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  1. 11 hours ago, pi3141 said:

    This picture was made immediately after he spoke the words shown.


    Look at the seriousness on his face, he wasn't joking when he said he followed the Prophet. 


    He meant it, just look at the picture, that's not the face of a man who just told a lie.


    How can anyone doubt the meme?



    Screenshot_20240519_191834_Samsung Internet.jpg


    Interesting juxtaposition of religious symbols: the Iron Cross is like a black Templar/Teutonic cross (ie a shadow side of esoteric Christianity) with a swastika (ancient pagan sun symbol, again in black so the shadow side or black sun).  Nothing Islamic that I can see. 


  2. So who actually gets the TV licence money then, if it's used to control live broadcasts on all these other channels like amazon prime? If I was them I'd be lobbying for a slice of the cake - or better still privatising the whole thing and ending the tv licence. 

  3. 7 hours ago, itsnotallrightjack said:

    Brand has had a roasting in The Guardian for his fake baptism stunt. We all know why he did that (to reboot his public image into the "good Christian"). The Guardian makes it quite clear they don't buy it.


    And if he's thinking of being some kind of alternative Christian, his timing isn't very good because it comes at the same time as the ex- 'night-club' vicar Chris Brain is in court for allegations of sex crimes dating back 40 years: 



  4. 3 hours ago, Mr H said:

    The death you will experience is an ego death. You will not disappear. It is the ego that fears death. Investigate the ego. What is it? A cluster of thought forms and feeling forms held together by a belief in separateness. Take out the root and it all crashes down and you are free.


    I can relate, and to make it a bit less scary I replace the thought of my ego dying with the thought that it's not really a death if the ego isn't alive and separate to begin with. As Jim Newman says, this is death already. 


    We all have our own unique sets of beliefs, thoughts, feelings etc, leading us to believe we have separate minds. Even enlightened people still have a different mind from anyone else, they aren't merged together and telepathic, having everyone else's thoughts and feelings too. So there appears to be a kind of relative separateness even then. 



    3 hours ago, Mr H said:

    As part of consciousness myself, I'm personally sick of the silly nonsense, how long we tried pretending to be separate entities for, where has it gotten us?


    Throughout history there's always a scattering of people who wake up to mystical truth that we aren't separate. But the process seems to happen in an separate way.  Individual people have enlightenment experiences, it doesn't happen in a connected way. Buddha got enlightened as an individual person, not as a collective. I've had experiences of oneness while living with my wife who hasn't. So there must be some kind of mental boundary between minds, between one person who believes in their ego and another who doesn't.  

  5. 2 hours ago, Mr H said:

    So you can reduce most male concepts of love down to dopamine addiction.


    But can apply this to most of the things you do. Why you doing them? Probably have a masked reason, underneath I guess it's more dopamine and oxytocin addiction seeking behaviors....


    ... Campion going into toddler mode ... 


    Why did we evolve a dopamine addiction then? 

      - Because that helps us have bigger families and for the race to survive. 


    Why do we need our race to survive? 

       - ermm ... because mother nature wants us to. Evolution works that way, survival of the fittest. 


    Why does mother nature want to use evolution to create fit people? 

       - err ... because she just does / because it's God's plan. 


    Why is it God's plan? 

       -  enough questions already, now run along and play! 


  6. 1 hour ago, Mr H said:

    Ok thanks mate.


    My take on that for whatever it's worth.


    The etymology of ex pect. Is to look out from. So if you expect something it means you don't have it and you think it will come from outside source.


    As the samurai Mushashi wrote. Everything is within. Nothing exists outside yourself. This is the true source of the creation of objective experience.


    Similarly Esther above is saying there is you then there is something else called source. Again this is speaking from a dualistic mind and not from truth. As there is only one entity. Not multiple. There is no source giving you anything. You are the source.


    In my experience I would disagree with Ester on these points and can see these false statements being a hinderence to manifestation 


    I'm trying to understand the concept of 'source' as I come across it sometimes tho it's not something I use myself. It seems to be used as an alternative to God but with less baggage from organised religion. 


    Also a query; if there is only one entity then why do we need to think of inside and outside, isn't that creating an artificial boundary? In that case, if nothing exists outside (the non-existent self), then likewise nothing exists within either. Everything is suchness, neither inner nor outer; neither mind nor matter. 

  7. 30 minutes ago, Dragon Slayer said:

    I'm not qualified to answer that. As a man of strong faith, I would say this really is a time of biblical proportions. Many people globally are waking up, the veil is being removed - apocalypse. I do believe there are some powerful forces in this world on humanity's side. Who they are? That's for you to decide. 🙏


    100% I can agree with you that it's ultimately a spiritual battle, whichever religion we may belong to, even though it plays out in the battlefield of the physical world. Each tradition has its names for our allies and enemies; I believe they are real but then there's a challenge of how to avoid divide-and-rule on the spiritual level too? That's certainly happened in the past big time. 

  8. 19 minutes ago, Dragon Slayer said:

     Prepare for a flurry of events that will change the world forever, or at least for a very long time.

    This conflict between the U.S. and Russia/China is going to end when one side achieves its objectives.


    Thanks DS, there's lots to think about here and we can see the Ukrainians starting to falter. But looking at the big picture is the east-west conflict of superpowers really what it's about at the highest level, or are they also vassals of a hidden force which controls both sides? 

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  9. On 5/14/2024 at 9:47 PM, 1velocity7 said:


    ok all you symbolism spotters out there, do your thang


    King Charles: First official portrait since coronation is unveiled, painted by Jonathan Yeo






    The painting reminded me of something and I've only just found it, It's like most of his body is behind a wall with just his head and hands projecting out into the world.  Like a 'watcher by the threshold' or 'lurker at the threshold' (book titles) reemerging from another dimension into this one with his sword ready for battle. 


    But there's a movie reference too, in The Empire Strikes Back with the Han Solo carbonite scene. Took me a while to make the connection because I've not seen the film yet, just a trailer with the image, but see what you think:  




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  10. 4 hours ago, Lilymoon said:

    Does anyone notice they are also putting in bike lanes and speed bumps every where making driving very hostile? 


    Yes the bike lanes are all over my home town and very little used as there aren't many cyclists here because it's too hilly. The council likes to virtue signal to the green lobby, another way is to convert precious parking spaces into electric charging points which are hardly used. They've been anti-car for a long time now. 

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  11. 9 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    Taking in Israel's enemies is giving Israel what they want.


    Indeed. And we've been doing it for so long now that the growing muslim population here are beginning to realise they have a political constituency of their own, especially in league with the liberal-left whites. It's displaying itself with the pro-Palestinian demonstrations and rumblings about possible Islamic political parties eventually splitting off from Labour which is beginning to scare the pro-zio establishment here. The censorship and anti-extremist laws can only hold back the tide so long if the demographic trends continue to flow this way. But they have kept the focus on the (very small) far-right whites all this time and have created a blind spot.  If the whites don't achieve a recovery and get replaced in Europe and America then Israel's long-term future is in doubt. Unless Russia and China step in to save them. 

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  12. 11 hours ago, HAARPING_On said:

    Let's just put all the theories and suggestions aside for a moment and look at what actually happened ...

    The weather went from being miserable, cold and rainy to balmy Mediterranean temperature within the space of a couple of days, the northern lights were seen pretty much all over the UK, which in my lifetime I don't think I've ever known, then on Monday morning we are back to cold weather and driving rain....

    I know we get variable weather here in the UK but does that not strike anyone as odd, strange, questionable? 🤔 


    Yes it's worth digging into it. We know they can use HARP to create northern-lights phenomena, perhaps it (or some other technology) can also shift the jet stream around which is what can quickly change our weather from cold & damp northern to warm mediterranean. It comes in handy for the ptb to convince us we're in a "climate crisis". 

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  13. 11 hours ago, Grumpy Grapes said:

    The Creator of this universe (who is collectively all of us) is observing itself observing itself...etc, aka the Droste effect. 



    Thanks, I didn't know it was called that. It's a form of self-reference paradox, like a map which is so accurate it contains a picture of itself. 

    Godshill model village in the Isle of Wight is a model of the village it's located in, 1/10th scale, and so it contains a miniature of the model village itself, down to several iterations, like a russian doll, with a model of the model of the model.  


    It's got a church on a hill hence God's-hill or I've just realised you could call it God-shill  ha ha !! 




  14. 12 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    Civil society under increasing threats from ‘malicious’ state cyber actors, US warns


    I don't doubt that the Eurasian nations have bad intent towards us in the west, but the whole situation looks like a good cop / bad cop pincer move at this point. Cyber and economic attacks with general demoralisation from the authoritarian states in the east and a censorship / hate crime / multicultural net thrown over us by the liberal west. It's like saying you can either live in a gilded cage in the west or an iron cage in the east. But in either case forget about real freedom. 

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  15. 7 hours ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:

    Music's royalty ;


    - Mother of the Blues

    - Godfather of Punk

    - King of Soul

    - Queen of Gypsy Music

    - Crystal Voice of Asia

    - King of New Jack Swing

    - Diva of Banda

    - First Lady of Corrido

    - King of Motown

    - Father of Country Music

    - Golden Girl

    - Queen of Latin Pop

    - Mozart of Madras

    - King of Folk

    - Queen of Afro Beats

    - Godfather of Death Metal

    - President of Culture

    - Empress of the Blues

    - First Tycoon of Teen

    - Queen of Disco

    - Mr. Excitement

    - Queen of Shock Rock

    - Daddy of Rock and Roll

    - King of Rock and Roll


    And one "Boss" 😁 




    Duke Ellington 

    Lady Gaga 

    God (Eric Clapton) 

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  16. Beeb are saying whooping cough (aka 100 day cough) is on the rise and requiring vaxx and antibiotics. 


    "Whooping cough: Warning over rise in cases in England
    7 March 2024 

    By Michelle Roberts
    Digital health editor
    There is a worrying rise in whooping cough, officials warn, external, with 553 cases in England recorded in January alone and high numbers in Wales.

    They fear it could be a bumper year for the bacterial infection. The last peak year, 2016, saw 5,949 cases in England.

    Known as pertussis or "100-day cough", the infection can be particularly serious for babies and infants.

    And The UK Health Security Agency warns of a steady decline in uptake of the vaccine in pregnant women and children.



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  17. 1 hour ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:

    " Nobody knows whether our personalities pass on to another existence or sphere, but if we can evolve an instrument so delicate as to be manipulated by our personality as it survives in the next life, such an instrument ought to record something"


    - Thomas Edison 1928


    There was someone who tried weighing the souls of people as they died and came up with a figure of 21 grams - although as you may expect it's disputed science. 



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  18. 13 minutes ago, atenea said:

    Because everything has its own consciousness, including the particle?🤔


    Oh dear ... so does that mean I don't exist either unless someone else observes me 😅  Perhaps the difference is that I can observe myself and a simple particle like an electron has consciousness but not self-consciousness. I dunno what happens when I fall into a dreamless sleep though! 

    Bishop Berkeley solves the problem by saying that an omniscient God observes everything anyway and keeps the universe sustained and existing. But then again, if there's no-one observing God, does he still exist?  Perhaps God's self-awareness is permanently switched on - or at least has been since the big bang. 



  19. 4 hours ago, Wakiza said:

    Particles in determined states, such as specific locations, don't seem to exist unless you actually observe or measure them. Isn't this a example of a simulation?


    I've always wondered how the particle knows it's being observed in order for the wave function to collapse and its position to be measured.  We normally observe something by bouncing a wave or particle off it, like shining a light on it. But the universe is full of photons and other particles moving around so how does our particle know that the impact is coming from a human observer rather than just any old one? 

  20. 6 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    The Secret Dealings of Israel and Iran

    The $240 Billion Weapons Trade and How Iran Funded Settlements in the West Bank



    Thanks EW, this puts the Oliver North / Iran-Contra dealings (which I remember) into a whole new context. When the mask slips we can see that our friends and enemies aren't always who we were told. 

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  21. 3 hours ago, Mr H said:

    One thing i have noticed more and more as my technical analysis advances. Is that, you can actually fortell news events from the charts.


    I suspect the news and the money markets are more deeply intertwined than first thought.


    It's like literally the chart pattern will say we have to.go down soon. But there's no reason. Then magically there's a news event that takes the price down. Happens in reverse too, and this happens often.


    I'm going to start paying more attention to this going forwards as it's really fascinating.


    Show me the charts and I'll tell you the news a very real adage.


    Yes this makes a lot of sense but the devil in the detail is getting the timing right; when to buy and sell so you make a better profit than just holding long-term or whichever other strategy you can follow. 

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