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  1. Female and transgender? I thought transgender was a gender in its own right, so how does that work to belong to two genders at the same time? I recently came across (yet again) the woke idea that race and gender are social constructions (rather than physical, biological ones). So if that's the case, why are we seeing the promotion of so much physical body modification for trans with things like hormones, chemical castration and surgery for body modification and neutering? If it's all a social construct, why can't they socially reconstruct themselves to their new identities?
  2. The fact is that us ordinary working people of these British Islands who just want to mind our own business and look after our own families and communities have been ethnically cleansed numerous times in history. Every time we try and follow our natural human instincts and settle down into stable tribal communities we're destroyed by those leaders, whether they're the explicit leaders or the secret ones. The logic of the "nation of immigrants" is that there's no such thing as indigenous peoples, everyone is an immigrant however many thousands of years their ancestors have lived in the area. But that also means there's no such thing as immigration either, because those people weren't native to the area where they came from too. The whole world is just one big melting pot without borders - so "nation of immigrants" is code for the global communist soviet. I came across the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples recently. Could it be that the "nation of immigrants" bolshies are desperate to stop white westerners from claiming their rights to such gems as these: "Reaffirming that indigenous peoples, in the exercise of their rights, should be free from discrimination of any kind, Concerned that indigenous peoples have suffered from historic injustices as a result of, inter alia, their colonization and dispossession of their lands, territories and resources, thus preventing them from exercising, in particular, their right to development in accordance with their own needs and interests, Recognizing the urgent need to respect and promote the inherent rights of indigenous peoples which derive from their political, economic and social structures and from their cultures, spiritual traditions, histories and philosophies, especially their rights to their lands, territories and resources, Recognizing also the urgent need to respect and promote the rights of indigenous peoples affirmed in treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements with States, Welcoming the fact that indigenous peoples are organizing themselves for political, economic, social and cultural enhancement and in order to bring to an end all forms of discrimination and oppression wherever they occur, Convinced that control by indigenous peoples over developments affecting them and their lands, territories and resources will enable them to maintain and strengthen their institutions, cultures and traditions, and to promote their development in accordance with their aspirations and needs, " https://www.un.org/esa/socdev/unpfii/documents/DRIPS_en.pdf
  3. Marxism is for the masses to keep us believing that the elite are there to look after us; while the elite themselves live by its anti-thesis as leaders of the global corporations. Meanwhile we have celebrity culture which maintains the illusion that the ordinary masses are somehow connected to the rich and powerful and want to hero-worship them. It has a powerful hold over our civilisation, like a type of black magic being cast upon us, so yes we need something to break the illusion. Cracks in the economy are one way people can start to question the global order, but we need to have a good alternative to offer.
  4. I guess it's up to us to get active and do something. Do you think politics is worth getting involved in or does the cabal control it all?
  5. The next general election will be very interesting to see how much the indigenous Brits vote for leaders from a different tribe. And the rest of the world will be looking on to see how far we are prepared to go down this road. Are there any lines we won't cross?
  6. I heard that Jews were only allowed to practice usury against gentiles, it was still prohibited amongst themselves. Because presumably the prohibition came from the Jewish scriptures for the others to follow it too? In which case I'd like to find the actual quotes in the Bible to understand why it was interpreted that way.
  7. The Club of Rome is a globalist mouthpiece and we can read this through the lens of their agenda. Here's my first attempt at interpreting this: We want more manageable workers and hope our policies will cut the population. UBI. We will teach your children to put their faith in the global govt looking after them rather than having a large family. Everyone needs to get behind our climate change emergency script to help push the Club's policies. Vote for your cultural decline, it's all been trialled out in Western Europe and North America with great success, now it's time to push it further to the rest of the world! Yup, it's all your fault workers, if you give up your traditional way of life it'll all be love, peace and rainbows! We're coming for the middle classes too! Who else do you think will pay for it! More funding please for our plans!
  8. I dig them up if I can, but if they're in the joints of the patio or some such inaccessible place, I just pile some dry salt on top of the weed during the summer, and they shrivel up after a week or so. If it rains I reapply it. Luckily I don't have bindweed here which was resistant to practically everything apart from glyphosate. Price. My household budget is stretched to the limit but I'd buy it if I could afford it.
  9. Great post Sinny with some important research. My impression of political parties to the right of the Conservatives (which is setting a pretty low bar) is that they've been pretty unstable over the last couple of generations, party leaders have come and gone and there's been numerous small parties which have split the vote amongst themselves - especially difficult with the first past the post voting system and deposits getting lost. But I'm really interested in how UKIP is working on a coalition to allow some cooperation - grateful if you've got any good links for that. Not to mention that there's a lot of pavlovian-type responses programmed into us Brits with any mention of terms like far right, nationalism, patriotism, or even white ethnicity.
  10. And before anyone beats me to it, I realise the trap here, because if there's no outside then there's no inside either. So I can't say if it even makes sense to talk about the absolute age of the whole universe. Only the age of parts of the universe, seen from our relative pov here on Earth in 2023.
  11. I'm not an expert either but I'm looking at the big picture here. There are a large number of countries with chronic economic stagnation resulting in millions of people seeking to escape to countries they are told by the media and traffickers that have good prospects and welfare states. But it turns out that this population of unapproved migrants are over-represented with young antisocial men, and it leads me to question why their homelands are such an unattractive place for them to live in the first place. The liberal elite like to blame western civilisation for third world poverty, but when you look at the actual behaviour when they come here, even if it's a minority, it doesn't indicate a culture with the same protestant work ethic and mutual respect which our country was built on. And it only takes a minority to impact the whole country.
  12. Well I don't know about God. But according to relativity there's no absolute perspective, space-time is all about the pov of the observer. So perhaps it's not possible to have a pov of the whole universe, as it has no outside.
  13. Yes on the surface level it is. But when you think about it, as DI says, our rulers are just different masks on the same cult. So this mask symbolism can be used back on them; every cloud has a silver lining.
  14. What I don't get is, with all that international symbolism of the UK and Commonwealth etc, why his title is just King of England? When their line, from the Normans on, had no intention of limiting themselves to England alone. It's one reason why people around the world think of us English as the imperialists and get hated, when really we're just as much victims of the Illuminati global empire as anyone else.
  15. Hi Name, I understand this way of framing it, and there's folks on both sides of the debate. It depends what you think the Illumini have planned for us. An armageddon-type collapse and demolition of our civilisation with population reduction and economic collapse; or creation of a Brave New World style technocratic-communist gulag to imprison us in 15 minute cities and cut us off from nature and traditional community. Either way I think it's a good idea to learn some practical skills to do more things for ourselves and become a little more self-sufficient in our local community.
  16. According to wiki the universe has a diameter of 93 bn light years, ie a radius of 46.5 bn LY, yet it's only 13.787 bn years old. So does this mean it has expanded faster than the speed of light? To solve this problem the cosmologists created inflation which is one of the strangest concepts I've heard about. "Since the Planck epoch, space has been expanding to its present scale, with a very short but intense period of cosmic inflation speculated to have occurred within the first 10−32 seconds.[41] This was a kind of expansion different from those we can see around us today. Objects in space did not physically move; instead the metric that defines space itself changed. Although objects in spacetime cannot move faster than the speed of light, this limitation does not apply to the metric governing spacetime itself. This initial period of inflation would explain why space appears to be very flat, and much larger than light could travel since the start of the universe." If science now says that the metrics which define physical reality are unstable, that's opened a huge can of worms. I don't yet understand it very well, but it looks like they're bending the rules to avoid this problem and keep their standard theory going. But at what price, once you've created this precedent how can we trust the rest of the structure?
  17. lol the irony is cracking me up, the whole of Hollywood is one big Illuminati script.
  18. me too, I don't want anyone spying and wish everything could be encrypted. But it's not just CCP tech, there's also a lot of coincidence with countries adopting things like CBDC, digital identity, hate speech laws, mass immigration etc. And not taking much notice of public opinion.
  19. I can't help noticing how often certain countries walk in lockstep and copy each other. Are we supposed to believe in democracy and public consultation when it looks more like collusion behind closed doors.
  20. Correcting my typo because I missed Noahide law no 7 too late to edit. 1. Not to worship idols. 2. Not to curse God. 3. Not to commit murder. 4. Not to commit adultery or sexual immorality. 5. Not to steal. 6. Not to eat flesh torn from a living animal. 7. To establish courts of justice. PS note to mods. Can we have longer than 1 hour for editing please? I do re-read and correct but 1 hour isn't very long.
  21. And funnily enough glyphosate was banned for sale to the public a few years ago. I still have a bit left in the shed but don't use it now. I'm experimenting with more natural weedkillers like salt, vinegar and bicarb. Salt works quite well on the dandelions in dry weather as it dehydrates them. But am I wasting my time when the veg I have to buy in is full of glyphosate? If only I had a bigger garden!
  22. Fossil fuel is net zero in the long term, because it's only releasing carbon back into the atmosphere which was taken out in geological history like the carboniferous. Eventually it'll get taken back up again, if we're patient enough.
  23. I've been thinking about the symbolism of rainbows and a couple of things occurred to me. The 7 colours refer to the 7 Noahide laws, but which is which? It might help to interpret colour symbolism if we can match them up. This is the traditional list: Not to worship idols. Not to curse God. Not to commit murder. Not to commit adultery or sexual immorality. Not to steal. Not to eat flesh torn from a living animal. So does red start with number 1, or violet? My second idea was the rainbow's use as a symbol of the LGBT "community". It's supposed to represent them as a unified community in distinction to non-LGBT (ie heterosexual). But what is a rainbow or light spectrum? It's when the unity of white light is split apart and its components are separated into distinct spaces. Wouldn't it be better as a symbol of segregation, monoculturalism rather than multiculturalism, identity and ethnic separation rather than mixing? And wouldn't the multiculturalists, globalists and misceganists be better with a pure white flag where all the colours are mixed up together? I'm beginning to think there's a hidden layer of meaning that goes behind the melting-pot that's imposed on the masses.
  24. This is a bit random because I saw this thread when looking for something else on symbolism. Anyway the ∴ symbol and the double letter useage reminded me of Aleister Crowley's A∴A∴ order and the link with Freemasonry now becomes clear. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/A∴A∴
  25. This is an interesting question from the pov of historical truth. Biblical books carry names like that, but I would need better evidence than this to decide one way or another. The Gospels should be easier to attribute than the OT, but as a random example, this is from wiki about Matthew's Gospel: "Traditionally, the gospel has been attributed to the Apostle Matthew, who is described as a tax collector within the text. Most modern scholars hold the gospel was written anonymously by a male Jew in the last quarter of the first century who was familiar with technical legal aspects of scripture."
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