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  1. Actually i’ve just realised, you said your trees border an open field…if that field has been glyphosate-sprayed, the wind drift will hit the south side of your plants and kill them. Hence the gorse bush too. Glyphosate kills any part of plant it coats, hence why just one side of your bushes has die-off. Only a GM glyphosate resistant crop wont be affected by that stuff. The farmer of the field sprayed when it was breezy. Bad form. Should spray only on a very still day.
  2. I don’t suppose you’ve put any cow/horse manure close to them, have you? Herbicides these days are now classed as ‘persistent/active’ - remain effective as plant killer long after theyve been sprayed on the hay crop fed to animals. Years after in fact. I’ve used horse manure rotted for 7 yrs in a pile and it killed all my plants thanks to Dow chemicals corp. The herbicides remain laced on the hay, invisible, the animals eat the hay, absorb some herbicides throughout the body, giving them human-type diseases like pituitary/endocrine disorders/diabetes, liver and kidney issues, and pee and poop out 90% of the herbicide, chemically unaltered. The days of using FYM, farm-yard-manure for fertilising crops are lonnnnng gone. This stuff can only be spread on pastureland, and even the it’ll retard grass growth because of the concentration of it in the rotted down manure. It takes years for soil microbes to attempt to break down the chemicals too. Im into year 3 of contaminated grow beds, and will see if this year i get mutant crops. I killed a 50yr old holly tree and severely damaged a 80yr old large fir tree by having a manure pile stacked beneath them, full of herbicides,( unbeknownst to me)….i thought it was quality fertiliser!
  3. some more vids that are interesting about the rainbow body:
  4. I love the rainbow body subject, its fascinating! What i’ve considered about it has made me realise some truths i never expected to find. I think, the phenomenon is linked with the duality being (lower ego) ability to transcend this 3-d illusion, because theyve learnt to tap into all parts of Self. When connected to that part of Self outside the illusion, there is a choice presented….discard the lower and enter the higher. When they answer to discard the lower, the physical substance of the body, transforms into its elemental energy form, only DUE to being connected to the WHOLE being. This is why the rainbow body phenomenon is described as the person disappears and all that is left is hair, nails and dust. Hair, nails and dust are the ‘dead’ cells on our body, attached to it. The dust is old skin cells yet to shed/exfoliate. All other parts of self, is live cells. When we reach a state of spiritual ‘wholeness’ the cells are more alive than we can imagine. They become infused with pure pranic force. Our ego is no longer ‘in the way’ to obscure pranic life force. The ego dissipates/wastes pranic life force. When the ego ‘centralises’ it no longer does that, and pure prana enlivens and tranforms every cell. I see it like source creation consciousness is like a battery, and when we connect to that we receive a bolt of pure energy through all our energy bodies and lastly, the cellular material body. When we choose to go into the full stream of this bolt…travel into it fully, the whole being of us is immediately transformed, leaving only dead cells behind. There’s a phenomenon that is similar, a meditation to leave your body, creating death. But the body is left behind. The person chooses/reaches the higher parts of Self, but instead of the bolt type activity, enlivening all the energy body its more like the consciousness travels instantly upwards, discarding all lower bodies. Sadhguru’s wife engaged in this transcendence method. Another route of transcending this 3-d illusion and experiencing this ‘bolt of lighting’ connection are at the rare moments in life when we are karmically ‘neutral’. Literally zero-point of this karmic illusion 3-d world. Considering each thought, word, action creates something, to happen to stumble to the point of karmic neutrality is so rare. The veil is automatically lifted and our minds open to the experience of the spiritual realm. Where our awareness is regarding whats happening determines what happens from that point on. The ego goes into neutral mode due to karmic neutrality, and in response to its awakening can react, which it normally does. Yet the outer karmically neutral force is very strong and the connection to other parts of Self are guiding the ‘lower ego’. As before, the Self connects, and is warp-speed in connection with the All consciousness, and poof, rainbow body occurs. I wonder if there is choice , as we know choice, in this process, or whether its automatic. Connecting to such a high vibration consciousness while trying to hold onto, be grounded into the denser vibrational lower ego and physical body, is very hard. The force of higher consciousness is extraordinary, and not like controlling/experiencing our dualistic conscious mind. We have to open, not contract. Embrace. Like you said, i think some civilisations experienced living in light bodies. Only when mans consciousness became more dualistic, lower vibration did the light body become clothed in matter. The shame of adam and eve being naked when they were thrown out of eden for learning of ‘right and wrong’ = dualistic mind, is a metaphor for this process. When we experience consciousness outside of the dualistic ego, concepts of right/wrong simply cannot register in our mind. We go beyond judgement, desire, fear…beyond the duality ego-consciousness. Dualistic ego notions of beauty and love attempt to come close to unified consciousness experience, but even the most beautiful and the most loving experience is a meagre shadow of shit compared to non-dualistic consciousness. Our ego minds fall for the substitute of god consciousness with man-made beauty and man-made love….and give up god. Literally we fall…into duality density. We are the splintered rainbow, and have to assemble the whole rainbow, become ‘whole’…..we’re alreadt it, we’ve just gotta connect fully to realise it! Real-ise it…make real
  5. I’ve come to conclude, weather events are the culmination of the entire planets energy manifestation. The energy exuded from humans, has to ‘go’ and ‘become’ something. Particularly emotional energy. When we delve into emotional signatures, they can be hot/cold/firey/windy/rainy…..with water being a predominant and one major weather event that seems to affect all countries and climates are floods/rains. Consider the global population of humans has absolutely mushroomed from being 1 billion in 1800, to just a sniff under 8 billion now, 222yrs later…..that’s a HUGE increase in energy manifestation considering humans have been around for thousands of years. Yes, there’s always been out of the norm weather events, in 1800 and previously….but the key point to consider is that they were ‘out of the norm’. Fires, flooding, excess heat and rain/cold is the NORM now…our everyday weather. So Peter, you’re not wrong that you ‘caused’ it….we all do. Collectively. If only everyone could chill the feck out for a month for me to prove this theory Well, wait….they did….lockdown number 1, most were delighted to have to stay at home and not allowed to go to work and do all the usual day stuff theyd rather not do…..did you notice the weather then? I did, because i live in a particularly cloudy/rainy/windy climate….and the bliss of experiencing blue skies, sunshine and no winds for weeks was amazing! Where i live, grains are not grown here due to excess rains making the grains go mouldy and risking ergotism. Yet in 1850 i discovered, via meterological research, that grains were grown here for hundreds of years, and the climate was completely different. There’s old farm equipment here that was used on this land, in 1850+, that wouldnt be possible today due to the land being wetter and softer. The common denominator between ever increasing freak weather becoming normal, is population growth. This russia ukraine media storm has created a huge spike in global emotional signature, and since then we’ve had nothing but rains/and blustery windy storms. It’s important to note, where the emotional disruption is highest doesnt necessarily mean that country will experience worse weather…..the energies will stream and release wherever is easiest. Like how a stream flows. Wherever is least resistance to the expression of that energy, will experience it. Hence why valleys are rainy and mountain peaks not rainy, but windy. As a crude example. The emotional energy is created IN this realm, so has to transmute and BECOME something IN this realm/dimension. Energy becomes tangible ‘stuff’….emotions ARE also energy. If you think it’s not real energy, why do emotions affect us? They can be felt. They have energetic ‘life’….via us. What happens to emotions when expressed? We dont know, we don’t ‘see’ emotions, so because we dont see them, but feel them, we think they are not consequential. If we could see emotional energy, we would understand vastly more than we do. Like words uttered from our mouths, they go on to affect change. Emotions felt and expressed do the same. Especially unconscious emotions, but thats a post for another time. The most eye-opening research to do is meteorological data during times of world events, that affect humanity as a whole. Specifically from 1900 onwards. Theres 8 times more co-creators on the planet than there was just 200 yrs ago. That a HUGE increase in such a short time. The weather patterns/events correlate with this shocking increase. So peter, get that happy loin cloth out mate and do a jig! Every little bit helps
  6. This ‘VR’ is projected by US ALL….so hence its more like a co-creation. All is mind - projecting a ‘dream’ reality. Each and everyone do this…first by thought idea, then action = manifestation. “Man made in the image of god” - god is known as a ‘creator’ right?…’in the beginning was the word’ - before we manifest anything we have thought = word. Man has this ‘likeness’ inherent from ‘god’ - via thought/words, we create. This is why using the media platform, governments of the world try to control minds, get minds to believe THEIR dream…to help them project THEIR ideas into reality. The more minds they influence with their ideas, the more they can guarantee manifestation. To change our experience of the world, we change ourselves, and what we project we CHOOSE rather than be externally INFLUENCED. Live from the inside out, rather than outside in. Easier said than done, i admit
  7. celticdevil, i dont see this covid thing as an ‘us and them’ scenario. There’s BS being spouted in the media daily about covid by TPTB, especially about their ‘safe and effective’ vaccine, when this thread and many other online sources shows countless links/videos to many harmed severely by the jab, and many many thousands have died. It’s an outrageous exploit of peoples trust in ‘modern medicine’. So ‘truthers’ of covid are pushing forth real facts amidst the mayhem of BS from the media. Facts sourced from independent medical experts etc. That pfizer docu linked here had a BS headline attached that didn’t align with the info within the pfizer trial document - thats what i was pointing out. The headline said the document was proof ALL pregnant women aborted their babies after receiving the vax - the document factually says different. Are you prepared to sift through a 38 page document to pinpoint the info the headline referred to to see if the headline is true? The headline author evidently didn’t think many would bother, and they’d get away with ‘media sensationalism’. Yes, there were abortions and other horrid side-effects. But the headline is sensationalist BS which is what the MSM use to brainwash people, and truthers dont need to stoop to the same lying manipulative tactics to promote the true facts about covid. The facts are terrible enough without lying! Anyway, that pfizer document, those figures published in that cannot be relied upon when we know that declarations to VAERS about side-effects have barely been reported by doctors about their ill patients, because it takes half hour to fill in the form, and they dont get paid for that work. So what incentive does a doctor have to report to VAERS when the process is so laborious, time-consuming and non-paid? Even doctors who are trying to report the worst patient side-effects say they cannot keep up and get through the paperwork. From this we know the true statistics of harm are much higher than reported.
  8. That’s not entirely true, from the report linked. Here’s the pertinent info from the data file…..sure, it’s alarming the various symptoms experienced…but facts need to be kept real:
  9. It’s a lot easier to be neutral, an outsider, and someone tell us their story, for us to see glaring aspects which could have been problematic, so thus can aid healing, due to being neutral and ‘outside’ their personal situation. With our own stuff, its inherently difficult because we’re IN it….like we can’t see the forest for the trees. Like you said, we hold so many stories as a part of ‘who we are’ as ego-complexes. The older we are, generally the more stories we have…until its quite the weighty tome! , literally weighing us down, affecting our optimal health state and ultimately inhibiting our inherent natural energetic flow of ‘Life Force’. When i had hormones go awry, i explored my perceptions and perspectives on every sexual and gender angle. I was trying to see where i was imbalanced in my thinking. Then i could take those wonky perceptions and think upon those deeper, the source of the perceptions. Most times it was due to life experiences and social conditioning. I have a funny story, yet it also highlights a pathway of self-healing. When i was a teen, a remark by a male about my butt being big in swimming class, utterly astounded me. I was offended because i never ever thought, out of all my body parts, or adolescence physical insecurities, my butt was too big! If anything, it was small to normal! So this worried young me. I thought if i can’t see my butt is big, what else can’t i see about my body that’s ‘not normal’?! Physical body insecurities normally start with some off-hand comment the person didnt even mean. So i shelved the butt complex, as no-one else ever mentioned my big butt, and kids are obnoxious enough that if my butt was really huge, i’d knew someone would say something. Then age 18, skinny waif-life tall me shopping in camden market for clothes…in a little boutique shop run by a large black lady (this description is purely factual yet necessary for the next part of the story, for context!)…im chatting to her …she makes all the clothes…im complimenting her designs etc….then pick out some trousers. Try them on, but the waist is huge, and hanging down at the back, like a REALLY big butt could only fill these trousers. I show the fit to her and she says, cocking her head to one side and inspecting my butt “hmmm, well you’ve got a fairly cushioned butt there honey, if you were a different shape, they’d fit better” !! I look at her, again, like my young teen self in swimming class, gobsmacked….HER butt was ‘fairly cushioned’ and these trousers needed a humongous butt to fill them, while having skinny long 36” legs. The cut was all wrong and rather than admit that, she used my butt as the anomoly in this whole episode! But that was it, having a black mamma with a hefty butt state my skinny white ass butt was cushioned piqued my curiosity once again, and after exiting the shop, prompted me to ask my boyfriend, who I was shopping with, THE question of all questions!: “Darlin’? Is my butt big?” ”ummm well…nah…mmm, i’ve never really thought so…no, naaah…its juuuuuust riiiiight” followed by a beaming smile once he thought he’d figured out the best words! I knew his opinion wasn’t worth reckoning on, considering his position, so once again, me and my ‘big’ butt had a curious love/hate relationship. I wasn’t overtly concerned when i got older, as most trousers fitted me! If anything the butt material was always too baggy. Definitely not a big butt. Once sexual maturity was well established i felt very confident physically, and didnt question my body parts, even if they weren’t normal. I actually love quirky stuff, especially sizing of things. Extreme small or large of anything tickles my fancy, i literally marvel such things and i’m not prejudice on shape/size…it is what it is, afterall! I never could look at anything and declare absolute beauty or ugliness, as there is always some part ‘quirky’ in the beautiful, and some part extremely gorgeous within the ‘conventional ugly’. Bullies at school would call kids with thick glasses ‘four eyes’, while i am marvelling at the shape of their lips and beautiful hair colour. The kids taunted for being fat, i’d notice their beautiful fingernails, and exquisite vocal expression. I dont call anything ugly personally….i know why something is called ugly, because its different from resembling ‘normal’. My attitude developed as i was aging that judging anything by how it looks isn’t needed, for life to be joyful. I accepted my body because i accepted the bodies of all others. I grew out of judging what i see, quite rapidly. My big butt complex, questioning my physicality, dissolved naturally along the way of growing into physical acceptance of all others. Now…we’re in a world where women are getting implants to have extremely large derrières, as its the fashion of the times! The above process wasn’t conscious healing. It is only on reflection i can see how i personally overcame any issues of my physicality, by developing acceptance of all others bodies. We get into the realms of understanding what issues we have with others, also reflect in our lives and affect us. Its a way for us to personally experience what we project out into the world. Interpersonal karma occurring, in essence. Our personal conscious healing journey is similar, and quicker than the slow, unconscious path of normal life. We identify a personal issue…see if it relates to our perspective on the world in any way. Identifying this, seeing it, making that connection is a part of the healing, in and of itself. We ‘see’ ourselves, affecting ourselves. To heal our issue, we have to eradicate our perception/judgement we project out to the world. For example, if i call my co-worker lazy…and i ‘have a thing’ about laziness in people generally…its a judgement. If i start struggling with energy problems, it shouldnt be much of a surprise. I probably then start to flake out after work, and then get my partner calling me a ‘lazy butt’. I take great offence as im IN my ‘forest story’, and cant see clearly the lessons going on for my personal development. I then do experience a real struggle with energy and stop calling my co-worker lazy, as i start to wonder, if, like me, they struggle with energy too. My attitude changes, i become more understanding/compassionate and learn to not just jump to judgements about others/the world, as there’s often a reason they/it are the way they are. Acceptance creeps in. As this attitude beds into my ego-complex awareness, i start to find my energy levels return. The above is a simplified view of the process, but highlights how thorough healing brings in aspects of our personal issues relating to our attitude about ‘out there’ either in another person, a community, or the world. It’s very easy to just think a physical problem has a physical cause, yet the mind can alter the body, but the body cannot alter the mind. Therefore mind is stronger at causing change. I had libido issues experiencing unknown infidelity. Lies cause physical illness quite readily because THE higher ‘all-seeing’ part of our mind - ( unconscious to the conscious ego mind) - literally knows the truth of ANY situation, and the ego-mind is thinking the truth is ‘my partner is faithful’ - so there’s a literal conflict of consciousness. ANY conflict of consciousness can easily cause illness, mental and/or physical. Once the truth was known, and accepted….not fought with (very important, our reactions to lies determines how we heal) my libido returned! R.D Laing, a scottish psychotherapist, knew intimately how these aspects of our life experiences/judgements/truths impacted our mental and physical health. He was a renegade in the field of psychotherapy for utilising left-field techniques to treat mental illness. The poignant story he presented to illustrate his theory of understanding the psyche using a more ‘whole life’ outlook, was of a boy with schizophrenia he was treating. A teenager. Laing interviewed the mother too, aswell as provide therapy for the boy. During the mother sessions Laing learnt that the boys father, mothers current husband, wasnt the boy’s biological father. He insisted to the mother the boy be made aware of the truth. She was resistant initially due to her own shame and fears, but eventually the boy was told the truth that the man who he thought and treated like his real dad his whole life, wasn’t his father. His schizophrenia resolved quickly soon after. This case, and other cases like it, truly highlight the complex nature of mind/beliefs/judgements - and when we are wrong, without knowing it, can cause our psyche and/or health to swerve off-kilter. EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED. HIGHER MIND KNOWS THIS - EGO MIND THINKS EVERYTHING IS SEPARATE - that’s it’s PRIMARY mistake, that causes humanity much suffering.
  10. Whoops…i replied to you novymir in your quoted text box above…weird how it did that!
  11. The differences between the jesus ACIM and the second edition ‘translation’ couldnt be more literally oppossed, as evidenced by this small verse: Jesus ACIM - “ His ability to deal with symbols enables Him to work AGAINST the ego’s beliefs in its own language” Second edition: - “. His ability to deal with symbols enables Him to work with the ego’s beliefs in its own language.”
  12. Hi rideforever, Thanks for the info and links. I’m reading through the jesus notes and 2nd edition comparison - many concepts expressed in that are very similar to other vedic/tantric material ive come across. Just to be clear - can you clarify what the original unedited ACIM is called, and if its available as a pdf online? Or is the 104pages of jesus CIM the original that im already reading?
  13. It really has been a long journey of acquiring intellectual knowledge from various authors/websites about biochemistry. The basic mechanics of biology, organ function - what nutrients are essential for what functions - that took me through the immune system, digestive health, endocrinology, neurology - its a never ending journey, and the body machine is so complex, there’s always more to learn. Its only relatively recently that bio-science has identified various crucial mechanisms/hormones/nutrients and their roles in the body - so its safe to assume there’s plenty more for science to yet discover and understand. However, the biggest lesson i learnt about achieving optimal health is that mind/consciousness health is CRUCIAL and foundational to having a healthy body. We can eat from the garden of Eden and bathe in sparkling spring waters, consume the most pure foods - BUT if the mentality of us and our life experiences bring discord / anguish/stress into our lives, we will never achieve physical health. I never intended to learn about mind-health connection - my question at the beginning was ‘what causes illness?’ - so having explored the body mechanisms/nutrition - there was a glaring gap of contradiction, in all cases of folk who ate very well, had a ‘great’ lifestyle but were still struggling with illness. There was evidently vastly more than the body/food angle to achieve health. Then i had a massive, life-changing light-bulb experience which proved without a doubt the mind/consciousness connection being the absolute corner-stone of health and potentially the true healer of all body illness. I experienced instant healing of a 25yr symptom-cluster, when my mind was made aware i had been lied to 25yrs ago, which is when the symptoms started. This lie, on the face of it was a ‘white lie’….yet i had made a massive decision about my life path based on this information. My ALL-MIND part of self knew the truth but my conscious ego mind didnt. So i experienced conflict of consciousness, without knowing it, for decades. Once the 2 consciousness parts became known, the rush of energy through my whole system, re-aligning to truth, was absolutely wonderful and intense. It was absolutely extraordinary. I felt phsycially every cell in my body re-align and re-energise. Like a tingling/sparkling throughout my whole being and literal energy flow going around my whole body. I had a HUGE upgrade of energy, was deeply calm and at peace. More experiences occurred to show me the metaphysical nature of consciousness/mind/ego/body structures and how they are all inter-dependent for optimal ultimate health. Other researches since that time, exploring the mind/body metaphysical link has cemented the understanding of my own experience….which at the time i had no idea what was happening to me. I explored alternative healing modalities, energy healing etc - and came to understand why modalities such as acupuncture are useful to aid energy flow. Whatever blocks are in the mind system to absolute Truth, (truth on all levels of reality, not just ego truth) the body experiences a ‘knot’ relating to the metaphysical aspects of the mind issue. Hence why cancer is sooo prevalent - a literal blob of cells gone awry, causing obstruction to the free-flowing energy and proper functioning of the body. For example, a man i know, young, had developed lung cancer. Not a smoker, average lifestyle, no overt stress except usual. Married. I heard via a friend of his condition, whom i was helping with their elderly parents health issues. His wife contacted me about his cancer. Everyone but the man himself spoke FOR him about his life/problems. I began to see the issue with his health clearer. The voice and breath are our vocal expressive instruments. When we are suffocating we cant speak. This man was amidst people who he felt he couldnt speak openly. He needs to express himself vocally to heal himself. Not all ardent smokers get lung cancer, and most get lung cancer who have never smoked. Yet most smoke who have things to say but cant express them -(even subconsciously) and to de-stress to breathe slowly by smoking as a way to stop vocal vitriol. The common demoninator with lung issues is expression/vocal/freedom. Another close friend had testicular cancer at age 28. Insanely healthy diet, extremely health conscious. Never smoked drank…all organic food, vegan., exercises etc. Yet has sexual issues. He openly discusses this with me so i have insight. He’s non-sexual and his consciousness complex cannot come to a peaceful place about sexuality. I helped with various healing modalities, also helping him find a more positive attitude about self-care and love, did energy healings, and he embarked on a cleansing regime/supplement regime. He doesnt /never had females in his life that show him nurturing, care, or love and he therefore didnt care much for himself - i became that nurturer and remain supportive to him, while also helping him love and care for himself. The cancer had spread before our alternative plan of treatment and chemo was urged by his oncologist…it was fast growing and spreading. After 8 or so weeks of alternative treatment he scanned clear! I too was truly shocked, and sooo happy for him. His oncologist thought he had picked up the wrong file and went to check, not believing that type of cancer to be cureable. We had managed to get to the knot within his psyche and unpick it with him having someone who cared, but mostly for him caring and helping himself. He’s still clear 14yrs later, while willingly maintaining care for himself. Mother-in-law broke her right ankle after death of a close relative she was very emotionally dependent on. Legs are to do with the path we walk in life, and our decisions about what journey in life to walk. Right side is active conscious ego/left - brain thinking - and she voiced she didnt know what path to follow in life at that point, as she always followed the path of her relative. The relative always decided. So that way of operating in her life literally broke upon the death of her relative. She literally couldnt walk forward with a broken ankle. Her psyche showed it outwardly which meant others temporarily had to be her emotional crutch once again, while she grieved and adjusted to her life change. Of course, mind/body health matters doesnt mean if you’re consciousness/mind complex is balanced and experiencing a beautiful life - but youre drinking water tainted with lead, unbeknownst to you - that you’ll not get ill. Yet, you wont be as ill as the person with a stressful life, low self-esteem, and a wonky ego-complex. So mind DOES matter and is very key to our health. If we were ‘enlightened’ of mind and ate mcdonalds daily, and drank whiskey - the body will suffer from nutrient depletion/weight issues and a depleted liver, we’d look crappy…the only difference would be the lack of suffering as the enlightened mind wouldnt care how it ‘looks’. Its a bad example because the enlightened mind wouldnt eat mcdonals daily and drink whiskey non-stop to be in drunken stupor - but you get my drift. I was going to talk about the metaphysical aspects of testosterone in my post to you MrH, but thought id stick with the physical aspect as that often is very wonky in our modern lifestyle, and worth addressing aswell as the metaphysical - especially the xenoestrogens from food packaging and soy, that cause ‘man boobs’ in men and all sorts of related hormone wonkiness. Metaphysically, male hormone health can be focused on by considering your sexuality and how you feel about it. Have you had previous sexual experiences which affected you negatively? How do you consider yourself generally as a man? My vegan testicular cancer friend i mentioned, whenever i refer to him as a ‘man’, just in conversation, hates it. This is because the ‘socially acceptable’ man image is something he doesn’t relate to at all. I knew a man who told me about a sexual experience where he was made fun of by a woman, regarding his genitalia. He became impotent at a young age. Just 1 incident…1 night, and unkind comments , can silently, secretly, scar the ego-psyche-complex. Equally, a stud-type man, a bonking brotha from bonkdom!…could also experience hormone imbalance due to the excessive activity, caused by whatever ego-psyche-issue. Over-compensation for feeling inadequate at a core level. It’s worth considering our gender and sexuality with any hormone issues or libido issues - and really try to get deep within ourselves to identify any aspects which could have caused gender/sexual confidence problems. Experiencing cheating partners is a common theme with sexuality imbalances. Whatever impacts the emotions tends to affect the body chemistry strongly. One man I know struggled with literally gender issues and was gay half his life and was going to have a sex change. His mother dressed him in girls clothes and wanted a girl. Her inacceptance of his gender since babyhood, conditioned him subtly to also not accept his gender. Mid-life he had an epiphany night before gender surgery and walked away from his confused gender life to get married twice, have kids, contented. Considering these aspects of our known gender experiences/sexuality experiences and healing them by recognising them in the mind, accepting them, forgiving hurt caused, if any, goes a long way toward helping heal physical sex hormone imbalance. Process this stuff within like a self-counselling session. By focusing on body health and mind/emotional health is essential for that ‘optimal’ health experience.
  14. Gaffa tape, tarps, head-torch and a zippo - they’re the most useful living in the wild-lands Seriously regarding food crops - grow root veg - easiest to grow, no experience needed, plants survive well also in damp/cool temps - are calorie dense carbs in comparison to almost all other veg = more calories per square foot than any other veg.- and they store well, for months. No preservation techniques required. There are wild plants who’s roots can be eaten, worth learning about those too = carbs = sugar. Grains are tricky, require certain conditions, not too dry, or hot, or too wet climate and mould easy upon storage. Large self-sufficient communities are occurring. Lifestyle needs to be kept simple for it to be easier for all. Life can be very simple, we complicate life too much. Decent climates are a god-send. Brazil, costa rica, bulgaria…belize…
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