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  1. Pizzagate & Pfizer gate. Always a small minority dont like children.
  2. Sounds like eternal victim mate.. Joozdunnit? lol yes Pretty sure the fucking Joooz did 911 & Iraq mate. Jews brag about it all the time. Only their Zio goylem army are the ones insisting they are innocent..plus their army of Hasbara shills & Antifa. Seriously tho, if was me ide join the resistance & stop portraying Jews as the victims. Coz thats all we ever hear..its a form of gaslighting. An the Stockholmed Goylem seem to love being occupied & cucked by these chosen. So agree, how can you blame them for going along with it & being silent on their crimes, as most Jews are about Israel. Ide like to see my country not be dominated by foreign interests & foreign wars, wouldn't you? I dont want my country being invaded either, after Jewish interests have destroyed their countries. As for Sabbateans tho, is debatable like with the Talmud & with Jews being deported for their parasitical nature..no doubt the royals also used them for their own gain. Who are also parasites. Funny how they were accused of blood libel or vampirism of children & also poisoning the water supply. And now we have your Pizzagates & your poison jabs..bit of a coincidence that most will not even have a ponder over. Read the book I posted above, go's in great detail about Shabbateanism (Saturnism) learn a bit about the occult & you will see Jews have always been into this..read the Zohar. Practical Kabbalah Is about taming the beast. The tribe is heavily geared towards Jewish supremacy. They brainwash them, or 'radicalise' them from a young age, a term their media love to use about anyone that tries to resist. You will mainly find a strong pattern of over whelming Jewish fanatics running the show & anyone who denies this & or tries play it down as Joozdunnit is suspect. Thing is about Israels new apartheid within an apartheid zionazicom state. No one here is saying all Jews are the problem..we just present the evidence & it always speaks for itself. What is happening in Israel is very strange agreed, there are theories & prophecies about 6 million sacrifice. We shall see, but I dont think it helps trying to downplay the instigators are from their stable. Jews in Israel are very racist also towards each other, you have a superjew mentality amongst the Elite.
  3. They have pods I reckon or conjure up the little demons. In a Rosmaries baby kinda ritual. I showed my ex all this, who loves the princess'esssss & she went into cognitive dissonance meltdown.
  4. True that does make sense. What about this. How does the sun take the same time to travel a far greater distance? Let you two talk, am going to eat my dinner*
  5. Lancet lost all credibility since the rona..this is next level dystopian weirdness. But see how women start on about misogyny & take it all an attack to femininity, when probably women writing the article. Its dehumanisation across the board. Women are under attack no doubt like men are, so many these women support the far left agenda tho & really brought it on themselves...like blacks who support the Marxist freakshow. Feminizing men & getting rid of women more like, as they wont need them.
  6. Wasent a wall of text, was a quote from a very long page that was relevant to the footage. If I posted the link the op would have to read quite a while to get the example & I dont just like to fire links at people, as some kind of proof. Way I see it with all these flerth distance videos, they leave out too many factors. 1. Hes filming from height. 2. its evening time, sunset. Pretty obvious from the colour of the sky, its been a hot day.. major temperature changes from altitude, which I highlighted. The air is denser at ground, light travels further & the colour spectrum is different evening. How am I trying to get the thread shut down, posting relevant points? What is she still doing posting to me on this thread? The main problem with that video tho, is he starts off giving you the impression, its at sea level..& then later admits it was taken from a mountain. Am I the only one noticing this slight discrepancy? Is that not blatant deception??
  7. Just to show how atmospheric conditions create these optical illusions. Seeing is believing, so relevant to this thread.
  8. Insane in the membrane..hope she sparked a fag on the way home.
  9. Yes, they slap D notice on anything to protect government or royalty, but not the public's interests & national security really destabilizing the country letting a barrage of illegals stream in without question. Anyone might believe the media are just following orders & Of course is blamed on Brexit & their leftard twatted army will milk that, Brexit which they stalled for years & done everything they could to sabotage. Is the morons who keep watching the crap to blame, never get tired of the fat lady pony show..public being the mule. How many of these instigators are also insider trading, knowing how this will effect the markets & share prices too? This is conditioning for the future & to keep the sheep looking for the state to save them & bend over for more total control. The faceless NPC's down Tesco are looking even more proud of their fakeness, with their designer muzzles on, as a obedient slave fashion statement. They deserve everything thats coming imo. Pull up a seat & watch the show unfold.
  10. Just my 2 cents. Could be something to do with the sunset, as I notice these anomalies usually come late evening & light travels further at that time & you say the guy is taking the shot from a mountain. Atmospheric inversion... A temperature inversion in the atmosphere in which the temperature, instead of falling, increases with height above the ground. With the colder and heavier air below, there is no tendency to form upward currents and turbulence is suppressed. Inversions are often formed in the late afternoon when the radiation emitted from the ground exceeds that received from the sinking sun. Inversions are also caused by katabatic winds, that is cold winds flowing down the hillside into a valley, and by anticyclones. In inversion layers, both vertical and horizontal diffusion is inhibited and pollutants become trapped, sometimes for long periods. Low-level discharges of pollutants are more readily trapped by inversions than high level dischargers, hence the case for high stacks. Furthermore, high level discharges into an inversion tend to remain at a high level because of the absence of vertical mixing. This might explain the phenomena. Effects of temperature inversion in the lower atmosphere on dispersion and angle of arrival of highly directional beams The value of the atmospheric refractive index is close to unity and it varies with temperature, pressure, humidity, altitude, and wavelength of the signal. For the standard atmosphere, the vertical refractive index gradient is ∼−3.9×10−5km−1 near the ground at optical frequencies and its magnitude decreases with increasing altitude (∼−3.3×10−5km−1 at 1-km altitude). Overall, this gradient tends to bend the optical path of the light toward the surface of the Earth. Due to the wavelength dependency of the refractive index and its gradient, the amount of bending of the propagating signal is also wavelength dependent. This leads to chromatic dispersion where the ray paths for different wavelengths separate as they propagate. Dispersion in the atmosphere can generally be ignored for short propagation paths, but it becomes significant for applications such as laser communication or astronomical observation near the horizon, where long propagation paths (tens to hundreds of km) may be involved. Chromatic corrections for these applications are commonly predicted based on the standard atmospheric models. However, the real atmospheric condition may be quite different from the standard models, and unusual features, such as temperature inversion and atmospheric ducts, could significantly affect the chromatic divergence and propagation direction for highly directional beams. Understanding the range of behavior for beams under various dispersion conditions is important when considering correction approaches for applications such as laser communication, LIDAR, target designation, and astronomical observation, where accurate estimation of the propagation path is required for optimum performance. https://www.spiedigitallibrary.org/journals/optical-engineering/volume-59/issue-08/081802/Effects-of-temperature-inversion-in-the-lower-atmosphere-on-dispersion/10.1117/1.OE.59.8.081802.full?SSO=1
  11. Im going to keep bumping anyway, till I get a response. @zArk is the sun a 2d lightbulb in the sky?
  12. Considering Trump appointed that private company in charge of managing the biggest bail out in history & now we find out as well as being the largest investor in weapons manufacturers in the US..as well as big pharma & media. Slight monopoly & a front from the real players. They have the scam sown up in a nut shell.
  13. How does it astound you exactly? Please share your knowledge on Sabbateans & the 'cult.' Tell me how its not linked to Judaism & Jewish supremacism. I posted a link from Gershom Scholem, probably the world expert on Jewish mysticism & Sabbateans. Im astounded nobody really posts about the real players on this thread manipulating us & not connecting the dots, like Pfizer & Moderna..linked to Black Rock. How could people ignore these connections is strange on a truth forum. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/blackrock-vanguard-own-big-pharma-media/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BlackRock
  14. Non stop project fear from the media virus agreed..& their globalist twatted army using it for their anti Brexit agenda.
  15. This is easy to prove. Sabbateans or shadow people easily not. This is the same shit we got with the Jesuits. Nothing to see, ignore all the reps on your tv are dominated by Jews. Its the Sabbatean shadow peeps. Like I said before, I was talking about Sabbateans & Frankists on Icke forum years ago, why not go back to calling them Satanist or Illuminati? People clearly dont know about Sabbateanism. But they promote the idea Sabbatai 666 was a failed messiah, when in reality he was the one kicked off the Zionist movement JWO. Kabbalah is all about blending or appeasing bad good, as a form of sorcery & dealing with your shadow self. "Improper Twins": The Ambivalent "Other Side" in the Zohar and Kabbalistic Tradition https://discovery.ucl.ac.uk/id/eprint/1435419/1/Berman - Improper Twins - The Ambivalent Other Side in the Zohar.pdf Thats the issue ive always had with Icke, he puts out some shallow shit, scratching the surface & people jump on the bandwagon. It has everything to do with Judaism & Lurianic Kabbala as Mac always points out. Morphed into Hasidic movement & Chabad Lubavitch. I see it like, you have your basic Jew, like your low level 3rd degree mason. Then you have the initiated, that use the Torah as a front & as an encoded language.
  16. How many pigs does it take to surround one patriot, expressing his basic human rights. Unlawful pigs & unlawful detention & kidnap on camera.
  17. I have drawn out the issue I have with your magical suns path through the seasons. As you dont respond to any points I make. This is the most obvious issue with this what you keep promoting as simple. Question for anyone on this thread to explain.
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