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  1. Please people... Don't come at me echoing the system. I know the damn system. I am in it, I am surrounded by it. I fight the damn system 24/7. Yes, even when I am "unconscious" Or echo someone else's opinions by quoting other people or sharing links to other people's opinions. I want to hear your own opinions, conclusions and experiences. Not the system's propaganda or other people's opinion. If you got nothing of your own, don't act like you do and walk around like you know some shit. Please don't bother me. Go make a cup of coffee or something. It's getting damn irritating.
  2. You come across as part of the system. It feels like I am debating the system itself. Why did you even bother commenting on my threat to begin with? Rhetorical question. This engagement is counterproductive to me. Have a good one, bro.
  3. Wow, my friend. "Delusions or hallucinations" Not such thing as delusions or hallucinations.... and there is no such thing as coincidence. You are constantly using their language. Those words, those descriptions you use, are to deceive us. Seeing beyond the veil is not a delusion or hallucination. I gave you a link to that meditation video.... you could see it all for yourself. But I am sure you want to be told what is rather than see it for yourself. Psychiatrists? These people have no idea who they are, how they got here, and what here even is.... but they think they know some shit. The cats going for the laser pointer dot again. You are using the system's description of what is, and people that server that system to "debunk" us or to shape your reality. Just like the rest of our people. Your reality is limited by your perception.... If you want to believe the system, my friend, by all means, knock yourself out.
  4. Same here bro. I wasn't born here in OZ… So English is my second language... and I get the Aussie spelling and autocorrect is trying to tell me to do American spelling and grammar I tell the damn program to shove all its different English spellings up its red chakra.
  5. No my friend. I remember from before I came in here. I fought like hell and I lost. Here if you want to read how I know.
  6. Weird... Are you near anything that might emit some kind of radiation? Or any kind of powerful frequency nearby? That just got activated?
  7. You can believe whatever you want, my friend. It doesn't change what actually is. No such thing as physical, there is no universe, there is no time. And I don't care what people that are part of that system say.... they were made by the system for the system. They are irrelevant
  8. I don't think you understand, my friend. Programs have memory? Memory itself is a program. Memory implies passage of time. There is no such thing as time. My will? I remember before I came here. This vessel is not me. I am imprisoned inside it. Well, part of me is. The brain is not real.... nothing here is, except a number of us imprisoned inside this energy field.
  9. You must try to stop thinking of them programs as personalities. That definition is done by the system. You can overcome them and take control. It is not hard at all. You must reach full awareness... In order to do that, you must go through a few steps of meditation. I guarantee you, those programs won't affect you anymore. Here are those steps.
  10. Ok, I see. So, your conclusions, your opinions, are not your own. They are someone else's. Everything I say is my own. My own conclusions and opinions based on my own experiences here in this realm and things that I know from before I came here. Remember who you are.
  11. Lol my friend. I didn't ask for the definition of them. I asked how you came to those conclusions.
  12. Indeed. I AM not sure about the private part. How do you know that? You keep mentioning the hive. What do you mean by it? And how did you come to that conclusion?
  13. No my friend. No personalities. Those are programs running within the information field. They are obviously malfunctioning.... from the construct point of view. Overlapping in programs. Glitches and bugs. Some programs are not supposed to run at the same time as others. These people are not in full sync with this illusion "reality" as the rest of us. Schizophrenics are even more out of sync. They are truly amazing. They see bugs in the system. Others wake up speaking a new language and forgot their own. There are many things that can change the information within your"body" drugs can actually delete some data from the programs or cause them to malfunction. Many people that abuse drugs end up being pedos. Obviously a simplification and one example. Scientists and people that study the human body are most amusing to me. They are like cats trying to get the laser dot on the wall. Me: "Guys, there is a guy on the couch with a device that creates that dot. A laser pointer" But as usual they know better.... and ignore such statements. Scientists 🢃
  14. I am asking everyone to try to remember who they are. Please put aside your beliefs, ideologies, your knowledge for just a moment. Try to concentrate and remember who you are. You must. You are an infinite, unlimited eternal being, you are not corporeal. You already know what you are but haven't been able to process it. Most people have been drunk, I assume. How do you feel when drunk? Do you feel invincible? Immortal? Unlimited? Powerful? That's who you truly are... Some do it all the time to just feel their true selves and don't know it. Alcohol doesn't suppress the logical and reasoning part of the brain, as they say. It renders those programs that run within your information field (body) useless. For a short time. Like pausing the programs. You sensed it but didn't know what it was. Now you do. I personally don't like drinking. Reminds me of what I lost, and I hate not being in control. That's why I rarely have a beer. I am not asking you to forget everything you know and everything you believe in. I am asking you to put them aside for a moment, only for a moment. And try to remember who you are. We are running out of time. Remember who you are.
  15. They can't. lol 99.9% of people when asked how they came to that conclusion can't answer. They just can't. But until that point they seem so sure of themselves. lol
  16. Karl? How to you know he is legit? And what exactly does he channel? And the facts are? And how you came to these "facts" Please share. I think you should follow your own advice.
  17. Find a doctor that will give you an exception. Hard to find, but nor impossible. You got till April to find one.
  18. I have experienced that. As I said, I have the ability to jump from bubble to bubble and experience that perception and then move on. It is peaceful, comforting.... that's all I can say. The rest you have to experience it for yourself. You're not missing much, I would say.
  19. Indeed. Would you share some of this strange shit you have experience? Please do. I am looking for answers. And every one of us has a little bit.
  20. Exactly It is boring, it is lame it is repetitive and full of them mindless NPCs.
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