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  1. Boron is mined & found in plants, is just a supplement like anything else, in strict trace amounts. Like I say, I use it to keep my RO tank clean, I tried taking proper doses for health issue I have but didnt find any improvement..but me Ill try most things. Theres plenty of things you can use to treat stuff, thats suppressed of course, pharma dont do cures. Hydrogen peroxide is another, Trump recommended & they all ridiculed him of course.. they stopped you getting food grade HP in the UK, need a licence.
  2. Yeah weve already been through this...im not going to spoon feed anyone.
  3. Yeah mate always do your research can damage you if take wrong dosage.
  4. Sorry paedo, he hooked up & had a child with a 14 year old girl, he was also a Kabbalist & friends with Carl Jung. Is the tip of the iceberg. https://indymedia.org.au/files/Royals56.pdf
  5. Charles other 'spiritual advisor' Sir Laurens van der Post.. Prince Williams godfather, another sadist. https://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/gray_matter/9993611.print/
  6. Charles housed him on his estate & possibly got him off rape charges, then defended him in court a second conviction for 18 kids, one commited suicide. Prince Charles Explains Why He Kept in Touch With Bishop Who Admitted Sex Abuse
  7. Charles spiritual advisor wont be leading the funeral.
  8. Reminded of that hologram carriage. Fake as fuck like everything.
  9. Is a similar argument, people dont want to support Ukraine because of Nato, And think Putin is the last beacon of white hope. All these dramas, you have the exoteric or mainstream viewpoint & esoteric critical thinker I guess. I still role with the wag the dog, grand chess board & Holodomor 2.0 being played out, seems so blatant. But as for Ukraine support, is pure mind control, as ive never heard anyone giving a toss about Ukraine before the media virus started pushing that shit. Ukraine is not same as Palestine, as Palestine was never Jewish. It was an English colony tho, so kind of same as Khazaria. As far as the war go;s on a mainstream level the Russians are right, like in Syria.
  10. BBC are GCHQ.. just there to shit stir as much as possible..Fabian social engineering. I dont really care for what the left right, white or black groupthink tbh, The inbred puppet show is a joke & those that support it is opposame liberal in my opinion, I notice a lot of conservative types waking up finally to it now, after convid. The new king clearly gives zero fucks about the plebs like his mother. His brother was blatant feeling up his own daughter clear as day..the family has a serious predatory vampiric history. They are all occupiers in my book. parasites of course.
  11. They are running out of lithium for the battle against climate bollocks. Greta is not amused. 'We don’t have enough' lithium globally to meet EV targets, mining CEO says https://finance.yahoo.com/news/lithium-supply-ev-targets-miner-181513161.html Alarmists house of cards BS is starting to fall..
  12. Why its so much worse, as Stockholmed mk'ed golem do it for real, where as in so called totalitarian 'brainwashed' societies they have too. But people forget we had hundreds of years of feudalism in this country, where they would literally cut your head off, for questioning the royals..now they have perfect slaves.
  13. Good interview from David. Even mentions CHABAD. Weve been saying this for years of course GETTING THE TRUTH OUT! Like Trump bringing in laws in the US that nobody can criticise any (((pseudo racial clique))) supremacist.
  14. The rainbow symbolism was pretty sirius on 911 Age of aquariums & all day ritualistic shiz..(Saturn portal) http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0881/6632/files/911_Sirius_Clinton_NYTimes.jpg?1242757436727630337
  15. His speech seems to be that way, he mentions Zelensky being a total coke head like he wants everyone to know.
  16. Yeah its been discussed earlier on this thread. You also have the paedo Clement Freud who the Mcanns went to dinner with in Portugal & the two pEdestas mug shots showing up ...all totally a coincidence mind, nothing to see. https://steemit.com/palnet/@richq11/is-the-world-run-by-pedophiles-part-ix-the-eye-of-the-beholder-the-art-of-the-podestas https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-36535263
  17. PC woke world, strictly for the signal. Why not have Joe & wife in a gimp suit on all fours?
  18. Netflix’s ‘Big Mouth’ Is Boldly Jewish https://forward.com/culture/412008/netflixs-big-mouth-is-boldly-jewish/
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