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  1. Will an RNA Vaccine Permanently Alter My DNA? https://sciencewithdrdoug.com/2020/11/27/will-an-rna-vaccine-permanently-alter-my-dna/
  2. They claimed 18 months for their vaccine, done in half the time.
  3. Stasi tyrants knocking on your door insisting on searching your property.
  4. Most people are part of the program & organic portals more like, why we never reach critical mass..surely this has become beyond obvious now?
  5. This Rabbi is one of the very few to address the obvious, he would be classed as anti semite by Zionist. Military intelligence Hitler was surrounded by crypto Jews when he wrote Mein Kamf. Truth few ever research. Like blatant controlled ops without a shadow of doubt.
  6. Just a reminder: Spanish Flu started with an experimental vaccine, delivered by Frederick Gates. https://unlockthelockdown.com/the-1918-pandemic-was-caused-by-a-vaccine-absolute-bombshell/
  7. Ide look & feel a total knob, but atleast would be making a statement in my own way.
  8. Allegedly the virus can be passed through your eyes, yet sheeple dont seem to take that threat seriously, unless they cant wear a mask. Then they wear a visor..& they call that science. I might be going abroad over Christmas & KLM have a mask only policy, unless you have a test & a letter from a doctor within 72hours of flying. Which would be impossible where I plan to go. Not that ide get tested. So im thinking, if I do go..as this will probably be the last time ill be able to fly atall. I might wear a proper mask. That might actually help protect you from a
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