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  1. 12 minutes ago, Fluke said:

    What are they? Ive always seen them. Did you find out?

    They make up this construct.

    Everyone has heard by now about the simulation theory. They are bits of information.

    A few weeks ago, while trying to connect to my consciousness more than ever before... I came across something incredible.


    I am sure you have heard about the double slit experiment.

    I was in my computer chair, meditating with my eyes open. (I can be in meditating state all day, drive, go shopping...etc)

    Anyway, half the room dematerialised. I could not believe it.

    Half the kitchen, the PC and monitor gone. All I could see was energy.

    I was able to hold that concentration for 3 minutes.

    There was a huge geometric shape where the TV monitor supposed to be.

    I have never seen a geometric shape like that before. Same shape within itself but different colours.

    The first one was red, vibrating, the second one within it was blue, then yellow... the rest of colours were faded and in the middle was pitch black.

    Then I thought... I am going to observe it now. And as I did, everything reappeared instantly.

    Indeed, observation collapses the wave function. It was truly amazing.


    I looked all over the net to see if I can find that geometric shape.

    I wasn't able to.

    5 days later, I was watching a vid on a YouTube channel  'Quantum Gravity Research' and the topic was  Quasi crystals Vs Crystals.


    They show an image of quasi crystals . And I thought Wow... that was the closest geometric shape I have seen so far.

    Not exactly the same, but very close.


    I am sorry, my friend.... what I am going to say next might make you run for the hills. Lol


    This world is not real. It is indeed an illusion. And I believe we are imprisoned here. By those dark entities I have seen since I got here.

    We are infinite, eternal beings. Beyond space and time. I knew that since I got here.

    We are not human. Human is what they turned us into

    They even have a symbol for us. 

    Infinite beings trapped in an infinite loop as limited being for infinity

    They think it's ironic and funny. I obviously do not find it funny. 

    All my life I tried to awaken the rest of our people. They all are deep asleep, and they don't want to wake up.

    They never do.

    They won't give up this illusion without a fight.😞

    Most unfortunate.

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  2. Here we go


    Since I came into this world... The moment I gained consciousness. I was in shock and disoriented.

    I have never seen anything like this world before. Time was the most alien thing/concept I have ever seen/experienced.

    Took me a few decades to mechanically learn time.


    Then I could see tiny dots of energy moving chaotically in the air. Quadrillions of them. They make up this construct.

    There is no pattern to them that I can see.

    I tried to follow one, but I lose it after 2-3 seconds. There are far too many of them, and they are moving fast.

    I could not understand as a kid what they were.


    After seeing Star Wars, I thought that they might be the force. Lol

    I was just a kid trying to make sense of things.

    Around the age of 6, 3 dark entities appeared in my room around midnight. I was not shaking. I was vibrating.

    My entire skeleton structure was vibrating. 

    I was scared out of my mind.

    The room was pitch black, and they were darker than darkness.

    Now, I don't know if they were actually there or were some kind of projection into my room, or into my mind. I do not know.

    But they looked and felt VERY real.

    They appeared many times throughout my life.

    The last time I have seen them was at the end of 2017. When I was messing around with time.

    After my wife passed, I moved far away from everything and everyone. And I was struggling mentally and physically.

    I had back surgery.


    Anyway, I was trying to meditate... I was angry, sore, and frustrated... Haven't left the home in 2 years.

    And as I lied down... Thinking that I cannot lie still to mediate... I was pulled out of the body, and I was suddenly in space.

    Before I go further... No, I don't do drugs, drink alcohol nor do I take medications.🙄

    So, I was suddenly in space. I sense a female frequency. It was unbelievable.

    It was so peaceful and harmonious, serenity.

    Exactly what I need it. 


    It was like after I have been drowning for years and not dying... Being pulled out of the water and breathing air for the first time in years.

    It was truly amazing.

    She took me around, and she showed me a water planet. All water and one tree in the middle of it. 

    It was beautiful and weird at the same time. One tree sticking out of the water and nothing else.

    I have no idea what it means. The tree of life, maybe?

    Then she took me to another planet, and it was at night. 

    The edge of the city looked strange. Like huge walls sounding it.

    If anyone has seen Dark city... Something similar to that. The walls at the edge of the city.

    The city was huge, very futuristic looking. 1000s of huge buildings from small to tall from the edge of the city towards the centre.

    In the centre of the city was a dome.

    And we were inside all of a sudden... Entering a room.

    In the room, there were many different groups of aliens. They were all sticking with their own kind. They weren't mixing.

    I thought it was weird. But I sensed it was some kind of summit.

    As we entered on the right were the first alien group and the only one that I remember how they look like. The rest I cannot seem to recall their faces.


    They had some kind of glasses in their hand with some kind of drink. Looked like champagne to me. LOL

    They looked at me and bow their heads slightly. Like a greeting. At which point I have done the same.

    As we were walking towards the middle of the room... I found myself back home, staring at the ceiling in the same position I was thinking to start meditating.

    There is no way I could meditate after that.

    That experience healed me and brought my frequency a bit into balanced. A few months later got better and left the house and life became normal after a long time of despair.

    Whoever she was, I owe her a great deal of gratitude. 

    A few months ago after 2 years since she took me on that journey appeared again. But this time in a vivid dream.

    I don't know why, in a dream... cos I disregard things that happen in dreams. Even when awake, if not fully awake and aware.

    In the dream, I was a kid... She was standing in a room full of kids. And next to her waist was a TV.

    She gestures with her hand to come to her. As I approach her, she points at the TV

    As I look... And instantly recognized the video clip and the music playing. And a white horse runing on the screen in slow motion.

    It was 'Return to innocence' by Enigma.

    And then I woke up.

    I have no idea what she was trying to tell me.

    For me to return to innocence?

    What does innocence truly mean? 

    No ego, no vanity, no arrogance? 

    I have no clue what she wants, what she meant. I am a bit slow, though. LOL

    On the 15th Nov. I was drawn to the sun. To observe it with the naked eyes. 

    So I did for about 15 min. It was glitching badly. Besides that, it looked like a hole in the fabric of reality.

    If any of the normies... People deep asleep would have seen that. Their soul would have collapsed into itself.
    The sun is glitching badly... No doubt about that.

    I tried to make it as short as possible.


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  3. I have seen some that are. 

    But they are being deceived. 

    Some think that they are talking to the dead. Well, no such thing as death. The soul gets trapped and reincarnated fast.

    So who are they talking to?

    Another talk to aliens, spirits, higher self/oversoul. 

    I am almost certain they are communicating with a program that is part of this construct "simulation"

    They are being sent down an endless rabbit hole. A deception.

    These peoples have huge potential and that's why they are being deceived. If they were to use their consciousness as I do. To try to break free or take control of this construct.

    We would be free by now.

    And you cannot convince them otherwise. They are badly embedded in that illusion, they cannot get out of it.

    They talk about Pleiadians, Andromedans, Christ frequencies, solar flash, earth shifting in the 5th density (they skipped the 4th🤣for some reason) Orion, greys......etc

    Most unfortunate. They could have really helped us.



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