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  1. I just come to say stand strong to my brother @skitzorat & anyone else suffering down under at gulag Jacinda.
  2. Slightly off topic, but I found it interesting. I found this article from 2016 bigging up Jimmy Savile. Ive been looking into him after Maxwell & Epstein being Mossad & connected/blackmailed to the Royals. All obviously blackmailing high profiles..amazing people dont seem to be really connecting the dots. Jimmy Savile came to my batmitzvah https://www.thejc.com/news/uk/jimmy-savile-came-to-my-batmitzvah-1.28748
  3. BBC Paedohouse muddying the waters of course with Dershowitz...just like they did with McAlpine & Cliff Richard.
  4. Dont bite mate. Why ask a troll a question about science? We all know they dont know shit about science..they admitted themselves even & will ignore all questions on the fakery they try & push. Flat confirmed is all you need to know from all their posts.. no critical thought or reasoning of possibilities they might actually be talking shit.. no just same shit next day, no honesty, no integrity, ZERO credibility. Closed mind cult believer or paid shills is the only real question on this forum? No truther would keep repeating the same shit like a warped scratchy stuck record, when theyve been debunked to death, countless times. Same shit different smell.
  5. More gaslighting from the crafty^ 007 No we will not be silenced. Watch & learn people with all their posts.
  6. So why are you posting their ideologies as truth? You must be part of their craft. Now you claim to be a Christian, yet are posting Hermetic esoteric images of portals, coming from Rosecrucionist lol aka masonry & Quabbalist. Not that your image has anything to do with a flat earth. It fits you confirmation bias as usual.
  7. Tut tut..more witchcraft or Qabalah (cube black sun portals worship)on here with most of your posts. Flat confirmed. Gerard Mercator occultist like Dee..like all your flerth heroes. Not that he ever claimed to reach the north pole or was a flat earther. I agree tho, there is something to this point at the north pole, maybe stump of a cut down petrified giant tree.
  8. Yes light travels Zig far why they build them tall. Horizon. Muh flerth confirmed. Covid is a mind virus just like the flerthy cult..believing in JEW SHITE. Like they teach in the Talmud & the Zohar. SAME Kabbalist Masonic SHITE. Why the troll above only ever posts verification from MASONS or occultist. Get a grip & stop pushing GCHQ nonsense.
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