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  1. Around 16:05 He starts exposing the real Trump. Yet you will never get the posters who promote Trump to admit this. They just insult everyone's intelligence. Heres a another reality check.
  2. Ive posted a video by Unlimited Hangout on here recently, exposing Mossad agent Nicole Junkermann, who now has her tentacles in the NHS & is all over this covid1984. BRIEFING DOCUMENT – ISRAELI HIGH TECHNOLOGY AND ESPIONAGE
  3. @FVCK BILLY G4TES Will watch video later. You are correct, big brother tech tech is moving to Israel. The AI antichrist will be the temple in Jerusalem,..matrix in a matrix hypercube prison.
  4. They say you get the government you deserve.. I just dont like to see people on here begging for it. Can go down my local Tesco cattle market anytime for that shit in your face. Faux news red pill based special: "Donmeh Saudi Jews are no longer at war with Zion.."
  5. I actually meant $2.2 trillion not million, was late.. But listen to this & tell me you think this is a coincidence? Trump is a troll & puppet for the deep swamp. The outcome of him losing with the agenda will be no different if Biden gets in...accept..the 'silent majority' will not tolerate the democraps at this stage I feel. Why they have the joker Trump. Like suddenly talking about he'll be disappearing for a while coz his rich mates arnt happy with him lol. And of course TrumpQbots will take that as he is fighting the Deep state. Its cheesy as fuck lamestream bullshit. When Trump declares big pharma will have to pay damages & not tax payers, from their GM DNA Vaccine I might start believing.
  6. Trump said give me $2.2 million or 2.2 million people are going to die basically...in the next sentence. Ive posted the video before. He used (((BlackRock))) deep swamp to handle the treasuries laundry. But Trumpbots spin it as nationalising the $. Trumpbots claim Trump is getting rid of the WHO.. yet he gives billions to Gavi. Trump never fires Fauci..even when he claims HCQ is useless. No Trump claims HCQ is the cure, but then gives billions to big pharma & launches operation warp speed. Deep swamp boiling the toad.
  7. Dr Siegal..yet another Jew telling you what you got to do & of course taking the piss at the same time. Fauci, Dershowitz, Gates...when are people going to really wake up? https://nationalfile.com/video-doctor-recommends-students-wear-yellow-badges-if-they-havent-been-vaccinated/
  8. Something is odd.. The Q lot are spinning it as the Cabal being arrested as always.. I think its not a coincidence tho..seems to more natural synchronistic omen of some kind. Could be DEW getting trigger happy.
  9. Those who sacrifice liberty for security.......
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