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  1. Im sick and tired of all this anti-war, pro Ukraine propaganda. Im setting up a fund me page called "Give War a Chance". For too long War has been viewed with disdain and contempt, especially by hypocrites like NATO, which only goes to War when the outcome is already 100% predetermined ie a NATO win. We need more sensible psychopaths like Putin, who view military conflict as decent fun, with the added risk of Nuclear Annihilation to spice things up. Have we forgotten the Ancient Greek saying "War is the Father of All". Almost all technical progress is related to War: the Tank, the Atomic Bomb, the Internet, Spaceflight, Cryptography, Radar, Microwave Oven, antibiotics all funded and developed by War. My page will list all the benefits we gain through War and will fund a book I intend to write called "All that Im saying, Is Give War a Chance". More details coming soon

  2. The Ukraine Army has so far killed 33,000 Russian soldiers, destroyed or immobilised 650 Russian Tanks, downed 444 jets and 333 helicopters, sunk 9 Russian Warships and expects Ukrainian troops to be on the outskirts of Moscow within hours


                                                                                                       Source- The Bloke Down the pub

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  3. Russia kicked out of Eurovision Song Contest

     Russia has been banned from entering the Eurovision Song Contest, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) said.

    A statement from the body, which produces the competition, said the decision “reflects concern that, in light of the unprecedented crisis in Ukraine the inclusion of a Russian entry in this year’s Contest would bring the competition into disrepute”.🤣

  4. I am old enough to be your father,58, unemployed, unmarried, childless and have felt life was completely meaningless since I was 14. Even when I was young and fit and handsome and gainfully employed in the IT industry for years at a time, I still could see no point to it all. Also completely anhedonic - only fleeting spasms of pleasure through all these years. Tried suicide at 32, but botched it up. What keeps me going then, you might ask. Probably complete indifference .I am utterly bereft of any emotions pertaining to Ambition, Lust, Love, Hatred, Hope ,Despair, Jealousy Greed or Generosity. Compared to me you have a conventionally desirable life but I wouldnt swap places coz I simply dont care anymore. Ive kind of reached a weird state of Nirvana in my own small way.

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  5. 2 hours ago, bamboozooka said:

    how much control do the zionist neo cons really have?

    Well they managed to stitch a nobody like me up for stating that certain mps were Rothschild Zionist puppets.  The Maxwell whore was obviously expendable, she didnt grass up any Big Names, in return her fellow Sabbatian frankists will probably bribe the prison system so she has it cushy inside, and on release a few million Shekels will be nestling nice and comfy in her Swiss account. Move along Goyim, nowt more to be seen here.

    2 hours ago, bamboozooka said:




  6. Minimum age of 14 and fines of up to €3,600 in Austria's planned vaccine mandate

    Austria’s conservative-led government on Thursday gave details of its plan to make coronavirus vaccines compulsory, saying it will apply to people 14 and over and holdouts face fines of up to €3,600 (£3,080) every three months, Reuters reports.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Truthspoon said:



    Which Hellenistic platitudes did he spout?


    Some historians have noted the similarities between the teachings of Jesus and those of the Greek Cynics. Scholars have argued that the Q document, a hypothetical common source for the gospels of Matthew and Luke, has strong similarities to the teachings of the Cynics.




    Also if you are an atheist and don't believe you have an immortal soul then none of it will make sense....


    I believe in the Universal Consciousness, all of existence is interconnected, We are all in multiple locations at the same time,( just as Quantum Theory postulates) death is merely an unending seamless transition from living being to living being( NOT reincarnation though)











  8. A 16 year old Virgin miraculously gave birth to a Son named Jesus via the Holy Ghost, which technically means that Jesus was his own father as Jesus is part of the Holy Ghost, for 33 years Jesus stomped around Palestine spouting  Hellenistic platitudes which were already 400 years old by then, apparently he raised the dead and cured the sick, he even made a quick physical trip to Heaven where he met God and the Prophets, returned to earth, was condemned to death for heresy, was terrified of the prospect of Death despite the fact that hed already met God who had assured him there was an afterlife, he died, rose from the dead, had a meeting with his disciples, told them see ya later, was taken up to Heaven and seated next to God, and for the past 2,000 years has been biding his time waiting for God knows what.

                     LUNATICS have been locked up for believing less nonsense.

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  9. Third shot of Pfizer vaccine can neutralise Omicron variant, company says

    BioNTech and Pfizer said on Wednesday a three-shot course of their Covid-19 vaccine was able to neutralise the new Omicron variant in a laboratory test and they could deliver an Omicron-based vaccine in March 2022 if needed.


    Thats like your local drug dealer promising you that the  batch hes gonna sell you next week wont be as shit as last weeks, which almost killed the missus.........

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  10. The Cult Connected "Lawyers" who got me CONvicted on 5 of 8 charges(and even then only after the Judge ordered the deadlocked Jury to bring in majority verdicts) are positively gloating over my conviction.(Names and dates changed for obvious reasons.


    "Cult Lawyer has successfully prosecuted a right-wing extremist.  During (certain 9 day time period,) Mr Innocent engaged in a sustained campaign of virulently racist, anti-Semitic abuse in which he targeted a group of high-profile politicians with offensive and threatening emails."  (I described certain Cultists as Zionist Stooges, Sabbatean Frankists and Rothschild Puppets- apparently these terms now constitute virulently racist, anti-Semitic abuse),

    "The jury heard that Mr Innocent was an active member of the neo-Nazi (??) Stormfront website." (My last visit to the Stormfront site was in 2010 according to police forensics).That still makes me an active Neo Nazi, right?

    "Mr Innocent was convicted by a jury at a Cultist Owned Court of five counts of sending electronic communications with intent to cause anxiety or distress.  Sentencing was adjourned until  .........."


    Joe Stalin would have been proud to have staged such a show trial

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  11. 21 minutes ago, Nobby Noboddy said:



    These people are ALL CUNTS WHO HAVE SOLD THEIR SOULS. Why oh why do you think they would give anything to anybody else unless it benefited them in some way.


    I just have a feeling that Michael Sheen is doing this for purely altruistic reasons. Selling all your property and pledging the proceeds to a Homeless Charity- who benefits? I dont think Hollyweird is gonna give Sheen a couple of mansions as recompense


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  12. 4 minutes ago, JackJohnson said:


    What is Malicious Communications Act? Were any of the people you sent these mails to, by any chance, Jewish?

    And sorry to hear about this.

       Thanks Jack Johnson. Malicious Communications basically means sending rude emails Of the 8 recipients, I believe 1  could be Jewish, Im not even sure. The other 7 I know for sure are definitely NOT Jewish.

  13. Hi everyone,new member here.


                The post about Richard Hesketh being jailed has really shaken me up.  3 years ago I was arrested- twice in 6 weeks- my 2 laptops confiscated along with my mobile phones, my house searched by 7 of her majesties finest, shoved in a meat wagon and taken to a police station.kept in a cell for 9 hours, eventually brought out, questioned for 3 hours and then charged with 8 offences under the Malicious Communications Act 1988. 
                     I admitted Id sent 8 emails 6 months prior to my arrest over a 9 day period, one each to 7 MPs and and one to the US embassy in London. I wont go into too much detail on their contents but lets just say I used terms like "Rothschild Zionist Puppets", "Stooges of Zionism" "Kalergi plan" "Sabbatean-Frankism"  and the "Good Ole Jewsa". Trial was finally held 3 weeks ago at a Crown Court and I pleaded not guilty to 8 charges of  "sending or delivering letters or other articles for the purpose of causing distress or anxiety"

                     My "trial "was a stitched up farce .The prosecution spent about 5 minutes on the 8 counts- the rest of its time was expended  trying to convince the Jury that I am a rabid Neo Nazi.The prosecution knew it didn't have a chance of conviction-my only previous misdemeanours being parking tickets-  unless it depicted me as the Devil incarnate. Social media posts id made in 2004 were dusted off and presented as evidence of "Bad  Character".They even dragged up an "Expert" witness,a UK Jewish Professor, an "expert" apparently on Neo Nazism, an "expert" witness who couldn't even be arsed to turn up and present his "expert" testimony in person but instead very generously sent in a letter stating that I am most definitely a Neo Nazi and a nasty piece of work to boot.

                Well to cut a long story short the Jury deliberated for 2 1/2 days, couldn't reach unanimous verdicts, were ordered by the Judge to go for majority verdicts and I was found guilty on 5 of the 8. The judge deferred sentence for January before adding that the charges were so serious that he could see little options other than a custodial sentence. I am currently out on bail.

             It sure looks like ill be joining Mr Hesketh soon. The whole thing stinks and I aint taking it lying down. Anyone here with any legal know how as to how I can get myself classified as a Political Prisoner?  Any ideas on how I can publicize my plight and create a nasty embarrassing stink for our Overlords?

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