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  1. There's a paywall on the bloomberg article but I did a quick search which gives a very different answer. Perhaps "wealth" depends on if it's for tax purposes! "The Rothschild family's net worth is estimated to stand between $400 billion to $1 trillion, cumulatively. " https://www.therichest.com/rich-powerful/the-richest-living-members-of-rothschild-family-ranked-by-net-worth/
  2. I agree, although if there's an underlying mental health issue it should be addressed first. Nearly all children have a hard time going through puberty and finding out their true adult self anyway. But why now? Those traditional roles have been around for ever, since before humans evolved even. As far as I can see, a certain amount of gender bending existed historically, and in other cultures too, we can look at how males & females were portrayed in the western theatre tradition or ladyboys in the far east for example. However the whole thing has been ramped up to a much higher level at the same time as our culture is experiencing an existential threat due to infertility and I don't think it's a coincidence.
  3. It's rather like that talking to any 'authority' figures like the police, lawyers, security guards, social workers. Don't joke, use sarcasm, figures of speech etc it's likely to be taken literally.
  4. I can see where you're coming from, but this kind of thing is much older than AI. The illuminati are always creating conflicts by controlling both sides of the argument. It doesn't mean that we should accept immigration or multiculturalism (colonisation as i call it) they are dangerous, but we shouldn't just be led into the 'solutions' which the ptb offer us. It's problem - reaction - solution. Recurring.
  5. While that's true, you can make exactly the same argument for people who fiddle the tax system. The amount of tax evasion / fraud is on the same order of magnitude as the benefit fraud and people who know the system, or can afford accountants and lawyers, can equally game the system. This policy of targeting benefit claimants (and maybe pensioners too) logically leads to a total state-corporate panopticon.
  6. Transgender can start off as mental disorders like body dysmorphia or gender dysphoria and we have to ask why these illnesses are becoming more common. I think there is a wider context where the traditional roles for masculinity and femininity which have kept society going and sustainable for thousands of generations are being degraded and deconstructed under the banners of relativism and personal freedom. Transgender is just the extreme end of a much wider movement to feminise men and masculinise women, damaging our fertility, including through the food supply and making national cultures unsustainable leading to mass immigration. It's a demographic dead end especially for white westerners. Movements which start off as potentially positive like Feminism and New Man are twisted so we believe masculinity is toxic and femininity is oppression. So when we look at the wider context, just focusing on the tip of the spear like transgenderism and trying to ban that can lead to accusations of discrimination and hate, which is of course how the whole agenda was constructed. Imo we need compassion for the victims, as we're all victims, and expose the whole degenerate agenda.
  7. It's the same with Aldi and Home Bargains not having self-checkout, we tend to get as much as we can from the discount shops and only go to the regular supermarkets for particular things we can't find elsewhere.
  8. This has occurred to me too. There's very little that's genuinely new in the New Age, apart from perhaps using crystals, and most people who do things like Tarot and dowsing wouldn't call themselves New Age. So i don't think of it as a 'movement' ie an identifiable group moving in the same direction. The AI melting pot is what the New Age looks like too, a pick & choose from many cultures and ages, to make us rootless and disconnected from our own history, with a fake sense of freedom. It's what the ptb are doing with western society as a whole with mass immigration and multiculturalism. These aren't separate tendencies they're part of the same agenda.
  9. The problem is so widespread that the word Guru is now suspect in common parlance. Clearly the people who abuse their position and commit abuse aren't genuinely good. They have had some spiritual experiences and are good communicators and have charisma but haven't done enough emotional work and still have a dark shadow side. Meditation or other practices might give us experiences of Nonduality, the Holy Spirit, Samadhi or whatever, but guess what it doesn't cure things like narcissism so easily. Not all religious leaders are abusive of course, but it takes some experience to spot who the cult leaders are as they tend to be sneaky. Naive people don't spot the signs and go into denial. I think there are laws for safeguarding vulnerable people in the UK, especially for children. Yup, it's not just religion which has a cult problem, basically the perpetrators try and get access to victims wherever they can. The irony is that all the all the talk of spiritual levels and initiations is baloney, we're all as important as each other, but get brainwashed to think we need to achieve something. Children and mentally ill / disabled people are automatically vulnerable, they have some legal protection already in the UK. I'm not pointing a finger at any particular teachers, but in situations where adults have access to children and power over them there should be systems in place, like DBS checks. Religious groups with children in are no different from youth clubs like the boy scouts etc. Deciding when your child is old enough to go out to the shops by themselves for an ice cream is a big decision for a parent, but with clubs and church groups there is some assurance that there's systems in place so you can safely take them there.
  10. It's hypocritical. And a common way of damaging the local industry when you're allowed to import goods which are banned to local farmers. We have similar tactics aimed at English farmers who have tighter rules on animal rights and which chemicals they're allowed to use than the foreign produce we import. I'm all in favour of treating animals well and avoiding toxic chemicals but that good intention is weaponised to put pressure on our people.
  11. I've noticed in the neo-advaita scene, other guru scenes, and the New Age that there's personality cults around individual teachers who set up on their own like Mooji, Rupert Spira, Jim Newman. So you're right the responsibility is on the seeker (caveat emptor) where there's no-one else to keep an eye on things like with a religious denomination that has a hierarchy. Trouble is if some of the seekers are vulnerable or naive. They can attract people with mental health problems or children so things like police checks are important. But as we all know, even with these safeguards there are scandals like pedophile priests within large churches. Hopefully the rules have tightened up enough now.
  12. I usually get more catarrh when I have a lot of dairy products. So I cut back with black coffee etc.
  13. What would you say is the "experience of I"? I thought many people's practice of self-inquiry leads to not finding the I.
  14. I'm not sure if smart meters still count as new tech, they seem like it to me as I've refused one since they came out. But I'm seeing more cheap tariffs coming from the energy suppliers only if you have a smart meter. There was one on the radio this morning from Ovo energy. It's a stealthy way of forcing the smart tech onto us without actually making it compulsory.
  15. @Mr H I was wondering what you mean by self-actualisation so thanks for that. People use the phrase in different ways, for example I've come across it as a level in Maslow's pyramid which puts it in a context of the other stages of development.
  16. Yes I get the idea of nonduality, it's rather like monism in western philosophy. It was Mooji who I'm not too familiar with. I've seen a couple of his youtube videos but I'll leave it to others to debate him. You are discussing two rather different issues: whether nonduality meditation is unhealthy; and abusive cults within religion in general. Perhaps there's some overlap if people become suggestive from the states of mind resulting from religious practice: but as you say that can happen in other religions too. I would just reiterate my earlier point that leaders need accountability; so any organisation like a guru ashram or a church which lacks governance and puts the guru in a position of absolute power is a big red flag. I didn't say 'others do it too' as mitigation, of course it's all abuse; but earlier you were pointing at one nonduality guru in particular to evidence a general point. I'm not turning away from it, I agree that we need strict safeguarding rules and monitoring.
  17. It's funny how whiteness alternates between being real and a social construct when it suits them.
  18. Yeah, it's like our side doesn't try very hard to help ourselves, from a common sense notion of national security.
  19. I was recently invited to try Taekwondo at our local club and my first thought was there's no point. I'm too old to do something that looks like a younger person's fighting sport. And I'm not very competitive. But perhaps there's other benefits like keeping my coordination and muscle tone and reaction speed. So I was wondering what's the attraction of these things for you, are you interested in self defence, other physical fitness stuff, or is it to do with mind and energy work?
  20. In academia those are called social constructs, with a view to, as you rightly say, hypnotising us with uprooting our regular common sense. That may be different to what you mean. But in any case, from your perspective of these things not existing, what do you suggest we do about it? How do we live without countries, politics, religious or secular philosophy etc? You may have broken the spell but aren't we still a social animal which needs some collective action and organising into groupings and communities?
  21. I'm guessing this is supposed to be a bad news story, because there's sanctions against Russia and North Korea. But something doesn't seem quite right. It's bad for 'our' components to go into 'their' missiles because it might help them. But when it's 'their' (ie Chinese) components going into 'our' 5G networks and nuclear power stations, and 'their' software in 'our' social media (Tik Tok) that's a security threat for us. It's a lose-lose for the west. Presumably it's too risky to use Chinese parts in our missiles but we would never think of spiking their missiles by sending them dodgy components? What's the message here, that the west (as the global policeman) is too virtuous to use dirty tricks and so are fighting the new cold war with one hand tied behind our backs?
  22. "Why are male members of the royal family circumcised by a mohel? Prince Harry's new memoir confirms he was circumcised, but has it always been a regal rite of passage? Prince Harry’s newly published memoir “Spare” has made a string of revelations about his royal's private life, including confirmation that he and his brother were circumcised, but why do male members of the Royal Family undergo this procedure? " ...... "In 2013, the head of the Initiation Society Dr Joseph Spitzer offered to carry out the procedure should the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decide to maintain the practice with Prince George. The London Jewish community’s official Mohel Jacob Snowman performed the surgery on baby Prince Charles in Buckingham Palace, days after his 1948 birth. Princes Andrew and Edward were also circumcised. It is not uncommon for Mohels to offer circumcision procedures for non-Jewish babies. Extensive commentary has claimed that the circumcision of British royals began due to Queen Victoria’s belief that she was descended from the biblical King David. There is also a separate idea that the tradition that King George I imported the practice from the German city of Hanover, where it was popular amongst the upper classes. " https://www.thejc.com/news/why-are-male-members-of-the-royal-family-circumcised-by-a-mohel-qlc8hezk
  23. Focusing or concentration type meditation was what I originally learned using things like mantras and breathing. You focus on one thing and let go of everything else. I haven't come across a nondual teaching to focus on being the one, it's more about giving the focussing a rest for a while. Then I find the self re-emerges quite unharmed. But it is quite a powerful experience if you're not ready for it, having spent all our previous life building up the sense of self. I would say that before getting into advanced mystical spirituality like that you first need to have achieved a healthy sense of self. If you're prone to something like depression or dissociation then deal with that before trying to find enlightenment. I have heard a bit about Mooji but not enough to judge him. There are very many gurus, meditation teachers, spiritual groups and writing them all off, or a whole way of thinking, based on only one example isn't being fair. There are cults around all over the place. Eastern spirituality isn't immune, but it's not alone. You refer to meditation being able to create relaxed or hypnotic states, happiness etc. Surely if done in a good environment these can be positive things, if done with a trustworthy professional teacher, or by yourself. As a general rule, if you see a professional for some service it's good for them to belong to an institute or association to give oversight. I used to be an accountant and belonged to an association to govern the profession - why not have a similar thing for meditation and mindfulness.
  24. It's getting exhausting trying to keep up with some of these people's subversion and cloak and dagger tactics. All the infiltration and smoke and mirrors to degrade everything, so that we don't know what's true and authentic any more, we don't know who we can trust. Just like how the intelligence agencies work. I just want things to be straightforward and simple and have a traditional life where I can support my family, my tribe, my nation, my race etc and everything works together to promote a fulfilling life. But there's always someone working away behind the scenes to make things fall apart. It's not that I'm into MAGA but I can see where the ordinary Americans who support it are coming from, but to see their genuine patriotism messed up like this is so irritating.
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