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  1. It's getting exhausting trying to keep up with some of these people's subversion and cloak and dagger tactics. All the infiltration and smoke and mirrors to degrade everything, so that we don't know what's true and authentic any more, we don't know who we can trust. Just like how the intelligence agencies work. I just want things to be straightforward and simple and have a traditional life where I can support my family, my tribe, my nation, my race etc and everything works together to promote a fulfilling life. But there's always someone working away behind the scenes to make things fall apart. It's not that I'm into MAGA but I can see where the ordinary Americans who support it are coming from, but to see their genuine patriotism messed up like this is so irritating.
  2. In short I mean the correlation between enlightenment and survival/thriving here on Earth. Which there isn't one necessarily. Your mention of a solution to suffering brings to mind the Buddha who claimed to give a path to the way out of suffering. Well even if he did, here we are 2500 years later and the world is just as messed up as it was back then. Even Buddhist countries where a majority of the people practice his way. All religions claim to be working for a better world or better people. Even the WEF claims that 'you will own nothing and be happy.' As long as we want to remain human we're part of this struggle and it involves suffering and pleasure, defeat and victory. What you're suggesting reminds me of the Hsin Hsin Ming poem: "The Perfect Way knows no difficulties Except that it refuses to make preferences; Only when freed from hate and love, It reveals itself fully and without disguise" Ie to be free (in the Zen pov) you need to let go of preferences and attachments and accept the present moment. That's never going to happen for the whole human race. Only a few sages. Imo the rest of us need to make an accommodation between the spiritual life and the worldly life.
  3. Some feedback from my checking it out. When thought goes and there's just perception and sensation, then the self-reference "I" isn't present (in my experience). Conclusion: I am the self-referential thought. My thoughts, my perceptions, my sensations, my emotions, my mind, my soul, my self, it's all "mine" however deep I go. How can a word like "myself" make sense? It's self-referential, a paradox. Awareness can be formed into a dual structure with directions: outwards and inwards. "Self" is when awareness is pointing inwards. "Other" is when it's pointing outwards. Like when I focus attention on an object (a part of the whole) and everything else becomes the periphery (like the foreground and background of a painting). That distinction is of course made up by me. What happens when I don't make a distinction between inside and outside, foreground and background; with the collapse of the duality the self is nothing/everything. Can awareness point to itself? Awareness of awareness, is what I understand by self-inquiry.
  4. Ok but this is a forum, it's where people come to talk. People are doing some things, and not doing other things to disengage from the agenda. Most of us are doing something as isolated individuals though so it doesn't seem to add up to much in aggregate. When people do get organised, is when there's a backlash because that's seen as more of a threat. When you say saviour do you mean a leader? Yes I recognise there's risks to that too. It's a big dilemma, to get behind leaders and organise ourselves or to stay as we are, atomised.
  5. I get what you're saying yet I don't see a correlation between the kind of self-actualisation you're talking about and the types of conspiracy theory we get here. Maybe it's a case of birds of a feather flocking together, the other spiritual forums I belong to which promote things like self inquiry are mostly populated with much more left wing and globalist minded. Being spiritual doesn't lead most people in the direction where they would consider reading up on David Icke. What 'stories' are you referring to? For me, the things which motivate me to come here, the attacks on our freedoms and communities by powerful interests won't go away by doing self-inquiry and calling them stories. Not that we shouldn't self-inquire, meditate do yoga or whatever practice we want, but those things won't save us from the attacks.
  6. The ban on petrol and diesel seems so ludicrous to me that I can't imagine the politicians actually believe it's possible. Maybe it's my age and I can be dismissed as a crusty old boomer, but I just can't see it working. It looks more like a planned failure that feeds into a scenario of energy scarcity and maybe the great reset will feature a global energy war between the west, the middle east and Russia (users and producers). China is on target to reach energy self-sufficiency by the end of this century so they can afford to sit on the sidelines while the rest of us destroy our economies and then become the dominant power to roll out their technological gulag to the rest of us.
  7. Agreed. Though what's significant is that those two possibiities can now be clearly seen in the MSM, you no longer need to be reading the dissident media to know that something is terribly wrong in Western Europe.
  8. Yes for sure, if we passively believe what we're told or read then we're under a spell. Easily done though because it takes work to investigate and find out what's true.
  9. It doesn't only come from David Icke. There's a couple of episodes of Ancient Aliens which goes into some evidence going back to old civilisations about contact between reptilian looking aliens and humans, including cross breeding. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKcKjzRKMBM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q30UFr_5ltA https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_Aliens
  10. It says to show others no pity, but I'm left wondering who "thou" is. Christians and Muslims also Accept the Old Testament / Torah as holy scripture so can they consider themselves as included? So how are we to see this verse in the context of all the conflicts between the "people of the book"? And then if we accept the Torah originated from Babylon, a Pagan empire, that puts another spin on it.
  11. Indeed, the mainstream news is a circus, sure it isn't reality, its part of the agenda itself to control our perception. Noticing a disconnect between what we can see and what we're told to believe is part of the awakening process.
  12. And despite all that rioting it says they only made "several arrests". Why so few arrested to face justice? Either the police are treating foreign criminals very leniently or it's an admission that the police were outnumbered and unable to control the riot. Not a good sign either way.
  13. I might be generalising but you look like a Christian mystic, pantheist, or nondualist. Seeing everything as a whole, a totality, oneness as the awakening, the spiritual goal. I'm not saying there's anything wrong in that, but I don't think it implies the regular world is a fantasy which we shouldn't strive to change for the better. I think there is a healthier, more authentic and wholesome way of life in accord with natural law that we can work towards, and which the 'illuminati' is taking us away from. We can make our society better and more beautiful than it is. Not perfect, not permanent but something to enjoy and pour our love into while we're here.
  14. Well here we are in the David Icke forum which brings together much evidence of the illuminati agenda unfolding all round the world, where do you want to start? What brought me into this area many years ago was the demographic decline of my people with the colonisation of my homeland and its transformation into a multicultural melting pot. That much is factually happening and it led me to question why and who might be behind it. That first enquiry then led onto multiple other conspiracies in other countries which some of us have concluded are connected. What in your view is the fake news and illusion, don't you think there is a big problem we need to address? I never suggested I can't do anything about it, but you are on the right lines that I can't do much by myself as an isolated atomised individual reliant on the central state for my survival needs. The way back to empowerment is by recreating the kind of real folk community which the cabal has been intent on destroying and preventing us from recreating. "The strength of the wolf is in the pack and the strength of the pack is in the wolf." Rudyard Kipling. I only have a passing knowledge of thought forms, would you explain what you mean? My main interest is not so much fighting illusions and shadows but exposing them and replacing a degenerate way of life with something else that's more natural and life-affirming for my people.
  15. Yes, individuals can and do free themselves, but for our whole society to push back against the illuminati agenda needs a lot more to wake up in a practical way and do something about it. At the moment we are still going downhill as we can see every day in the news.
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