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  1. If you watched near-death experiences vids.... remember what people said they felt? Abundance of peace, love, harmony.... they tell you that you are the most loved the most important. "Yes, you are very powerful, we love you.......blah blah" It's like being super high. Have you ever seen a pothead? Laughing at the sky? It's like being on drugs Euphoria Unfortunately, our spices have one flow.... one they have been able to exploit. We are very naive in our natural state. Well, light is harmony peace and love..... it is Innocence
  2. Many of our people have done that.... and look at where we are. Believe me, you cannot reason with them, I tried. In fact, I still do now and then. Because I don't want to do what I am going to do when I break free. I gave them a chance to make things right. Hasn't worked so far. I will wipe them from existence. Their entire species. We have never done that before. We are light. But I will. Even if our people will banish me. I will be an outcast. For the first time in our people's existence. Because we are light. We fundamentally believe that every living conscious thing no matter how good or evil has the right to be. The right to exist. It's in their nature. It's who they are. And they all are on their own journey.... to better themselves. We are light, we do not wipe beings from existence. First time for everything.
  3. I am looking for a way to take control of the construct, by trying to connect with the rest of my being. I got nothing left to lose. Lol I'll try anything. By the way.... There is no spoon nose. forgot "We'll remember everything & act accordingly" The thing is you won't just like the rest of them. They will block you while they make you feel good, and loving, and important. We must remember to take control and not let them get to our ego.
  4. Here a few examples of what he said. U can see the timestamp
  5. I watch it few times, sis. xd I have to. They put me in a stupid vessel. Of course, I improved it significantly. But still not that good. Let me tell you about the light, benevolent beings. We do not work at low frequencies.... we never do. That's the darkness domain. We do not use technology, we have no need for it, (he heard machinery) As unlimited eternal beings, we have no need of technology. We are far, far beyond such things. The dark ones use it to compensate for the lack of abilities. And most certainly, we do not sent people into the lower realms or low frequencies. We are light. We do not do that. Every person that had a near dead experience has echoed the same story. They are told that they are powerful and infinite, and they are very important. If they are religious, the dark ones appear as angels or god. They are told to go back cos their "work" is not finished What work? They all live a meaningless and hollow exist ace after the experience just as they did before it. And they all regret coming back. They were deceived. The guy in the video describes several times that in very low frequencies, he felt fear, uneasy, unpleasant. Likely so. Darkness is disturbing to us.
  6. "illusory paradise." For some paradise for others like myself hell.
  7. This guy is beyond reason, my friend. Don't waste your time.
  8. Wow, so much anger, so much hate. Let me guess, religious? It is clearly beyond your comprehension. Even so, I would have most likely still tried to explain it to you if you weren't so rude, so arrogant, thinking you know it all when you clearly do not. Your reality is limited by your perception, and if your perception is limited.............
  9. Thank you. I thought I scared you off for a bit. Usually, when I say something negative about religion some people don't care and some really lose their shit. That's why from now on, I have to remember to ask people if they are or not. The aya thing, it's banned here in Australia. Which means it is valuable to us. Anything the system cuts your access to.... go for it. Lol No, bro, I am not afraid of the dark ones... they are afraid of me. If I break loose, there are fked. Lol That's why they have been tormenting me since I was a kid here. Projecting their fear onto me. Haven't seen them since 2017. I just HATE being here bro, being so limited, being human. It is not the real me. I just want to kick their ass and go home. I just want to go home. I don't want to be here. Now I sound like a little B. I cannot emphasise enough how much I hate being here. In this cartoonish world. I don't know who DI is. I only found David around 1-2 years ago. I don't listen or follow no one. Because any person that has a platform and is supported by the system = deception. Even David doesn't know everything. He says this is an experience. I suppose you can call it that. But it's an experience forced down my throat (well there is no throat, u know what I mean) I don't want it. They can shove this so-called experience up their dark ass.xd Same to you bro safe journey and when u remember who you are kick their ass... but not before you set some of us loose to join in. Cheers
  10. Thank you for sharing this with me, my friend. I never use anything. It's just the way I am. I like to be in control and fully aware. The reason I don't trust anything is it's very easy to be deceived by the dark ones. I have been deceived more times than I remember. The first time they tried the program 'religion' on me. But that didn't work. So they tried something else "Yes, you are a very powerful unlimited, infinite being from beyond space and time, but you chose to come here, to experience the lower plains. To learn what is to be human. You should enjoy the experience" That worked for a while... Until I figured it out. The dark ones are the masters of illusion and deception. I know the bastards, I remember fighting them before I fell/thrown in here. This limited construct. How people think this cartoonish world is real is beyond me. Anyway, my friend, thank you again. I think I got the message. I never knew what AYA meant and in the song. I thought it was just noise. Lol In fact, I never hear of AYA until now. Thank you very much. Thank you for letting me know.
  11. 'wont clog up the thread with that kind" Are you kidding? Lol Please do, my friend. This exactly why I am here on this forum. I am looking for a way out. To break free from this prison.
  12. No such thing as solid, my friend. But yeah, she was real. Not such thing as hallucinations. That's what the system uses to put doubts in your mind. It's seeing beyond the veil. Remember who you are.
  13. "Also, why can't we upload our own raw MP4's etc to be moderated and then possibly shown." Yeah, that would be good, bro.
  14. Funny how the mods still allow this thread that is clearly against the rules and paints David as something he is not. While the mods deleted my thread, 'The mods are not doing their job' exposing the religious agenda here. They are clearly compromised. And they still haven't removed the warning point for upsetting one of their cult member by simply no bowing down to religion. Very interesting. David clear view on religion: https://www.bitchute.com/video/DNKURlR7WaYG/
  15. I just watched it. As I thought. He was deceived and doesn't even know it. As soon as he sensed low vibrational dark energy, a "being" came and showed him "the universe", and how peaceful it all is and how powerful he is....etc And then he surrendered.
  16. It doesn't work for Bitchute and Odysee But thank you.
  17. "There can be no innocence in this world" I am sorry, my friend, but that's wrong. The children are innocent, the animals are innocent. How did you come to your conclusion? <iframe width="640" height="360" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border: none;" src="https://www.bitchute.com/embed/DNKURlR7WaYG/"></iframe>
  18. Exactly. I have no idea how you have been able to stay on this forum for 2 years without going nuts or being already recruited. I don't even have a month here.... And I already had enough of god to last me a lifetime.
  19. Normal Tabasco bro. lol Roll my own tobacco. Nothing too exiting.
  20. The maturity from the ideology of love never fails to deliver.
  21. You again? Didn't I say I have no clue who that is. go read above before you bother me.
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