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  1. All a bluff yes & why is guidance & not law. Yet officers are willingly going against their oaf & falsely unlawfully arresting people. If the courts throw all these cases out then the government & police should be held accountable for their crimes.
  2. Hess (a Jewish name) from Egypt originally, was captured & taken to a masonic hall in Scotland.. he was allegedly aiming to meet some freemason brethren linked with the head of freemasonry in Britain, that Hitler was allegedly against. Haushofer who set up the meet was also Jewish. I take the whole story with a pinch of salt, accept the fact someone got double crossed maybe. As the Duke of Kents plane did suddenly crash not long after.
  3. But then you are wasting your breath & intelligence on them...its a form of energy vampirism. They play serious but then go back to being a compliant slave & willing to let anyone walk all over them & their family. Fucking cowards.
  4. They take you as a joker then & arnt really interested in reality.. personally I have no time for fake people like that. I disowned by girlfriend during last lockdown over masks. I disowned everyone I know cept my brother who will cave in eventually I should expect as hes weak. My life is finished & once the freedumb passports come in then im done talking.
  5. Is very telling when you point out who started it... I will check it out cheers.
  6. I know Runnymede well used to live near there in Wraysbury on the Thames. Just assumed the trust would be about the Magna Carta. Obviously way off the mark.
  7. Why I assumed it had something to do with it. https://www.runnymedetrust.org/about/what-s-in-a-name.html
  8. Sounds like shes loving it. she can see we are moving into a mark of the beast full on police state.. or she still thinks this is about a virus??
  9. Oh okay,has nothing to do with Magna Carta then.
  10. Runnymead trust was set up after the magna carta was signed, thats meant to protect us from everything thats happening now, but only seems to care immigrants dont get bLAMEd. lol What a joke. Magna carta meant to protect BRITISH PEOPLES freedom of speech, right to movement, freedom of religion....not just minorities.
  11. "Dont forget your passport" - Gaslighting us so hard with every post.
  12. My sister just told me she got jabbered. She says its harmless. I tried to warn her. Gonna cut her off...no time for spacca's in my life anymore.
  13. Piers Corbyn has totally different views to Jeremy, anyone with half a clue should know this. Piers has been arrested about 7-8 times for free speech, speakers corner Hyde Park around 3 times & is fiercely anti lockdown, libertarian stance..his brother hasent said a word about it. Doesnt mean I wouldnt rule him out as a spook of course. Jeremy is zero covid COMMIE & thinks we should go by the New Zealand stance, which advocates quarantine camps for anyone & their family who refuses the test & eventually the jab. Jeremy Corbyn cucked out over Brexit
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