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  1. In the wrong job. Never mind.
  2. Oh dear ! That's rather naughty of them
  3. IMHO, I really don't think they want any more attention drawn to that episode (or those episodes) than there has been already, so I think they'd rather shut the fuck up about it all. They appear to have got past it relatively unscathed; at least so far. Just my opinion, of course.
  4. Doesn't it depend on how fast you walk ? Or will walking speeds ($100 fine for dawdling) be legislated, too?
  5. I suggest Nadhim Zahawi. He;s recently available, I hear. Or Liz Truss ? Either one, for the sake of 'diversity'
  6. As if we, here, didn't know this sort of bollox has been going on for a very long time. Of course, "nothing to see here" "Trust no-one (esp not politicians) and question everything (esp Gov policy)"
  7. As suspected. "Trust no-one; Question everything"
  8. And it's a paste ? The horse version ?
  9. My only local butcher just does pork ! Wanker !
  10. Dunno. I'm unfortunately not a vet since none of them appear to be 'baffled'
  11. Yeah, some anti-depressants work the same way. Slow-release
  12. I'd suggest the next best thing Joe Public can do is to buy the appropriate supplements in bulk that have a chance, ANY chance, of counter-acting the MRNA crap they are putting into animals - and food in general - and thus into us. Not ideal but might as well give it a go. Nothing to lose, bar the cost of supplements. Ivermectin seems to be an all-in-one cure for just about anything by the sounds of it. 'Buy one, get a host of others free'. Didn't Dr Zelenko suggest some sort of protocol ?
  13. That was what Mike Yeadon predicted very early on and well before people started dropping. IMO, he was, and still is, correct
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-64457153 Covid: Powys doctor given nine-month ban for false claims
  15. I can just imagine it: Cause of Death: Soil
  16. Who knows. Jabbed ? Neath Abbey: HSE probe launched after recycling centre death bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-64446832
  17. Well, if the purpose was to maim and kill people, then it has succeeded
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