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  1. To the Guardian:  Just go to Bitchute.com and type in Mattias Desmet. He has discovered how the billions of people in the world were carefully prepared ahead of time psychologically so that when the Covid-19 hogwash was played out in the corporate media, the great majority have swallowed the whole bullshit story and will continue to cling to a total belief in the Plandemic at all costs.


  2. I have recently been viewing interviews of Professor Mattias Desmet. He refers to an approximate 30% of people who are blindly following the corporate narrative, and 40% of people who can see that things are wrong and that the narrative should be rejected but they are too insecure to go their own way so they follow the deceived 30% and a final 30% who see the truth and are ready to do something about it.  

    Professor Desmet states that it is absolutely imperative for people who can see the Truth to manifest some kind of a push back because by doing this, we can slow or stop the deceived 30% from eventually moving into committing ugly aggressive acts toward the 30% who see the Truth and are acting on their beliefs.

    I can understand that many people who can see the truth are a bit afraid to stand up publicly because they don't want to make a spectacle of themselves. However, I feel that very great benefits can be accomplished in changing the perceptions of the uncertain 40% by taping simple, straight forward signs up on business entrance doors or where ever.  The idea of doing this needs to be suggested right away to as many people as possible. 

    Recently, I saw a sign online that said: "All they had to do to strip you of your freedom was to rebrand the flu and convince you that it's a threat to your freedom."

    So I have printed that message out and I will get a local business to make up 50 copies that I can tape up all over the small town that I live in.  Then, a few minutes ago, my upstairs tenant happened to walk out into my garage and she complained about the bad weather because it is cold and snowing here right now. So I agreed with her and then I suddenly thought of making up a sign that says: "You have to put up with bad weather in the winter whether you like it or not. But you don't have to put up with wearing a face mask that's bad for your health whether you like it or not!" 

    It is a simple, easy thing that so many people can do, to put up a sign to raise awareness and it could end up saving lives in the long-run. Please listen to the interviews of Professor Desmet, he is really hitting the nail on the head. Please pass this on to Mr. Icke.

    Thos H. Rogers 

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