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  1. 6 hours ago, pi3141 said:

    Great. That blood thirsty God, destroying his creation over and over.


    What evil sinners we all, scared of God, judgement and even life itself.


    What a way to live.


    This is why I despise Christianity- it twists the mind of its believers.


    Takes them away from God, makes them fearful, guilt ridden and very judgemental. Puts a divide between believers and non believers. Fills the believers minds with fantasy and diametrically opposed beliefs - Jesus was both God and Human because they couldn't recognise the truth and came down on both sides to appease both sets of believers, who swallow the nonsense.


    It's a disgrace.


    I try and be a friendly outsider to them, but when I look at the Abrahamic religions, not just Christianity, I can see they all have a massive habit of making predictions and prophecies about the future, which are too broad and open-ended to be pinned down and verified. Instead they wait until something vaguely similar happens and then claim that the prophecy is fulfilled. Or even make up a narrative in which the prophecy is fulfilled, as with the Gospel stories about Jesus.  So my take is that it isn't really about predicting the future, but about justifying their beliefs, and make themselves feel better. 


    I suppose to be fair, plenty of other pagan religions and new agers also have various divination techniques and oracles to predict the future because it's such a cause of anxiety and insecurity for us. And since we have a strong sense that life should be fair and just and wrongs righted, to appease us powerless ordinary folk we make up stories ("prophecies") that God will intervene with his vengeance, or karma will punish the sinners, or they will burn in hell or whatever. Of course there's never a direct intervention by God, it's always some natural event like floods, pestilence, earthquakes, wars etc, which are interpreted as the fulfilment of the prophecy and prove God's power. 


    And now in our rationalistic materialistic culture many folks have rejected all the supernatural side but we can still see other elements of this religious fervour in prediction-making of the climate crisis for instance. We have the inculcation of guilt (especially for whites) and the imposition of punishments for sinners against the new religion of political correctness which is fast replacing theological correctness amongst the secularised westerners. 

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  2. If @Graham Jessop wants to chat with or meet DI then that's between the two of them. But what's it got to do with creating a new forum? If you've got real answers then why not  post them here and we can all share in the discussion. 

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  3. 7 hours ago, pi3141 said:

    My dad asked the spirits about religion and was told 'a golden thread of truth runs through all religions'


    Something I believe to be true and not disinfo.


    Something mystical like Aldous Huxley's perennial philosophy, or more prosaic like the golden rule? It's a subject I'm fascinated by but my weakness is that I tend to over-simplify things to make them easier to navigate! 

  4. I had a hunch about this and when I checked wiki it didn't disappoint. 


    When is a conspiracy theory ... 


    "The chemtrail conspiracy theory is the erroneous belief that long-lasting condensation trails are "chemtrails" consisting of chemical or biological agents left in the sky by high-flying aircraft, sprayed for nefarious purposes undisclosed to the general public. Believers in this conspiracy theory say that while normal contrails dissipate relatively quickly, contrails that linger must contain additional substances. Those who subscribe to the theory speculate that the purpose of the chemical release may be solar radiation management, weather modification, psychological manipulation, human population control, biological or chemical warfare, or testing of biological or chemical agents on a population, and that the trails are causing respiratory illnesses and other health problems."



    Not a conspiracy?  


    "Climate engineering (also called geoengineering) is a term used for both carbon dioxide removal and solar radiation management, also called solar geoengineering, when applied at a planetary scale. However, they have very different geophysical characteristics which is why the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change no longer uses this overarching term. Carbon dioxide removal approaches are part of climate change mitigation. 
    Some types of climate engineering are highly controversial due to the large uncertainties around effectiveness, side effects and unforeseen consequences. However, the risks of such interventions must be seen in the context of the trajectory of climate change without them.

    Stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI) - a proposed method to introduce aerosols into the stratosphere to create a cooling effect via global dimming and increased albedo, which occurs naturally from volcanic eruptions."

    When it's used to promote the climate change agenda? The two entries are effectively talking about the same thing but it's a dangerous conspiracy theory when it's discussed by the freethinking truthers, and it's perfectly reasonable engineering when suggested by the climate crisis believers. 


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  5. 3 hours ago, webtrekker said:


    You know, what confuses me most about all of this is that most of the sheep agree that 9/11 was a false flag job, that climate change is a con, that chemtrails are real, that 5g is killing us, that governments are corrupt, and a myriad of other things, yet they can't comprehend that the jabs, pushed by these very same corrupt governments and bad actors, are to blame for the huge increase in excess deaths.


    What is wrong with these people?! Totally and utterly selectively brainwashed.


    Could be that things like 9/11, chemtrails, 5g etc were new to people's consciousness, therefore easier to be suspicious. Whereas jabs have been around for a long time and already accepted and most people don't know how these jabs are different. The takeaway is that it's easier to brainwash someone if you start from what they already believe in, and boil the frog slowly rather than create surprises. 

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  6. 18 hours ago, Bombadil said:

    Been listening to Graham Hancock, Visionary on audible whilst doing jobs today. Fantastic discussion relating to ancient cave paintings showing altered state visions. modern studies show the visions as the same now as then. Worth a read, if you haven't already.


    I saw him on an episode of ancient aliens yesterday, about the Ark of the Covenant, which was what got him into alternative history and pack up his previous career as a journalist.

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  7. 8 hours ago, Observations said:

    Bryan Lanza - Director of communications (Trump)

    We didn't care 4 ..6 yrs ago when they took Crimea why are we now so invested in the Donbas region ... Ukraine is a corrupt country ... Why are we spending billions ...


    I'm trying to figure out the timeline here, because yes the globalists' u-turn on Ukraine is pretty curious.  


    * The Russian invasion of Crimea started on 20 Feb 2014 during the pro-EU "Revolution of Dignity" in Ukraine (one of several recent upheavals there) which led to the overthrow of pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovych. So I guess Ukraine was unprepared even tho Russia must have pre-planned the invasion. 


    * US president in 2014 was Obama, and in 2022 was Biden, both Democrats. Is this where the apparent u-turn came from? Unless it's not really a u-turn but was planned all along for Russia to regain Crimea. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    ake for example Roundup, for years they used a formulation based on Monsanto's "man-made" chemical glyphosate. A couple of years ago, following a lot of fuss about how harmful glyphosate was (not just to plant roots!), they changed the product and now the basic main ingredient is acetic acid. Which is the principle chemical found in vinegar.


    That's right, Roundup is now basically over-priced vinegar. 😛


    I noticed a few different products I used in my garden for weed and algae control were acetic acid based. I'm of course less hostile towards weeds than I used to be, but where I want to kill off weeds that I really don't want, I find Wilko's Cleaning White Vinegar is just as effective, as well as a lot cheaper, than most weedkillers now.


    Nice share, thanks ... I tried using cheap brown vinegar when I was experimenting with home-spun weedkillers and it didn't work very well but perhaps white vinegar is better. Trouble is, these ones need dry weather, like glyphosate does and my other method, salt.  


    PS any good tips for slugs & snails - apart from sharing my beer with them 😁   I think they banned metaldehyde slug pellets here  a while back and I'm running low. 

  9. 2 hours ago, Jason57 said:

    He did say he was the son of Man. I believe Christ was here to demonstrate that we all have the spirit of God/love in us, we just don't know or understand how to use it. The whole "Jesus was a ransom for humanity" just doesn't fit for me.


    Yes, that moves it from being a religion of sacrifice - animal or human sacrifices to appease the Gods - to one of realisation. Realisation of divinity within,  Buddha nature, the spark of God, the Tao, the Awen etc. 

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  10. 3 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    Leaked documents reveal: Russian intelligence service arranged fake protests in Europe - inspired by Quran burnings - to provoke Erdogan.


    Straight from the KGB playbook.


    I can't read the foreign article in the link EW, but the fact that the banner in the photo is in English (which they often are) tells us who the intended audience is. So presumably this all about NATO's expansion into Sweden etc which Turkey has been blocking? 


    My simplistic understanding of Russian politics is that, because they've got such long land borders with other countries they're naturally paranoid about invasions and therefore try to manipulate their neighbours into being either allies (if they're powerful) or puppets (if they're not). As a buffer against being invaded. So Ukraine becoming westernised sets off an anxiety attack which they try to slap down. This goes back centuries and wasn't originally a communist vs capitalist thing, though it's got complicated by "communist" involvement. They want to protect and extend their empire - contries as large as Russia, China, India, USA etc aren't really nations at all because they're a big collection of ethnicities under central control. Ie empires.  


    Happy to be corrected though. 

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  11. 5 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    Jordan Maxwell has said before his belief that all the major world religions had their origins in the Rig veda however he has also promoted a book by Waddell who says that the brahminic religion of india actually started in the fertile crescent and then moved east to india and he lays out various parallels between the ancient religions of those regions and famously the nazis sent researchers to tibet before the war to seek older aryan texts (i've heard a claim that they where looking for the mythic underlying of a different form of physics to the einsteinian view which instead revolved round swirling motion and that they were using this to try and build flying saucers). however Graham hancock counter arguments that certain hindu elements have older origins from the indus river valley.


    Interesting subject and of course the history of late stone age to copper and bronze age civilisations is not settled and has ongoing research. But I think the Indus Valley civilisation is quite a mainstream idea now. One theory is that the Indian caste system dates back to when the Indus people spread east and conquered the local Indian tribes, turning them into the untouchable serf class and themselves to the higher castes (rather like when the Normans conquered the Anglo-Saxons over here). So there were 4 advanced river-based cultures of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Indus Valley and China (yellow & yangtse rivers). Perhaps these were all seeded from an earlier advanced culture as you say, possibly alien / Atlantean (if those are even separate things). 



    Also the obelisk thing makes sense now you point it out. Like a lot of this hidden symbolism, once we  find out about it, it's obvious and we start seeing it all over the place. 

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  12. 3 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    The Great Rite


    The newspapers mentioned a phallus that had been marked on the coronation lawn prior to the coronation party and some people thought this was a prank at the expense of the royals but what is more likely is that the freemasons themselves put it there as it symbolises the solar phallus entering the lunar crescent of the buildings and street plan. This is a symbolic representation of the witches 'great rite' which involves plunging a dagger, representing the male phallus, into a chalice representing the female yoni. arguably this has ancient roots going back to babylon where the high priest and priestess would climb the ziggurat once a year to hold a hieros gamos, sexual union rite:





    Curious that it's the woman holding the dagger and the man holding the chalice, role reversal? 


     I can believe it goes that far back to Babylon at least, as the symbolism also travelled east to India with the Yoni/Lingam iconography which was explained to me expresses the act of intercourse as viewed the other way round, ie from inside the woman's body. 





  13. 3 hours ago, Jason57 said:

    I believe Christ to be who he said he is.


    Who did he say he is? From memory his most frequent phrase (according to the canonical gospels at any rate) is 'Son of Man'. And yet that enigmatic phrase was never seems to get much attention. 

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  14. 12 hours ago, Jason57 said:

    Very interesting thoughts. Thanks.


    The problem I have with the Bible and Christianity is it has been edited so much over the centuries, and Christians will say if a prayer doesn't come to pass "It's not God's will" or "You didn't have enough faith". However, that's not Biblical. I believe Christ was definetly in connection with God/the spirit of love and was used to draw people nearer to the truth, but religion seems to stifle us.  When it says WHATEVER you desire, that doesn't seem to imply any conditions.


    Yes I agree about the distortion of scriptures over time, not to mention the issues of translation and changes in meanings over time. Not to mention the sensitive question of whether the original speaker of the words was as wise and enlightened as we like to think - are we putting them on too high a pedestal and hero-worshipping them too much (no offence intended but I'm  not a Christian and have to consider that Jesus was an ordinary limited human being). 


     And sure, the "it's not God's will" etc thing looks like  they're just trying to make up a story so it fits the scriptures and their world view remains intact. I guess if you do  good spiritual practice you will find out your own level of faith.  The thing is, there's a whole context around this saying and if we take snippets of text out of context and try to make sense of them in isolation we're likely to miss something.  So, was it really meant as a universal teaching for everyone to follow, or just a specific person at that time in history? Looking at the whole of chapter 11, it occurs when Jesus entered Jerusalem with all the dramatic events round that time, so perhaps it relates to that piece of the overall picture of Jesus' life. 

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  15. On 5/7/2023 at 2:54 PM, Jason57 said:

    Whatever you ask in prayer, believing you have recieved, it will be yours.


    I had to look up the verse, as I'm not a Christian or regular Bible reader, but it is familiar. I wonder how literal this translation is? Because there's a paradox here to do with time. You need to believe that while you ARE asking in prayer, you believe you HAVE received it already, and you WILL receive it in the future. How can you believe you've already received it before you do actually receive it? What's the point praying for something if you've already got it? When I see paradox in spiritual literature then I reckon you're right that an awakening is needed. 


    So what's the insight being pointed to here? For my tuppence (and that's probably all it's worth ha ha), it's kind of a trick question because if you're asking for something that's selfish or material like money or winning a game, it'll miss the paradox test. Because, if you already believed you had it, you wouldn't be asking for it and there's no point receiving it again in the future. What about if the awakening (code-named for the masses as "believing"), is to realise that what you thought you wanted, is already the case. Like praying for God's Love or forgiveness or something like that; it already exists but we don't realise it until we have the awakening. 


    So the interpretation that you're not receiving it because you don't have enough faith or something is, well, not really a fail of the test because it's not about passing or failing, but is to show our level of awakening and help us to see where we can do some work on. 


  16. I had a random thought today when someone mentioned the peace movement in a video I was listening to. Where's all the anti-war protesters now that there's a major war going on, actually inside Europe this time, and which we're involved in through the arms trade? Previous wars always saw huge peace demonstrations marching and getting media attention?  Is it a coincidence that this hot war involves Russia? It's long been suggested that the anti-war / peace movement is infiltrated and manipulated by marxists and foreign powers, even though I still think there are some genuinely decent people amongst the movement, if unaware of who is pulling their strings. 


    So what are we to take from the situation that the Russians have chosen not to arrange anti-war protests this time? That they don't mind western support for Ukraine with the consequent lengthening of the conflict? Perhaps they don't mind western sanctions either, because they're causing us as much pain as the Russians. 

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  17. 23 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    This creates circles within circles of a compartmentalised pyramidal system of hierarchy. The controlling body are the people at the top of that system. Some people will say that 'magic' is psychology and that the dark occultists are essentially using ancient psychology which they are using to control humanity rather than help it.


    True, and this is how all secret societies are organised whether magical or not. Like intelligence agencies, mystery schools and even terrorist groups use a pyramid cellular structure with hermetically sealed cells meaning that information flows to only those who 'need to know' and avoid leaks to the uninitiated. 

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  18. David Icke gets an endorsement from the Templars. Neo-Templar organisation The Knights Templar Order quote David from a 1998 video and agree that his predictions are coming true. It's hard to get my head round an agreement between Templars (who also have some videos by their member Nick Griffin)  and DI. 


    Starting at 42 mins 



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  19. On 4/9/2023 at 10:20 PM, Mr H said:

    How do you deal with the fear of uncertainty and cultivate faith?


    Alan Watts wrote a good book called 'The wisdom of insecurity', which was about the trade offs between freedom (insecurity) and security (lack of freedom). They're opposite ends of the same scale.  Needless to say he takes the side of embracing insecurity and living an ego-less life where you surf the waves of chance and fortune, because, well, it's all you anyway. The big self rather than the small self.  Well, I'm not quite ready for that, so go for a philosophy of doing your best at what you can and accepting the reality of the here-and-now. Like Gandalf telling Frodo that you can't choose what times you live in, but only how you use the time given to you. 


    A Buddhist monk once told me that we can either do something, or not do something, and the outcome is what it is. Worrying about the future only saps our energy to appreciate the present; I think there's also a passage in the Sermon on the Mount about not worrying and putting ourselves in God's hands. Easier said than done of course, but if I'm afraid about something then that's also what's happening so I accept that too and don't fight it. 


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  20. 16 hours ago, Bombadil said:

    Interesting as well Is this part of the article:

    It's true there has been a rise in the numbers of people dying in many countries across the world since Covid-19 emerged. But it's unlikely to be for the reason Mr Peters claims. Data, including that produced by the Office for National Statistics in the UK, suggests vaccinated people are dying at lower rates than unvaccinated people.


    Read correctly, the BBC state that the cause is unlikely to do with the vaccines. Hence they don’t know but publish an article of what they want you to read. Clear and obvious misleading article.


    If you ignore any other variables then you can distort the story. It could be that more people got vaxxed in richer countries and countries with better health systems. Or that unvaxxed have a shorter life expectancy for some other reason nothing to do with covid.

     When you're doing the stats properly you need to recognise there are many variables, which you need to separate out if you can, to reach a valid conclusion. Wasn't it Donald Rumsfeld who talked about 'unknown unknowns' ?

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  21. 5 hours ago, BornFreeNowAgain said:



    5 hours ago, BornFreeNowAgain said:
    13 hours ago, Campion said:

    I agree Campion. It is likely very different for each person, and of course this life is not 'equal' so some have more to heal. 


    I guess for me, it was a rhetorical question really. I have spent years healing trauma, researching, being 'awake', doing 'Spiritual work', and over the last 12 months done a lot of healing shadow stuff such as lust and other 'goodies' 🤣. But I was curious what thoughts others have on this topic. 


    Awesome, you're well into it then. Not all spirituality takes people in the direction of the truther community tho, I've come across plenty of spiritual folks in tune with the cult agenda. So I'm at a crossroads myself at the moment, having left a church last year and seeking a new spiritual home. 

  22. 30 minutes ago, Macnamara said:

    In short don't talk to me about your 'spirituality'. Show me what you are actually doing to make a positive difference


    I was thinking only yesterday about how many religions and spiritualities, old and new, try to persuade us to focus on the afterlife, other dimensions, future reincarnations, the spirit world etc; and meekly accept our lot in this world. Which plays into the hands of any groups wanting themselves at the top of society. 


    On 5/3/2023 at 6:21 AM, BornFreeNowAgain said:

    Do we need to do 'spiritual work' to be able to ascend, escape, or raise our vibrational frequency above this reality so that we can escape and move beyond the 4th dimension? Are we able to do all the above by simply taking in 'information' or 'truth alone', or do we also need to align this with Spiritual work? Can those who only seek out information and truth, also become truly 'free'. or will they ultimately still need to do Spiritual work to progress? 



    Regarding whether you need to do spiritual work, and of what type.  The thing is, there are so many varieties of spirituality that the answers depend on who you ask, and who are you going to believe? I know some other left-leaning spiritual forums who think that conspiracy theorists and even conservatives are beyond the pale and that spiritual and moral progress goes along with international socialism. At the other end of the scale there's spiritual groups who are completely on board with jab refusal and fighting globalism, multiculturalism and international cabals. 


    So in summary I'd advise doing lots of your own research, old fashioned reading, talking to people, and hopefully you will gravitate towards something which is a good fit for you. Good luck and happy seeking! 

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