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  1. "it's only a game, so Put up a real good fight I'm gonna be talking a load of shite tonight"
  2. Inter dimensional beings commonly referred to as being reptilian in appearance
  3. Not a chance is the earth getting colder. I remember when I was a kid we had a weekend that hit 24 c and we were all saying this is crazy heat. Now we regularly have over 32 at least. No way I'm buying this.
  4. I need to tell you a friend of mine had this exact problem a few days ago. https://www.change.org/p/financial-ombudsman-change-the-way-atm-disputes-are-handled-making-them-faster-with-compensation?recruiter=1140556156&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=share_petition&utm_term=G>Search>SAP>UK>NonBrand>BMM&recruited_by_id=d8c6bae0-dc92-11ea-853c-591182056cca
  5. It's my birthday soon (whoopiefuckingdo) and my misses is hankering over going out. Ive told her I'd rather spend it as I've spent the other 30 odd years, in my own company with the occasional glance into the mirror to remind myself how much of a cunt I am. But she's pushing the point and I'm dreading going through a similar experience as to those described here. In times past going out for a meal to me is a chore I have to overcome to remind other "friends" I'm not dead, but I spend the next six months desperately trying to ignore and convince them that I am. Most people look for
  6. Thanks for your comments nice to know I'm not deluding myself
  7. The last half of your posts are my sentiments exactly. Where I am in the EaSt Mids as I say I make a note of the weather and I think droughts and coming food and water shortages are a massive possibility
  8. So we've had a lockdown mid march, no planes in the sky but all of a sudden as if by magic record numbers of blue skies and high temperatures. I have counted around 7 days in total during this period that it has rained, but not even for the majority of the day, just here and there. Week after week of relentless bright sunny weather with intense heatwaves that always seem to begin around the weekend. It's like a pressure cooker with the temperature gauge getting cranked up more and more. I can remember hot summers in my time but from the middle of March, no way. Not in
  9. It's on my list to watch and thanks for the reminder. Reply back tomorrow after watching it. Sorry I cant add more now.
  10. I have this habit of just spacing out sometimes when I am around people, in particular when the conversation turns to something mundane. I look around at whoever I am with and simply check out.
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