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  1. Yes for sure, if we passively believe what we're told or read then we're under a spell. Easily done though because it takes work to investigate and find out what's true.
  2. It doesn't only come from David Icke. There's a couple of episodes of Ancient Aliens which goes into some evidence going back to old civilisations about contact between reptilian looking aliens and humans, including cross breeding. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKcKjzRKMBM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q30UFr_5ltA https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_Aliens
  3. It says to show others no pity, but I'm left wondering who "thou" is. Christians and Muslims also Accept the Old Testament / Torah as holy scripture so can they consider themselves as included? So how are we to see this verse in the context of all the conflicts between the "people of the book"? And then if we accept the Torah originated from Babylon, a Pagan empire, that puts another spin on it.
  4. Indeed, the mainstream news is a circus, sure it isn't reality, its part of the agenda itself to control our perception. Noticing a disconnect between what we can see and what we're told to believe is part of the awakening process.
  5. And despite all that rioting it says they only made "several arrests". Why so few arrested to face justice? Either the police are treating foreign criminals very leniently or it's an admission that the police were outnumbered and unable to control the riot. Not a good sign either way.
  6. I might be generalising but you look like a Christian mystic, pantheist, or nondualist. Seeing everything as a whole, a totality, oneness as the awakening, the spiritual goal. I'm not saying there's anything wrong in that, but I don't think it implies the regular world is a fantasy which we shouldn't strive to change for the better. I think there is a healthier, more authentic and wholesome way of life in accord with natural law that we can work towards, and which the 'illuminati' is taking us away from. We can make our society better and more beautiful than it is. Not perfect, not permanent but something to enjoy and pour our love into while we're here.
  7. Well here we are in the David Icke forum which brings together much evidence of the illuminati agenda unfolding all round the world, where do you want to start? What brought me into this area many years ago was the demographic decline of my people with the colonisation of my homeland and its transformation into a multicultural melting pot. That much is factually happening and it led me to question why and who might be behind it. That first enquiry then led onto multiple other conspiracies in other countries which some of us have concluded are connected. What in your view is the fake news and illusion, don't you think there is a big problem we need to address? I never suggested I can't do anything about it, but you are on the right lines that I can't do much by myself as an isolated atomised individual reliant on the central state for my survival needs. The way back to empowerment is by recreating the kind of real folk community which the cabal has been intent on destroying and preventing us from recreating. "The strength of the wolf is in the pack and the strength of the pack is in the wolf." Rudyard Kipling. I only have a passing knowledge of thought forms, would you explain what you mean? My main interest is not so much fighting illusions and shadows but exposing them and replacing a degenerate way of life with something else that's more natural and life-affirming for my people.
  8. Yes, individuals can and do free themselves, but for our whole society to push back against the illuminati agenda needs a lot more to wake up in a practical way and do something about it. At the moment we are still going downhill as we can see every day in the news.
  9. Ok, but how do you know all this is real (ie objective) and not just a collection of ideas, however sane and intelligent they may be. For example, 'sanity' and 'insanity' aren't medical terms which doctors use to diagnose a real illness, they're opinions we may have. Interesting ... looks like you're a Christian who thinks for yourself and re-writes the scriptures with your own understanding. A heretic?
  10. It doesn't have separate existence but exists as a quality of actions done by people with free will. A bit like heat and cold don't exist without matter to be hot or cold.
  11. So there's more than one creator, since evil does exist It could be that's what we mean by free will.
  12. Ah yes, if only enough other people were with us we could change the world. I see this so much yet we are still too few. The forces of darkness and degeneracy have most of the people under their spell and for the foreseeable future we need to organise and prepare as a hated minority.
  13. And then the councils will have an excuse to close down all the allotments and sell the land for more blocks of flats for the migrants. They're already advertising in my local area for people to put up migrants in their homes but of course there'll never be enough space.
  14. And if I remember my Physics correctly, all the elements heavier than iron are also created in supernovas, the ordinary nuclear fusion inside stars only produces up as far as iron.
  15. I guess for me these are conditional. I'm not some enlightened sage so like anyone else, if my tribe rejects me, my wife is unfaithful etc the love could turn to hate. I've had girlfriends who I thought I loved but it turned sour. I've fallen out with family members in the past too, so it hasn't felt like love. Or maybe the unconditional love is still there but gets obscured by hate layered on top.
  16. To nondualists there are no others in the absolute sense, only when seen from within the illusion of duality. So no, I guess there isn't me loving another, it's all the same love. But in a more conventional sense, of course there's love: I love my family, my home, my friends, my tribe, my nation, anything where's there's a good relationship with "me".
  17. Magna Carta was signed well before the UK union so does it only apply in England? Or perhaps Wales too, if memory serves Wales was occupied by the Norman cabal bloodlines by then as well.
  18. Come to think of it, what evidence is there for consciousness, for mind? They're only subjective sensations not scientific evidence. That leads to things like materialism and behaviourism. Then again, the idealists argue there's no evidence for the objective material world, that subjectivity is the only truth we know.
  19. I've got a few to catch up on (currently reading The Biggest Secret), but these days with all the forum posts to keep up with I don't have so much time for reading traditional books.
  20. None of this bothers me at all. People can ordain as a monk for only a short time, it's quite common for young men in the far east to spend a year in a monastery before starting a career or getting married. They also don't have to be vegetarian, Theravada monks for example beg food off the laity and have to eat what they're given. If he's made a lot of money it's probably because he saw an opportunity in the corporate wellbeing industry so imo they deserve each other! He's not some guru, just someone who I saw a few of his mediation talks (which I didn't pay for), I also have some books on meditation by other people, who make money out of it. I prefer to own a book outright or watch free videos rather than sign up to a regular subscription. Having learned about meditation from various places I now just do my own thing and don't follow anyone else. Anyway, one claim I've seen for meditation is that it allows you to see reality 'as it is', before the mind layers over it with abstract thoughts and beliefs. Pure being or essence. Seeing as we spend most of our waking hours in thinking mode, what's wrong with taking a break for a short time, 30 minutes or so.
  21. I did try a meditation app once called Headspace, which was basically a collection of recordings with some programming to keep track of what I'd done. So it wasn't so different from listening to a teacher in person or youtube videos, but perhaps they've changed now. It was set up by a man who had been a Buddhist monk but had dropped the religious side of it to offer a secularised version. I got some value from it and moved on.
  22. There's been some mixing over the centuries and obviously some modern Jews come from elsewhere. But I researched it some more and found that not only Jews but some Arabs also link back to Canaanites, who came from Caucasus/Iran. So isn't that the people who we also call the Aryans? "Most of today’s Jewish and Arabic-speaking populations share a strong genetic link to the ancient Canaanites, according to a new study conducted by an international team of archaeologists and geneticists, including TAU’s Prof. Israel Finkelstein from the Department of Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures. The study concludes that modern-day groups in Lebanon, Israel and Jordan share a large part of their ancestry, in most cases more than half, with the people who lived in the Levant during the Bronze Age, more than 3,000 years ago The researchers also determined that the Canaanites – who frequently appear in ancient sources, including the Bible – descended from a mixture of an earlier Levantine population and migrants coming from the Caucasus region or modern-day Iran." https://english.tau.ac.il/news/canaanites 01/06/2020
  23. Hi @brighteon and welcome to the forum. I don't think David Icke reads the forum or posts here (but the mods might know better than me). Do you want to know other members' views on the subject?
  24. Some people do meditation for brain training. There's a lot which goes under the name of meditation so it's probably not a very helpful word. If done in a careful way it can be good, to change negative patterns of stress or anxiety for example. Other types of training can change your brain too, maths changes your left brain and art your right. I only mentioned meditation as one possible method to introspect and see how the mind works. To find out what's real and what's belief.
  25. That could be an answer if the ego is itself a simulation, and leaving the simulation is what's called awakening or enlightenment. That's not so far removed from the idea of a psychological construction, which could be deconstructed. Indeed, pure logic and reasoning isn't enough, we also need practical evidence. Empirical I think it's called. Some types are nondual but there's plenty which aren't. In fact, mindfulness is suggested as a treatment for disassociation (tho I've not heard about nondual meditation causing it). In any case, the question here is how to find out what the self is with evidence. Meditation isn't the only way I guess, so what would you use?
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