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  1. I drove into a local village yesterday and whilst queueing at traffic lights I noticed a health and beauty place had a pic of the old cnut in the window. Well I was almost so physically sick at the sight of the 'Duke' staring back at me that I momentarily became one of these dimwits who had to wait an age in order to process the changing of the traffic light to green and ascertain the entire order of mechanics necessary to propel my vehicle forwards. The Duke effect lingered as I then proceeded to pull right out onto an oncoming motorist because the sun was in my eyes. Im just glad
  2. "but I'm the sort of bod that likes facts"... Okay "Contract made by filling it in - none." False. Whether filling out the census online (e-signature) or in paper (signature) you are creating a legally binding document. You are signifying your knowledge, approval, acceptance and obligation. In fact anything you sign can be used as a legal document. "Who gets to see the details collected. Nobody outside the Census, that's the law. Nobody. Nada. Zilch. Zippo. Until 2121 when it will be published" Again, total garbage. Nobody 'outsid
  3. Regarding the census. They claim you can get fined for not filling out the form Does anyone know of the law that states so?
  4. Sounds like many people I deal with on a daily basis. Ever find yourself downgrading in order to have an easy day? I've had years of it as well. I'm sure if I compared myself to before I had to work with people like this I would find myself a lot less dumbed down at work. I'm not too hard on myself. We all have to adapt to our surroundings
  5. Mumsnet is a painful collaboration of the nation's feeble minded stay at home wrenches. All this moaning but those commenting are exactly the cnuts following every rule and allowing this to happen Pathetic.
  6. I just read the following propaganda piece on the BBC: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-55168292 The article states that his wife was 'fit and healthy' But according to Nigel's Linkdin page: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/nigel-demaline-6a9aa527 He is/was semi retired to 'look after wife' Do fit and healthy people need looking after?
  7. The presence of the Army in various cities or towns in the UK was/is more than likely a public behavioural science project at this stage of the agenda. Two steps forward and one step back, take and take, give a little back, repeat.
  8. As a fellow normal person, I find you....********
  9. Keeping us safe Please down vote..
  10. "it's only a game, so Put up a real good fight I'm gonna be talking a load of shite tonight"
  11. Not a chance is the earth getting colder. I remember when I was a kid we had a weekend that hit 24 c and we were all saying this is crazy heat. Now we regularly have over 32 at least. No way I'm buying this.
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