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  1. On 11/21/2021 at 4:05 PM, CTHOOLHOO said:

    Ive read some ofDavids books and I feel things unlogical and i have some questions:

    1. Why the great force chanelled David not help him, heal him from his illness if they want him to be their prophet?

    2. If you look around you see a lot of people with happy life, with perfect bodies, success etc. Why the archinoan simulation let them live happy as they not produce fear, stress etc. Its not logical. 

    3. Why they let David speak about the conspiracy, and dont get rid of him while they can easily abduct less important average ppl?

    4 Why they let Hollywood make movies like Matrix etc.? Its not logical if they want to be hidden.

    5. Are there importance and roles of nationalities? Cause some of them, some countries are more in the crossfire of the global elite organisations (EU)?




    New account, Joined November 21st


    Makes only one post, by shitting on David to create doubt.

    Last visited on November 26... checking to see the responses he got and never logs in again. 


    Looks like an agent to me, Too easy.


    And no one else has noticed. lol



    Your reality is limited by your perception, and if your perception is limited.... Your reality is nothing more than a speck of dust.





  2. 7 hours ago, Guardian said:


    Like you would know if you were one. Lol


    That's just like an indoctrinated person saying that he is not indoctrinated. lol


    I don't know who Aleister is. And I don't care enough to Google it.



    Here is David on religions. 


    Religions are bad..... wokeness is a religion, covid is a religion, climate change is a religion.


    You Truthspoon (ironic name) are in THE Religion. Lol  or like David says "Perception Bubble"









    Lol YouTube....  Medical misinformation. 





    youtube warnign strike.PNG



    Link to Bitchute



  3. "Stop aging"


    You can't. The body is an information field. Like a program, it is programmed to do what it does.

    Unless you can take control of your information field.... In essence, to change the information of your "body" there is nothing you can do.


    "Prolong human life and stop aging."


    And why would you want to? 


    Focus on your consciousness.... that is the real you. Meditate

  4. 2 minutes ago, RobinJ said:

    Additionally, a return to innocence is where we are all headed now, like it or not, those who survive and thrive in the new world will be those who can go back to a simpler life where we will be judged by our actions towards others in our tribe ( new family) and not by how much money we have or by the idiotic rules of this current situation.


    IDK how you came to your conclusion.


    This world is not real. We are imprisoned here.


    Long story short.... I am angry, and I am frustrated....  As an eternal, infinite being, I am imprisoned in a limited construct. It is tortuous. Words cannot express it.

    And I am desperately looking for a way to break free.


    This female entity that has always helped me know that... She is trying to help best she can. IDK why she can't do more.


    How am I to apply her massage to my situation? Hard to figure out. 

    It was the only time she appeared in a dream. Weird. Cos I am sure she is aware that I dislike that. Contact needs to be done when I am fully awake and fully aware.


    I need to find a way.



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  5. 1 minute ago, RobinJ said:

     Maybe she is asking you to embrace a more feminine or emotional perspective, showing you children and making the point of innocence. Everything is about balance. A return to innocence could well be a message to simplify things more and strip away all the 'extras' if you like. Look for simple explanations and try to view things like its your first time ( as a child would), with wonder and creativity, not adult judgement and programming etc.


    An interesting prospective, my friend.


    Thank you for the input.

  6. 23 minutes ago, RobSS said:


    Calm down! I didn't write that, I was quoting from a controversial letter, and I'm no more fanatical about what I believe in, as you are about what you believe in.


    "Calm down!"


    Good advice bro.

    I went outside and had a smoke. Feeling much better. 🤣


  7. 1 minute ago, itsnotallrightjack said:


    It's more than controversial, it's downright despicable and dangerous. It's this sort of thinking that leads to holocausts and wars.




    They always echo the system.


    Just like wokeness, religion was made by the system for the system.

    To create division, hate... and conflicts.


    See history... how many wars and people killed in the name of religion.

    And these people still echo that propaganda.


  8. 1 minute ago, RobSS said:


    Okay, the dictionary irritates you, got it.



    No, I understand the system and what it does. 


    I just don't understand people like you... religious fanatics. 


    "Atheists being unleashed to provoke a great social cataclysm?"

  9. 1 minute ago, RobSS said:


    You're the one playing games.  You have a problem with the dictionary definition of atheism?



    Yes I do.


    Just because I don't believe in the crap you do doesn't make me anything... let alone an ism.


    The definition is made by the system for the system..... and there is a reason for it.



  10. 7 minutes ago, itsnotallrightjack said:


    Was that you with a different user name?

    A skim through that quickly- a summary explanation for those experiences: dreams/nightmares, sleep paralysis ( I used to have that a lot myself when younger, but only now and again these days), hallucinations/imagination (the brain is very good at this). It wasn't spirits. They do not exist, which is reassuring really. It's the living you wanna be wary of!



    Same username.


    Read it when you have time. It's just the compressed version. I can answer any questions you might have.


    Hallucinations are what the system calls seeing through the veil. To make you doubt everything.


    It's very long and complicated. And there is no way I can do it here on the forum. 

    Only in person. I can show you proof. 


    I can teach anyone to see the bits of info that makes up this reality. And how to see your own energy field that surrounds your vessel.


    But You only have my word for it.


    I always tell people.

    Believe nothing question everything. 

    Even me.



  11. 3 minutes ago, RobSS said:


    You said, "The problem with the religious people is that if a person doesn't believe in God.... automatically makes him an Atheist" - I was asking you if you're sure that's true. If you don't want to answer fine, but it's not a game.



    You know very well it is true. 

  12. 3 minutes ago, itsnotallrightjack said:


    The definition of atheist is one who does not believe in any gods so that is technically correct.



    I suppose. 

    I always thought they meant Anti-theism.

    I am not against it. People can believe in whatever they want. As long as they leave me alone.

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  13. 2 minutes ago, itsnotallrightjack said:


    Satan is just as ludicrous as god LOL. Humans don't need to invent "evil entities" to justify why they do wicked things. Take ownership for your misdeeds and stop blaming imaginary devils!  


    You only have to look at the wild animal kingdom to see that violence is, unfortunately, part of nature. Of course it's nasty and we should strive to be kind and help each other. Animals do that too- some help each other rather than fight.



    I don't know if you read my life experience. I put a compressed version here on this forum.🤣


    I have seen them since I was 6.

    I remember fighting them before I came to this realm. Well, imprisoned here is more accurate.







    A lot to read. lol

  14. 5 minutes ago, RobSS said:


    itsnotallrightjack labelled himself as an atheist. If you don't like to be labelled, fine!





    Yes I know.


    People can label themselves if they wish to. They got the right to do so. As do you.


    I do not.


    The problem with the religious people is that if a person doesn't believe in God.... automatically makes him an Atheist


  15. 1 minute ago, RobSS said:


    It was a question, and I wasn't asking you specifically. It was an open question because I do know some atheists believe in a soul but not God, and that not all atheists use the "soul" label, etc. People often think that there's only one type of atheist.




    "I wasn't asking you specifically. It was an open question"

    If that's the case, I apologise. Sorry bro.


    "People often think that there's only one type of atheist."


    What's that mean? 


    Just like the WOKE ideology, you have to label people, put them in categories and subcategories in order to reinforce and justify your own beliefs.


    Like I said before.


    Both ideologies are similar in almost every way.





  16. 1 minute ago, RobSS said:


    Did I classify you? I'm not sure that I did!





    You obviously did. 


    "What about a soul... do atheists have a soul without realising it?"


    You implied it by asking me, since you didn't tag anyone else.

  17. 4 minutes ago, RobSS said:

    What about a soul... do atheists have a soul without realising it?





    Please don't classify me as anything.

    I have no bubbles, no beliefs, no ideologies. I am not tribal in any shape or form. No ism.


    I am beyond such things.


    What you call soul... It is actually you... The being that you are. The body/vessel is not you.


    What is the body? It is an information field. It is not real. The being trapped inside it is the real you. Not the body.


    So, please rephrase the question. Tx



  18. 15 minutes ago, m754 said:


    I am a woman.


    I could give my thoughts on what you asked, you may or may not agree of course...



    First of all, watch the Enigma video a few times...with some deep contemplation...


    From a human perspective it will only take you so far...but you may find some clue to what you are so desperately (and almost angrily) seeking.


    I don't have all the answers obviously, still struggling with my own search/ seeking etc...but I could give a woman's point of view if I am able to.




    Would be great thank you.

  19. 19 minutes ago, itsnotallrightjack said:


    Mate, I was feeling fed up (got a broken leg amongst other stuff going on) and so that is just my wry sense of humour.  But it has to be said life isn't a bowl of cherries and I'm not joining the clappy Jesus club; no matter how much you go on about it.


    There is no god, and as for Jesus there is no historical or archaeological proof he even existed. He's a myth. 


    Look I know and have known loads of very religious people who have actually tried to top themselves and ended up in mental hospitals. This is despite them  engaging in prayer groups with their Jesus circles, confessing to priests, reading the bible for hours every day etc etc. Being a very devout god follower doesn't mean that you'l be super happy and life is tickety boo and only an atheist will get fed up  or depressed sometimes. And these religious folks have often been coming to me over the years and recently, telling me all their problems for hours on end. But at the same time they tell me Jesus "saved" them. LOL!


    An atheist at least has the courage to say life has a lot of shittiness to it and not try to use fantasy to avoid facing that fact.


    And please point me to scientific/biological proof of the soul. I expect I will be waiting for a very long time!


    To save you the time: we are born, we live for a bit, then we die. The End.


    Well my friend, You are a Satanist, just like me. According to Truthspoon 🤣


    "The first degree of Satanism is the belief that there is no God"


    No, Not a fanatic. lol

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  20. 7 hours ago, Truthspoon said:



    Why is your formatting such a nightmare?


    Believing in God doesn't make you a religious fanatic...


    There are no religious fanatics here anyway.... you are full of shit and being deliberately provocative....


    You turn up out of no-where, and start shouting the odds....and start setting up some kind of divisive 'them vs us' thing' amongst the forummers...


    Yeah...that's just what we need....  




    May I ask are you a fan of Aleister Crowley?




    Like you would know if you were one. Lol


    That's just like an indoctrinated person saying that he is not indoctrinated. lol


    I don't know who Aleister is. And I don't care enough to Google it.



    Here is David on religions. 


    Religions are bad..... wokeness is a religion, covid is a religion, climate change is a religion.


    You Truthspoon (ironic name) are in THE Religion. Lol  or like David says "Perception Bubble"






  21. 3 hours ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    Seen a few posts by that user and thought something was off. Telling people to stop posting on here, and also denying the evidence of EMF/EMR radiation causing harm to humans.


    Two big alarm bells in my book.


    Yeah, his intentions are clear. 

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