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  1. Im going to leave you with this, any late night posters wish to ponder on. If there is a virus, I dont get how this happened world wide including countries without lockdown or so called covid epidemic. But in countries like Britain, we definitely had some kind of epidemic, even if they did send the granny off to die. Australia the same Richie Allen points out. if im not counting sheep im counting death stats. Pretty morbid existence. Covid Bizarro.
  2. Thanks Concerned, they are not my stats, just pasted from someone else on Twitter, I found interesting. https://twitter.com/world_tyranny/status/1349663940477919233?s=20
  3. Yuppie flu sounds like long covid aka chronic fatigue, post viral repackaged. Correct term: media fear virus syndrome.
  4. True dat. Definitely makes you laugh at the BBC's highest deaths since the war, they pulled out their butts. Im waiting for the US mortality rate stats compared with previous years too, should be interesting.
  5. There are currently no plans to place restrictions on those who refuse to have any potential Covid-19 vaccine. So any businesses trying to force their staff to take will be acting illegally & should be shut down, including any passports. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/323442 333,831 signatures I dont recommend sitting through the video.
  6. More than 20 people vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine died in Norway
  7. Lockdown rules may be needed until the AUTUMN: Professor Neil Ferguson warns easing of restrictions will be a 'gradual process' that lasts months - and says self-isolation rules could be loosened for Covid survivors https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9147685/Lockdown-rules-needed-AUTUMN.html This weirdo is a fucking stalker.
  8. HSBC threatens to shut down bank accounts of customers who refuse to wear a face mask in its UK branches https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9147125/HSBC-threatens-shut-bank-accounts-customers-refuse-wear-face-mask.html Building a better world after COVID-19 https://www.gbm.hsbc.com/insights/sustainable-financing/better-world-after-covid-19 A recent joint statement in the Financial Times from a dozen CEOs of global multinationals across a wide range of business sectors that underlined the need to build back better The WEF's launch of 'The Great Reset' con
  9. Covid infection shown to provide as much immunity as vaccines So you dont need a vaccine basically. But but but...the mutation! Weve been told for months now herd immunity doesnt work & they even changed the definition.
  10. You might enjoy a good source for antilockdown papers from Ivor Cummins. Published Papers and Data on Lockdown Weak Efficacy – and Lockdown Huge Harms https://thefatemperor.com/published-papers-and-data-on-lockdown-weak-efficacy-and-lockdown-huge-harms/
  11. Dude! Im tyring to think positive here.
  12. Sounds nice, ive dived the Similan isles before. Probably wont ever fly again now.
  13. I wanted to go diving Galapagus before Christmas on a liveaboard, but to go through Peru you need signed doctors letter & then if you test positive you would be stranded. I would have had to have two tests & letters. Be nice to find a desert island, where the natives havent caught the fear.
  14. In the Asian Flu of 1957-58, They Rejected Lockdowns https://www.aier.org/article/in-the-asian-flu-of-1957-58-they-rejected-lockdowns/
  15. Yeah 2 weeks, but the fines automatically go on your account or license & they then tell you to remove the boat or will they demolish it. My brother used to live on the cut & I know theres nothing free about living on the canal.
  16. It is not the police’s job to enforce the lockdown whims of ministers There is a difference between law and guidance - but the two are being dangerously conflated https://web.archive.org/web/20210112234713/https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/01/12/not-polices-job-enforce-lockdown-whims-ministers/
  17. Canal UK, you have to move a certain distance every week or they fine you then steal your boat & crush it.
  18. What They Said about Lockdowns before 2020 https://www.aier.org/article/what-they-said-about-lockdowns-before-2020/
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