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  1. I haven't seen the Matrix films, nor am I into gaming culture so I have to read up about stuff like simulations, 'pills' of various colours, NPCs, matrices. But I can't find it in me to believe that most people aren't real, not connected to what you call original source. What I would call nature, nature appearing in different forms. We're all part of nature, but many of us feel and think we're alienated from it because of a lot of conditioning in synthetic ideas, beliefs and living conditions. Including a lot of religions which put God and spirit as beyond nature. Death is the ultimate challenge to our simulation-stories and it's why people who believe in their stories about themselves (as beings separate from nature) get so frightened of death.
  2. As I remember they blamed it on the nozzles being mixed up so it got deposited into the wrong one. A bit like if you mix up petrol and diesel at the service station. Nowadays they've redesigned them to avoid it. But the fact they covered it up makes me wonder.
  3. This world is part of the solar system, galaxy and ultimately the whole physical universe. Are you saying the entire 14 or so billion years of astronomy is a simulation? Or is it just planet Earth?
  4. It's "not only" any culture's armies which do that, it's been common throughout history and geography. But it was westerners who pioneered war crimes trials, the Geneva Conventions and there is at least some comeback for atrocities nowadays. Tho not enough to deter completely.
  5. And aluminium is added to the tap water so most people ingest it daily. There was an incident in Camelford, Cornwall in 1988 when too much was added to the water supply. It was covered up for 16 days until the water company admitted it and locals were poisoned with short term and long term effects. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camelford_water_pollution_incident
  6. Interesting ... dust or small soil/silt particles blown up into the atmosphere from dry countries could also be a possibility. I remember a year or two ago we had Saharan dust blown up by the weather conditions and it got all over our car.
  7. I'll be out tonight (if it stops raining) and have a look! If it were during spring/summer/autumn we could put it down to pollen or fungus spores but during winter that seems unlikely.
  8. yep, I'm reading a book about it called The Arcadian Cipher by Peter Blake & Paul Blezard. Trying to crack the secret codes hidden in some paintings but going into history of secret knowledge of Babylon, Egypt, Kabbalah, Christian heresies and Rennes-le-Chateau etc.
  9. I don't think an extra electron is created. When the photon 'excites' the electron, the electron jumps up to a higher orbit in the field. Just like the planets further away from the Sun have more gravitational energy than the ones closer to it.
  10. Yes I'm sure there is a better explanation, my knowledge is 40 years old and very rusty. What I think is that there's no such thing as a vacuum, pure empty space. An atom isn't confined to the particles it's made of, those particles also have electric and magnetic fields surrounding them which are part of the structure of the atom. An atom is like a spherical magnet with a negative pole (electrons) and positive pole (nucleus). So a photon isn't created out of nothing, it's a vibration in the field that's already there. The speed which the electron moves between quantum states creates the frequency of the vibration (photon). But an electron is confined to quantum levels of orbit round the nucleus, and the photons emitted have specific wavelengths/energies. I get into debates with the AI chatbot sometimes. Something which just blew my mind is that I asked how light experiences space and time, because it travels at the speed of light, how does relativity affect a photon? The answer came back that from the photon's pov space and time don't exist, they are contracted to zero. So when we see a photon taking time to travel a certain distance, to the photon's perspective the whole universe and its history is a singularity. We're straying off topic here, perhaps the discussion could be continued elsewhere but I'm interested in fundamentals of Physics.
  11. I'm not an expert, but just thinking back to my schoolboy Physics. Protons and electrons are charged + & - which means they're surrounded by an electromagnetic field all the time, and a photon is a vibration in that field. So the photon comes from the energy transfer from the particle to the field. Like a sound is made of energy vibrations in the air, or a wave is a vibration in the ocean. In an old-style filament bulb, the filament is the part of the circuit with the largest resistance to electrons so it absorbs the energy and heats up (heat mostly in the form of infra-red radiation but a bit of visible light too). As for solar panels, that's more complicated than a filament lightbulb. But aren't the released electrons replaced by new ones from the input circuit, so they're circling round? Like with a battery, energetic electrons are emitted from the negative end and return back to the positive end. Otherwise if there was an imbalance with electrons leaving the object the whole thing would become positively charged.
  12. It may have been the laws in the scriptures like the Torah (Mosaic and Noahide laws). A legalistic approach which Jesus is apparently rejecting in favour of personal religious experience.
  13. The illuminati agenda is very advanced in the Western nations and China so it's no surprise that they're moving on to other countries like India, if they weren't there already but now starting to go mask-off. I guess Hindu nationalism just isn't diverse and multicultural enough for the ptb. They're dividing us up and picking us off one by one, and us westerners are too weakened and busy dealing with our own decline to be of much assistance unfortunately. Though goodness knows we need some international solidarity. The Indians were vaccinated against sympathy for the British because of the history of empire, and now here we are with India needing some support. It's a flip side of the Stockholm syndrome we're in where the victims oppose each other instead of the real criminals. And welcome to the forum @cia
  14. I'm reading it at the moment. I have the second edition published by David Icke books dated 1999. Which is also the version currently on sale on www.davidicke.com. However in David's wiki article it lists it as being originally published (ie first edition) in 1999 from Bridge of Love Publications. So it's a bit of a mystery, perhaps there were two editions published in the same year 1999, but as the cover states, the 2nd edition includes the background to the murder of Princess Diana. Which happened in 1997 two years earlier, so why wasn't that included in the first edition? Mind you wiki isn't a reliable source. PS welcome to the forum Robbie
  15. DI also suggests this in his books, that Britain and especially London has been a major centre for the Babylonian-Reptilian cult for centuries. This deception has caused the British people to be demonised as imperialists conquering and enslaving other countries when we were one of the first people to be conquered and occupied for the cult agenda.
  16. Yeah the hormones can be a factor but even more so with surgery which leaves them infertile. They remove the healthy fertile organs of one gender and create artificial new ones of the opposite gender which are infertile because the technology isn't advanced enough. I like to think I'm a practical person and don't want to restrict people's freedoms unless absolutely necessary. A society can survive if a small proportion don't reproduce and I'm not a bigot about trans. But there's a lot of factors coming together to make our civilisation unsustainable demographically and the promotion of trans is just one aspect of this. There aren't very many trans people around as a percentage, so the effect is of propaganda value with society tying itself in knots deciding how far to accommodate it.
  17. I think I see what you're getting at but it's hard to describe isn't it? "Remove your ego" - who removes it? "ego separates us from oneness" - that means there's three things: ego, us and oneness.
  18. I've not read DI's latest books but The Trap is on my bookshelf waiting to be read. I think you mentioned elsewhere you're an astral traveller, is that what you mean by leaving this world into other ones? Which raises a thought about whether the astral (or whatever you prefer to call it) is any freer than this realm. There's plenty of information about the lower 4th astral being populated with "low frequency" demonic beings so we may need to get further on than that. Plus there's the old saying that wherever you go, you take yourself with you, so you can't escape your inner psychological problems by physically moving somewhere else.
  19. If Reform were the only alternative to the main 3 parties I would probably vote for them, as I voted for UKIP once or twice. I think there are shades of grey to choose between, even when I can't find a party on the ballot paper I actually like. Plus it sends a message that might give other small parties some hope.
  20. There's a paywall on the bloomberg article but I did a quick search which gives a very different answer. "The Rothschild family's net worth is estimated to stand between $400 billion to $1 trillion, cumulatively. " https://www.therichest.com/rich-powerful/the-richest-living-members-of-rothschild-family-ranked-by-net-worth/
  21. I agree, although if there's an underlying mental health issue it should be addressed first. Nearly all children have a hard time going through puberty and finding out their true adult self anyway. But why now? Those traditional roles have been around for ever, since before humans evolved even. As far as I can see, a certain amount of gender bending existed historically, and in other cultures too, we can look at how males & females were portrayed in the western theatre tradition or ladyboys in the far east for example. However the whole thing has been ramped up to a much higher level at the same time as our culture is experiencing an existential threat due to infertility and I don't think it's a coincidence.
  22. It's rather like that talking to any 'authority' figures like the police, lawyers, security guards, social workers. Don't joke, use sarcasm, figures of speech etc it's likely to be taken literally.
  23. I can see where you're coming from, but this kind of thing is much older than AI. The illuminati are always creating conflicts by controlling both sides of the argument. It doesn't mean that we should accept immigration or multiculturalism (colonisation as i call it) they are dangerous, but we shouldn't just be led into the 'solutions' which the ptb offer us. It's problem - reaction - solution. Recurring.
  24. While that's true, you can make exactly the same argument for people who fiddle the tax system. The amount of tax evasion / fraud is on the same order of magnitude as the benefit fraud and people who know the system, or can afford accountants and lawyers, can equally game the system. This policy of targeting benefit claimants (and maybe pensioners too) logically leads to a total state-corporate panopticon.
  25. Transgender can start off as mental disorders like body dysmorphia or gender dysphoria and we have to ask why these illnesses are becoming more common. I think there is a wider context where the traditional roles for masculinity and femininity which have kept society going and sustainable for thousands of generations are being degraded and deconstructed under the banners of relativism and personal freedom. Transgender is just the extreme end of a much wider movement to feminise men and masculinise women, damaging our fertility, including through the food supply and making national cultures unsustainable leading to mass immigration. It's a demographic dead end especially for white westerners. Movements which start off as potentially positive like Feminism and New Man are twisted so we believe masculinity is toxic and femininity is oppression. So when we look at the wider context, just focusing on the tip of the spear like transgenderism and trying to ban that can lead to accusations of discrimination and hate, which is of course how the whole agenda was constructed. Imo we need compassion for the victims, as we're all victims, and expose the whole degenerate agenda.
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