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  1. Yes, and inflation globally is probably higher than what we experience when we consider shortages of raw materials, mining etc. I realised something was off with the inflation figures when they switched from RPI to CPI because CPI is lower (it excludes housing costs), except for certain government rates when it suits them. When you strip out and population growth, the UK GDP growth per head has been flatlining since 2007 (the graph is in $ so it doesn't take out inflation either) https://www.macrotrends.net/global-metrics/countries/GBR/united-kingdom/gdp-per-capita I guess there are still some areas with untapped cheap labour such as India/Pakistan, Africa, Brazil, Vietnam, but I dunno maybe they aren't ready for hi-tec development yet and AI will soon be able to take over many jobs - perhaps AI can program itself too these days. It made me wonder what's happening to human IQ levels, it's a subject rife with politically correct sensibilities. I was wondering if all the toxicity in our lives nowadays it would affect our intelligence but when I saw a WEF report about falling IQ levels I'm not sure and something feels off. https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2018/06/iq-scores-have-been-falling-for-decades-new-study-finds/
  2. Is that a quote from the Bible? I don't understand, would you explain it please?
  3. That sounds fair when we remember that China came relatively late to the manufacturing party, after they'd recovered from their cultural revolution and subsequent isolation. When I was a kid it was all Made in Hong Kong, Made in Taiwan, Made in Japan so much so that the Labour govt in the 1970s had a 'Buy British' campaign to try and save our economy. This process started in the 1960s at least.
  4. This incident comes after a week of headlines saying that Biden is lacking mental capacity to carry on as president, hurting his support. And now a close shave for Trump which will surely get him an extra sympathy vote, so perhaps there's a coordinated agenda to get Trump re-elected. Then in 2028 when Trump has had his second turn and disillusionment sets in, Biden can stage a comeback for his second go.
  5. Yes this is an argument that backwards time travel creates paradoxes and so it can't be true: for example if you interfered in the lives of your parents/grandparents and prevented yourself from being born, there's a contradiction because if you don't exist you wouldn't be able to go back in time and make those changes to the timeline. Which raises the possibility of alternative timelines, or parallel universes. Quantum Physics does allow for the possibility of these, so you can resolve the paradox by saying that changing the past simply shifts you into an alternative parallel universe. Travelling forwards into the future doesn't have the same issue and we know how to do that, through general relativity using near speed of light velocities and high gravitational fields.
  6. From today's DI headlines: "How long have I been saying it? Global Cult operatives are demonically possessed by other-dimensional entities and thus those entities are running human society – the cultists are just the vehicles and conduits. But, hey, I’m just crazy so everyone can go back to sleep now … Zzzzz " https://davidicke.com/2024/07/12/how-long-have-i-been-saying-it-global-cult-operatives-are-demonically-possessed-by-other-dimensional-entities-and-thus-those-entities-are-running-human-society-the-cultists-are-just-the-vehicles-an/ https://x.com/_whitneywebb/status/1811435932048101799 https://unlimitedhangout.com/2022/06/reports/leslie-wexners-inner-demon/
  7. The only change I can see is that now they can openly admit it without repercussions and protests on the streets. Of course they've always forced us into their agenda but they used to try and hide it from the masses.
  8. Considering our recent election results here in the UK, and before then when we had non-natives leading every country here, it's clear to me that we have been thoroughly deconstructed and rebuilt in the corporate-marxist mould, a globalist multicultural hybrid apart from a few disconnected pockets of traditionalism. It no longer makes sense to call us "the West" and the same chipping away and undermining the foundations is clearly going on in the East until eventually it won't be the East. Instead of East and West the new distinction is between globalists and nationalists, or universalist and folkish. Hinduism is too much like a folkish religion belonging to its own people and their homelands; most polytheistic religions are like that which is why the globalists are promoting monotheism, non-theism (Buddhism) and atheism (humanism) which are like mcdonald's fast food religion and philosophy, you get the same product everywhere. Ok there are different sects of Buddhism and Christianity but those are starting to be mixed up too so they become less distinct.
  9. Do we stay within our existing paradigms when we have a spiritual experience or break free of our conditioning into something genuinely free and new? At one time I used to be into J Krishnamurti's work, which was about living in the truth and where the only real spiritual experiences are ones free from memory and conditioning. But he wasn't really a 'teacher' and give us practices to get experiences. I had one experience once which I couldn't fit into my knowledge happened during a meditation retreat, when I lay down on the bed for a rest and drifted upwards into a completely different space like nothing I'd experienced before. I could compare it to some kind of psychedelic trip ot ascending into a heavenly realm or something but that's just trying to describe it to someone else after the event. We could say that non-dual experience is outside description because archetypes, philosophies and myths are dual as soon as they're verbalised. Ideas like God or enlightenment or whatever are perhaps philosophies created after the event of the originator having an authentic experience and trying to explain it to other people who haven't had such a mystical experience but in terms they do understand from their culture. Taking this a step further, why not say that ALL here-and-now experience is an original spiritual experience, but we are accustomed to immediately interpret it according to our conditioning and indoctrination.
  10. In his analysis, (as I've understood it of course), the evil originally comes from the trans-dimensional reptilians who we know about through religion and mythology as gods, demons, serpents etc. There was some interbreeding, or genetic experimenting, leading to hybrids/cross-breeds which I think is where the shape-shifting comes in, and the bloodlines. These cross-breed bloodlines then set up and control the various secret society networks which in turn control or have influence in the visible institutions such as political parties, banks, the media, the UN, Trilateral Commission etc etc. They started off in (or he's traced it back to) ancient Babylon and it spread across the world to various other centres like Egypt, south America, China, over thousands of years, a very long-term agenda. So there isn't just one family controlling everything from the outset and the top controllers do shift things around, like when they transferred power from the British empire to America. The Rothschilds for example are just one branch of the network.
  11. Well I don't think he dismisses them completely, rather it's that the full picture is hidden from the masses, ie the bloodlines which trace back to the reptilian hybrids. I'm still reading The Biggest Secret and he references an earlier book called And The Truth Shall Set You Free for further detail, but he traces a bloodline called Ramses-Piso-Bush through history, such as Lorenzo de Medici, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain to give a random example (p 184) and as the name suggests follows it through from the ancient middle east going westwards to, for example, the Bush family in America. If you want to check it out yourself, there's a lot of information in just this one book.
  12. What I find disturbing in the wikihow article is that all the waifu girls look young enough to be school children, and the boys rather older. I know the whole thing is supposed to be a fantasy but it's encouraging a very unhealthy fantasy imo.
  13. The first I'd say is that there is no American empire, British, Russian, Ottoman, Roman, Persian empires as such, at least they're only at the mid visible level. DI points out that it's really just what he calls the Babylonian brotherhood or hidden hand throughout history, but it goes by other names too. I saw a tv programme of the series "The Book of Secrets with Lance Reddick" the other day, about Freemasons but as it's a US series of course it was all about the US, but as he went through the history of the founding of the US from the revolution and war of independence in 1776 it was obvious that the whole process was a masonic agenda. It dawned on me how silly our worries now are about the new world order when there's nothing new about it at all. But yeah, at the visible level America and the white west in general is being slowly demolished with the focus of control moving east. Russia has emerged from the last 5 years or so with very little debt (about 15% of GDP) compared with the whole of the west, but interestingly China is being weighed down with a lot of debt to keep them from getting too ahead of themselves (c. 287% GDP !) It's looking like the illuminati don't want a unipolar world order, but if they can keep several superpowers at a similar level it will of course help with the divide and rule process. So the fact that the agenda is moving on to another region isn't a surprise, let's hope most of us can heed your warnings and get out of the money market vortex in time (I'm starting to move from shares into gold in preparation). But when the smoke clears from the devastation there will be some opportunities to rebuild ourselves, because if our states and corporations become weaker we can come out of hiding with our self-reliant diy skills and local community building and make something of ourselves again. We will need to remember that we're really a tribal animal and we can rediscover our strength, regeneracy (opposite of degeneracy) and true prosperity. https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Caixin/China-s-debt-to-GDP-ratio-climbs-to-record-287.8-in-2023
  14. Out of interest, what do you actually do with your crypto, do you use it as a currency to buy things with or is it purely for investment? Obviously the value of £ is volatile too and affects the price of imported stuff, though most of us only notice it when we're buying foreign currency to go on holiday. But most of us have investments like pension in international shares and bonds too so it's a factor. In terms of measuring the value of something I'm starting to use an inflation index rather than a currency, like the RPI which is a basket of goods and services itself.
  15. Ha ha I think I last saw a man wearing one in the late 70s, even then it was just diehard old hippies But you know, if you wait long enough things come back into fashion!
  16. And Labour got less votes this time (9,698,409), than in 2019 (10,269,051); their share of the vote only increased by 1.6% but they got double the number of MPs. What got me was their campaign slogan "CHANGE", when I know that whoever got in the same agenda will keep rolling on. I'm just dreading their first budget.
  17. Tir na nOg comes up in the Ancient Aliens series as the home of the Tuatha De Danann who are in their theory ancient aliens. It's also the name of a great Irish folk band from the 1970s. The folk music connection doesn't end there, as the Tir na nOg legend is attested in the poetry of the legendary poet Oisin or Ossian, which is also the name of my favourite Scottish folk band.
  18. I can just imagine. And I wonder how they think the Russian & Chinese authorities treat their own people who leak secrets out to the world? Yes, the focus on anti-white west-bashing is plain to see in the left wing protest movements too.
  19. Makes sense, I always thought it suspicious that nearly all "leaks" are relating to Western governments, especially the USA. When they start leaking substantial amounts from Russia and China as well I might start to get interested.
  20. It's open season on the boomers at the moment. With their gold plated pensions, student grants, suburban home ownership, sucking all the wealth out from the millennials. Don't look over here at the oligarchs, look over there at the boomers, blame your parents and grandparents instead! Divide and rule!
  21. Apparently Reform are in a pact with the SDP (Social Democratic Party) so if you're in a constituency without a Reform candidate you could vote for them instead. But yeah, don't hold your breath that things will get better even if they do well. https://sdp.org.uk/2022/10/22/reform-uk-and-sdp-agree-general-election-pact/
  22. Yes, though it's not just Britain. I think it's called the Mercator projection where countries appear larger (stretched sideways) the nearer they are to the poles. Antarctica, Greenland, Canada and Russia also appear much larger. It's what happens when you try and fit a spherical shape onto a flat surface, but there are lots of other projections too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_map_projections
  23. I don't believe in white privilege, white colonialism or the British Empire. Or a conspiracy to spread white privilege around the world. Those are false flags for someone else controlling the world.
  24. Is that why there's a highway to hell but only a stairway to heaven? It needs more room for the people going down there!
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