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  1. The human eye cannot see that far no. But they can see objects further if they elevate..hence why they used a crows nest on ships. Watch Ranty debunk himself in this video. Should explain the curve for anyone whos not eyes wide shut. Yes but they can see the light loom from a light house at night with the naked eye over the horizon. Ive posted several videos, you havent commented on, none of them debunking videos..showing objects sinking over the horizon. They do not grow smaller or vanish. I posted another for you of the wind turbines. If you cant grasp this then will have to leave it, as I cant keep repeating myself with this obvious.
  2. Ive noticed Muslim women tend to cover themselves when you get near them in a paranoid fashion. Most bizarre. I thought was me, but am told its there custom to make any man who might glance in their direction out to be perving them or some shit. Like you are trying to peer beneath the veil of their burka lite. Ultra weirdos.
  3. Yes must be why they call it Oceania..Emanuel Goldstein Lost in space? Another useless video, where he rants on wasting precious oxygen, space is void of. How difficult it is to figure out, well make a video of someone googling what is space, what is a vacuum. Flerther videos are fun & get right to the point they dont actually have. Large clickbait letters, makes it less mind numbingly blow your brains out, like watching paint flake off the wall listening.. "This is an open system" yes you are finally getting it mate! Keep going. Atmospheric pressure. Somebody mentioned this to BFlat a while back. Like how is the ISS easily tracked & viewed from earth, exactly when predicted on a flat plane, according to this guy "swimming" around in circles at such speed in the primordial currents. Because his magical book of occult Jew secrets told him..Even more barmy than the ISS swimming around the flerth dome hell travelling at 1700mph Wandering death stars stuck to firmament travel in the SLOW lane 70 miles high.
  4. Irrefutable Ball earth destroyed by wandering flerth star.
  5. Watched way too many rocket videos now, feel like been on fairground ride.
  6. No not atall, I was posting to show the panoramic perspective in relation to the terrain below & edge of space.
  7. Im pointing out you are seeing a slice of the earth from the terrain..but seeing space 360 as a ball. If was flat you would not see space 360. Nothing to do with it being a fish eye, just perspective, with the ground. Maybe you guys have trouble visualizing stuff..seems obvious to me. With the rocket tho, you see it did not hit any dome forcefield doing mach 5 with no air resistance, as the camera would have disintegrated. Or maybe it beamed into another flat reality.
  8. 360 panoramic view on the flat dome world.. Ice wall in the distance.
  9. Please explain & an example how a fish eye lens will totally distort reality & what am I actually seeing in that footage. Lame myths.
  10. Forget the video anyway, my original reply was your claim the rocket irrefutably hit the firmament, which ive tried to correct you on. There is no evidence I know of, of any firmament apart from myth. Im not saying it doesn't exist, just not 70 miles high like clowns claim on here from misinterpretation of a rocket video. Goebbelian shit propagation very bad jewjew.
  11. That would be barrel distortion as the camera flips I believe, what are you trying to milk here?
  12. More theories but yes good answer, interdimensionals..all gravity ball pseudo science surely? Jut seems like a new theory or myth youve created, which would make more sense than a glass dome. But the dome firmament idea is based on bible myths, which disagree. So without any evidence, you have conjured up your own energy orb...bit like theoretical physics likes to conjure up stuff to explain other stuff. This I find a lot on this thread from flerthers, like some claim its a sealed glass dome, 70 miles high, others claim the moon is 3400 miles high, but isnt actually a moon but a holographic image. Others claim its plasma. The myths do need to be addressed I reckon, instead of all just agreeing with each other all the time. Maybe try pointing out others mistakes, rather than letting them add to the confusion. If you wish to be taken seriously atall & have any credibility. Also as I pointed out, the rocket doing mach 5 hitting the force fields camera is still operational & clearly in some kind of low orbit, low gravity oxygen freezone. As the rockets owner points out, it is releasing a yoyo despin. So isnt hitting anything atall. I posted a video of this, clearly showing from a different camera perspective. You must have missed that post. Shame because that was your only evidence apart from bible myths. Here you can actually see the circumference of the 'flat' earth & its not really that big atall, only seems to be one continent.
  13. The camera recording it refutes it.. My post clearly refutes it. Why not aliens did it. I thought that was you M.O. on this forum ALIENS DID IT? Tell me do Aliens have a special entrance to the dome so they can come & go? We need to eliminate the myths Dale. Why not answer my questions on dome basics or domes for dummies? As you are the expert here right. How about give me some evidence on your dome, so we can eliminate the myths. The only myth I know, claims its made of brass. & contains the wandering stars inside, which must be fucking small if they are only 70 miles high. Please Dale tell me did the Aliens do it? Or the Jew god & his Goylem stalker drones??
  14. The queer monkey pox was never going to stick. They should have stuck with the Marburg script . Although we know was just to booster WHO's coup & will die a quick death.
  15. Solto actually has different colour eyes to this woman, she looks more like her sister.
  16. Is like watching a car crash unfold & you cant do nothing. Home Office Immigration Statistics Released: Year ending March 2022 https://stevelawsreport.co.uk/open-borders-britain/
  17. These windturbines, are not getting smaller or vanishing. Its not 'perspective' If was flat you would still see the whole turbine, but smaller.
  18. That video does not show anything over the horizon or curve. The boat is damn right weird, must be choppy seas. But is not over the curve atall, as you can see waves behind it. So coz the video says "no curvature" doesnt make it real atall. I have posted examples of things that fall over the curve, like the planes at an airport. Shows me any video of something thats over the curve brought back. You cant because its impossible. I dont get why this is so difficult for flat earthers to visualise...they resort to terrible examples.
  19. That pickup is an obvious plant, no marks around it whatsoever, yet we are meant to believe he drove off a bridge & totalled the suspension...ITS MAAM!!!! They are ramping up the crisis bullshit since Brandon got in hard.
  20. Khazionist insurgent feeble attempt at gaslighting.
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