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  1. They’ve been seen with other observers, with myself, so i dont think theyre too obscure. It’s not regularly they’re witnessed, but it really helps if you’re star-gazing from a rural place where it’s pitch black at night, and all that can be seen are the stars. A calm centred peaceful state while star-gazing is useful, rather than a hurried quick gazing session. I have animals outside i tend to every night so get more opportunity than most to star-gaze while waiting for water troughs to fill etc. The starscape on the blackest clearest night is truly a wonderful sight.
  2. My conclusions are they DO visit earth openly, for those with eyes to see, as it’s often said. But the question is assuming they left and have to re-visit here. They’re here/everywhere/anywhere residing on a different ‘frequency’ - i cant speculate which part of the ‘astral’ theyre in, probably several various layers, depending on THEIR ‘mind’ vibrations. When you consider that OUR own conditioned ego minds can shift frequencies, and have differing 3-d experiences, when we move beyond ego mind we can experience all sorts of other phenomenon and other consciousness presenting as conscious ‘beings’. This is proven by the thousands of stacks of experiences people have after ingestion of psychedelics. Reality is a mind construct of various many many frequencies. There’s seemingly ‘many’ realities as the creative potential of mind is endless. Have you ever looked at a clear starry night and seen bright ball ‘ufo’s ‘pop’ into 3-D physical reality from the astral frequency? It looks like a massive star much closer to earth exploding in a black part of the sky, and then they travel across the sky, dimming and bulging very brightly, then dimming as they move along. Its impossible to record them, they ‘blink-out’ of visual field. The explosion of light is the sudden shift from one frequency field into another. They shift frequencies just like we do. These particular objects i dont think are ‘manned crafts’ in the traditional sense, i think the ‘objects’ are conscious beings themselves. I speculate the reason why they are not so commonly witnessed by very many close-up and personal is because their frequency is vastly different to our ‘normal’ earth-conditioned 3-D mindscape frequency. The mentality of many other conscious being on other planes is very different to our ‘ego mentality’. I know we think there’s differences between humans on earth even, but we’re all generally operating in a thin narrow mind frequency band, despite the apparent varied differences between people. Going beyond the boundaries of our everyday ego mind is when we witness the beings of myths, stories told since the beginning of time. Everything exists. Yet, i personally dont advocate punching through to expand ego-mentality further, and recommend travelling the other way, inwards. There’s vibrationally different realms in all directions from ‘us’. Really theyre ALL us, if we ‘tune ourselves’ to that vibration. Our ego’s are perpetually curious to find answers ‘out there’. We spend billions building tech to see further galaxies than ever before while earth people literally starve. We constantly look for answers ‘out there’, thinking out there is different to ‘in me’. Reality is like a mirror. There’s nothing out there that can get us to ourselves, ‘out there’ can only show us ourselves. The expressed parts and repressed parts. The foundational ‘blank canvas’ of pure awareness is what the whole of reality is ‘painted’ upon, is at the very core of all. We barely know it because it’s encased in so many ego layers of identity, that we’re so busily indulging in..….yet this centre powers all the manifestation of mind creation everywhere. Im not convinced that if we all perceived ‘aliens’ and could discover more about them by even communicating with them, we’d learn anything truly valuable for understanding consciousness. They supposedly have different tech and bodies etc, but can they answer who they are and why they exist? (Im referring to the classic aliens mentioned often in the community) Mankind may not be be so mind-expansive to have achieved worm-hole travel, but the history of philosophy, wisdom and knowledge amassed that’s survived over the ages regarding reasons for conscious existence, to answer the definitive question of all existence: why?, is not worth trading for ‘ intergalactic tech knowledge’ from ANY being. Would you trade a diamond for a handful of dirt?
  3. Wow, you’re in the jungle! That could explain a lot. Is it how i imagine? - damp but humid, surrounded by greenery, and jungle noises constantly? This helps explain moreso, from a vibrational level, why you’d crave red/orange coloured foods. This vibrational understanding is on the premise that “everything is energy, we’re experiencing (some) life in a dualistic reality, for there to be ‘order out of seeming chaos’, everything in the universe ‘’arranges’ itself vibrationally equal/balanced/whole” - if this didnt happen, then we’d truly witness chaos - literal splitting apart of material worlds. From Tesla’s words of ‘if we understood the universe energetically, we’d advance more in 10 years than we have in 1000yrs’ - or something to that effect. Everything is seeking ‘wholeness’ - i love the buddhist description of the rainbow body being the ‘supreme wholeness condition’ attained - transforming ourselves completely energetically to encompass the whole ‘rainbow spectrum’ of reality - that fuses, transforms back into white light, body no longer physical, leaving behind just the dead cells that cannot be transformed: body hair, nails and dead skin cells ‘dust’. Essentially the journey returning to Source Being. Colours are vibrations as we know. So if our outer environment is extreme in balance like living amongst forest/wilderness of green - on the colour wheel, red and orange are the opposite colours to green/blue. So it makes sense we’d crave foods on the red/orange spectrum when drenched in an environment of green, as by balancing the ‘colours in our life - i.e vibrations - we feel more ‘whole’. Here’s the colour wheel for reference: It’s only by living in ‘extreme’ environments can such cravings be very strong. Im similar in that i moved to the wilderness thats very green, rains a lot: cold, not much sunshine. Since being here my diet has radically changed - and im consuming chili more than i ever have in my whole life! I absolutely love red and orange sweet peppers, bananas, tomatoes - to get as much ‘warmth’ vibration in my life to balance out the extreme green/cold/wet. I love dry foods! Crackers, nuts. My uk diet was more of a mix seasonally as my suburban environment was a mix of vibrations. Since moving that all changed. I needed to understand this deeper, and vibrational-reality understanding has condensed out of me asking why. Another aspect is our personal vibrational ‘constitution’ as to how well we naturally suit an environment. Astrology helps answer body/psyche constitutional questions as it shows how much earth, water, air, and fire we each have. I have a dominant water constitution which is yin, and living in a forestry/green damp, cold rainy climate is also a yin environment. Moving here double-dosed my life with soooo much yin energy - it’s no wonder that red and orange foods, personality attributes have come to be craved deeply and expressed potently while living here. Some people would say i’ve completely changed, yet we are malleable to these very strong outer forces like climate and environment because their influence is sooo strong, surrounding us 24/7. Before i lived in the driest area of the uk - much more sunshine and mix of nature/town life. Suited my ‘constitution’ much better - yet environments like californian weather suit me much much more because i am so heavily yin in constitution. Yet the desert, dry and arid is vastly contrasting yin i’d have to be absolutely yin to manage living there. There is likely dominant aspects of yourself that craves the jungle for balance - and to add other aspects to life there, if you can, would help you feel more balanced. Diet cravings is the ‘fast method’ to balance such an experience in an extreme environment. That was the first thing i noticed moving here. My sleep needs altered too. I have had to introduce more yang elements like instal literal log burning fires everywhere. Dry out my living space! Im more dominant physically with work moreso than ever, to balance the passive yin contractive energy. There’s another aspect to earth locations that is ultra potent to determining our experience there. Again based on astrology, certain countries will ‘bring to life’ certain parts of our birth chart, making those specific planets/houses and aspects dominate our life. Again, the consideration of our vibrational constitution, and where on the globe we move, yields a vibratory field of experience. We all wish to feel ‘whole’ - some places are better for that than others. Astrolocality isn’t practiced much by many cookbook astrologers because theyve not studied it. Those that have reveal remarkable information, that i also corroborate with my globe-trotting experiences, and that of others i know. If you’d like me to look at your astro map, pm me, and i can give you a copy of your personal astro map.
  4. Honestly, i have never heard or read elsewhere that , without permission, a soul is consumed by another in beyond 3-D life planes. Yet, the invisible college state because of this gross universal injustice of soul food, is the very core cause of the ‘war in heaven’. If we zoom-out, and also understand this from the perspective of when individual rights of another on earth are violated. Someone is bullied, say. The bullies evoke fear and terror, they feed on that fear and terror they evoke. The bully may then say ‘be in my gang and you wont be bullied’ - the person agrees. Now, the person has essentially given their free will rights over to the bully - whatever they ask, they are submitting to. If they dont submit they are thrown out of the gang - or beaten up by the bully as punishment for ‘not submitting’. Spiritually likewise scenarios happen. Religion as mentioned in the book terrorises followers with fear of hell, so follow us to go to ‘heaven’. By identifying yourself as a christian, jew, muslim etc you are submitting your mind/body/soul complex to essentially be the rights of the religion you devoutly follow. At death, the egregores (spiritual energy body) of religions therefore ‘consume’ the souls of followers - within that egregore can be a multitude of ‘experiences’ of the ‘promised heaven’, ‘meeting jesus/allah’ or whatever - the souls themselves give their ‘conscious energy’ to the egregore of religion. i think this is what ‘souls being eaten’ means in the book. No different to on earth, social groups and religious groups ‘recruit’ members - what is recruitment? Permission to follow their ideology and will. Giving up a portion of our consciousness energy to a group with mind-ideas and beliefs which if we say ‘vows’ to - as many do ask of members - we give up our conscious ‘will’ to that group. The invisible college are trying to alert people of earth to this issue, hence the book. They are aware that people have no idea what ‘sovereignity’ really means, and because we dont take it seriously on earth incarnated, when beyond death our spiritual sovereignity also is easily abused. Hence why they stated the concluding paragraphs above. To respect freedom and individuality above all else. When it comes to our loved ones, because we respect freedom we know we cannot force them to believe in something other than what they wish. If asked we can say what we believe, but that’s all. We’ll leave manipulating to the theocrats! All paths in life/death and beyond are a process of purification toward true Truth for each and every living thing. Zoom right out and understand that the core energy of all life is the same, and incarnated life in any realm/planet is essentially on the path to essence of being/Truth. The heart connection never fades, my friend. Wherever our friends, family and loved ones are, even on earth, when without them the heart connection never fades. Its the same no matter where any of us end-up spiritually - the heart connection, that is the most purest aspects of love for them, is eternal. Like with our own children if we have them - if we love them truly - we give them the freedom to develop their persona how they choose and allow them to go out in the world living the life they choose. Our love doesnt (shouldnt) stop because they choose a life path we dont agree with. Not many parents truly allow this. There’s ‘fears’ all parents have. True Unconditional Love is shockingly fearless. Its a power that defies belief when you’ve experienced a taste of it. You love so deeply you allow freedom. Remember at the end of the book it speaks of elementals and gods. The elemental factions are forces of manipulation, fear etc. The gods are created through freedom, which is the highest love we can give anyone. Have you heard ‘if you love something, set it free”? - letting go of those we love is hardest for the ego but easy for the spiritual essence consciousness, because it understands the ‘whole’ moreso, compared to our limited 3-D ego selves. To summarise, i am very on the fence with the belief that an egregore or faction devours any soul without consent. It likely is not ‘fully informed consent’ just like conmen work on earth, but because of universal laws - specifically that law of Correspondence - if any group dupes members into joining them to destroy those recruited members, they too will be duped and destroyed. We call such correspondence karma, but its vastly more complicated energetically the route karma plays out. Spiritual factions know these universal laws than most men on earth - so would be very wary of breaking them in order to gain power, as the power they hope to gain would be annihilated. I do however understand how groups gain power via members who are ‘sleep-walking’ and not realising by believing in this and that group/ideology/deity - that they are giving their power away and their will, like a ‘covert form of consent’.
  5. Yes, understanding the ‘nature’ of the craving is the tricky bit, that takes a bit of practice to discern. Usually, the cravings that are obscure, like you mention carrots - when you really really just need to eat carrots, thats a somatic body call outside of ‘ego desire’ foods. When we crave food groups, like you mention bread/carbs - that indicates a need for starch/enegy - and its fast digestible energy too. Which is why we’re prone to snacking on chocolate bars full of sugar for quick energy. With these type of cravings, i then decide the healthiest choice for say, fast energy - and will choose a banana instead of chocolate bar. The choice to consume healthier than processed junk foods is always ours. Your food craving list is interesting - what popped into my awareness was the foods you mention are all orange and red. Vibrationally these symbolise many things depending on which doctrine we look to, but esoterically orange is ‘renunciation’, in ego-duality it’s akin to energised forceful passion - it reminded me of the orange jumpsuits of prison inmates representing both these states of being - their imprisonment caused by overt forceful passion actions leading to them being in a condition of renunciation - imprisonment - apart from the ‘everyday world’. Of course, much of our ego journey towards Truth is about shedding the dual passion being - which you may do a lot, and therefore orange foods vibrationally are attracting and craved by you. Milk symbolically screams nurturing to me - is white - primordial source nurturing. The centre of Being. Of course nutritionally its the first food source all mammals receive to grow into being. Its a powerful nutrient dense food source for a tiny being to grow. I would ask you if you feel exhausted, and to consider chopping out excess mundane life stuff so you can focus on self-nurturing , whatever that is for you. Red is prime colour too of creation - creation energy - grounding - beef is densely grounding for the body, watermelon more of a emotional grounding refreshing grounding. Vibrationally you may need red food if you dont express the passions you want to, or in the way you want to. Its filtering out of you in other ways. Also if exhausted some red dense foods could be vibrationally needed. Red onion is interesting - its antibacterial - especially if craved raw - maybe your gut has a slight infection that needs clearing with onion - or maybe extrapolate antibacterial vibrations to life - are there any actions/environments/people in your life you have to deal with that are toxic for you? When i look at foods i consider all their attributes - their known nutritional supply, their colour hence their vibration, and how they relate to our body/mind complex in our life. I was always intrigued by my own food cravings, as theyd be so weird - so have come to understand them better vibrationally aswell as nutritionally.
  6. Funny thread Yet is has a sound premise: https://anamihalceamdphd.substack.com/p/shedding-understanding-self-spreading
  7. The one thing that powerfully helps me shift out of ‘lower vibrational mind’ states, is to change my focus to subjects, or doing something i really like, am inspired by, allows creativity, think or do something i love, inessence. It takes a great push of the self to ‘change channels’ of the mind - its not easy to do at first because our mind is vibrating where it is, and shifting gears of self/mood/mindset is an ‘action’ to actively take. I used to think, ‘whats the point in engaging in these moments of ‘lifting self’, when all my everyday life problems still remain? Why actively delude myself with some other distraction i enjoy, it wont help my problems go away” YET, what i didn’t know THEN, was by re-focusing my mind on aspects of life i enjoy, love, inspired by etc - that energy infused me, allowing me to not be so ‘reactive’ about life problems. Its hard to put into words, but essentially, the action of being within mindsets of ‘higher states’ would ‘spill-over’ into mundane life parts, and start to change my ‘opinion/reaction’ to mundane life and my ‘problems’. Our ego’s are conditioned to think that only once all our life problems are ‘solved’, then we can be happy. Which in essence is saying while there’s ANY problems in life we cant be happy. So we doom ourselves before we start! Why allow 1 or 10 problems drown our entire existence experience? It was actually while my mundane life was exploding with problems that i was forced to find a solution to my ‘self state’. Unrelenting misery can serve as a catalyst for great understanding and growth. We HAVE to make the choice to carve out space in our day to FOCUS MIND on what we love, inspired by etc. If this is too drastic a shift from a depressed mindset - then shift mind gear to simply watch a comedy movie, or observe the birds flitting about in the garden. These may seem like inconsequential actions, that yield no lasting benefit, but what is being understood by our mind-complex is that we have the power to change our mind, even for a while. Many low vibrational states make us feel powerless. By changing, purposefully, what we focus on, to actions, thoughts and experiences that we love, enjoy, inspired by - we are learning that WE control our mind, and we learn that the subjects we focus on cause a corresponding shift in our mind-set experiential vibration state. When we dip into these higher vibrational mind states, day after day, just for a while…whatever mundane life allows - we eventually find that our attitude to our mundane life starts to shift, as the higher mind states ‘bleed over’ into everyday life. Many people who meditate find this to be one of the first benefits of just sitting for a few moments per day in silence and being with themselves, breathing easy. It spills over into life - the peaceful state gets ‘trained’ into the mind so it is more easily accessible during more demanding moments in life. We may still be in a highly stressful moment, yet how we deal with it changes from our usual ego way, by being able to ‘access’ more easily a more centred state of being, via meditation or watching birds in the garden, or drawing, or dancing to music, or running…whatever we love to do to feel good. When we have no outlet in life to be channelling our creative consciousness energy of experiencing joy etc, we can feel stagnation, and ‘pent-up’ feelings. Like a river flow meeting a blockage ….it gets backed-up and then spills over gushing aggressively. The angst state most are familiar with is a call for us to express ourselves creatively and immerse ourselves in experiences where we do what we love. Carving out a few moments in our day, whatever we can manage, to immerse in what we love to experience, is so powerful for the incremental spill-over effect it has on the rest of daily life.
  8. Scanning through the book again, really the epitome of the premise of the book is condensed into the last 2 paragraphs of the book, that really, when we consider it, is what D.Icke’s work has been about and the thrust of the mentality of the members on this forum and other forums of a similar flavour: “What then does the Invisible College want people to do to assist in winning the War in Heaven? The most important thing you can do if you agree with the basic thesis of this book is to ensure your own survival after death, by avoiding all forms of Theocratic mind control and by developing as much conscious control over your psychic powers as you can. Stay away from religious and occult groups that practice religious mind control, and don’t become addicted to popular music or the electronic media; but do work with occult or New Age groups that teach people how to take charge of their own spiritual destiny. War In Heaven contains many negative, frightening ideas, but it is essentially a positive book. It is very probable that the Invisible College will win over the Theocrats, and that most of the human race will survive to enter a New Age. The only people who won’t survive will be those who die and are swallowed up in Theocratic bands before this happens. The goal of the Spiritual Revolutionary movement is to allow as many people as possible to avoid this fate by spreading the message in this book and helping them to make a breakthrough in consciousness about the nature of spiritual reality” We on this forum are well aware of ‘group think’ mind control practices via the media. We are also well aware of the damage of mind control, and like to question with degrees of critical thinking any data that’s presented to us -promoting individualised thought and ideas, coming from a place of individual respect. The ‘theocrats’ mentioned above are familiar groups on earth that use any and all belief systems that encourage ‘herd mind’ thinking and giving power away to these groups. Theyre outed on this forum regularly - political groups, social groups, industry sectors - all want and NEED our worship/support of them for them to effectively ‘own’ us. The spiritual component of these groups is also aligned with this way of thinking, so essentially all those souls as a random example ‘worship jesus’ create an egregore spiritually that they ‘give their souls to’ and it therefore consumes them after death. Another dream to enter into. Dont forget this is the choice of the soul during its life to give its spiritual identity to a deity, so free will laws given to all are actually being respected. (Despite jesus himself saying in the bible not to worship him, but hey ho…) Our belief system needs contemplating, because if we identify seriously mentally and emotionally/intellectually with anything….anything we give our souls to - literally meaning life energy and focus - we are ‘feeding’ that ‘thing’ - any ideology. In the spiritual realms these are known as egregore beings. Beings of energy that are formed from conscious incarnated living mind energy from groups of people. The longer minds focus on the ‘concept/ideology/deity’ - the stronger and more conscious the egregore becomes. No different to a baby being born and growing in awareness, strength, will and actions from this growth. And just like a baby, the parents hope to brainwash it to become like them, but oftentimes the baby grows to be its own individual self of power, hence why egregore energy is not like the minds of the individuals who created the spiritual being. Freedom of being is hard to work towards when 90% of the herd are walking the opposite direction, latching onto with their very souls beliefs and concepts and groups to live through to gain firm identity and continue to grow a human ego identity. When youre trying to shed these false layers, so that freedom is the sole/soul focus - is essentially the rebellion on earth and spiritual parts of self. When these layers are shed, spiritual liberation remains and we wake-up from dreaming, finally.
  9. Yes apple…this rarely happens but sometimes does…never knew it was a device issue, usually its just safari issue and i switch to chrome and load links fine, but not this time. Is there anyway around it on an apple device? Thanks for the offer gazap ill switch to my win10 machine and get the link, i use the apple for lightweight browsing, luckily didnt ditch microsoft altogether!
  10. The keto diet is worth trying for anyone with physical energy issues. Because sugar is processed via pancreatic secretions and cell receptor health for insulin may likely be under par - switching to a keto diet accesses different metabolic energy pathways, thus giving the pancreas a rest, and the insulin receptors a chance to heal/balance themselves better. Concentrated processed sugars really can yoyo energy levels and cause cell receptor health issues. The diet i recommend depends on the person and their specific health issues. For someone doing well and wants to be optimum, i’d say listen to the deep somatic cravings the body has for ‘fuel’ - in those cravings give insight as to what the body complex needs. The cravings im talking about arent from ego mind desire level, like mine says ‘chocolate cake’ everytime The cravings i mean are really primal yearnings almost feeling like from the depths of the body, just like when thirst is felt, we have to satisfy it. I get these type of cravings for celery, chilli, oranges - whenever vit/min levels need topping up, the food with most of it will be badly wanted the more deficiency is experienced. I’d often eat a whole head of broccoli and pure dark chocolate for sulfur and magnesium! The body tends to go for what the mind likes so as not to cause taste problems. Its similar to pregnant women crave all sorts of foods - the cravings are very strong - they have another being utilising all their nutrients. One woman i know and its often said, raw liver is a common pregnancy craving as it contains a hefty dose of various nutrients. Raw also because the more delicate nutrients are often destroyed by heat. So to follow somatic body cravings does has wisdom to it and works oftentimes. Dont forget food is vibrational too, so if we’re a bit off with our body/mind energy complex its likely we’d receive a craving message that is of a food class to balance us out and relieve our ‘energy crisis’, aiding homeostasis.
  11. Hey gazap, The archive.org link you provided isnt working for me on any browser - but my internet is working fine for everything else. I get ‘cant establish secure connection to server’ type of message. Can you re-post the link please and ill have another go?
  12. I’ve not personally tried it but a relative with weight issues, tyoe 1 diabetes and heart issues did and lost the pot-belly weight, reduced the need for insulin doses for the first time in 40yrs, and bp pill doses reduced too. They felt a lot better also, more energy, despite being 60+yrs old. Also, what ive read about it from others experience makes me believe its a viable diet for those with many health issues, aside from just weight issues. If you like eating high fat food anyway youll get on well. If you can find an organic farm local to you you’d likely get better and cheaper quality meat from them than any specialist outlet. Same with cheese and dairy and organic veggies. Worth a google of organic farms near you as many supply their foodstuffs off the farm direct or at local small shops many don’t know about. The only downside to keto-diet high fat diet is if a person has liver or gall-bladder issues. Theyd want to approach is cautiously, with help from a trained experienced nutritionist. Liver and gallbladder health is essential to be working fairly well as those organs dissolve and process fats. It’s ironic that high sucrose/fructose diets cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, so makes sense to cut them out and go keto - but due to the liver being compromised a keto-switch over would want to be done only once processed sugars/syrup/high carbs food have been lowered for a few months to allow the liver to heal and function better before switching full-time to keto. The good news about the liver is it’s an astounding work-horse of the body and self-repairs amazingly well. A keto diet for a weak liver could therefore impede its functioning. The gauge of liver health and gallbladder health is whether you can tolerate a ketogenic diet. If not, a liver enzyme blood test should be done to assess its true condition.
  13. The japanese have a long history of fermenting foods and gaining health benefits from the bacteria strains that grow while fermenting takes place. Kimchi is similar to sauerkraut, but tastier and spicier. There’s evidence for the benefits of health from these types of foods, now that we’ve mapped/mapping the gut biomes of mammals. But due to soy farming via intensive agricultural methods - i personally avoid any soy products, even for my animals, as the animal food chain is loaded with soy now too. To obtain these fermented multi- bacteria strains its worth trying water or milk kefir. I ‘grew’ them for a while and sold them on ebay. Water kefir i used. Also multi-strain probiotics are good to do a course of every now and then to add a nice mix of healthy gut bacteria levels. If you wanted to try nattokinase try to source an organic labelled producer. I read a study article recently talking about residue of glyphosate in grains/flours etc being higher than the already-too-high ‘legal limit’ - which goes to prove, despite there being laws about dilution of these chemicals applied to crops, there’s no-one checking levels. And i’ve personally read posts on a uk farming forum of using higher than recommended doses to get a crop harvested to make the ‘moisture test’ legislations. The link between gut bacteria and mental health is emerging. The ‘gut brain’ link shows us that having a variety of foods is the way to go to form a multi-colony of healthy gut bacteria, which studies point to better moods etc. I periodically gulp some probiotics to help populate the gut with more diverse strains. I find it helpful, gut function improvement.
  14. Aside from the obvious snake imagery, that shape also looks like a ‘key’ - key to unlock a lock type key. It is crowned too, with the dome shape. I’d have to hunt for specific references, but ‘key’ symbolism and wording relating to spiritual reality are dotted through spiritual texts. My personal interpretation has been that these ‘keys’ referenced are used to open up ourselves, into our spiritual wisdom within. Our own ego-prison of ego-identity being a major aspect of self to unlock what is within. Much like you describe with mirror staring, unlocking whats ego known, into the (relative to ego) unknown. Religions tried to point the way inwards, but over time they really diluted the quintessential aspects and teachings, purposefully i believe, as the discovery of spiritual freedom is the biggest threat to those that wish to control the masses.
  15. Completely agree. Its like SBE says, the chat room allows for the fluff chat in forum topics to be minimised, leaving just the pertinent topic-related posts.
  16. A good idea SBE, it’ll soon show if it’ll fly or sink, so worth a try. As a forum im surprised its quite a slow forum tbh, i dont know why i expected far more rapid engagement - probably because topics discussed freely here are of interest to multi-millions globally. Im on another niche forum thats on fire 24/7, so its possible to have live chat type convo’s within threads as response is so rapid.
  17. Oh god, thanks for that chuckle!
  18. The heart of each person i’ve EVER met in this life wants and searches for the same thing. It’s always displayed and expressed in different ways, but the one thing every single one of humanity loves is the same ‘thing’. I’m not going to spell it out, because i know you and every single person knows within themselves what they yearn for the most. It would be the same yearning whether we were on this earth, or another planet, or in any material or non-material realm. The epi-centre of our beings is exactly the same in all. Many recognise it, but there’s many that dont consciously know it, yet their actions show it. I believe we’re all travelling to this epi-centre destination - all via different paths, currently some 8 billion paths are walked, all truly wanting this 1 destination. This is proven by all those who are so rich and famous yet many so desperately unhappy still, because without ‘Realising’ this 1 thing, all the money in the world and all the fans platitudes are meaningless if they dont ‘find, experience’ this 1 thing. Many are under the illusion this 1 thing can be bought. We all search for it ‘out there’ in the world. Ironically it’s at the centre of each and all. I mentioned the Hermetic Principles - The Kybalion by the three initiates goes in depth about these 7 Universal Laws that govern all manifest realms. The first Law is “The All is Mind” - this is important to note because you’ll find that whatever any mind thinks to want/create, eventually manifests - IF it doesnt violate the 7 universal laws, and free-will. Mind creates. Another Law is “like attracts like” I wanted to make the point when reading any esoteric/occult material researchers material, that their mind ideas about anything will attract likewise data to ‘back-up’ their ideas. Oftentimes when we view with an unbiased mind and critical analytical mind, the perception of data can be interpreted in various ways, and it always depends on the ‘minds view’ and current belief system, how they interpret that data. Many times ive read explanations from authors about scriptures that are so far off-topic from the data i am absolutely baffled how their minds came to the conclusions they do regarding the data. Its like they give the answer 5, when asked what 2+2 is. When we understand their conditioned ego belief systems, then the material they present makes more sense how they would view data in the way they do. Their world-view is shaped by their belief system, and we can all find some data somewhere to back-up our theiry. Kyle - went another route for his data - psychic channelling. It’s interesting to note the first 70 pages of his book details his belief system about the world, much of it based on fiction literature he read that had occultish overtones to it, aswell as what other occult authors had written that aligned with his already established beliefs, and his mind has been on that ‘train’ for a few decades before he ‘attracted’ from the astral realm a ‘spirit’ who would basically tell him info that coincidentally aligned with his already established belief system. “Like attracts like” - whether between 2 incarnate human people, or between an incarnated and a disembodied consciousness. Im not saying all his material is untrue, and complete BS, but he himself is of a mind that is of a belief system that most of life/death is full of corruption and tricksters. His mind belief system doesnt allow much, if any space for trust, friendship, unity of people. It’s all cloak and dagger type ‘watch yer back’ out there information, that really isn’t helpful, as the ego is fearful enough as it is. Many like jung would say he’s projecting his fears out into the world instead of integrating them and becoming a true sovereign whole being. Some authors swing the other way completely and channel how there is only perfect unity of the most high love waiting in heaven for all, and wont allow any talk of fear. It’s all lower ego stuff, swinging like a monkey between love/hate/fear. I think this is why buddha spoke of the ‘middle way’….because when we are calm and centred can our ‘consciousness system’ be in the best position to discern any and all situations. We dont act our of fear, and we dont act out of desperate needing. We read more clearly the reality we find ourselves in. Wes’ material is absolutely deep rabbit hole stuff! I was into that a few years back. We read stuff that resonates with our ego belief system and like it, but we need to read stuff that resonates with our heart, and whole being-ness, aswell as mind. Truth resonates on deeper levels than just ego mind. We do tend to search ‘out there’ for answers but truly, the one sentiment i can whole-heartedly share is: “be still, quiet, be with yourself and go within yourself for the answers you need, your whole beingness knows, as the whole universe is in all of us”. You may have dreams giving you info from your wisdom consciousness, you may find someone gets in touch who will be good for your path, you may be urged to try something new that helps your healing, you can invite into your life whatever you want. Knowing YOURSELF and your true wants can only be clearly known when we sit with ourselves, commune with ourselves, silently asking Self whatever we like. Trust Your Self, for You within knows best
  19. It depends what your belief system is, before reading the book, how much the material worries you. I can understand if a person thought that life is living in this world, then we die and go to heaven worlds, then reincarnate, is all Reality is about, would find the book quite disturbing to read about astral planes of ‘trickster’ type spirits, that try to recruit you for their purposes. But that is nothing new to us, as that mirrors earth life - all types of groups try to lure us to join their agenda, to give the group more ‘power’ via our support, money, energy etc. The only difference between earth and astral beings - is they can easily shapeshift to appear to be something theyre not, yet us as physical beings cant do that so easily - although plenty have a ‘social mask’ of character they ‘act out’ that doesnt express their whole persona. But like in life on earth - there ARE good spirits/souls people everywhere too in astral zones. Like life here - allow the heart to guide you, intuition, wherever and whatever circumstance we find ourselves in. The book gives some insight into lower astral planes, and really does not delve into the whole picture of other dimensions. Fear vibration is a lower astral plane reality. Fear is an interesting part of our ego, and life will try to get us to ‘face our fears’. It has a purpose, because when we do ‘go through’ our fears, and annihilate them, we ‘free-up’ spiritual energy of expression. ‘Cleansing’ the soul. Our fears are imaginations of our mind, much like this life is in effect, a co-creative dream we’re all dreaming together. The lower astral planes are the lower ego parts of self expression like fear, greed, hate, power, control etc.. Once they are ‘let go of’ by the mind/spirit complex, and we reach higher (look up as stated earlier in the thread), we no longer attract lower astral zones/spirits. Courage of heart is required, on earth and anywhere else we may find ourselves. Self-governance is key to not having anything/one abuse our own free-will. If you can shed the whole of your lower -ego attributes at death, you’ll bypass all the astral zones of lower ego. Just like on earth if youve got over weekend binging and partying, you’ll walk past the nightclub and wont be attracted to enter. In fact, in astral planes, you wont ever perceive a nightclub because its no longer part of your being. We ‘project’ reality. Like attracts like. Especially in astral zones. Once we really do ‘extinguish’ in ourselves the lower ego-attributes, like needing to be liked, wanting to eat cake, wanting to be successful etc we have literally shed that ego part of self, and cannot experience the realities or people associated with those aspects we’ve ‘gone beyond’. The 7 hermetic principles are Universal Laws which govern ALL and any manifest realm. Theyre useful to know about. youtube has lots of videos about it. There’s also the book version audiobook by ‘the three initiates’ thats 3 hours long, that delves deeper into them. All of life is ‘contracts’. Individual beings of whatever flavour of life, commit universal law crimes when they force another, without agreement, to anything. Life on earth is full of contracts. We dont receive any service without contract to sign. Suffering and conflict on earth is due to ‘unspoken’ or ‘unagreed’ contracts between people. Friends fall-out because one expected something from another without actual verbal agreement. The friend with expectations and in the wrong, will also project their anger at the other friend for not complying to their ‘terms’ that they never explained to their friend, nor got agreement from. This is a ‘lower ego’ issue of power and control. Wanting without agreement, is a lower astral realm trait. Your permission is required in all realms, just like on earth. The threat of global mandates for the vaccine was a red herring, as all governments would have self-destructed if they had forced vaccines. The very control they love to wield, would have been taken from them, by breaking universal free-will law of agreement, and forcing vaccines on people. The power would have been transferred to the people and there would have been a world-wide riot. IF they really understood the wisdom from their ol’ boy lodges, which most dont, they would have known they cannot force anything on anyone, without dire consequences. (With any action, there’s a re-action) Those nations that went a more forceful route has allowed the truth of the damage of vaccines to become known, allowed the truth of no safe trial data to be known mainstream. “The truth will out” - always. Living from the heart does not mean give compliance to all to have your energy. It means living from a place of acceptance and wisdom, that all life contains all forms of expression, which we like to categorize as ‘good and evil’ - but really, its all just consciousness expressing itself.
  20. There’s more to ‘Life’ and ‘Truth’ than the lower astral planes, which that book subject is focused on. Just like there’s more to experience on this whole earth, than just the city ghetto’s. All is energy, your will directs it, we all choose what energy ‘bandwidth’ we focus on. Or, as the book is really revealing, we allow others to direct our will and energy, therefore ‘feeding’ off of our ‘life force’. We’re taught on earth all kinds of behaviours that essentially train us to give our ‘life force power of awareness’ away to others. Jung recognised this in his psychological work and coined the phrase ‘Individuation’ as a process a person goes through to dissolve their past programming, traumas, and disingenuous belief systems, which then releases us from the prison of our own-making. This world is full to bursting with belief ‘systems’ that you can hop on and ride for eternity, man-made-mind belief systems of supposed truth. Self ego identity and belief systems are intertwined, so once the belief systems crumble we peel back layers of false lower ego conditioning, eventually revealing what’s left at the centre of IT ALL: Truth. (and no, absolute Truth cannot be corrupted by lower astral entities as they simply dont have the level of quintessential reality life-force awareness to generate an illusion of Truth, which is evident if theyre trawling the lower astral realms! They can project glowing deities, fake angels, shining goddesses at believers to dupe a follower, much like social media with picture filter magic!… but they cannot project Absolute Truth, simply because if they could, they would NOT be in the lower astral behaving as ‘con-artists’. The experience of Truth occurs WITHIN at the centre of our beingness. Not ‘out there’ in ANY manifest realm.)
  21. I get what you’re saying. There’s a lot to say to unpack that but ill keep it brief. This duality reality is ping-pongy like that….good and bad occurring to ‘balance’ out the whole. Beyond such wide dense duality consciousness is a level of consciousness we shall all reach collectively, one day. Until then, interim experiences and growing awareness allows the duality to compress and not be so good and bad, in such a wide division. The process to get there is likened to a pendulum swing. At first the pendulum swings wildly….then its distance of swing (good and bad) become narrower and narrower. Except its not a wholly accurate analogy, as what essentially is happening is with each swing and closing of the pendulum, the frequency of the collective consciousness becomes higher.
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