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  1. and at the same time, isn't the Israeli economy dependent on Palestinians for cheap unskilled labour? Many do manual work such as farm labouring which the Israelis don't want to do. Looks to me like they've got a problem both ways: whether they succeed or fail at driving the Palestinians away.
  2. The property market has imo been broken and suffering from market failure for many years with a huge mismatch between the number of homes (especially decent sized family homes) and population. Continuous immigration and population increase among minority groups is an unstoppable force meeting the immovable object of limited space for building (England has the 4th highest population density in the world according to my calculation). People have to live somewhere, it's a necessity of life so the usual rules of free market supply & demand don't really apply and bubbles/crashes become the norm. It's also a way of controlling the population, the ptb can decide where to grant planning permission and for what types of housing - eg where I live there are few suburban family homes being built and many high-rise flats which the ordinary person has little chance of getting freehold ownership with the extra freedoms therein. " You will own nothing and be happy." I heard a different version of this of all places in a Star Trek episode (original version): "They will be controlled and happy" referring to a planet of people controlled by a super-intelligence and no free will of their own.
  3. Excellent info thanks Mac. A couple of points to add from what I've picked up on this. The Ottomans ensured that their culture wouldn't be diluted by the import of foreign soldiers and workers by a couple of means. Either they converted the kidnapped western children to Islam and made sure they and their descendants were Muslims indistinguishable from the local population (hint: is there a 'Western European' identity within Turkey and Egypt and other middle Eastern societies today, which is fighting for equality and social justice equivalent to what is happening in the West? Or, if they couldn't be converted to Islamic culture, the male slaves were simply castrated to prevent them having children of their own culture. Women in those days were not as capable of transmitting their ancestral culture if forced to marry locals. At least in Islam as far as I know - it's different in Judaism which has a matrilineal aspect. In western Europe and in modern times however we have no such protection for the indigenous peoples (as an aside, I'm interested in how we are told to use different names for the protected minority races: it's BAME in Europe but BIPOC in the USA, indicating the different slants which the neo-progressives use in their critical theories). My second thought is around the William of Orange history. During his reign, Scotland was a separate country with its own imperial ambitions, and their own Templar & Masonic history. It was the failure of their colonies such as Novia Scotia and Panama which crashed their economy and led them being bailed out by the Unionists and agreement to join the UK. That also in time ended the local territorial wars between Scotland and England, unifying the armed forces which were thus more effective at creating the "British" empire abroad. Bringing all this together as you have, I'm in agreement that we shouldn't consider it as a British empire at all but rename it as something like the Masonic empire or Illuminati empire. The whole UK concept, like the EU, is an Illuminati/Masonic/Templar controlled project at its top level. Not that the separate countries of England and Scotland were free of their influence too of course. Note - I'm using 'Illuminati' in a generic way to denote a conspiratorial international secret society with its claws into the top echelons of many countries. You're being more specific with names like sabbatarians etc.
  4. the same globalist network that britain Yes, we are all occupied lands in western Europe, and writing in forums like this sometimes feels like prisoners scratching messages on their cell walls for each other. Virtually of course, rather than literally.
  5. And this war is started after our economies were already weakened by various unnecessary crises such as the credit crunch of 2008 and the covid pandemic. The timing could hardly have been better to create maximum disruption.
  6. Just thinking out loud here, doing some dot connecting. So here in the UK we deliberately shut down our own domestic coal industry in the 80s & 90s, when we still had hundreds of years' reserves, and made ourselves dependent on foreign gas (also a fossil fuel so not for environmental reasons). Now that supply is shut off in a war stoked up by the military powers on both sides. Perhaps it doesn't matter so much who is sabotaging the pipelines, if this is all part of a bigger and longer-term picture where your enemies are not who you thought they were.
  7. But the article says it was the slave owners who enslaved them, not the govt. It was the govt who ended that enslavement, so what should they apologise for? My guess is that they (ie the British workers) had to bribe the owners otherwise the law wouldn't have got passed and the slaves freed. We weren't a democratic country back then after all. Whoa ... 180 years to pay off 40% of govt income, and they owe more than that now don't they? It's almost as if the country is deliberately being kept in a state of perpetual endebtedness. I wonder why; to benefit the bankers, to parasitise and demoralise us and our future leaders? Rather as if physical slavery of Africans was replaced by financial slavery of us all, black and white together. And all the while we believe we are free.
  8. But of course if govts can do this then why bother borrowing when you can just create your own money? As long as inflation is within your acceptable limit.
  9. Thanks. I understand the basic idea of gilts where the govt borrows money from the private markets at a fixed interest rate (or coupon) - rather like a company's bonds but 'gilt-edged' because govt IOUs are supposed to be safer. The gov then has that cash to spend on whatever it likes (govts rarely invest money for the future). They then redeem the debt at the end of the term out of current year's income, ie tax or more borrowing. But in this case, it appears that the BoE is buying back the gilts early, putting the public money back into private hands sooner than expected because the capitalists in the markets were beginning to worry that perhaps the govt debt was not so secure as they thought, thus reducing the market value of the gilts and, as the saying goes, 'cash is king'. You're right that the BoE is acting as administrators because it's not really their £60 bn they're using to buy back the gilts. But where does it come from? Does the govt have a spare £60 bn sitting in its bank account; is it borrowing new money from elsewhere; or somehow printing money out of thin air? Goodness me, sometimes I wish we could go back to the old days, get rid of paper and electronic money and have cash actually made of gold, silver and copper.
  10. If the data were truly accurate, I wonder who the greatest perpetrator of hate crimes against whites is. I suspect that Marxist anti-white whites are high up on the list.
  11. US politics is still a bit of a mystery to me, but I'm struck with parallels to our (British) situation with the French, for decades now, allowing migrant camps in Calais where they make illegal and dangerous boat crossings (well, dangerous until they're picked up by the border force taxi service) when they could very easily pick them up and return them to whichever safe country they arrived from. There's a surface level of rivalry with the French about this, informed with centuries of battles between us; and yet the French also allow massive migration into their own land. So beneath the surface narrative the same plan is being carried out with all of western Europe following the same path to multi-racism.
  12. I'm confused, does this mean the £60 bn is coming from private investors rather than the taxpayer?
  13. Isn't that the same as what they called quantitative easing a few years back, aka printing money to prop up the economy?
  14. I never believed it did, tho I don't have a supply of distilled water to drink anyway. Surely there's enough minerals in our food to make up for any lack in the water?
  15. Another little bit of news, I saw an interview with Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra on Dan Wootton's GB News show tonight. First time I'd seen him, but he comes across well. Also saw this article about him today which echoes his GB News piece: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/aseem-malhotra-cardiologist-end-covid-vaccines-malone/ “There is a strong scientific, ethical, and moral case to be made that COVID-19 vaccines rollout must stop immediately until raw data has been released for fully independent scrutiny.” "Furthermore, real-world data reveal that in the non-elderly population, the number needed to vaccinate to prevent one death from COVID-19 runs into thousands and that re-analysis of randomized controlled trial data from the initial vaccine clinical trials suggests a greater risk of suffering a serious adverse event from the vaccine than to be hospitalized with COVID-19." “Conclusion: It cannot be said that the consent to receive these agents was fully informed, as is required ethically and legally. A pause and reappraisal of global vaccination policies for COVID-19 is long overdue.”
  16. Another reference for this story, tho I don't know the reliability of USA news yet. However, it may help to have another source. https://ussanews.com/2022/09/24/bulletin-thousands-of-soldiers-deploying-on-streets-of-london/
  17. Well why wouldn't they if the US is silly enough to welcome them in. A lot cheaper than keeping them in prison and having a proportion reoffending when they get out.
  18. I'm at that stage right now of finding myself out of step with the religion and spiritual forums I belong to ... but it's a difficult landscape to find non-woke alternatives these days. I agree that it's a herculean uphill struggle to reform them from within, and easier to jump ship to something more amenable - if I can find one.
  19. This is what's being pushed onto us, to become self-obsessed and narcissistic craving internet likes, rather than valuing our family, community, society, culture and religion. We are being turned into a collection of individuals dependent on the mega-state and it's undermining the traditional institutions which used to provide support and belonging.
  20. Ok to be fair, 'natural' is a rather vague word and maybe I'm using it in a different sense than you are. It's why advertisers like it, because it doesn't have a legally binding definition, whereas if they said their product was 'healthy' that would be more likely to commit them to something: but 'natural' has a nice warm fuzzy feeling so it sells products. All those artificial things like astroturf, plastic plants, silicon chips etc are made from naturally occurring materials, they don't become unnatural or supernatural by being processed. But the processes in our bodies still respond according to their natures by for example falling ill, getting cancer, autism or depression because the ingredients are out of harmony with our optimal survival needs. So we're not really separate, the laws of Physics are the same in the wilderness as in the astroturf, but we like creating illusions for ourselves that for example the astroturf isn't actually plastic, but is grass. Oh heck, in this country we already can't grow enough food to feed ourselves, we take in many thousands of new mouths to feed and good farmland is being lost to development; now this new threat to our need for a healthy food supply.
  21. What they're forgetting is that when you do any type of research there's plenty of blind alleys and hypotheses which turn out to be wrong; science is like that too but the scientists need to carry on to obtain the one good gem of information out of numerous discarded possibilities.
  22. It's rather like with the D-Day landings (Operation Overlord) when the allies had a misinformation campaign to distract the Germans and make them marshal their forces in the wrong places by telling them what they wanted to believe. Of course nowadays this type of tactic is still used.
  23. @Macnamara I'm out of likes but agree with you. I'm also reminded of the story of Abraham being given the terrible dilemma by 'God' of either sacrificing his son Isaac, or disobeying God. He's being forced to choose between his love for his son and his obedience to his Lord, and he passes the test by choosing obedience over love. In the process, traumatising both himself and his son to screw them up psychologically. On the subject of banks, I still can't work out (using regular logic) why governments borrow from commercial and foreign banks, geting into massive debt (using unreal artificial money). Rather than having their own national bank and printing their own money (just like the banks do), and pay themselves back later on. It would work out a lot cheaper for us 'little people' taxpayers, but perhaps that's the whole point! I'm waiting for energy deals which are cheaper when you have the latest smart meter installed, linked to the cloud, which bring the technocracy even further into the heart of the home.
  24. +1. The illusion that we're any different from nature is at the root of this. We ARE nature as much as anything else and the idea of separation between us and 'the environment' is a crazy belief.
  25. Most of us, 99% at least, had forefathers and mothers who stayed at home and did regular honest work like farmers, builders, home makers, fishermen, shop keepers. Check out your family tree. We were crapped on by the global elite too, we've been an occupied island for as long as anywhere else and just used as the launch pad for their evil imperialism. So no need to feel bad about your race EW, we're all victims together of this cult.
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