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  1. Am I now officially a member of this forum or am I still being moderated?
  2. Hi everyone. Been an avid acolyte of David Icke for over 20 years, ever since reading one of his early books, And The Truth Shall Set You Free. Literally caused a seismic shift in my existing mind order and truly set me free. Read all his books since and cant praise the man highly enough. Im also old enough to have watched live his first interview on Wogan- O how we all laughed,me included, at the young sports reporter who had gone bonkers! Well we aint laughing now, especially me as Ill explain. 3 years ago I was arrested- twice in 6 weeks- my 2 laptops confiscated along with my mobile phones, my house searched by 7 of her majesties finest, shoved in a meat wagon and taken to a police station.kept in a cell for 9 hours, eventually brought out, questioned for 3 hours and then charged with 8 offences under the Malicious Communications Act 1988. I admitted Id sent 8 emails 6 months prior to my arrest over a 9 day period, one each to 7 MPs and and one to the US embassy in London. I wont go into too much detail on their contents but lets just say I used terms like "Rothschild Zionist Puppets", "Stooges of Zionism" "Kalergi plan" "Sabbatean-Frankism" and the "Good Ole Jewsa". Trial was finally held 3 weeks ago at a Crown Court and I pleaded not guilty to 8 charges of "sending or delivering letters or other articles for the purpose of causing distress or anxiety" My "trial "was a stitched up farce .The prosecution spent about 5 minutes on the 8 counts- the rest of its time was expended trying to convince the Jury that I am a rabid Neo Nazi.The prosecution knew it didn't have a chance of conviction-my only previous misdemeanours being parking tickets- unless it depicted me as the Devil incarnate. Social media posts id made in 2004 were dusted off and presented as evidence of "Bad Character".They even dragged up an "Expert" witness,a UK Jewish Professor, an "expert" apparently on Neo Nazism, an "expert" witness who couldn't even be arsed to turn up and present his "expert" testimony in person but instead very generously sent in a letter stating that I am most definitely a Neo Nazi and a nasty piece of work to boot. Well to cut a long story short the Jury deliberated for 2 1/2 days, couldn't reach unanimous verdicts, were ordered by the Judge to go for majority verdicts and I was found guilty on 5 of the 8. The judge deferred sentence for January before adding that the charges were so serious that he could see little options other than a custodial sentence. I am out on bail. If youve read this far I wish to ask: does anyone know can I get myself classed as a political prisoner? The whole thing stinks and I aint taking it lying down.
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