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  1. Interesting phraseology from BJ tonight. "A Tidal Wave of Omicron!"
  2. The entities may be aliens or demons or something which we cannot fathom,but one thing seems certain:that they are not Human - unless a deeply psychopathic subspecies with the hubris to play gods and destroy anything of goodness. There seems to be a buildup in Events towards the complete subjugation of any survivors left when they annihilate the World Economy;after sabotaging the food supply chain and creating the pandemic nonsense to inject their poisonous venom into everyone but their own clique. One such 911esque Event would be an Earthquake/Meteor Impact which could impact La Palma and send a Mega Tsunami to devastate the US,magnified with DEW and/or Nukes. The following images are taken from Ruger4life yt channel's latest videos.He has 20+ examples of predictive programming which are very insightful and are reminiscent of all the 911 pre programming. Adele concert with Tsunami imagery behind her. Boxing (Day?) Gloves with thumbs shaped like La Palma and impact waves. He shows that the Economist magazine has a plethora of subliminal imagery,and his videos are certainly of interest to the mind of the Critical Thinker.
  3. Fool Me Once

    20th Anniversay

    These 2 screenshots are from the Adele concert (tsunami behind her) and the latest (11/12/21) Economist cover (Boxing Day/Lefthand Glove thumb La Palma at detonation/Righthand Glove thumb after impact,ie chunk missing)with Satanic Baphomet downward stars with red and white impact waves.
  4. Fool Me Once

    20th Anniversay

    I feel in my gut there is something big coming very soon and feel the need to document for future reference;a bit like predicting 911 a short while before it happened. The frequency and analysis of the Economist imagery suggests the possibility of the DART asteroid deflection mission is covertly to be used to fake a meteor impact/s to activate the La Palma region and send a tsunami around the world,exacerbated by DEW or Nukes. If the world is in a lockdown over Christmas,a literally captive audience would see a televised realtime event,from impact to the tidal surge to US East Coast some hours later.This is like 911 where the first tower news ensured the world's attention on the second tower in time for maximum effect. Also,the shipping containers at sea could cause untold destruction if carried inland. This would ensure a mass psychological trauma and the Christmas Holiday would forevermore be associated to survivors with terror instead of celebration:MK Ultra on Steroids.
  5. Fool Me Once

    20th Anniversay

    There seems to be a lot of predictive programming for the La Palma Tsunami Event on the various covers of "The Economist" magazine. A yt channel called Ruger4Life has a series of short videos and the evidence is compelling to say the least.
  6. Fool Me Once

    20th Anniversay

    It struck me that "they" believe that Sep 11 is the real birthdate of Jesus,so effectively this is was symbolic date for the attack. However the profane,as they think of us,celebrate Dec 25 as His birthdate,so it wouldn't surprise me if attack no.2 comes on our greatest holiday,to forever associate that date with terror also. On this 20th anniversary year,the Dark Winter meme has been prominent and with La Palma (the Palm) becoming active on Sep 11 this year,perhaps by manmade tech,will we see "the Hand" strike and send the tsunami so many have predicted to the US East Coast?
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