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  1. It's a recurring pattern mate. We (all westerners past present and future) get blamed for a long list of crimes which other cultures are excused. Slavery, imperialism/colonialism, genocide, racism, middle-east terrorism. The enemy is within.
  2. @shabbirss that meme about 'You are what you eat' is brilliant, it reminds me of the Doctrine of Signatures. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctrine_of_signatures
  3. So they won't mind if send them all to Russia. They've got more space than Rwanda at least.
  4. What your link shows for me is The following media includes potentially sensitive content. View Says it all really.
  5. One which worries me is the deliberate ignoring of the drop in fertility in the industrialised countries showing in men as reduced sperm counts and testosterone, in women as lower birth rates. We know many of the causes, there's other threads about it in the forum, but it is a crisis worse than covid and climate change put together. And the government, industry and MSM are shunning any public discussion.
  6. In the old-time movies, when they wanted to show someone climbing somewhere steep like a cliff, they just rotated the camera 90 degrees and the actors climbed on the level. In this case they're holding a lifesize doll or mannequin I reckon. Then spin a story about demonic possession.
  7. I'm fine thanks, my health is about average for someone my age (middle age). I have some chronic long-term symptoms such as anxiety and brain fog, which I don't think have got worse since being jabbed. If it's confession time, I could do with a general detox of junk food, cut back a bit on the booze, drink more clean water and get more exercise and meditation. in other words, like most people's new year's resolutions lol! Before I started reading about covid jabs and becoming sceptical, my reasoning was that there's loads of other vaxes, other injections, drugs and medical treatments which I've had, so why distrust this one more than any other? If the govt wants to roll out a secret poison to us, there must be easier ways out of the glare of all the publicity around covid. Now I think there are other eugenic experiments going on which we don't know about because there's not such a spotlight. For what it's worth, I think covid is like another type of flu which has been blown out of proportion for various agendas, not least financial. I did get covid, not long after having the jab and it felt like flu. The fact that I got it after the jab when I was supposed to be protected, was what started me questioning the whole thing: something didn't add up.
  8. Thanks, I'll have a read. Looks good stuff. First impressions of the text is that it's a list of conclusions which I'll need to trace back through the audit trail (so to speak) of actual evidence if I'm going to evaluate it myself, as if I'm a peer reviewer. I'm lucky to have had a degree level education in scientific subjects (but not medicine), so I'm not the average jabbee who would rather believe the labcoats uncritically. But I'm aware as I'm sure others here are too, that something doesn't deserve any more credibility just because it's a conspiracy theory. There's plenty of people in our establishment churning out misinformation propaganda to manipulate our beliefs and loyalties. At the same time as persecuting genuine conspiracy researchers.
  9. That's what I'm getting at Mac. I don't have a lab in my spare room, or the training to do my own research. If I pick up the original research paper of someone else, whom I choose to trust, it'll likely be written in technical jargon that's impenetrable to me. Although I have studied statistics so I might be able to follow the numerical analysis to some extent. Generally speaking we read the simplified laypersons version, or a reporter's second-hand version, so it's difficult to do our own analysis and evaluation, rather than simply believe what we're being told. But not impossible if we put in the time and effort.
  10. As a jabbed person myself (tho stopped now) I don't think most people realise yet that they have been fooled. They're more likely to buy into some story along the lines that mistakes were made because the scientific research was rushed through and political decisions made on early preliminary results. The problem is that few of us are well educated in this area of medicine. We can't very well do our own research, we likely can't even understand the research papers written by scientists so the alternative is to place belief in external authority. Whether it's the mainstream media, spokesmen & women, politicians or alternative sources of information. We can't find out directly for ourselves so we need to look indirectly and read or listen to someone else to get opinions. That is, put them in a position of authority (trusted authorship). And this is above all a war of trust, who do we trust with truthful information?
  11. This isn't the only possibility. When we look across Europe to other countries like Sweden, there is an increase in civilian violence from migrants, acting in gangs to fight, rape and steal which creates fear in the general population and calls for more police, more cctv surveillance etc. The deliberate creation of public disorder doesn't need a military component.
  12. As well as discrediting the researchers, another motive could be to hide their own secret ops. Eg fake UFO sightings to conceal advanced military aircraft. Alien abductions to hide secret experiments on us. To muddy the waters, it can be mixed up with real UFOs and aliens so we don't know which is which. "They" meaning not only the CIA of course, but other tentacles of the cabal too.
  13. My take on this at the moment is that spy balloons are not going to remain secret very long. They can be spotted in the sky by civilians. It's an operation, possibly planned in advance by both sides, to bring the cold war between China and the US that's been going on since the 1970s, out into the open for consumption by the normies. Of course the superpowers have other ways to mine intelligence covertly if they want to. So imo it's a propaganda operation rather than a serious military one, to put us civilians on a cold war footing (WW6 by my count) so the military-industrial juntas on both sides can accelerate their agendas of technocratic control.
  14. I've used bonemeal fertilizer which contains phosphate but are we saying that there isn't enough of this for all the commercial farming? But if the non-renewable phosphate runs out, the price of the renewable will rocket and I won't be able to afford it.
  15. I just followed him, but noticed he's not posted a new video in odysee in over a year. I hope he's ok, or maybe he's moved to another platform?
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