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  1. JABBED ? French Open 2023: Elena Rybakina withdraws from Roland Garros through illness "Difficulty breathing" ? Hmmmmm ! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/tennis/65794974
  2. Joe public must be dying en-mass
  3. I'd suggest that the way they think is "why make life more complicated with all the stress and worry. We only live once. It might not be perfect but it's the way it is. Enjoy - as much as you can - whatever is served up"
  4. Yep; sheep mentality. Sadly, though, in many ways, if you fall out of step with society, you risk getting arrested and charged
  5. i.e. Mass Formation. Mind you, I am confident there are many who adopt the attitude of "if you can't beat them, join them", that is, resistance is futile
  6. Yes, pretty expensive in all but worth it. Buy in bulk is obviously best Quercetin NAC Bromelain Vitamin C Vitamin D3 Zinc Magnesium Immune Defence (Boots) Vitamin E (Eye Drops) I only eat twice a day which helps. A large salad + regular meal of choice I'm a Food Bank user, which also helps BTW, what are the odds of Schofield doing himself in ? The wanker !
  7. IMHO, shouldn't go to Specsavers. They ripped my 94-year-old mother off. [email protected] !
  8. Personally speaking, I still take them daily ... 7 in all
  9. I guess it's for the next variant to appear
  10. So ......now we have 3 terms to use: died suddenly died unexpectedly died peacefully What's next , FFS ! died unconsciously ? died eventually ? died mysteriously ? died agonizingly ? ,,,,,,(fill the gap),,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ?
  11. Exercise in moderation, I'd suggest. We don't want to be coming down with strokes and heart attacks. I AM a doctor, after all. Albeit a baffled one naturally
  12. I am surprised that anyone is surprised What a pity ! Never mind !
  13. If jabbed, it appears sport and fitness (the irony !) appears to be a potentially fatal activity.
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