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  1. "But I do stand by my question....... Icke is all about other dimensions, infinite consciousness, demons, reptilians, wendigos and stuff......." Yeah, but not God. You have selective hearing. David is exactly like me. He is not religious.... he is far from that. I can link you a podcast where he calls religion out just as he does wokeness. Damn you people hear what you want to hear. No wonder this forum is infested with religious fanatics.
  2. To the WOKE nutjobs I am a far-right conspiracy theorist To the GOD nutjobs I am a satanist. And then they play the victim. As I said, both ideologies are similar in almost every way. 2+2= 5 2+2= god
  3. I am not here to hold your hand and tend to your feelings I am NOT your mommy
  4. I don't really care what you think. You got the right to think whatever you wish. Cheers
  5. No I didn't. Talking about the spammers and trolls. Take this guy novymir On every thread on mine he came and god this and god that. I told him to stop inserting himself on every topic, with god the answer to everything. 30 minutes later, I start this thread asking for a feminine prospective.... and guess what? Here he comes again. Again, God is the answer. I asked for a female prospective... not a god one. I fukn had enough. And now you feel attacked. Almost like it's a cult or something. Oh, wait...
  6. This was a message, my friend. First time ever that she communicated to me in a dream.
  7. Wow, how quick you turned nasty. What happened my friend?
  8. Here we go again. The woke ideology and god ideology is similar in almost every way. Wokers: 2+2= 5 Godlings: 2+2 = god
  9. What an over simplification. She wants me to be a child? Lol How do you achieve such a thing? And why? That's not it, my friend. But thanks for the input.
  10. This is good, my friend. Make a thread where religious people can discuss the topic that they love. Instead, inserting themselves in every thread on every subject, with "God" and "The Truth" overshadowing everything. What is the point of discussing subjects and topics when the answer to everything is "god" "The truth"? If the answer to everything is god, then what is the point of discussing anything? Renders the forum useless. Nice job, my friend.
  11. It wasn't a dream per se. It was a message from the same female entity that has helped me before... outside dreams, "real life" This is the first time she came in a dream.
  12. I didn't assume anything. I am looking for all perspectives.... I want to cover every angle... so I can see the full picture.
  13. Cool. Thank you. Can't add any more reaction, apparently. Didn't know there is a limit.
  14. Hmmm very interesting. You either didn't understand what I said or you're defending them.
  15. Tell me how this guy sounds to you. And then I accused him of being CIA.... Just to see what his reaction would be. He never answered. If I were to accuse you of being CIA... you would laugh your ass off. He is not laughing. Very interesting.
  16. "I think perhaps deep down we need some higher power to be able to survive." I don't think so my friend.
  17. Seems logical to infiltrate David's forum and make sure important things are not discussed. Distracting and diverting from important matters.
  18. Exactly my friend. Truth over fantasy/illusions any day. Whatever the truth is, I want to know. I don't care how bad, cruel or awesome the truth is. I want to know it.
  19. "History shows us otherwise" Indeed
  20. There are many decent people on this forum But unfortunately, there are a few religious' people that overshadow everything. I don't know if this is intentional or not. They insert themselves into every topic of every post and distracts and diverts from the subject that we're trying to discuss. They spam with picture of Jesus and videos of prayers and other things that enforce those beliefs It almost feels strategic. They echo everything from other people and books. The same things that been echoed for 1000s of years. And they arrogant about it. If you try to reason with them, they either get aggressive or name call you. And then play the victim. People pay attention.... and you will see it. I am sure some have noticed this. It's just weird to find religious fanatics on David's Icke's forum. Very fishy indeed.
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