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    Any women here that can help?


    As I said, I need a feminine perspective. Maybe is something I don't see.

    Since I came into this world, a feminine entity has been helping occasionally.


    I sense that she always helped me. Even before I came here.

    Anyway, She appeared in a dream last time and for the first time ever.


    This is weird, cos she knows I don't take dreams seriously. Too easily deceived in dreams.

    Or possibly it is a deception, or perhaps she couldn't communicate this any other way. IDK


    Anyway, It was a vivid dream. I was a kid. There were other kids in the room.

    She gestures with her hand to come to her. 

    As I approach her, she points at the TV. I instantly recognise the video clip and I can hear the music.

    It was Return to Innocence by Enigma.

    And then I woke up.


    What is innocence, truly? No ego, arrogance, vanity, ideologies, beliefs, agendas?


    What does she want? Or mean by returning to innocence. 


    For me to return to innocence? And how would I archive such a thing?


    Any ideas ladies? 

  2. What are you talking about, my friend? I don't quite understand. 

    Dolores Cannon?

    She was talking directly to the dark ones. She was not actually communicating with benevolent entities, "aliens"

    I am certain of that.

    Ignore all psychics, Mediums, Intuitive telepaths....etc

    They are all getting their info from the program the runs this place, or from the dark entities themselves.

    Got an SS of that snake page? If so, please post it. 
    I always get my info from the ones mentioned above about what the dark ones are up to. By listening to their podcasts, I see which way the dark ones are sending them to.

    None of them know that they are being deceived.



    I came to this forum thinking that I will find the most awakened people on this planet right here.

    How wrong was why.


    Most people here cherry-pick what he says and ignore or pretend they don't hear the rest of what he says.

    I am just wondering why?

    I find it curious. 


    You are all focusing on Governments, politicians, Jews, Cabal, Wokers, Illuminati, Media, Hollywood, Deep State.....etc

    But not focusing on the ones behind it all. The dark entities that are actually in control of all of that. In control of everything.

    Why is that?


    Your mind is not ready? Afraid of what others think? What is it?


    I see people all the time saying I have been listening to David for 20 years.... But if you listen to them, they really haven't. Only taken some of the things he says.

    But not the MOST important thing. Imagine that.


    Me personally, I found David about 1 or 2 years ago. After decades of frustration of nobody talking about this world being an illusion and controlled by dark entities.

    It was such a load lifted off my shoulders. To know there is another that knows cos the rest of people live in La La Land.


    It felt like the whole world has been lifted off my shoulders. It was unbelievable. Such a relief.


    And most people that have been listening to him for decades ignore the archons... And focus on the human collaborators. 

    Not to mention the religious people here. Lol 


    Praying to god? No, you're giving yourselves to the dark ones.


    This forum is most definitely not what I thought it would be. 


    99% of the people here are deep asleep. But better than most places. At least here, I haven't been called a Lunatic or most likely on drugs.🤣


    You people have a long way to go to awakening. A long way.


    Me personally, I wish you would hurry up. We got some dark ass to kick.


    So, WAKE UP!!!

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  4. 1 hour ago, m754 said:



    They are spreading fear---it's been going on for 2 years now. Many, including Icke predicted last year that people will be dying on the streets in 2021 when the jabs become compulsory and the army is deployed for forced jabs. That is illogical not just from the viewpoint of understanding what is going on and why but sent many of us in fear mode...Nothing of that sort has happened---and it is mid-December.



    What is the CIA doing here on David's forum? Are you a disinformation troll? 


    Here a fast gif.... I had to speed it up to make it a smaller size.


    Ok CIA?









  5. 11 minutes ago, m754 said:



    They are spreading fear---it's been going on for 2 years now. Many, including Icke predicted last year that people will be dying on the streets in 2021 when the jabs become compulsory and the army is deployed for forced jabs. That is illogical not just from the viewpoint of understanding what is going on and why but sent many of us in fear mode...Nothing of that sort has happened---and it is mid-December. They do not need to wait any longer do they...if they wanted to kill people in very large numbers. They have control of Everything. They can do it Now. People see 2 UN vehicles and start making dire predictions. Life is quite normal in places where it should have been doomsday by now.


    The agenda is something else and I have mentioned it in my early posts.


    As for what I meant by the last phrase--


    We are living a 'dead' life. What you are experiencing is already dead. They are flogging a dead horse. hence the constant fear mongering and panic news. This dead freak show will go on like this until it disappears to nothingness. 


    Let me guess, because you don't see it, it doesn't happen. Or if the media doesn't show you, it must not happen.


    Countless videos all over the world of people dropping dead.

    Athletes dropping dead in Europe on the fields. 

    It is happening....  

    Not up to us to show you what's what. Do your own research. I spend hours a day and go over many things from all over the world.


    The last phrase is still dumb, and I have no clue what you're trying to say.


    You try so hard to sound intelligent and philosophical... But you come across everything but that.


    "We are living a 'dead' life" 🤣


    'What you are experiencing is already dead."🤣


    You seem obsessed with death and stupidity. Lol


    NOT such thing as death. Period.


  6. On 12/13/2021 at 11:50 PM, Observed said:

    As of tomorrow, all NSW residents whether vaxxed or unvaxxed can do pretty much anything. Whereas in Queensland the unvaxxed are pretty much cut off from everything and that's 20% of the population. Can they even access hospital treatment? Watch the next week or two very carefully. 


    My prediction has always been something happening in Queensland. I predict as people can now enter Queensland there will be a mass outbreak of the moronic variant in Queensland. They will use this against the unjabbed and try locking them up in Ana's concentration camps. This could be the breaking point...somewhere down in South East Queensland. It will definitely be a "domestic terrorist" situation. 


    I wouldn't be surprised if there's two events - one where the ADF is called in as a distraction and the UN peacekeepers aka Chinese troops will be hunting down the unjabbed in Queensland.



    Yeah... the build up of UN vehicles in Brisbane is a concern 

  7. 1 hour ago, m754 said:


    More fear-mongering. Nothing like this will happen.


    There is a dull slow death/ life? that awaits us...nothing so beautifully dramatic----for that would be 'living' for many of us...so dead are we..


    Then you are asleep, my friend. 


    I hope I am wrong.


    I have no idea what the last phrase is or what you're trying to say.

  8. 20 hours ago, HAARPING_On said:

    Don't forget the shortage of Adblue for the trucks which is set to run out in February... multiple situations now converging to wreak chaos at the desired time... a false flag might be the event that lights the blue touch paper on everything...


    And will cut our electricity.... and blame it on the Chinese hackers. They already planted that seed. 

  9. Just now, 78ast78dgyad said:



    what is referring to regarding Rwanda? the genocide? or something else that happened in Rwanda?


    the vaccines made them go crazy and kill people?

    Yeah, a "scientific" experiment. 

    Back then, we heard something about people getting sick and acting like zombies.

    We all laughed.

    We're not laughing now.

    Around 1 million people had to be terminated. 

    The media blamed it on extremists. As usual. 

  10. 6 minutes ago, Apotheosis said:



    Some of us identify that consciousness as Satan. And that power can manifest "physically" or at least materially, as much as such might be called an "illusion".

    Yes you would.

    When you look at what is through any lens, you won't see what actually is. You will get a distorted image.

    Lenses like, religion, cults, beliefs Ideologies....etc  those are lenses. You won't see the truth, and it is your own doing.


    9 minutes ago, Apotheosis said:






    Such radical "skepticism" is incoherent. The buck has to stop somewhere or you couldn't know what is an illusion and what is true in the first place. No, you couldn't even have a basis, you couldn't know your criteria to be valid, by which to judge what is true and what is false.




    Religion is a deception, it is a program. You are most deceived people in this construct. No offence.

    When you pray to "God"  you give yourself to the dark ones.


    And yes, I do know.

    Here is the part of the forum where I go into more detail.




  11. Early 2022 they will stage a false flag.


    "Far-Right Domestic Terrorists" will bomb a few vaccination facilities killing a lot of people.


    They will "have no choice" but to initiate Martial Law.

    I know, it's not a prediction as it is a pattern. Easy to see.


    Prepare for it. It is coming.


    It is inevitable. 



    Human Race Get Off Your Knees slow.gif

  12. 19 minutes ago, ink said:


    Just one? Ok

    (I think that I have posted a few on this forum .... more on the old forum but .... just any old one then) .......





    Here we go again. Lol


    My friend, the way you type and tell your story is  painful.


    You write a novel, going in circle, saying the same thing different ways. And give irrelevant details that doesn't add to the conclusion.

    Reading your novel posts makes my brain want to kill itself. No offence.


    Now, let's get to what you said in that post.


    Dreams? Really? 


    Ok, let's go with that.

    What are dreams? 

    Dreams are the pressure release valve of the conscious mind.

    Yes, many have vivid dream... I had a few myself.


    You talk about  not "zooming and swooping around like superman" 

    "Now Im stood there looking at my arms, turning my hands over, touching my legs, pulling my clothes, looking around and having the words 'sh*t Im here' going round and round in my head."


    And you go on and on about the same useless details that have nothing to do with what we are talking about.


    So your perception of reality is based on dreams?


    Well, no wonder you got it all so wrong.

    The dark ones can easily deceive you in a dream. The program that runs this place does it.


    I am aware that no matter what I say or what anyone says, you will defend your beliefs and ideology with everything you got.


    Have a good one.

  13. 14 minutes ago, ink said:


    It is correct for me via my experiences ....... I hold it for no one else to believe :)


    Please share with us one of those experiences.



    I was the same. I had many conclusions.... and then I stopped. I thought how did I come to these conclusions.

    And I could not justify them.


    It was obviously them. They put those conclusions in my mind.


    I have been deceived by them more times that I can count. 

    I for one have many experiences and also things that I remember from before I came here, and I can tell you all.


    Here is the link to this forum going into more detail.



    Please share with us one of those experiences.



  14. 46 minutes ago, BlueSky said:

    What's your plan when your body dies then?


    Fight them like I always have.

    What else is there? 


    They cannot be reasoned with.


    First I would connect and take control of the rest of my being.... once I do, I will remember everything. What I am and what has happened.... 

    And then act accordingly. 





    99% of people that have a near-death experience are religious or on the fence.


    They all see "angels" and/or "god" they see a tunnel and light.
    They might see a "dead" relative.
    They feel love, peace, harmony. Unimaginable beauty. 


    And they feel powerful, unlimited beings and sense almost everything and are everywhere at the same time.
    And that this world looks so meaningless and hollow... So irrelevant.
    This is true... That is the beings that we actually are.


    They are told what they want to hear.
    They are all told exactly the same thing.

    That they are loved and special and that they need to go back cos their work is not done yet.

    What work? 
    They all live a meaningless, hollow existence after the "near-death" experience.
    Just as they did before it.


    But what does actually happen is that they reinforce their own belief in God and are reinforcing the beliefs of those around them.
    Some might write a book to reinforce the beliefs of other religious people and those that are on the fence.
    Doing the Dark One's bidding.


    The Dark Ones are the Masters of Illusion and Deception.


    Do Not fall for it.

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