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  1. Gunning for someone is simply juvenile
  2. So, will Fauci and Co now take responsibilty ?? Naaaaah !
  3. A blood clot in the lung. Nuff said
  4. I suppose we'll eventually get the olde "correlation does not imply causation" chestnut from our experts.
  5. Weight loss jab 'could reduce heart attack risk' ....... but gives you cancer ? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/cd188m73vn1o More jibby-jabbs. Obsessed with jabs over the past 4 years
  6. Clearly, congratulations are the order of the day. A grand contribution to the money-making depopulation agenda
  7. Yep, the cabal gave us the likes of Celebrity Shag Island on Ice in the Jungle Specials, BAFTAs, Tipping Point, Pointless and Eurovision to satisfy our desire for "information" Nothing much else appears to matter
  8. Wasn't it Trump who implied that the right information was "alternative facts" ?
  9. Personally, I couldn't give a r*t's ass. No offence, of course. They can call it or say what they want cos I aint gonna listen. F*ck them ! Oh, and I'm still not angry. Just sayin'
  10. A couple of liars, trying their hardest to justify the jab but, IMO, failed miserably.
  11. Perhaps it was down to wearing a useless and health-damaging mask for lengthy periods of time. Who knows
  12. Steve Hughes is my favorite. Wonderful stuff and always pertinent
  13. The bloke is just another of those babbling wankers; worthy of simply ignoring. IMHO, of course. No offence intended. Carry on.
  14. Right ... and we are supposed to accept this 'clarification'. These sorts of people really think we are total idiots Plausible deniability
  15. No hard feelings https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-68977026 AstraZeneca to withdraw Covid vaccine
  16. Misunderstanding perhaps ?
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