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  1. Explains it, they looked ready to go to war.
  2. police are clearly marching with them not like our pigs.
  3. Something about this country I reckon, judging by Frances reaction.
  4. No you were basically saying Jews own & run everything, but next saying they arnt the controllers & they are hyenas installed in positions, which there's nothing hateful about that is there. But your story doesnt add up & you can go back on this thread & learn some facts, like the post about the Federal reserve I posted & explain how a 2% minority dominates banking, media & government positions. If they dont run things? Who are the controllers then behind Black Rock that own all the pharmaceuticals that dish out the experimental jabs? https://www.forbes.com/sites/aayushipratap/2021/07/28/pfizer-expects-335-billion-in-vaccine-revenue-in-2021/?sh=dff3342217d4
  5. I pointed it out when we were in Tier 4 on this thread.
  6. Was some tranny on Twatter checked their profile other day.
  7. Thats an Israeli news site trololol sober up clown. https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium.HIGHLIGHT.MAGAZINE-in-israel-the-dangerous-concept-of-the-goy-lives-on-1.10053439
  8. Coming from someone whos only ever insult is "Jew Hater"? Original thought?? Only comes on this forum to post mp3's, whilst the country go's to shit.. "bAsH tHe FaSh."
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