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  1. Sex is an acronym for the serpent, electric, and x. The serpent is the monster. The electric is the adrenochrome made by scaring kids. The X is the cross that used to dehydrate the strawman which was Jesus Barabbas. The Wizard of Oz story tells the story of the strawman which is Jesus Barabbas. ""Person" defined....The word "person" extends to and includes co-partnerships and bodies corporate and politic."-Rhode Island Statutes § 43-3-6 The person is a corporation which is the organization that traffic and discharge the act of sexual intercourse. The act of sexual intercourse is the trafficking of the kids adrenochrome by being scared and murdered by monster. The act of sexual intercourse involves the bodily movement and possession of property of sexual intercourse. The property is both personal and real. The real property of sexual intercourse is the scary monster mansion. Kids are brought there where the killer dressed in monster costume scare them and kill them. The adrenochrome based on fear is trafficked to religious organizations. The organization that involves the trafficking of scared and murdered kids' blood is called Mystery Babylon in the bible. Mystery Babylon is the harlot who traffics kids adrenochrome. The goods of sexual intercourse is a contract for communion crops fed with the adrenochrome of kids being scared and murdered. The chattel property of sexual intercourse involves the animal fed with the adrenochrome of kids. Why does this generation have panic attack problem? Kids have been trafficked, scared, and murdered for adrenochrome by religious organizations. Religious organizations are secret societies. People got exposure somehow to the sin through food or airborne. The sin is the adrenochrome of the scared or murdered kids. The sin is not water-soluble and becomes a part of the flesh. When a certain event occurs, the brain access the nerves that was stung with the sin. The sin causes the mind to overreact to the event. This is how a panic attack happens. The priest is married to the church so they got the marriage license to scare kids and murder kids for their adrenochrome. A license is a permission to do something otherwise illegal. Look at the words you are using!!! The female genitalia is the monster mouth in Family Guy(1999) Switch the Flip (S16 E17). The character of the penis is a mouse because it is the victim. In South Park "Eek, A Penis! (S12, E5), the mouse is called the penis. The penis is not necessary a mouse but sometimes it is a kid that is a victim of the scary monster. The kid takes on the character of the mouse that is scared of the monster which is the Vagina or Female Genitalia. In South Park "Red Hot Catholic Love" (S6 E8), the cardinal said that the Gelgamek woman's vagina is 3 feet wide with razor sharp teeth. One of Gnostic versions of the story of Jesus is that Jesus Barabbas was charged with sexual intercourse. The charge means it has to be discharged in Roman law. Jesus of Nazareth paid for the crimes of Jesus Barabbas. Jesus Barabbas was dehydrated on the cross and revived with the living water which was Jesus of Nazareth blood. Sexual intercourse involves extracting the energies from kids based on fear. In the music video "Sex" by Cheat Codes x Kris Kross Amsterdam, the video shows foods. The foods are a medium for adrenochrome. The donut is the medium for the adrenochrome of the scary monster who is going to devour the kids which is called the vagina. The bananas is the medium for the adrenochrome for the scared and murdered kids which is called the penis. Judas dipped in sop with Jesus Barabbas on night of the last supper. The Roman Guards got confused and arrested Jesus of Nazareth instead of Jesus Barabbas. Jesus Barabbas was arrested later. Since Judas did not partake of the blood and body of Jesus Christ, he could not sleep and go crazy. He finally committed suicide. The other disciples ate the last supper and slept. Freddie Mercury said that he is a musical prostitute. In Bohemian Rhapsody, the band sang "thunderbolt and lighting...very very frightening." The boy was not let go and scared in the maze of the real property of flower intercourse. The charge was to be discharged with the death of Jesus of Nazareth and the Last Supper. Redeeming the charge means to discharge with communion. Communion is the correction to the body exposed to the adrenochrome of sexual intercourse. The criminal charge is on the ALL CAPITAL NAME. The actor's name is upper and lowercase name. The cops arrest people based on testimony on common words. That gives the identity thieves the opportunity to traffic commercial papers. The cop arrest the corporate officer so they can answer the charge. In court, the trial is about the evidence supporting the charge. The jury is deceived based on common words. The statutory term means adrenochrome trafficking. Attorneys and judges are members of the secret society of Mystery Babylon. They cannot tell that secret. If they get caught with so call crime, they cannot bring it up. If the evidence supports the commercial paper purchase, the actor must pay. adrenochrome trafficking is based on the laws of the high seas. That why the court cannot permit jury nullification. The court switches the defendant from the corporate officer to the agent. The agent goes to jail and the principal gets warehoused. The criminal charge is because someone used the defendant's name to traffic kids' adrenochrome with a commercial paper called a property (real or personal or both). The charge is to initiate the remedy for the adrenochrome toxicity. The symptom is that someone cannot sleep. A guilty verdict means that the defendant must pay the charges for the corporation which is the church to discharge. The judge takes the case to the church to discharge. The con is to make you claim the name. The secret corporation is the Lord beneficiary. They got the people to become subordinate trustees of the name. The subordinate must pay. The Lord Beneficiary is the one receiving the property and the discharge. "(1) “Act” means a bodily movement, and includes words and possession of property."- Colorado Revised Statutes 18-1-501 (In Criminal Section of the Principles of Criminal Culpability) “Property” means both real and personal property."- Colorado Revised Statutes 2-4-401 The statutes are dealing with the trafficking of property. The scary monster house is the real property. The goods are the communion crops that is fed from the blood of kids that are scared to death by scary monster and murdered. The one that consumes this adrenochrome gets a very good high. flower, vagina, or oral is just different magic tricks to scare kids. A*** Sex is the kids get lost and get murdered. Vagina Sex is the scary monster comes out and stabs the kids with sharp knives. Oral sex can be the kid fell into a pool and drown. The oral is extracting the panic breath life of the kids. If you do not pay the bill of credit which is prohibited by the US Constitution, you will have to register as a sex offender and be labeled as a sexual predator for someone else's devouring kids. A sexual predator live off the fear of kids. "(a)In determining the meaning of any Act of Congress, or of any ruling, regulation, or interpretation of the various administrative bureaus and agencies of the United States, the words “person”, “human being”, “child”, and “individual”, shall include every infant member of the species homo sapiens who is born alive at any stage of development."- 1 United States Code 8 The Byzantine Catholic and Orthodox Christian Churches are infant members of the homo sapiens species. The priests of these churches spoon fed the followers communion to let them know they are infant. A 65 years old members of the Byzantine Catholic Church or Orthodox Christian Church can collect Social Security benefits. These two churches teaches that the members are humans who are interdimensional beings that fallen into this dimension. The question is how the person have p*** sex. If you attend the St. Phillips Byzantine Catholic Church in Sacramento, Ca, the picture is shown on the wall. The priest bring a cat to hunt the mouse. The cat is the p**** and the mouse is the penis. Do you get it?
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