, it's good to have some more fleshing out the details of these groups like the sabbatean-frankists with names and dates etc. It makes it into a proper historical theory rather than just a vague 'conspiracy theory'.
  3. As far as I can tell, moral relativism and 'everything is permitted' are like fancy names for the Law_of_the_jungle and wiki has this to say about it: "The phrase was introduced in Rudyard Kipling's 1894 work The Jungle Book, where it described the behaviour of wolves in a pack." Which is interesting because we know that some species are social and live in groups like wolves and ants but some are solitary like spiders. In nature, morality seems to be no more than the survival instinct of each species whether social or solitary. Humans however have the faculty of abstract thought so we can conjecture beyond our instincts to things like absolute or objective morality. And act out of pure pleasure. According to standard science we evolved from apes who lived in social groups with their own social order and hierarchy, and throughout history most people lived in social groups with tightly knit rules, but recently we've seen a big increase in people believing in more individualistic ideas like 'do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law' and 'everything is permitted'. The full quote comes from the the last words of Hassan i Sabbah (the leader of the order of Assassins "Nothing is true, everything is permitted". This feeds into the breakdown of the old social order and its replacement with a new order. (As an aside, the Assassins were an Islamic order and secret society which existed at approximately the same time as the Knights Templar and I need to research them more, especially in regard to what happened after their official demise by the Mongols 37 years before the Templars were closed down.)
  4. There's a whole other thread about mass immigration, and another one on endocrine disrupting chemicals, so I won't labour the point here. But some of us are joining the dots between a system which is defertilising the native population at the same time as opening the gates to very different peoples with no intention of integration. Governments in many other countries have no problem controlling immigration; in the middle east, places like Saudi Arabia and Qatar have guest workers on temporary contracts to fill skill shortages as they don't want to change their whole civilisation, and they seem to recruit enough. "we're all mixed anyway" We did have plenty of diversity within the English indigenous population, eg northerners, southerners, west country folk etc but there was a sense of ethnic unity that has been lost now we have so many citizens who identify with other continents. Even if we end all immigration today imo it'll take hundreds of years and much communal conflict to regain the social cohesion that we've lost.
  5. I get why out govt would close down RT. What do you think about Aljazeera, whenever I look at them it's wall to wall Gaza. Afaik it's owned by the Qatar govt, and the middle east is divided up into goodies and baddies by our side. Divide and rule?
  6. They even make ordinary food toxic with their processing, so lord knows what this will do to us.
  7. We need something to at least ensure a minimum level of law and order. To avoid threats like gangsters, foreign invaders, military coup, revolutionaries, police state and dictatorship etc. Lots of countries have those when the civilian government becomes too weak and corrupt. Someone else is always waiting in the wings to bring out their weapons and take over. Yes I'm well aware that governments and political parties are controlled by the illuminati but I'm just talking about a baseline of stability for us to build a life and community. I'm meaning I don't want online voting which needs verification of identity and therefore it's not a secret ballot. My voting could be linked to the rest of my digital 'footprint' in the cloud and stored in a GCHQ database. No thanks. I've no problem with using computers to crunch the numbers after they've been counted and totalled up anonymously. That's already been going on for decades. Where I live we have paper ballot papers which you manually mark with a cross and they get put in sealed boxes and go to a counting room for your constituency to get counted manually in full public view. I did it once, I counted them into batches of 50 and there was a returning officer to check, flicking through the piles, and representatives of the parties closely watching. The ballot papers do have reference numbers on them though, so in theory they could be linked back to your record in the electoral register. But that would be more difficult for the authorities to do secretly, compared with a totally digital system. Yes there's risks of fraud, especially with postal voting which has had some attention, but computer systems can be manipulated too.
  8. This suggests that God is divided up into parts. I'm not judging your beliefs, many others also talk about having a divine spark within us etc. Hindus do namaste to the divine within each person, which is perhaps where the saying comes from that they have 300 million Gods (back when that was the population of India). Others believe that the separation into parts is just appearances and everything is really One. For me spirituality is all about investigating the oneness vs multiplicity, wholeness vs fragmentation, spirit vs ego, duality/nonduality, God/world. However we want to to express it.
  9. Indeed. We can see the condition of their existing satellite states like Belarus and Mongolia, why would we want to go that way?
  10. There's two different angles going on within the same discussion here. There's a colourblind economic argument about how to deal with what's called the population_pyramid so there's enough wealth to support the elderly. There's also an argument about ethnic replacement and whether we should be concerned about being converted from a mostly homogeneous population into a melting pot. Clearly the government has no interest in preserving the indigenous tribes. Money is colourblind. It is precisely because we expect the government to solve all our problems rather than taking responsibility for our own interests that we've got into this state. We have left our own institutions like the home-grown churches, fragmented our extended families and chosen a nanny state whose solution to the problem is to keep us in an infantile condition asking them for solutions. They don't care about us as members of the native culture, they treat everyone the same whether first generation immigrants or indigenous peoples. As long as we all march towards their authoritarian nanny technocracy.
  11. If you're a supporter of free movement rather than government planned immigration that's different, as free movement implies border-lite regions like the EU. Yes immigration has been suggested by a lot of establishment economists, it has been tried ever since Windrush yet here we are with the so-called 'demographic problem' still as bad as ever, so in view of the fact that the ptb aren't suggesting alternatives it begins to look like they have a very different agenda in mind. "Immigration of past was not directed at demographic problem." But just after WW2 the reason given for having Windrush immigration from the Commonwealth was due to a shortage of workers and needing a lot of rebuilding, even though we were entering the baby boom at the same time. In those days the demographic problem was due to the impact of the war and most people thought it would be temporary. Now it's due to the baby bust, low fertility. But it's still about having a shortage of working age people so it's demographic both ways.
  12. I don't see how any of this is news ... we're at the late stages in this agenda by now. After 75 years of mass immigration and what's called the demographic problem is still just as pressing according to the mainstream. So if immigration hasn't worked after all that time, where's the evidence that we need more of it? Also the UK is far from alone in having these kind of trends. I've got a population app which shows a similar trajectory over the rest of this century for many other countries, some much larger than us like China, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Russia, Japan. It predicts the entire global population will peak at around the end of this century and then decline. So even if we do continue with the mass immigration strategy, it's at best only a medium term policy for a limited part of the world. Eventually there won't be enough immigrants to go round. Then what do the politicians do? Predictions can be wrong of course, and it uses UN population figures so I'm taking it with a pinch of salt but the world population will level off at some point. There is a strong correlation between high per capita income and low fertility levels, so using immigration to prop up GDP is a self defeating strategy which seems to be leading us into an evolutionary dead end. I agree with this we need to change on a deeper level than just economics. Of culture, faith, folk and family. Edit: nothing personal Mr H, but please understand that when my ethnic group gets threatened I'll get triggered and want to save us.
  13. They have some social media presence (facebook, instagram, gab etc) but don't appear very active. Looks like an American organisation with leanings toward Christianity. Fair play to them, without the family we're in an evolutionary dead end.
  14. We can see the effects of the growing Muslim influence with the politicians' difficulty deciding whether to call for a ceasefire or "pause" in the Gaza war. They're caught in the cabal's trap between the two sides, opposing antisemitism vs supporting Palestinian human rights.
  15. Citizen army? What happened to the Territorial Army, I thought that's what they were for? Or the reserve, whatever it's called now. Perhaps we could use mercenaries, plenty of other countries use proxies to fight against us after all.
  16. However painful it may be, I think we'll always need a political system for the worldly dimension of life. I try to find the least worst option outside the MSP (mainstream politicians). I don't want computer voting, which would be used to push the digital identity agenda. PS welcome to the forum @pepefrog great first post !
  17. She's Swedish and must have a big carbon footprint coming over here for her protests. We have our own eco protesters, why bring Greta over unless for a publicity stunt. I love Swedes in general though, happy to have them come over any time, I'm not anti oil
  18. Surge in businesses facing “near collapse” Financial pain across all industry sectors as the debt storm that has been brewing for years looks to be breaking across the UK. The final three months of 2023 saw a worrying jump in businesses facing a ‘critical’ level of financial distress, resulting in more than 47,000 companies now facing near collapse, according to new data. Analysis by Begbies Traynor found that none of the 22 industry sectors it analysed are immune to the wave of financial pain. Meanwhile, there are serious concerns over bellwether sectors such as construction and real estate, between them representing nearly 30% of all businesses facing serious financial distress, insolvency and restructuring, the analysis revealed. Julie Palmer, a partner at Begbies Traynor, says that over the past year companies have had to contend with high interest rates, rampant inflation, weak consumer confidence and rising and unpredictable input costs, which are now creating a perfect storm impacting every corner of the economy. “Now that the era of cheap money is firmly a thing of the past, hundreds of thousands of businesses in the UK, which loaded up on affordable debt during those halcyon days, are now coming to terms with the added burden this will have on their finances,” Palmer says. Historically, a large percentage of the businesses identified by Begbies Traynor’s analysis as being in urgent financial distress “will enter insolvency over the course of the next year”, the firm says. https://www.icaew.com/insights/viewpoints-on-the-news/2024/jan-2024/surge-in-businesses-facing-near-collapse
  19. Roman numerals perhaps? It looks like: CC LI VV LVC DIV MI I can't make it out because they don't all fit the rules, eg VV, LVC CC = 200 LI = 51 VV = ? maybe 5 & 5 LVC = ? maybe 50 & 95 or 55 & 100 DIV = 504 or could be DI & V ie 501 & 5 MI = 1001 or could be M & I ie 1000 & 1 The whole phrase translates as "Behold, your book is a light for my feet" which is a quote from Psalm 119. So maybe it's a Bible code to pick out certain letters from the Psalm and decode a word?
  20. Sorry to hear that Ethel. I guess some people just aren't good at empathy, it could be they feel uncomfortable seeing someone else's pain. I'd have thought that Christianity's imagery of the passion and suffering of Jesus would spark some compassion in his followers. I hope you can find someone to talk to.
  21. Postmodernists will have a field day with this one. As in, religions are language games where the rules of the game (definitions, authorities, truths etc) are internal to the community of believers, and religion is relative truth. They do have a point though, there's very little we can all agree on when there's no objective evidence to go by. I can give my subjective opinion, but laid alongside other folks' subjective opinions, how can we know if we've achieved anything more than relative truth?
  22. Ok then . But does the Goldilocks story itself have any esoteric meanings? It might help think of a number. I've long suspected that fairy stories contain hidden meanings but haven't found a good source.
  23. Mention of Goldielocks made me think of the golden ratio, but that's too big about 1.618033 or (1 + √5)/2. So if we take the reciprocal 2/(1+√5) = 0.618033... Which is within your range. Tho it's got more than 3 decimal places, is that a problem? Interestingly, 1/GR = 1 - GR which I didn't know before. The GR has a long history, going back to the ancient world, there's a bit of information here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_ratio
  24. Ok it would. I was thinking in terms of religion, like a communion service, as a magical ritual.
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