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  1. Speak for yourself, my friend, speak for yourself. xd Maybe I need to make things more interesting for myself around here. I need to "edit my character" and then go hunting. Should be fun.
  2. And that is how people debate things. Disagree on some, agree on some.... all without the name-calling....etc Yep, Alan.
  3. Why not? You only need to tell them what you know... that's it. It is up to them what they do with that info. Or to look into it to see rather or not the info is accurate. But at the end of the day what others do is none of my concerns. Like I said before. I won't let their limitations or their ideologies and beliefs affect me no more. I am going all the way to the top and then some. I cannot be stopped. XD
  4. "It is not wise to interfere in things which you cannot change" I was put into a stupid slow vessel for obvious reasons. I was told by everyone as a kid, how dumb I was.... the ability to process information, to solve logical problems.... perception and self awareness were almost nonexistent. I was "special" Also born with many medical conditions, my sister died from the same things. I didn't. He will never live past 20 they said, he will never be smart, logical they said, Impossible they said. Nothing is impossible, there are NO limitations, only the limitations you put upon yourself. I learned that long ago. I overcome many difficult things, physically and mentally, that most would consider IMPOSSIBLE. "It is not wise to interfere in things which you cannot change" Oh, but I can and I will. It has already begun.
  5. "here is no superior or inferior, higher level or lower level." You're wrong there, my friend. Unfortunately, It is the rules of the construct. They call it evolution here. We are not all the same. The ability to process information far faster than others. Others are easily manipulated and indoctrinated than others. Most need a tribe and cant be without one. Cannot move past tribalism. Some have the ability to see through illusions, through every deception. When many cannot see it even if it is in front of them. There are levels, bro. Many. Level of intelligence, logic, perception self awareness, intuition.....etc. "It doesn't matter if you know something, others won't be able to apply it to themselves" This I agree with. As I mention before, I found valuable info from people that had no clue what it was. And still don't.
  6. It is no point in trying to reason with them, my friend. I have recently reached a logical conclusion. I will no longer interact with beings that are at a very low level. They are detrimental to my being, to my progression in elevating myself. You want to interact with beings close to your level to uplift to elevate each other. Or even better, interact with people above your level. So they can elevate you. The ones at a very low level will pull you down. They will grab you by the legs and pull you down to their level. It is illogical to interact with them. I know what you're thinking. That perhaps you can help them, bring them up to your level, so you can all better yourselves. Together. I once thought that as well. No longer. It is impossible to help them. They already know everything.
  7. Indeed. I never liked tribalism. I founded self limiting. And I love to be unlimited. No limit. lol
  8. Indeed. There are many secrets here. But you won't find them if you limit yourself. If you won't go outside the bubble. Like these godlings. lol Best to not be tribal at all... no bubbles. What I do, I jump from bubble to bubble and see what everyone got. Most have no clue. For example, I found how to affect the construct from Tibetans and shit. They have no idea what they got. I think they call it mudra prayers or something. They make prayer, not for it... but thanking "god" for the prayer that has already happened. If you look at anything through a lens... you will get a distorted picture. They have no clue what valuable information they got. And someone like me that has no bubble, no lens no filter... comes along. I will take that, thank you. Just a note: Buddhists are one of the loveliest, kind people on the planet. Wonderful people. It's a joy and pleasure to be around them. Such a beautiful energy. Unlike others. Lol Merry Xmas, my friend.
  9. Damn, I am busted. You right you got me. You are very good bro. Congratulations
  10. I am sorry, there is no way I can explain to you so you can comprehend. And this conclusion is based on your quests and how you phrased them. The fact that you even asked those questions the way you did is mind-boggling. Anyway Merry Christmas I hope you have a good one.
  11. Your lack of self awareness is unbelievable. Wow
  12. Spot on, my friend. They echo things from other people that themselves echoed shit from others.... and round and round it goes.
  13. So you got nothing. I thought so. I don't echo anything from anyone. Everything I know is from before I came into this dammed world. This illusion. As soon as your bubbles get pocked at, you all get angry and confrontational. Let me guess... the ideology of love?
  14. And how do you know that? Please tell us how you came to this conclusion. Since you seem so sure.
  15. "could it be an illusion to trick us?" That's exactly what I think. This"body" is not the real us. It is NOT real. We are not corporeal. It is an information field. And everything within the information field comes from them.... except the "soul" the being trapped within in. That's us. The pineal gland is not part of us. I don't think. I do not trust it... especially that the system has info about it all over the place. "See people in history used it and worshipped it, it must be good, they trust it you should too" I DO NOT trust it. I could be very wrong, of course. Always be self-aware and perceptive.
  16. Guardian


    Joe Biden gets TROLLED with "Let's Go Brandon!" LIVE
  17. This thread is still up, it seems. And this guy still paints David into something he is not. You can break the forum rules as long as you are a religious fanatic, it seems. Here is again David's clear take on religion. In case you missed it the last time. LOL https://www.bitchute.com/video/DNKURlR7WaYG/
  18. "Each individual has to change themselves first." Change what? This world is not real, your life is not real. Lol "Then the whole will fall into place" What will fall into place? Your cycle will end, and you will start another cycle... just like you did countless cycles before. Doing the same shit over and over again expecting a different result. It seems to me that you won't give up this illusion without a fight. Well, knock yourself out.
  19. Oops, I got your question wrong. Doing too many things at once. Sorry Well, most of your life here is NOT at peace. You feel pain, grief, suffering, loss, sadness, fear...especially Fear of death. Funerals are like a feast to them. Hate, anger, division.... Seeing us at each other's throats. Wokeness, diversity, gender..... All here to cause low vibes. The religious that pray to them, giving themselves to the dark ones.... Makes them stronger. They are literally helping the dark ones enslave their own people. Despicable. The media, academia, Hollywood......etc And now they are jabbing our people, cutting us even more from ourselves "consciousness" Besides humiliating us, tormenting and torturing us, they study us.... Experiment on us. They want to be like us. They are idiots. They are as stupid as they are evil. They are low vibes beings.... Dark, low vibrational frequencies. They want to be like us by staying like themselves. LOL Impossible. They think they will find the "secret" by experimenting on us. And use their damn technology to compensate. Their technology is their God. They will never be us. EVER. So what peace? Look at the world today.... So much pain and suffering, so much fear and despair. Snap out of La La Land. LOL
  20. Indeed, my friend. Illusions. I hate illusions
  21. Now you can understand my avatar. A guardian sitting in the front with the matrix behind him. Where all his people are imprisoned. People he supposed to protect. Now you might understand my anger a bit more. Lol
  22. Well, you are in a prison. If you only knew who you are... Who you truly are,,, if you could only feel it for just one second.... You will fight with everything you got to be free. Well, our people are truly beautiful. You are an example. Light sees light even inside darkness itself. What I will say now... It's just a feeling, something I sense. And I am NOT sure about it. What I said so far, I am very sure. But not this. I sense that I was the guardian of light. I was supposed to protect you all. And I failed. I failed miserably That's why I am able to not be naive sort of speak. I am still light, but something else as well. I failed to protect you all. But I remember fighting with everything I got. And I lost. I got so much weight on my shoulders, sort of speak... More than you can possibly imagine.
  23. "That's the thing, it's not about control, it's the opposite, it's letting go" And that's why you have been here, trapped in countless cycles for eternity. You accepted your faith. This is my first time here, and I guarantee you this is my last.
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