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  1. 1 hour ago, Seconal said:

    UN top court says Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories is illegal


    The result could have consequences for Israel over its occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza


    Raffi Berg
    BBC News, London


    The UN's top court has said Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories is against international law, in a landmark opinion. 



    What I don't get is whether the UN has officially recognised the state of Palestine as a sovereign nation yet.  There were borders set out in the 1947 partition plan, but Palestine isn't yet a full UN member yet.  

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations_Partition_Plan_for_Palestine  According to the map in the partition plan Israel has been occupying Palestinian land since after the 1948 war  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Line_(Israel)  so why only declare their occupation illegal now?  This whole situation has been left to stagnate and fester for so long that it almost seems deliberate, when set against other middle eastern countries when America and its allies sent in massive armies to enforce their regime change. 



  2. 21 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    The birth-rate amongst the 'native' UK population may be on the decrease, but it is not stopping the non-natives.


    Indeed, and I'd like to see those graphs of births/deaths/immigration/emigration broken down into ethnic groups. Also by incomes to measure if it's benefiting or damaging the economy. 

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  3. 8 hours ago, Mr H said:

    Aha found it. 😃 🙏


    Share it with us? 🙏 


     I found out that my purpose was there all along, hidden inside me underneath a whole pile of crappy indoctrination and dysfunction from family, school and society. It took me years of spiritual practice, counselling and getting out into nature to clear away the clutter and clearly see my life purpose or wyrd.  Turns out it was just traditional things like getting a steady career, getting married, setting up home and having a family. That's got me back into feeling like I'm a part of something, family, community, society rather than the broken individual I'd become.  I just hope I'm raising my children in a healthier way than I was.  

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  4. Is it just me or have the pro-Palestinian protests gone very quiet in the last few weeks, ie since the election campaign?  And now that Labour are installed in govt, they're the ones in charge of foreign policy, and have a difficult balancing act to keep their socialist and Islamic supporters happy at the same time as being pro-Semitic. This is a major fault line in the Labour ranks, just like the EU and immigration were for the Conservatives. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    Anyway, the BBC was at great pains to remind us that Mr Gething was "the first black leader of a national government in Europe".


    Oh dear, not another case of BBC blackwashing.  His wiki says: " his father, a white Welsh veterinarian from Ogmore-by-Sea in Glamorgan, met his mother, who is a black Zambian and was working as a chicken farmer. "  Just like with Obama, when someone is mixed race their whiteness gets airbrushed out, especially someone high profile. 

  6. 3 hours ago, Eagle Eye said:

    Far from “dancing with the devil,” I was always more interested in “angelic” activity. Some decades ago, in a meditation session, I was making an attempt to peer into the spirit realm. I was specifically considering what many believe to be a prophecy- if there’s any truth to it, and what does the spirit realm think of it. There is a definite awareness that their time is short, as in their days are numbered. They do feel trapped. They are essentially trapped. Eventually, they will become extinct, should they not change their ways.


    The spirits told you they're mortal? That's interesting ... and someone or something is trapping them in the astral realm and their lifespan depends on how they behave. That's new to me, are you able to share the prophecy with us? Only if you want to though. 

  7. 41 minutes ago, 1velocity7 said:

    wheres the cries for gun control from the left?


    lets have some more TDS tweets




    Isn't it strange how leftist posts like that get through the msm censorship and get to keep their accounts, while other commentators on the right get banned for saying totally non-violent stuff.   And that Deb Fielder apparently works for the government.  No maybe it's not so strange.  


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  8. 6 hours ago, Mr H said:

    It will be very interesting to see what happens going forwards. Today is very different situation to 1930s. Government used to have strong balance sheet, not the case now. The FED literally cannot do very much. They lower rates, we get more inflation. They raise rates and governments go bankrupt. Rock and hard place. 


    Indeed, and the situation in 1945 bears some some comparison to now. UK's national debt to the USA and international bankers ballooned during the war, we were owned by them, forced to comply with the agenda in order to keep our credit rating and interest rates under control and out of bankruptcy. So the next stage of the NWO was rolled out with mass immigration and the UN starting up, the middle east being set up for ongoing conflicts, the cold war etc. Here we are in 2024 with a similar debt millstone, deliberately created, the brakes are on for any national independence.  Good on you for the land purchase plan. 

  9. 3 hours ago, Mr H said:



    For the 'less tax' scenario, he will also get dividends from his stock, I don't know about the US but here in the UK dividends are taxed lower than employment income. Maybe the new Labour govt will close the gap though.  But you also only pay NI on earned income so he gets that cheaper too. 


    For the 'no tax' scenario he still needs to repay the bank loan (with interest), so I'm not sure where he gets that from tax-free. Maybe it's in his wife's name or it's deferred to a future tax year when he'll be retired and in a lower tax band? 

  10. 5 hours ago, Mr H said:



    Yesterday was a good day for people invested in high risk assets classes. 


    Thanks, and it sounds like you specialise in the high risk end with things like crypto and small cap stocks and you have the knowledge to analyse its more volatile profiles. It's too niche for me, I'm more mainstream but still agree that it looks like we're at the end of a bull cycle for stocks and so I'm looking towards more defensive assets like gold, bonds, gilts etc. The exchange rate factor is interesting too, if the $ comes down is that relative to the £ ? I'm trying to work out the effect on international assets priced in $ and then converted into £ for us. 

  11. 1 hour ago, k_j_evans said:

    Further north, but at least a dozen rabbits on the playing field and more bees today (probably as it isn't raining for once), but not as many as last year. Good crop of red and white currants.


    Is there a gardening thread anywhere?  Anyway, I didn't prune my autumn raspberries last year as an experiment and they're doing very well, the old canes started fruiting early at the same time as the summer raspberries and the new ones haven't flowered yet so looks like I'll get a double crop.  Raspberries do well in cooler conditions, they're grown commercially in Scotland so this is a good year for them here in England. And yes anything at ground level is being decimated by slugs and snails.  The local badger is also having a field day digging up any compost I put down presumably for worms and insects. 

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  12. I can certainly agree our children need a good start. Healthy, loving and attentive so they can grow up physically and mentally well. Bad habits and traumas get hard wired into our bodies and brains from the start. But the thing is, us adults are also a product of this slave labour society and we can see the results of that all around. My kids are at school and the social microcosm they have to deal with amongst their peers is so tough too, it hasn't improved much since I was at school. The message is that it's a cruel world out there and you need to toughen up and become streetwise to survive; but you also need to be open and kind with people if you want to have good friendships and relationships. It's so nuanced and difficult to navigate - who and what can we trust? - no wonder we end up comfort eating or develop other self-sabotaging habits as coping mechanisms, or turn to religion for comfort. 


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  13. 8 hours ago, Mr H said:

    And must also remember that under our current economic model, companies have perpetual rising costs with most central banks targeting 2% inflation rises every year. If ur unlucky and lived in Argentina that might be 60% every year 😂 and what companies can purchase with their profits is less over time because of monetary inflation. Why we got China. Now that horse has run its course and labour costs in their country rising, it's time soon for AI to replace China in fulfilling that role.


    Yes, and inflation globally is probably higher than what we experience when we consider shortages of raw materials, mining etc. I realised something was off with the inflation figures when they switched from RPI to CPI because CPI is lower (it excludes housing costs), except for certain government rates when it suits them.  When you strip out  and population growth, the UK GDP growth per head has been flatlining since 2007 (the graph is in $ so it doesn't take out inflation either) 



    I guess there are still some areas with untapped cheap labour such as India/Pakistan, Africa, Brazil, Vietnam, but I dunno maybe they aren't ready for hi-tec development yet and AI will soon be able to take over many jobs - perhaps AI can program itself too these days.  It made me wonder what's happening to human IQ levels, it's a subject rife with politically correct sensibilities. I was wondering if all the toxicity in our lives nowadays it would affect our intelligence but when I saw a WEF report about falling IQ levels I'm not sure and something feels off. 


  14. 1 hour ago, Untun said:

    Be not carried about with divers and strange doctrines. For it is a good thing that the heart be established with grace; not with meats, which have not profited them that have been occupied therein.


    Is that a quote from the Bible?  I don't understand, would you explain it please? 

  15. 8 hours ago, Mr H said:


    The west had to create a china for manufacturing to export inflation and keep costs down. Just like the need for AI.


    I don't think this means that the west is in collusion with China. That is an assumption.


    That sounds fair when we remember that China came relatively late to the manufacturing party, after they'd recovered from their cultural revolution and subsequent isolation.  

    When I was a kid it was all Made in Hong Kong, Made in Taiwan, Made in Japan so much so that the Labour govt in the 1970s had a 'Buy British' campaign to try and save our economy.  This process started in the 1960s at least.  

  16. This incident comes after a week of headlines saying that Biden is lacking mental capacity to carry on as president, hurting his support.  And now a close shave for Trump which will surely get him an extra sympathy vote, so perhaps there's a coordinated agenda to get Trump re-elected. Then in 2028 when Trump has had his second turn and disillusionment sets in, Biden can stage a comeback for his second go. 

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  17. 17 hours ago, Untun said:

    If it would be possible changing only one thing of your past you would cause a snowball effect affecting many people and places. You can't go and change one thing because you would alter everything into a different timeline. You are talking about becoming someone else in a different world. Everything would change by changing one small thing of the past, it would be possible to be born somewhere else from different parents just changing one tiny thing, if you could change the tiniest thing of your past you would reorganise the totality of the universe.

    The only thing you can do for yourself is to become knowledgeable of what is there for eternity.


    Yes this is an argument that backwards time travel creates paradoxes and so it can't be true: for example if you interfered in the lives of your parents/grandparents and prevented yourself from being born, there's a contradiction because if you don't exist you wouldn't be able to go back in time and make those changes to the timeline. 


    Which raises the possibility of alternative timelines, or parallel universes. Quantum Physics does allow for the possibility of these, so you can resolve the paradox by saying that changing the past simply shifts you into an alternative parallel universe. 


    Travelling forwards into the future doesn't have the same issue and we know how to do that, through general relativity using near speed of light velocities and high gravitational fields. 

  18. From today's DI headlines: 


    "How long have I been saying it? Global Cult operatives are demonically possessed by other-dimensional entities and thus those entities are running human society – the cultists are just the vehicles and conduits. But, hey, I’m just crazy so everyone can go back to sleep now … Zzzzz "







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  19. 26 minutes ago, jack121 said:

    Latest from Klaus, At a WEF summit in China : " humanity must be “forced” into collaboration with the globalist elites to meet their agenda, that any opposition must be crushed to push forward the fourth industrial revolution. All 2000 members must use all of their influence to make change " 


    The only change I can see is that now they can openly admit it without repercussions and protests on the streets.  Of course they've always forced us into their agenda but they used to try and hide it from the masses. 

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  20. Considering our recent election results here in the UK, and before then when we had non-natives leading every country here,  it's clear to me that we have been thoroughly deconstructed and rebuilt in the corporate-marxist mould, a globalist multicultural hybrid apart from a few disconnected pockets of traditionalism. It no longer makes sense to call us "the West" and the same chipping away and undermining the foundations is clearly going on in the East until eventually it won't be the East. Instead of East and West the new distinction is between globalists and nationalists, or universalist and folkish.  Hinduism is too much like a folkish religion belonging to its own people and their homelands; most polytheistic religions are like that which is why the globalists are promoting monotheism, non-theism (Buddhism) and atheism (humanism) which are like mcdonald's fast food religion and philosophy, you get the same product everywhere.  Ok there are different sects of Buddhism and Christianity but those are starting to be mixed up too so they become less distinct. 

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  21. Do we stay within our existing paradigms when we have a spiritual experience or break free of our conditioning into something genuinely free and new?  At one time I used to be into J Krishnamurti's work, which was about living in the truth and where the only real spiritual experiences are ones free from memory and conditioning. But he wasn't really a 'teacher' and give us practices to get experiences. 


    I had one experience once which I couldn't fit into my knowledge happened during a meditation retreat, when I lay down on the bed for a rest and drifted upwards into a completely different space like nothing I'd experienced before. I could compare it to some kind of psychedelic trip ot ascending into a heavenly realm or something but that's just trying to describe it to someone else after the event. 


    We could say that non-dual experience is outside description because archetypes, philosophies and myths are dual as soon as they're verbalised. Ideas like God or enlightenment or whatever are perhaps philosophies created after the event of the originator having an authentic experience and trying to explain it to other people who haven't had such a mystical experience but in terms they do understand from their culture. 


    Taking this a step further, why not say that ALL here-and-now experience is an original spiritual experience, but we are accustomed to immediately interpret it according to our conditioning and indoctrination. 

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  22. 5 hours ago, Mr H said:

    Yeah. But if we look practically. And there's one evil dude or family controlling everything in history. Hundreds of years ago, no computers, telephone, newspapers, internet, surveillance.....how did one practically manage to pull off such a feat when 1 simple message would take 6 months and to control all these events would take thousands!!!


    In his analysis, (as I've understood it of course),  the evil originally comes from the trans-dimensional reptilians who we know about through religion and mythology as gods, demons, serpents etc. There was some interbreeding, or genetic experimenting, leading to hybrids/cross-breeds which I think is where the shape-shifting comes in, and the bloodlines. These cross-breed bloodlines then set up and control the various secret society networks which in turn control or have influence in the visible institutions such as political parties, banks, the media, the UN, Trilateral Commission etc etc.  They started off in (or he's traced it back to) ancient Babylon and  it spread across the world to various other centres like Egypt, south America, China,  over thousands of years, a very long-term agenda.  So there isn't just one family controlling everything from the outset and the top controllers do shift things around, like when they transferred power from the British empire to America. The Rothschilds for example are just one branch of the network. 

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  23. 8 hours ago, Mr H said:

    Yes. Chinese economy and monetary system really screwed right now. 


    It's interesting that David Icke dismisses historical empires. Does he mention names and stuff that we can check out ourselves when he replaces historical empires with Babylonian brotherhood?


    Well I don't think he dismisses them completely, rather it's that the full picture is hidden from the masses, ie the bloodlines which trace back to the reptilian hybrids. I'm still reading The Biggest Secret and he references an earlier book called And The Truth Shall Set You Free for further detail, but he traces a bloodline called Ramses-Piso-Bush through history, such as Lorenzo de Medici, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain to give a random example (p 184) and as the name suggests follows it through from the ancient middle east going westwards to, for example, the Bush family in America. If you want to check it out yourself, there's a lot of information in just this one book. 

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  24. 1 hour ago, LoopOfHelicopterSounds said:

    This is one of the most disturbing things I have ever read in my life...


    ... especially the "decision making" aspect of this article, in regards to how the fan may feel that if they think a certain way it may upset their Waifu partner. 


    What I find disturbing in the wikihow article is that all the waifu girls look young enough to be school children, and the boys rather older. I know the whole thing is supposed to be a fantasy but it's encouraging a very unhealthy fantasy imo. 

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