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  1. 3 hours ago, Stuart dorrans said:

    We are being replaced. The kalergi plan in action. The average Muslim family has 4 children and sometimes these men have multiple wives. The average white family is only having 1 or 2 children. I'll get flamed for this but all the government benefits are certainly not going to whitey. They have told us their plans for years. THE NEW EUROPEAN SLAVE OF THE FUTURE WILL BE MIXED RACE! We should have listened. Religious people are not going to take fertility killing vaccines. Islam is the biggest religion in Europe now.


    👍  yes agreed.  Also Muslims and other immigrant races have a higher continuity in their culture, so their children are more likely to stay within the ancestral faith. Whereas for whites it's expected, almost a rite of passage, for children to rebel and choose their own beliefs as we grow up.  And it's seen as uncool (in mainstream media) to settle down, get married and start having kids while we're still young, we are taught to wait until we're much older than we used to.  The agenda has infantilised us to glorify youth, and to postpone growing up into full responsible adults and parents. 

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  2. 4 hours ago, Stuart dorrans said:

    What the actual f*** happened to us and OUR culture.


    This is a big part of the agenda. To use popular culture like music, cinema, TV, food etc to create a melting pot and watering down our own culture with international styles eg American from Hollywood or Indian food etc. If we enjoy listening and dancing to black music for example, as if it's our own, we'll have less resistance to immigration and inter-marriage. And many of our bands want to break into foreign markets too - it makes me wince when I hear bands from as long ago as the 60s like the Animals and Rolling Stones putting on fake American accents instead of showcasing their own regional English accents. Losing our culture goes along with selling out to the global markets, the French have tried resisting and protecting their language and art, but they've accepted so much immigration already I doubt they can hold the line. 

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  3. 3 hours ago, Youknownothingbutyou said:

    only a matter of time before the civil war starts eh!


    Which could be the whole point of baiting people like this, and we'd be playing into their hands. 


    Look at it this way: we've been in a war the Illuminati have been waging on us for hundreds of years, and this is their latest salvo upon us to divide and rule. And the managers engaging in this type of skirmish are minions who don't know what they're doing. 

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  4. 13 minutes ago, Truthblast said:

    Thus the BOOK OF REVELATIONS prophecy about people allowing themselves to be enslaved holds up pretty well so far.


    I dunno, it looks to me like all this religious prophesy is so vague and open to interpretation that you can apply it to whatever situation you want, with a bit of tweaking. If you've got enough charisma you can build up a following who believe it comes from God and justifies your actions beyond the limits of human laws. Dangerous stuff. 

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  5. 23 minutes ago, Gnostic Christian said:

    I do not see your live and let live as the Golden Rule, even as it hints to reciprocity.


    If you are walking by a guy who is raping someone, will you live and let live?


    For evil to grow, all we all need do is the nothing you recommend.


    Crime is a violation of live and let live for the victims. It doesn't say do nothing about it, it says live.  So make life choices to maximise life experience for all. But of course it's just a slogan, not a formula to decide how to act in all circumstances. 


    You can say the same about other versions of the golden rule: the victim might try to fight back and hit  out to defend themselves, but wouldn't want to be hit themselves. The devil's in the detail I guess. 

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  6. 4 minutes ago, XelNaga said:

    My opinion is that only people aged 25-45 should be in politics. Younger than 25, they have no clue about life. Older than 45, they are already "too old" to be able to adapt to the changes of the world. It's ridiculous that people like Biden or Trump decide anything for the young people.


     That's divide and rule in another guise. I would prefer to have most decisions taken with referendums, we could have them monthly with any decisions needed. Then we can't blame politicians so much. But if we're still hypnotised by the MSM we'd get bad results too I guess.  

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  7. Dishonesty is getting worse because society is breaking down. When you have small close-knit communities, people know and help each other and the local neighbourhood becomes an extension of the extended family. That's basically how we evolved as small groups of hunter gatherers, tribal groups and villages. 


    Along comes cities, large-scale civilisations and empires, then industrialisation and what you get is people living together who don't know each other, movement and migration with the tribal bonds breaking down, and in response people need law and order so call for more and more government to keep the lid on human greed and selfishness. 


    That creates opportunities for those who want to dominate the govt justice system, military and commerce. And incentives for increasing the alienation of the masses, mixing up communities with multiculturalism to prevent the reappearance of stable self-governing society. If we follow the money and power, we can see who benefits from increasing dishonesty. 

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  8. 20 hours ago, Truthblast said:

    I think that the Rothschilds needed JERUSALEM in order to FIGHT THE REAL MESSIAH UPON HIS RETURN TO EARTH.


    There are no real messiahs, just the ones you believe in. You create them. However the fighting is very real. 


    Or if you prefer, we are all messiahs equally, sons and daughters of God. Some people realise this but most don't. This is what DI said in his turquoise phase. What is there to fight about? 

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  9. 5 hours ago, Gnostic Christian said:

    I liked most of your post and thinking above, but this bit of immoral thinking I will chew you out for, as it is a fully evil concept.


    Insert gays and women harmed by homophobic and misogynous religions to this quote. You should get an idea of what you should be doing with the homophobic and misogynous mainstream religions if you live by the golden rule.


    Thanks for your reply, tho I don't understand why you're chewing me up on this point. 'Live and let live' is another version of the golden rule, which homophobic and misogynist people and organisations flout. Sure, it's a simplistic soundbite and the real moral work involves lots of messy details so it's the beginning of the discussion not the end. 

  10. 11 hours ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:

    It is essentially a theft of the Winter Solstice celebration from the Pagans.


    One of my favourites pagan mythologies about our Father Christmas image is that he's based on Lapland shamans and all this flying around on a magic sleigh with red & white colours comes from use of fly agaric mushrooms (also associated with witches and flying broomsticks). 


    See image of a shaman 



    and fly agaric 



    th (1).jpeg


    That's mixed with Christian mythology of Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children and marinated through Victorian era European civilisation and you get our contemporary Christmas. What's wrong with mixing up our mythologies, we've been doing it for thousands of years. 

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  11. 3 hours ago, whiteboyal said:

    in your reply to my post you said I need to go within which I assume is to just consciously realize again and again that we are infinite consciousness having an experience as a human and self identity with it. Is this all that we can do? Is there other ways of doing or is this the most effective way? certain exercises?


    Have you begun to have experiences of infinite consciousness, are you practicing anything towards that goal yet? I'm trying to gauge where you're at in this journey. There's many different paths to take, each with their own language and practices, ranging from traditional and conservative, to modern and  progressive. But with all of them, regular practice is required, not just reading & thinking about it because thought is an abstraction not direct awareness of reality. 


    The path I am on uses meditation, mindfulness, and immersion in nature. All the paths I've heard of start with practice, followed by brief glimpses of the infinite, then more practice to extend and integrate the glimpses into our whole lives. You can have a glimpse then fall back into egoic mind many many times, and sometimes it can feel like you're going backwards. But once you've found your personal path, and perhaps a good teacher, it's worth persevering. 

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  12. 19 minutes ago, Duewy said:

    The "Creator of the All" thought ...

     "Where did the Creator come from"?

    I stay away from this as it always ends in just giving me a headache 


    Self-reference is an endlessly fascinating arena for thinking about things. And it often results in paradox. In this case it arises because of the use of "all" , which means everything including a creator (if such an entity exists). So a creator of all creates itself too. Which is hard to explain logically. I find it easier to understand by giving up the distinction between creator and created. 


  13. On 12/24/2022 at 12:37 AM, ivanka said:

    but children born with disabilities, why does the infinite consciousness need such a negative experience if it already knows everything?


    The existence of evil and natural suffering is not only a problem for David's theology, but is also a historic subject of debate for mainstream religions, and a reason why a lot of people have left their religion.  How can we have an ultimate reality that is good and loving when there's all this evil and suffering, even with situations where you can't blame it on free will? Disabilities, sickness, earthquakes and volcanoes for example. Atheism and materialism begin to look like better explanations.  


    As for Christ, there's lots of interpretations and you can take your pick. Same with the other religions. Live and let live. 

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  14. Midwinter festivals and feasting goes back to the stone age. There's archaeological evidence of this at Stonehenge, where the winter solstice was as important as the summer. 


    This midwinter festival may have changes names and put back a few days with Christianity - the rebirth of the sun/son becoming apparent a short time after the lowest point (ritual death). And we appreciate lights and decorations at the darkest and bleakest time of year. Especially with family and friends around too. 


     So yes I do like Christmas, and I'm not a Christian (apart from some cultural Christian traits). But if Christmas isn't for you, would you replace it with some other festivities to mark the turning points of the year, or be some kind of minimalist puritan who has none at all? 

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  15. "The UK colonised most of the world.
    Let's examine this claim. A colony is an area where a group of people settle down and create a community based on common characteristics such as race, religion, ethnicity etc. The British empire which they're referring to did assert political control and some military personnel and civilian administrators did stay there at the time. But did it create an actual ongoing colony? What is the legacy in terms of population change? What percentage of the "colony" is now ethnically British and growing in the ex-empire countries? And in how many of those countries is the native population forecasted to become a minority by the end of this century?  Very few, if any, as far as I can see. 
    I suggest that far from being colonised, the countries of the British empire have in fact retained their traditional culture, and it is the British countries which are the victims of the empire in terms of bring colonised, losing our culture, our identity and population. Once again we have a twisted, inverted argument used against us in the attempt to convince us that we're the guilty and privileged ones who need punishing. 


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  16. On 12/23/2022 at 8:26 PM, Truthblast said:

    Lots of news stories today about a new wave of Covid ripping through China.


    Anecdotal evidence suggests that many hospitals are full and that there is a dire shortage of medicines in China: 


    Well it's one way to justify the lockdowns, travel restrictions and jabbing. The control system needs a boost every now and then. 

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  17. @Ethel  that's funny, I had the same experience with a Windows 10 laptop which put me off windows for home computers, windows seems so overbloated it needs an expensive machine to operate properly. I switched to an acer chromebook 3 years ago and it worked fine, still hasn't slowed down and has only crashed a few times since I got it. But yeah it's a more lightweight operating system (hence the battery lasts longer) and you're more limited for software, you can only use google play store instead of downloading any programs you want. 


    There is a caps lock by the way, but not with its own button use alt search. Forwards delete needs alt backspace. There's a list of them, either: ctrl alt / 

    or see https://support.google.com/chromebook/answer/183101  

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  18. 2 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    CNN medical analyst who said the unvaccinated should not be able to travel changes her tune, emphasizes benefits of natural immunity


    So we go full circle as I remember one of Bojo's early speeches on covid was to just protect the vulnerable and let the rest of us get herd immunity the natural way. Before someone got to change his mind. 

  19. 53 minutes ago, Mr H said:

    Or to put it more simply are there more white folks or less today than 10 years ago, 20 years ago?


    If we're being bumped off I would expect it to be lower and then I could see objectively your case and would then tend to agree. 


    Not necessarily. This is about the long-term and we may or may not have yet reached the point of absolute decline. Another important question imo is whether the absolute population is accelerating or decelerating. We are perhaps like a car with the brakes applied and slowing down but not yet stopped and going in reverse. While the other cars (ie races) are accelerating up towards us from behind. 


    Your basic point is a good one that we need the relevant raw data (UK figures should be available in the census publications). I think there's still time to fix this but it's like turning round a big ship, when there's a lot of momentum it's a big turning circle. 

  20. 42 minutes ago, MarcusOmouse said:

    Listen to the sincerity of this MP. They arent all lizards you know.


    Thanks Marcus, I can agree with you that not all politicians are like that. 


    It's occurred to me that it's always our side which is forced onto the defensive and have to say "not all ..." in every discussion about conspiracies. But it's not reciprocated. We have straw man generalisations thrown at us and are all lumped into single buckets. Like all conspiracy theorists are crazy right wingers; all white people have privilege over all black people; all men are potential oppressors of women etc. It's another inconsistency in the logic of this arena. 

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  21. 1 hour ago, Macnamara said:

    obviously when i say 'neo-marxists' there i mean the dark occultists who spawned karl marx and his ideology...


    Just as dark occultism is a corrupt and twisted version of good spirituality, their neo-Marxism is also a corrupted version of the good types of socialism or communitarianism as found in places like healthy families, village communities and religious congregations. That's why people fall for it, because we're subconsciously looking for the good version, as we're a social species. The good version is increasingly blocked off and replaced with the evil version, but we still feel drawn to it by our psychology that's being manipulated. 


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  22. On 12/22/2022 at 6:29 PM, Macnamara said:

    Spooks infiltrate Silicon Valley: Facebook is riddled with ex-CIA agents –


    Or is it the other way round, that Facebook etc have been masks of the secret service the whole time? 

    What's that saying that there's no such thing as an ex-agent.


    I've been watching The Prisoner recently for the first time (can't believe I never saw it before) and it's all there. Technocracy, mass surveillance, agents not allowed to quit, not knowing who you can trust. Brainwashing and normies who give up resisting and conform to the system. 

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