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  1. Damn, I started this thread to try to make people remember who they are... And it's all gone downhill fast. The same 3 people always come and derail every single one of my threads. There is no point in making any thread anymore... These parasites of the system will always come and divert from what I am trying to archive. Perhaps it is time to move on.
  2. 98% of what you just said it is wrong. I agree with the last part. You Truthspoon and novymir always come on my topics, attack, make fun and insult constantly. And then cry foul. Toxic indeed.
  3. Nice try... I know that you said you were female when I asked for a feminine perspective. You are a dude. I don't care what your cover is. Masculine energy coming from you... there is nothing feminine about you. Now, now, don't be a hypocrite, bro. You came here on my threat swinging, and now you can't take the heat? And tell me to back off? You people always come at me with everything you got, and if I give back, you all start crying and play the victim. Why did you come on my threat with this shit? If you give, expect to get back. I never attack... but I always defend or counterstrike.
  4. I am a nutcase? Says the one obsessed with death. No such thing as death. Ok CIA? I know it sux that the girl next to your cubical thinks of you as a friend only, and you want more. She is not into simps. You are sexually frustrated, it happens, bro. Now, calm down and go for a walk, smell some roses. Perhaps a cold shower might help.
  5. Nicely played rookie. The first mistake you did when I accused you of being CIA was for you to get on the defensive. When a normal person gets called CIA... what is their reaction? They would laugh and make a joke out of it. They would say something like this. Yes, I am CIA, and I am also FBI and part of the Alien galactic intelligence. But you went on the defensive, also... I could feel your anger. Did I blow your cover, rookie? Don't worry, agent m754. Most people won't believe me. You are safe. I am just letting you know that I know. That's it. As you were.
  6. Really now? Hmm... You must be a rookie. Only shit kickers get these jobs.\ Let's summarise, shall we? When the opportunity presents itself, you try to discredit Di... I have seen you many times trying to discredit David. I got to give you credit... You try your best to do it with logic and fines. Most people don't notice it. But I am a guardian.... And I have noticed you from the beginning. You also try to discredit others that provide proof of 5G technology... By trying to downplay it. A lot of your posts include the word dead. In 2 phrases alone you used the word dead 5 times if I am not mistaken. You seem obsessed with death. Who is obsessed with death? The death cult, of course. Ok Rookie? I never come on any of your threats or any of them religious threads or posts. But you all seem to always find your way to mine. Always. Everyone serving the system always find their way on my threats and attack. You always start shit and always play the victims. Poor you. CIA
  7. Oh look, Mr CIA is here. How are you today, Agent m754?
  8. Best not engage with these low vibrational beings. They feed of drama, conflicts....etc just like the dark ones, they feed of low vibrational frequencies. They have learned much from their masters.
  9. Exactly my friend. That remains to be seen. Indeed. I am not tribal and I never take sides well... I am, and I always will be, on the side of light. One thing that makes me lose my shit is when they fuck with the innocent. That's it, I won't agree and pet them on the back when they echo to me their beliefs. That makes them lose their shit. That's why I am always attacked by the people that support the system, by the religious, by the wokers, liberals, progressives, right-wingers, left-wingers, commies, socialists, feminists, trangedarists, Simps..... etc Do you know what they all have in common? They all serve the system that enslaves them. And they won't give up this illusion without a fight. Now to quote DI "You must understand. Most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly depended on the system that they will fight to protect it" Here it is: DI
  10. I am a hypocrite, am I? This comes from a god loving person that called me a Satanist. In fact, you called anyone that doesn't believe in God a Satanist. You put us all in the same boat as Soros. IllusionSpoon
  11. Ironic isn't it. The people that are not supposed to judge others are constantly judging others. Lol The ideology of love, peace and tolerance
  12. The ideology of love strikes again. The godlings spread their peace, love, and tolerance. It is beautiful. I can truly feel the love...
  13. You are such a white knight. Lol It was a joke.... You know, jokes. The guy username is The Mad Man, and he has a crazy guy in a straight jacket as his avatar. The joke clearly went over your head. I know that you think that you are fighting for the light. You are not. You do not represent us. You serve the dark ones. That much is certain. Illusion-spoon feeding himself illusions and trying to shove illusion down other people's throats.
  14. Look who's talking. lol I am a Guardian, NOT a Guru!
  15. WTH is this? What are you on about?
  16. Wow… a very weird perspective you got there, friend. Interesting nonetheless. Prophet? Guru? Lol Maybe from your limited point of view. No offence, my friend. Your reality is limited by your perception…. if your perception is at a high level, you can see the patterns very easily. And can predict their move with accuracy. If your perception is limited or non existed…. well, people like him will indeed seem like Nostradamus. I personally think David is another Guardian of light. Only the Guardians have the ability to see through illusions and deceptions with ease. BTW: Remember who you are.
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