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  1. 12 hours ago, kzoob said:

    I have tried this but can't find the right angle.  What do you mean exactly?  Is it the angle you point your finger up or down?

    No, like a better angle in the light. 

    Look at any part of your body. I use the finger cos it's the easiest to see.

    It's just above the skin. Consecrate and don't think of anything. Don't let your mind slip away. Just observe.


    Focus your eyes. You know how you focus on an object and then behind the object? Similar to that. Just above the finger.


    Or try to look at the skin on top of your finger but don't look down at it. Have it right in front of you. Directly... parallel with your eyes.


    Please let me know if you managed to see. Thx


    I will show you how to see the energy field around your own body. Some call it aura.

    Very easy.


    Put your finger up half a meter away from your face and find an angle. You will see it. Just 1 mm-2 mm above it
    It surrounds your whole body.
    It is a semi-transparent grayish color.

    It is the most perfect thing I have ever seen/noticed in this construct. And everyone can see it.

    Once you notice it and start looking at it every chance you get. You will start seeing it around everything. Every living thing, every object.


    Have fun.




    finger aura.PNG

  3. 5 hours ago, Origin said:

    Whether we are held captive here against our will, that is one hundred percent true with the human slave system. From birth you are manipulated and stuffed with nothing. Everything you have learned here is human nonsense. And none of it has any significance in the other layer.


    But if I count Humans as a whole and all the sick nightmares Humans do to themselves and others, the story is quite different. Under the skin, we are worse than predators. And suddenly it makes sense to be here. This thing has made me glimpse into something impossible, which has changed my opinion or rather perspective. From a human perspective, it is understandable to hate it for that. To be here. Unfortunately, I know that nothing can be changed in this layer. Interfering in the development of others is pointless. 


    If you think you can change something, that is your own personal decision.



    " Interfering in the development of others is pointless. "


    It is not. We are one people and there is no such thing as development. We are infinite, eternal beings. What development?


    "If you think you can change something, that is your own personal decision"


    I can and I will.


    No such thing as personal decision. We are one. One people.

  4. 7 minutes ago, Origin said:

    Then billions of illusions and dreams would also be stopped. Every development. s a reason why we are here. Apparently we are very immature to be ready. The phenomenon is infinitely underestimated. I don't think we understand what we're really facing here. Everyone will go his own way. Most cannot properly reflect anything in themselves.


    I don't know if you have read everything I said here, from the start

    This world is an illusion, and we are imprisoned here against our will.


    I do NOT care what their reason is. 


    I do understand what we are facing here. And no... Everyone should come together. That is the last thing they want

    Our people need someone to remove their doubts and fears from their minds, it seems.



    And by the way things have been progressing... Looks like that someone will be me.


    So be it.


  5. 7 hours ago, Origin said:

    And now imagine that you have not seen 99.999% of the rest. And I'm not even talking about spatial depth. It is certainly what counts as the great unknown. I can imply that if humans could see this, everything would come to a standstill. It would be amusing if it revealed reality but then Humans would no longer have any point in existing here. :classic_ninja: But that's not how it works. Questions still need to be discovered to put it into context....


    Only we on this layer can choose and interpret. In order to make a decision. There is only one phenomenon. Everything else are flawed reflections of Humans themselves;)


    If everything come to a stand still, it would be absolutely amazing.


    "Humans would no longer have any point in existing here"    indeed.


    For the first time since we have been imprisoned here.... we will come together as one people and work together to break free.


    That is my goal. 


    At 11, I was vaccinated by force at school. Commie nurses and cops came to the school and vaccinated all of us.


    This was for our "protection" after the  Chernobyl disaster.

    To protect us from radiation.


    Well, I was in west Romania near the Serbian border. A long way from Chernobyl. 

    People in North Romania should have been dead or at least mutated, lol


    Who knows what was in those vaccines.


    I was 11 then and had no choice. Now I do. I will not comply! 


    Damn, I came to Australia, and it seems I cannot get rid of these damn Commies.


    They are everywhere, like damn cockroaches.



    I still have the scar on my shoulder from that Vaccine. 




    scar resised .jpg

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  7. 7 hours ago, Origin said:


    1. It is a superordinate pattern which is something very extraordinary. And what needs to be put into a different context and points to something. It is and would be considered impossible by Humans. 

    2. Don't you think there's more to it than just duality? In this layer there is the possibility to decide as consciousness answers in a binary way. Perhaps it is intended that this will create a decision-making ability here. Wouldn't you also offer a seemingly extreme variety of perceptible variables to make something more vivid;)


    Yeah, they are obviously a pattern, and they serve a function. They make up this construct.

    I am just not able to see a pattern to them.

    And now they are moving very differently compared to how they behaved when I was a child.

    No sure what that means.


    In part 2 I am not sure what you are trying to say.  Duality? 

    And consciousness, as I said, is the rest of your being.

  8. No my friend.


    This world is an illusion. Everything in it except us is an illusion.


    Every story, every ideology every religion, every cult, every group, every idea, every book, every psychic, medium.....etc


    All meant to distract you from the truth and send you down many endless rabbit holes. 


    Illusions within illusions within illusions..... endless.


  9. 1 hour ago, novymir said:

    A self-deception, Brother. But we can change our minds, we will return to WHAT IS eventually, when True Will is asserted and adhered to.


    I wish that was the case, my friend.


    You assume that we are all the same. And your own experiences must apply to everyone.

    I know it was them. I have 40 years' experience with them.


    I know how they operate. They make you think it's your idea, of course.


    They are not going to say "Hey it's us doing it" 🤣


    As I said, they are masters of illusion and deception.


    After they see that the old tactics don't work anymore, they change tactics.

    It was in the past when I did something more dramatic, something they didn't like... That they appeared that night to let me know.

    And I would shit myself, again. Lol


    Not anymore. I am a whole new being now... They cannot even appear anywhere near me now.


    I have gained more access to myself "consciousness".

    And gaining ground.


    My advantage is that this construct wasn't built by them.


    It was built by some benevolent beings for an unknown reason. The dark ones just took over it and imprison beings here.


    They are no creative, they do not create. They just take over shit and distort. 


    They are parasites. 




  10. 11 minutes ago, 78ast78dgyad said:


    we all chose to live through this period of time during our chance of human reincarnation


    How do I know? That's the wrong question to ask.



    I see.


    So you got nothing. Deflecting and dodging.


    I can point you to the part of this forum where I explain how I got to my conclusion.

    I do not deflect and dodge...


    But I very much doubt you are interested in the truth. You are just looking for things to reinforce your beliefs.

    You will be looking for things to leach on to, to "debunk"... Thus reinforcing your beliefs.


    This is most unfortunate that you do not allow yourself to open your mind up to other possibilities.


    Not only not allowing yourself to see it from another perspective but..... To see the bigger picture from above, sort of speak.

    To zoom out and see it all as I do.


    But of course, this is your choice and yours alone.

    You must make that effort and completely open your mind.


    I don't know why you all are so resistant to it.


    It only benefits you and you alone.


    People are their own worse enemy.


    Most unfortunate.



  11. 11 minutes ago, PH196 said:

    In David Icke's recent videos he goes into detail that the conspiracy is and was (in general) to entrap human perception in the five senses, in turn disconnecting human perception from the influence of expanded infinite awareness. 


    This is correct, yet I will try to explain it from a different perspective: Real and Unreal, Life and Death.


    It was the Absence of God-- the Divine mind, as the all life in the consciousness of the soul--that created matter, the unreal. It was the absence of God, as the all life and reaity, from the consciousness of the soul, and not the presence of God, as the all life, in the consciousness of the soul , that made mortal man.


    It was the voice of the Lord God and not the voice of God, that Adam and Eve heard in the Garden, after they had eaten the forbidden fruit. It was the Absence of God as all reality and light and life and truth, withdrawing himself from their souls as life, that caused Adam and Eve to hide themselves, and to seek darkness and death. It was the consciousness in the soul that God was withdrawing himself as the light and life from the soul that made the soul conscious of darkness and death.


    When God was manifested in the soul as life, the soul had the correct conception of God as Life. When God was withdrawn from the consciousness of the soul as life, the soul worshipped the senses as gods. And in all days as men have indulged lust, they have felt God withdrawing himself from their souls as Life; and their souls have wandered in outer darkness and death, ceasing to reflect God as the only life, and have worshipped the senses and death.


    It  was the absence of God, as the all life in the consciousness of the soul that turned them out of the Garden of Eden--from the presence of God as life into a state of the senses, where soul ceased to reflect God as the only life.


    Quoting Christ from the Apocalypse of Peter in the Nag Hammadi texts:

    ""For evil cannot produce good fruit. For the place from which each of them is produces that which is like itself; for not every soul is of the truth, nor of immortality. For every soul of these ages has death assigned to it in our view, because it is always a slave, since it is created for its desires and their eternal destruction, in which they are and from which they are. They love the creatures of the matter which came forth with them."


    Here Christ differentiates 'mortal souls' from 'immortal souls'. The differentiating factor being "because it is always a slave, since it is created for its desires and their eternal destruction, in which they are and from which they are."


    And then in John 8:44 (from the Holy Bible): 

     You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies."


    What Christ is saying is that not every soul is of the truth or of immortality. Error is the absence of truth, darkness is the absence of light, death is the absence of life; Sin--the serpent--can only exist in the consciousness of soul, in the absence of the consciousness of God as the all holy and perfect life--from the soul. 


    Man has not any inherent life. But in the conscious presence of God--man reflects God--the all life. The serpent--lust--is the veil that separates man from the conscious presence of God--the all life--which is spiritual death. When the serpent is present in the consciousness of the soul, man is conscious of the senses as death and conceives life to be in the unreal -- matter, death.


    The sex and lust senses (mortal-mind) conceives life to be in matter. This is error-it is the incorrect association of ideas--it is the conception of God as material.




    I am sorry, my friend, but it is all wrong.


    When you're looking at what is through a lens... You will not see what it is.

    You will get a distorted view of what actually is.


    You must NOT use any lens... Meaning, any ideology, religion, belief....etc Of any kind.


    There is no such thing as god, energy, matter, universe.... all illusions within illusions.

  12. 1 hour ago, pi3141 said:




    Unfortunately, meditation doesn't work very well for me. I just follow my heart, its usually right.


    Because 99% of people don't know how to meditate.


    I moved beyond meditation. I can do think you would think impossible.

    You can do it too. 5-6 months. Persistence and consistency.


    Nothing will come on a silver plate.


    Here 5 min video showing all the stages to reach to go to full awareness. 




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