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  1. #GreatReset has been twending solid all day! Even the fake lefties are silent.
  2. The 33 news reports were an epidemic for sure. Was a good thread on this forum listing all the 33's before the hack, that weve never got back... True, Twatter is not very good for posting sources & sloppy click bait at times.
  3. Another video & her friend who fucks off sharpish after shes left sparko on the floor.
  4. Futuristic device from Israeli firm puts music in your head, without headphones https://www.timesofisrael.com/futuristic-device-from-israeli-firm-puts-music-in-your-head-without-headphones/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter Old tech, only the chosen are allowed to market to the masses.
  5. Report: Pompeo Expected to Announce Process for Labeling Groups Anti-Semitic U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is expected to announce a process for labeling groups, including NGOs, as anti-Semitic, but without naming any names—at least for the moment. Politico first reported the development on Wednesday. The move would be a compromise, although Pompeo “could still change his mind and hold off on an announcement,” according to the outlet, citing three people familiar with the matter. A U.S. State Department spokesperson
  6. LOL you think thats what shes implying? Shes a power tripping Brahman cunt..they are just like Jews stiring up racial division to destroy white countries. This is a white country, that let this woman in & how does she repay us? When her own country is a shitehole with rampant slavery.
  7. Whats this the sixth or seventh time? Country is so fucked.
  8. There were spoofs going around, but what she said was pretty much the same. Shes a rich Indian Brahman hypocrite who hates British people & part of a coup in this country. Why isnt she complaining about her own country that shits on its poor?? Just like Mcalpine, Jenner, Cliff Richard & all the other rotten c*nts she comes out smelling of roses. I support free speech, but you should be prepared to face backlash. The filthy insurgent bitch got promoted for inciting racial hatred.
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