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  1. Indeed, and I'd like to see those graphs of births/deaths/immigration/emigration broken down into ethnic groups. Also by incomes to measure if it's benefiting or damaging the economy.
  2. Share it with us? I found out that my purpose was there all along, hidden inside me underneath a whole pile of crappy indoctrination and dysfunction from family, school and society. It took me years of spiritual practice, counselling and getting out into nature to clear away the clutter and clearly see my life purpose or wyrd. Turns out it was just traditional things like getting a steady career, getting married, setting up home and having a family. That's got me back into feeling like I'm a part of something, family, community, society rather than the broken individual I'd become. I just hope I'm raising my children in a healthier way than I was.
  3. Is it just me or have the pro-Palestinian protests gone very quiet in the last few weeks, ie since the election campaign? And now that Labour are installed in govt, they're the ones in charge of foreign policy, and have a difficult balancing act to keep their socialist and Islamic supporters happy at the same time as being pro-Semitic. This is a major fault line in the Labour ranks, just like the EU and immigration were for the Conservatives.
  4. Oh dear, not another case of BBC blackwashing. His wiki says: " his father, a white Welsh veterinarian from Ogmore-by-Sea in Glamorgan, met his mother, who is a black Zambian and was working as a chicken farmer. " Just like with Obama, when someone is mixed race their whiteness gets airbrushed out, especially someone high profile.
  5. The spirits told you they're mortal? That's interesting ... and someone or something is trapping them in the astral realm and their lifespan depends on how they behave. That's new to me, are you able to share the prophecy with us? Only if you want to though.
  6. Isn't it strange how leftist posts like that get through the msm censorship and get to keep their accounts, while other commentators on the right get banned for saying totally non-violent stuff. And that Deb Fielder apparently works for the government. No maybe it's not so strange.
  7. Indeed, and the situation in 1945 bears some some comparison to now. UK's national debt to the USA and international bankers ballooned during the war, we were owned by them, forced to comply with the agenda in order to keep our credit rating and interest rates under control and out of bankruptcy. So the next stage of the NWO was rolled out with mass immigration and the UN starting up, the middle east being set up for ongoing conflicts, the cold war etc. Here we are in 2024 with a similar debt millstone, deliberately created, the brakes are on for any national independence. Good on you for the land purchase plan.
  8. For the 'less tax' scenario, he will also get dividends from his stock, I don't know about the US but here in the UK dividends are taxed lower than employment income. Maybe the new Labour govt will close the gap though. But you also only pay NI on earned income so he gets that cheaper too. For the 'no tax' scenario he still needs to repay the bank loan (with interest), so I'm not sure where he gets that from tax-free. Maybe it's in his wife's name or it's deferred to a future tax year when he'll be retired and in a lower tax band?
  9. Thanks, and it sounds like you specialise in the high risk end with things like crypto and small cap stocks and you have the knowledge to analyse its more volatile profiles. It's too niche for me, I'm more mainstream but still agree that it looks like we're at the end of a bull cycle for stocks and so I'm looking towards more defensive assets like gold, bonds, gilts etc. The exchange rate factor is interesting too, if the $ comes down is that relative to the £ ? I'm trying to work out the effect on international assets priced in $ and then converted into £ for us.
  10. Is there a gardening thread anywhere? Anyway, I didn't prune my autumn raspberries last year as an experiment and they're doing very well, the old canes started fruiting early at the same time as the summer raspberries and the new ones haven't flowered yet so looks like I'll get a double crop. Raspberries do well in cooler conditions, they're grown commercially in Scotland so this is a good year for them here in England. And yes anything at ground level is being decimated by slugs and snails. The local badger is also having a field day digging up any compost I put down presumably for worms and insects.
  11. I can certainly agree our children need a good start. Healthy, loving and attentive so they can grow up physically and mentally well. Bad habits and traumas get hard wired into our bodies and brains from the start. But the thing is, us adults are also a product of this slave labour society and we can see the results of that all around. My kids are at school and the social microcosm they have to deal with amongst their peers is so tough too, it hasn't improved much since I was at school. The message is that it's a cruel world out there and you need to toughen up and become streetwise to survive; but you also need to be open and kind with people if you want to have good friendships and relationships. It's so nuanced and difficult to navigate - who and what can we trust? - no wonder we end up comfort eating or develop other self-sabotaging habits as coping mechanisms, or turn to religion for comfort.
  12. Yes, and inflation globally is probably higher than what we experience when we consider shortages of raw materials, mining etc. I realised something was off with the inflation figures when they switched from RPI to CPI because CPI is lower (it excludes housing costs), except for certain government rates when it suits them. When you strip out and population growth, the UK GDP growth per head has been flatlining since 2007 (the graph is in $ so it doesn't take out inflation either) https://www.macrotrends.net/global-metrics/countries/GBR/united-kingdom/gdp-per-capita I guess there are still some areas with untapped cheap labour such as India/Pakistan, Africa, Brazil, Vietnam, but I dunno maybe they aren't ready for hi-tec development yet and AI will soon be able to take over many jobs - perhaps AI can program itself too these days. It made me wonder what's happening to human IQ levels, it's a subject rife with politically correct sensibilities. I was wondering if all the toxicity in our lives nowadays it would affect our intelligence but when I saw a WEF report about falling IQ levels I'm not sure and something feels off. https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2018/06/iq-scores-have-been-falling-for-decades-new-study-finds/
  13. Is that a quote from the Bible? I don't understand, would you explain it please?
  14. That sounds fair when we remember that China came relatively late to the manufacturing party, after they'd recovered from their cultural revolution and subsequent isolation. When I was a kid it was all Made in Hong Kong, Made in Taiwan, Made in Japan so much so that the Labour govt in the 1970s had a 'Buy British' campaign to try and save our economy. This process started in the 1960s at least.
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