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  1. I thought the Irish LIVED in pubs
  2. Suggest we all take note: "I've seen no evidence of ...=.."It probably, even certainly, exists but I have not found any. I haven't seen any. Neither have I gone looking for any. Furthermore, I have purposely avoided noticing any" Just sayin' cos I'm sick to death of hearing it from political [email protected]
  3. So only 2 doses are enough to kill ?
  4. She looks like she needs to be on a ventilator
  5. Pandemic of coincidences keeps rising.
  6. Jabbed ? Hazel O'Connor @Hazel_OConnor "This is an important announcement about my darling sister, Singer, Songwriter and Actor, Hazel O’Connor. On Sunday last, 9/01/2022, Hazel was discovered at her place in SW France and was found to have suffered a serious medical event She..." Bleeding in the brain
  7. The BBC is probably next on Gates' radar
  8. Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries has said the next announcement about the BBC licence fee will be the last - and it was time to discuss new ways to fund and sell "great British content". Bill Gates waiting in the wings ?
  9. Still not discussing the key question. "If they REALLY thought COVID was as dangerous as they claim, why did they have such parties ? Weren't they terrified of getting ill ??". Several things just don't add up.
  10. Where did the goalposts go ??
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