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  1. @Messenger getting blocked when I try & reply to your post.
  2. That George Soros quote I used on someone yesterday & it turns out fake. SO please be careful & check the facts.
  3. The virus spreading filth have tried to give him covid1984. 4 times & hes still standing.
  4. Blacklives matter marching in Peckham now, I cant be bothered to post clip.
  5. Similar to how they killed Ian Tomlinson. ? ?
  6. Some mad videos doing the rounds, this really seems to be the start of the real lockdown. Orchestrated from the start & end of any real perceived freedoms in America.
  7. Sounds like a drammmah GR. You quote somone coz they state the obvious & mention Jews is all..wow give that man a clap. Such a rebel.? Maybe quit believing Jewish bible stories then I might take you seriously.
  8. I’ve Signed Death Certificates During COVID-19. Here’s Why You Can’t Trust Any of the Statistics on the Number of Victims https://www.globalresearch.ca/covid-19-why-you-cant-trust-any-statistics-number-victims/5714415
  9. Recap: the offical story unfolding is Floyd & Chauvin worked together & they had beef. So this wasent a racial thing atall. Truth from the video evidence strongly points towards fake psyop to me.
  10. They were all undercover Trump supporters?
  11. I was joking about all the protestors gathering at the white house. Of course you wouldn't see the funny side..carry on hijacking the thread.
  12. Antifa at the gates. Its a white house genocide.?
  13. Heard it all before its boring & predictable. Like Twatter. Always the same tools posting the same shit. If you are not hearing it from the right you hear from the left. Same as Cumgate & ScumMedia afew days ago funnily enough. Its a drama. Start a thread about it.
  14. Civic nationalism as in they want their home back from the invaders.
  15. No Palestinians arnt racial supremacist chosen freaks..but thats not the topic. Have a listen to the video Basket posted..tell me she doesnt sound hot.
  16. I would just end the drugs war & start downsizing corporate enforcement.
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