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  1. Explain what your video brings to the debate or the point of your post @alexa
  2. Hollywood is full of paedos of course, so when you have adult humour & satanic agenda pushed in kids cartoons, like all the top cartoons do. I made a thread about it called twisted Sabbatean weirdos with many examples...like the makers of Ricky & Morty..the number one cartoon. Or movies like Monsters Inc & adrenochrome. If you are cool with your kids watching these occult themes & believe its harmless then great stuff. Kabbalistic teachings is about embracing your darkside, as well as good fluffy side of life... is all good I guess. Noahide rules!
  3. Southpark themes, like most of Hollyweird is most prophetic also, like Simpsons..something to do with Qabbalistic doctrine, constant predictive programming & synchrontism. Tells me they are running rituals on you.. Southpark Cern theme was a perfect example about bringing demonic entities into our reality through portals. Lovely stuff!
  4. I should have clarified better, as yes South Park comes across based & a mockery of clownworld, but is twisted at the same time & pushing occult themes, but like I say most goyim are too zombified to see the obvious. Watch the ending of the last Southpark special on covid. Where they are pushing the idea they control reality & resistance is futile. Like this is what we call kids entertainment these days.
  5. Few months back im sure they was going to make Robin bi..now Saturn man instead. If youve noticed with Marvel comic movies, I sadly end up watching most via torrent, but see the woke agenda constantly shoved down your throat. The last deadpool=old paedo was definitely pushing the boundaries. But is mostly like your family guy cartoon or Southpark, subliminally pushed. Which is a form of gaslighting, as you know the humour has a sinister side to it. But majority of sheep never get it. No matter how blatant. Dont get me wrong is not a gay thing I have issue with, is the synthetic agenda being constantly forced on the youth, who know no better, so of course are being conditioned. Some characters were always obviously gay or bi. Is not something you need to spell out. But I don't believe or wish to see openly gay characters in movies. Homosexuality is not something that should be promoted. But if you insist, then I simply boycott you. https://www.nbcnews.com/think/opinion/batman-sidekick-robin-comes-out-bisexual-lets-comic-book-fans-ncna1276582
  6. Operation Moonwatch https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Moonwatch
  7. My spelling above is terrible, but still doesnt change the point being made. Zark must know about frequencies, or he is trying to brush a whole area of science under the carpet. As usual. He is referring to skywave & I believe this is point of site. He posts some crappy link that doesnt say anything, just taking the piss, coz his moon dome theory is dead!! I have already posted a link from a serious EME radio website twice, explaining about ionosphere. This go's more into it, he will come back & say he knows better tho than this guy. What's different on 10 GHz EME ? http://pa0ehg.com/whatis.htm Radio propagation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_propagation
  8. Usual nonsense reply from the flatliner..ionesphere, which is a circuit wouldnt work on a flat plane. Unless it bounced off the ice walls?? Then the signal would bounce back to the sender. So please refer to as ionesplane infuture when coming up with your bullshit theories, trying to claim the authority.
  9. Loudoun County father who was dragged out of woke school board meeting reveals his daughter was 'raped' in the girls' bathroom by a 'skirt-wearing' male student who was arrested for assaulting a SECOND girl months later - but staff did nothing https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10083783/Loudoun-County-father-arrested-school-meeting-says-daughter-raped-boy-girls-bathroom.html
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