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  1. 3 hours ago, pi3141 said:

    It is concerning, because as a non Muslim I am considered a non believer.


    What consists of 'non-believers' is a bit of a mixed bag because in some cases Jews and Christians were spared the 'convert or die' choice because they were people of the book. They were still second class citizens in the Muslim empires though. However it didn't stop Muslim imperialists from invading Europe getting as far as Spain and the gates of Vienna. That seems to be conveniently forgotten by the left and liberals who are happy to demonise Western European empires. 


    3 hours ago, pi3141 said:

    It seems Britain is thus very tolerant of other people's beliefs to allow protestors to openly call for armed conflict against the country they reside in.


    Yup, although the definition of Jihad as including both armed struggle and moral/spiritual development gives them enough ambiguity to cover themselves.  The left/liberals do have a blind spot there, also regarding the whole feminist agenda there's an Islamic privilege compared with white weserners. It's a two-way deal though because Muslims largely vote Labour and aren't self-deprecating and demoralised like the English so won't take the criticism.  It'll be interesting to see what happens when Muslims become a large enough population here to not need the Labour party any more, or the left in general. Who's using who then? 

  2. 3 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    Herein is the root of the problem. ALL social media networks, whether that is Facebook, Twitter/X, Reddit, Pinterest etc etc are nothing more than advertising platforms, and that is how they make their money. YOUR posts and content on those platforms are just "the bits in between the adverts".


    You will never have any 'freedom of speech' on any platform that relies on advertising revenue, not while the advertisers are the big corporate giants pushing and promoting the whole 'woke agenda'.


    Indeed so, and it's nothing new as the same thing's true for commercial radio and TV. The advertisers are the real 'customers' as they're paying for it, and we're the bait to attract the advertisers. Mind you, it's our money which the advertisers are using to pay for their adverts, as we are the advertisers' customers, so it's a shame we (the people as a whole) don't realise our power in all this and boycott the companies which are oppressing us. 

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  3. Yes it's getting worse. I don't use Reddit myself, only go on FB and X to read other people's posts, but people are getting censored and banned a lot now. There was a buzz about freedom of speech when Elon Musk took over Twitter/X but he's back pedalled due to pressure from advertisers, even going as far as visiting Auschwitz to get forgiven.  Gab is less censored at the moment though. 

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  4. I've not come across DI saying this kind of thing.  It sounds like something cults would say such as universalist religions and communism. And people trying to convince us that we can all get on together in a multicultural utopia. Positivity is toxic when it's forced on people who want to keep their separate cultures and are told that having a distinct identity and having a preference for looking after your own is somehow hateful towards others. 

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  5. 16 minutes ago, Screamingeagle said:

    here is another one "project car"🫣


    Oh I geddit - street culture > cars ... ha ha but these days street culture is people glued to their phones 😮 


    "project car
    A car of any kind, rusty, broken, classic, modern, muscle cars, JDMs, exotic cars and so on. But need a lot of money to maintain and improve performance. Other people see this as wasting money, but in the eyes of car enthusiasts, they are actually building a bond with the car.
    Why are you spending so much money on car parts for your project car?


    But don't forget vintage cars are exempt from CGT so it's not so silly after all ... 

  6. "because racecar" ?? oh heck, yet another internet meme I need to look up and remind myself how out of touch I am with street culture 😛  thank goodness for urban dictionary! 

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  7. 8 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    From the article: 

    "The concern for German national security, Danylyuk said, that both of the suspects are German citizens. Although they were born in Russia, they moved to Germany many years ago.

    "It means that actually Russians have a huge network of people who live in Germany and have even legal grounds to live there — have citizenship and who can be used for any kind of activities.


    When you become so multicultural as western Europe there's people like that from all over the world with loyalty to other countries. We're becoming hated by our own citizens too, not just by foreign countries.  All part of the anti-white plan I guess. 

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  8. 8 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    Cuban spy fooled Washington officials for decades—most recently posing as an anti-Communist 'MAGA conservative'


    Thanks EW. This kind of thing is almost inevitable as a country goes more multicultural and increasing numbers of its citizens have foreign allegiances. The ptb there are so desperate for open borders and ending the white majority, and then displaying faux surprise when people aren't patriotic. 

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  9. 2 hours ago, Athenry04 said:

    I'm amazed anyone could support Israel.


    When talking about any country's shortcomings, I think it's important to distinguish between the ordinary people, the ruling elite and the hidden hand.  Countries are far less democratic than is made out, even when they have proportional voting. 

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  10. 10 hours ago, Mr H said:

    I can write this in a very simple and provable manner for those who think we control our thoughts or destiny....



    If you can control your thoughts and are free to think what you wish. Then you would know what your thoughts would be before you thought them.


    So let's experiment.


    Please tell me what thought you will think at 6pm tomorrow?


    ( We can do the same with feelings)


    Thoughts and feelings create actions create destiny.


    We are at the mercy of the thought Gods!


    The thoughts control us, we do not control thoughts!


    Even decisions are just more thoughts. Whos to say when a deciding thought will pop up? 


    It's quite a bitter pill to swallow........


    There's a lot of pronouns to describe all this; I, you, we etc. Is that just a use of grammar, or do you think there is a self which has these thoughts, feelings, God's mercy etc? 

    If there isn't a separate self, there can still be responsibility and freedom but which belongs to an impersonal mind-body-environment rather than a self. 

  11. 8 hours ago, Grumpy Grapes said:

    He originally had more policies, but probably decided to simplify his message after feedback from the public, I assume.


    I don't think he's a fraud - there's not much evidence of that, as far as I can tell. And he's still preferable to the current Mayor. 


    Ha ha ha, when did politicians ever tell us their whole agenda during election campaigns! No doubt he is playing to his target audience, but what can the mayor of the West Mids do about UK foreign policy in the middle east?  Sending a message of protest as a kind of rehearsal for the general election maybe. 

  12. Don't worry I'm not laughing, it sounds like it could be a type of night hag (imo supernatural creatures and aliens are basically the same thing).  At the time when you could see them, were you able to move then?  The night hag is often associated with being immobilised - I've had that experience of sleep paralysis many times although I've not seen aliens with it. 

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  13. 11 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    Agreed, I just want us to be neutral internationally and concentrate on looking after our own kith and kin.  No chance of that while we're governed by globalists. 

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  14. Best examples I can think of for either one or two wrongs making a right, is with spying. Espionage and counter-espionage. Spying involves lying, stealing and deceiving which are wrong. Now, countries (and corporations for that matter) don't allow others to spy on them but they do it to others so it breaks the golden rule, but they want the intelligence so justify it with the old idea of 'the ends justify the means'. Do what I say not what I do etc.   Counter-espionage is when you spy on the spies so it's two wrongs making a right of catching the other guys doing to us what we're also doing to them 🤔

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  15. But wasn't India the victim of Islamic colonialism before the Dutch and British got there (Mughal empire) ?   Does their colonialist narrative become two faced when describing them? At least the British empire didn't result in such a large demographic religious upheaval that divided the Indian people. 


  16. On 4/12/2024 at 10:42 PM, pi3141 said:

    The Dying God and the Resurrected God: What is Religion, Really?


    Stepping back a bit from all the various stories of Gods being born, dying, resurrected etc I want to know how this all works in a metaphysical sense. What do death and resurrection really mean? 


    The standard theory most people believe is that we are a combination of matter and spirit. Matter, the physical body is clearly mortal; it's born, grows up and lives, then dies. But the spirit is immortal and passes through all the stages and realms intact.


    So to say a God can die and be resurrected implies (s)he had a material body which went through a life, died and came back to life, but the divine spirit is unaffected, just like our human spirits. There's also stories of humans dying and resurrecting, so Gods doing that isn't really such a big deal to me. But are these stories saying something else, that spirit can also die and either be reborn or not come back at all? 


  17. 3 hours ago, shabbirss said:

    ... the people in power in the govt of israel dont even look jewish,


    ... so are they truly representing the Jewish faith and Jewish people?


    I still believe that the Jewish people are being played by the Zionist regime for its expansionist goals in the region ...


    What do you think of the idea that there's a hidden hand behind the most powerful governments (not just Israel of course) linked to the secret society network?  

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  18. 4 hours ago, pi3141 said:

    Israel says the heavy restrictions on trade and movement are needed to keep Hamas from enhancing its military capability, while critics view it as a form of collective punishment. Israel and Hamas have fought four wars since 2008, the most recent in May.


    Israel closely supervises aid to try to ensure it bypasses Hamas. But the Hamas-run government benefits from foreign countries footing the bill for schools, hospitals and infrastructure, allowing it to conserve its own resources, including the taxes and customs it collects.


    We talk about Israel and Palestine as if they're two separate countries, but even before the current war Israel was exerting all this control and supervision of Gaza as if the relationship is more one of empire or satrapy. Even if the Palestinians do have elections and their own governors, they only have limited control of their own country anyway. 


    I'm not saying I have an easy alternative to all this, but wouldn't it be better if a more neutral and independent group could do the supervising and control of Gaza until they're ready to do it themselves, such as UN peacekeepers and observers. It might help de-escalate things a bit. 

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  19. 8 hours ago, Mr H said:

    Thoughts and feelings decide actions, particularly thoughts, which I will stick with for example.


    Do I choose my thoughts?


    "Thoughts and feelings decide actions"   Yes there does seem to be a close link here, but what's the process?  I have thoughts about doing something, then after a short delay there's a physical action such as moving my arm and hand to do something. Are all steps in this process observable? Not for me, there's a part of this process where it goes underground (into what we could call the subconscious) before re-emerging into the light of consciousness as observation of the action. 


    "Do I choose my thoughts?"  Depends what you mean by 'I'. From the pov of the conscious mind, thoughts just seem to appear out of nowhere, yet that does seem unlikely in practice. We have accumulated a huge vocabulary and knowledge of language over our lives that resides somewhere, the dictionary in my mind is invisible until words are drawn out one at a time by some invisible process. 


    I don't know enough neuro-science to prove the existence of the subconscious, just that it's a theory to explain the deficiencies of what we experience in consciousness which in itself can't explain where thoughts and feelings come from. Unless we believe in magic, something else must be going on which we can't see. 


    So if in include my subconscious as part of 'I', then in this theory the thought-choosing process is something that occurs behind the veil in the dark side. Although I can't say what that process is yet, until science can detect it. It's a bit like when theoretical physicists postulate the existence of a particle to explain some anomaly in the evidencial data but don't have the equipment to detect it directly yet. 


    5 hours ago, Mr H said:

    From the separate entity perspective, there is no personal responsibility. 


    In the subconscious theory, there is personal responsibility but it's at least partially in the subconscious. We can see the end results of the process, but not the whole process itself. That means things like self control and impulse control are likewise only partly visible.  I appreciate this isn't terribly helpful in terms of holding people to account for their actions, which we still need to do for practical purposes of having a civilised society. 

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