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  1. It's getting bad now. Companies and the public sector are being pushed to publish their diversity and green compliance reports, it's a corporate social credit score that'll be coming our way too if we don't stop it. Good news on your getting the job Mr H
  2. I don't blame you, it seems like it's another psyop to create cognitive and emotional dissonance, make us confused and pliable to their programming. We hate you stale pale natives and need to destroy your supremacist privileged culture, your institutional racism is the enemy. We need you to be patriotic and fight for your king and country against those wicked Russian enemies over there.
  3. Headgear symbolism is a subject with esoteric meanings too. Bishops wear fishhead shaped hats (from Nimrod maybe?); Royal crowns have spikes like dragons teeth; and wizards & witches have pointed hats to symbolise the 'cone of power' ritual. At least this is something I'm trying to research at the moment.
  4. I can't find the article but I think it was Brazil. I just asked a chatbot and it came up with a list of 8 countries including all the BRICS.
  5. Age discrimination is illegal too now isn't it
  6. Why don't they take it to the ICJ then?
  7. Illegal immigrants get the vote!!?? That level of dysfunction isn't a mistake, it's deliberate.
  8. And what's that brooch, it looks like a mushroom?
  9. What I heard was that countries which use the US dollar as a reserve currency are tied into US policy over things like the Russian sanctions. Which is bad for the economy as it pushes up inflation, as we know. So if they ditch the dollar and switch to a BRICS currency they can start buying cheap Russian fuel again, which puts the Americans in a quandary.
  10. We've been cornered mate, and they've got both sides covered so it's a catch-22 choice for us. Do we fight for our compromised system, or allow a foreign enemy in, hoping it'll be better than this? Of course neither is a good choice that ends well for us. If we limit ourselves to the choices offered by the cabal then naturally we'll get a result which works for them. How to deal with this trap is on my mind every day, every solution I can think of involves us taking the initiative back and rebuilding our families, communities and nations from the grassroots.
  11. Warfare and empire building was brutal in the ancient world, quite often defeated cities which resisted being attacked or occupied were destroyed and civilians slaughtered or enslaved so the Jews' military exploits were largely typical of the period. However there does seem a lot of projecting their strategy onto God as a justification, rather than owning it as their human choice and responsibility.
  12. I haven't read the Protocols and don't intend to. It seems a pretty crude attempt to pass off fiction as literal fact, perhaps too crude. One of the authors that was plagiarised, Maurice Joly, was a member of the Paris Commune and a Freemason, and apparently not anti-Jewish; though the other author is labelled as such. And bringing together both types of author in the Protocols mirrors how it ended up being used by both sides in the controversy to discredit each other. So although it is a forgery, perhaps it is one which was designed to fail, wreaking havoc along the way. But as a more general point, fiction can be used as a propaganda tool to express views about the real world through metaphors and allegories; it's not black & white truth vs falsehood. Just look at how much mainstream media films and dramas promote the neo-marxist agenda into real society through fiction. I'm currently reading Gateway To Hell by Dennis Wheatley. It was published in 1970, in the story the Black Power movement of the 1960s is infiltrated and secretly controlled by satanists to create racial conflict and civil war in the western world, as an alternative to ww3 which would be too destructive. Dennis Wheatley was right wing and might have actually believed satanism was behind communism, but even if we don't believe that, it's possible to see satanism as a metaphor for neo-marxism (among other things). If we look at the more recent history of BLM and the woke attacks on the west, is this fiction being used to warn us about a conspiracy; or reactionary right-wing bigotry?
  13. Quite right, our kith and kin come first. All this sabre rattling is coming from countries with a big demographic problem who claim there aren't enough young people to grow the civilian economy, let alone staff their military to fight these wars. Including Russia and China. Will it be used as yet another excuse for mass immigration?
  14. Oops there goes the element of surprise, we've just told the world that we're too weak to fight a war just now and we need some time to prepare. Hang on a moment Mr Putin till we're ready to start.
  15. It makes me wonder how the authorities will react to refuseniks and conscientious objectors these days. Seeing as a refusal to defend your homeland against colonisation is the mainstream attitude they've been promoting for generations.
  16. If it's going to be after 2030 they'd better make sure there's enough chargers on the battlefields for all the electric tanks, aeroplanes and helicopters they'll need to keep it net zero.
  17. No need to check out mate, there must be some other good people around for you to connect to and pray with while the farce plays out. I don't think I qualify though cos we worship different Gods lol.
  18. Hi @Pistowski and welcome to the forum I'm not a new ager and it's a very broad church to make general observations about it, but here goes. "What's the New Age obsession against red meat? Does it really ''lower our vibration?'' " New age owes a lot to Hinduism with karma & reincarnation so you can come back as an animal if you've been a bad person before. Some folks believe that suffering ( eg from being a farm animal) gets stored in the meat as bad vibrations, which then gets transferred to the person eating it. "Is there genuinely any ''proper'' way to looking at this dilemma?" Nah, don't let anyone else persuade you that their view is the "proper" one. Do your research and make up your own mind, or change your mind if you need to. "Do we really have a ''soul contract'' with animals that they will provide us with food? I've also heard this somewhere, lol. " I've heard of things like this too but how can we have a contract which we don't know about? People believe all sorts of things happen in the afterlife, such as life reviews, contracts and plans but then our memory gets wiped so we forget all about it until our next life is over. So we're in the dark, unless you want to see some new age practitioner and pay to have regression or some sort of therapy so they can tell you about it. Another theory is that this world is a prison planet and we're here as slaves to provide the Annunaki with loosh energy. So we're part of the food chain as well as the animals. So in summary there's loads of new age beliefs around, and no overall leadership to rule on what the truth is. New Age is for folks who value their individual freedoms and making up their own minds. If you want a spirituality with authority and you get told what the truth is, what to believe, you'd be better off in one of the more traditional conservative religions imo.
  19. In my day it was Che Guevara posters, punk rock music and CND flags with the students wanting to be rebellious and anti-establishment. I guess the symbols may change but the underlying strategy hasn't changed much. Get the young people thinking they're working for a better world and countering the imperialist old guard, but in reality undermining their own culture.
  20. And there's a strong indication that the Israelites were also Canaanites originally, therefore polytheists. But YHWH is a jealous God, or at least his priests and prophets are.
  21. Back in the 80s we used to have biodegradable plastic bags which disintegrated in the soil. But they stopped making them after a few years and I never heard why. Perhaps they weren't completely degradable but just turned into microplastic or perhaps it was another good technology that was memory holed.
  22. Yes, I've seen morrisons charging for paper bags which aren't charged the tax which plastic bags are. What a cheek, they waited just long enough for most people to get used to the plastic tax first. There used to be a saying in Thatcher's Britain that "you can't buck the market", when free markets were all part of the political narrative to push for privatisation. But all this green agenda with its regulations and taxes shows that the ptb are precisely bucking the markets and have no intention of allowing us to have free markets.
  23. Does anyone know what happened to the biodiesel industry which was a big deal about 20 years ago? If we make diesel out of vegetable oil, including recycled oil, it would be net zero wouldn't it? So it should be feted by the green lobby but they insist on electric instead.
  24. What stands out to me is that it's so ambiguous, he doesn't even state that Russia will be the ones to start a war. 'Putting preparations in place' ... 'we are preparing for a conflict' could be interpreted either way as if NATO is planning to start a war.
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