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  1. In BttF the Clocktower is struck by lightning (Satan falls to Earth) at 10:04 (Oct 4) October 4th leaves 88 days left in the year,the same speed the car must reach to travel in time;a number used by Donnie Darko and Donny Trump (Biff Tannen) On 10/4 in US the Emergency Alert System (EAS) is to be tested at 2:20pm 2 is B EAS 20 is T BEAST Are they about to broadcast the 3x 5g bursts needed (the late Dr.Buttar) to release the jab hydrogel payload and trigger "marburg",ie shocking imagery of bleeding orifices to enter the Final Lockdown?
  2. Interesting that this coming Monday 9/11 it will be 33 years to the day that Poppy Bush gave his "Noo World Order" speech. 11 years later,2001,came the attack. 22 years later,2012,came Bengazi. They love their numbers and 33 is a favourite. As a sidenote the expected Second 9/11 foretold by My Pet Goat II has just today been removed from Heliofant's yt channel along with the recent enigmatic sequel.
  3. It appears that the enforcement of injections is planned via House Arrest 2.0 according to Infowars,with the inclusion of Mad Cow Disease Prions to leave any surviving humans in the 15 minute Battery Hen Gulags as brain-damaged livestock. Interestingly enough Richard D.Hall covered the strange stories of Cattle being levitated by "aliens" and being experimented upon then dumped with damaged or removed organs similar to Mad Cow symptoms,several years ago. It seems like the precursor to an alien takeover but from where exactly? Remember the caller to Coast to Coast who rang in panicking that it was inter-dimensional beings and while one could say it was a "hoax",as the caller supposedly did later on to rubbish his claim,it is worth noting that as his initial warning was made,the power went out and took them immediately off air:something Art Bell said he had never known anything like it happen before. Any hostile lifeform wishing to subjugate the dominant species of our world would do so subtly,via infiltration not with all guns blazing.
  4. Here's hoping that ALL employees affected walk away en masse
  5. Having watched Jeff Berwick,the Dollar Vigilante,he had a thought which aligns with my own theory,which although wild is still within the realms of possibility. The theory is that - as the late Dr.Buttar was thwarted from propolgating - the 5g signal releases the payload from the Hydrogel in the jab recipients;a payload that causes bleeding from orifices,aka "marberg". This highly visible imagery shown on news media would cause panic and no matter how prepared we think we are the fear emotion could take over. Be mentally prepared for whatever the lunatics are up to next it could be a rough ride if the bbc-believers fall for it!
  6. Reminds me of those tv ads for vanity publishing - your very own life story to inflict on your family. "You can airbrush your mistakes and enhance your achievements;rewrite your personal history by omitting that time you accidentally ran over a squirrel with a steamroller and highlight how cleverly you never fell for the covey,despite masking up and taking three shots."
  7. Remembering how 911 was everywhere in predictive media beforehand and it was a major event it seems highly likely that the ubiquitous 923 is a precursor to "Lockdown 2 : This Time it Goes Further and Never Ends" - September '23 923 incidentally encompassed 911 as in it coded 9/1+1/2+0+0+1
  8. It depends if you are a Columbo or a Gumby. Columbo pieces together the evidence and notices that while the affected land was - until now - unavailable to be purchased from those pesky plebs by the Smart City Developers. He notices that Celebrity Cabal Mansions are surprisingly unaffected so will be available for their masters. Gumby says its "it's just a coincidence" like Event 201 and the prompt readiness of all the accessories like face nappies and cashier plexiglass screens and Netflix screening a Contagion series in Jan 2020 Just as "It's coincidence" that the world's countries were in lockstep;that sleeper cell armies masquerading as migrants are invading the West awaiting activation to enforce the forthcoming Lockdown 2.0 and that the Disease X rehearsal in 2018 was 666 days before March 2020's House Arrest Announcement.
  9. Look at a Clock Face. Take each number and minus it's opposite (12-6,11-5 etc up to7-1) You get six sixes. We have 6(0) second minutes + 6(0)minute hours + 2(+)4 hours per day Or 666. Just another interesting coincidence?
  10. Having listened to this week's summary by Mike from Around the World it does seem like a parallel to pre 9/11. Just prior to the world being blindsided by that outrageous psyop the subject of "aliens" was being scrutinised in Congress ; then on the Eve of the Attacks Rumsfeld casually announced the missing trillions. Are we about to be hit from another totally unexpected angle while we are looking that way like the street magician diverting our eyes with his cup and ball routine?
  11. The year is Geldof 42 (2072 old calendar) and Citizen 9234 of the Chegwin 15 minute confinement zone asks his-her-it's designated partner 7352 why he-her-it is viewing illegal comedy shows from a hundred years ago,under pain of re-education interment? The reason outlined was because it was around this time that enjoyable humour was outlawed and replaced with "alternative" then "obnoxious" comedy in which only straight white alpha Christians were legitimate,indeed legislated targets and if you didn't cuss every other word you were a pussay.... His-her-it's case for wrongthink comes up next Tuesday,where he-she-it will appear before all the other state "See You Next Tuesday" goons.
  12. The Enemy With No Name. It is virtually impossible for the normies of this world to conceive of an anti-human/life force behind the scenes that is essentially invisible yet all pervasive We are in a one-sided war where the other side looks and superficially acts like its victims,but wears no visible combat uniform and couches its evil intentions in deception and through its brutal enforcers,militaristic police and hit squads with fantastic weaponry (heart attacks or frequency dis-ease at your call). Beit alien or inbred human society the most descriptive catchall identifier is THE ENTITY, which labels IT whatever it may be.
  13. Having found the last video that Dr.Buttar recorded (Bitchute,wil paranormal channel) before his assassination via poison -which prevented him speaking out at an event with the potential for the information to go viral -allow me to paraphrase his proposed theory:- The covid jabs and nasal test kits contained a payload delivered via hydrogel which can be released at will by 5g. Included in said payload is the potential to cause marburg which will cause bleeding from the orifices;a visible threat unlike the covid fakery,which will cause painic and a rush to "get vaxxed" creating even more victims. He also predicted it sooner rather than later.
  14. As some people have noted W.E.F. reversed is 6.5.23. Cocking a knowing snook at the plebs.
  15. My opinion,based only upon my research over the past few years plus a dash of intuition,is that the cyclical catastrophe event is approaching and they want to wipe out most of us,so that when they emerge from their ratholes afterwards there is little or no competition for resources or control. Possibly Earth's weakening magnetic field is the start of a gradual,incremental series of events leading up to the (proposed:by Ben Davidson and Douglas Vogt) micronova in the 2030's or 40's. If so,the planned 15 minute concentration camps are a device to imprison then euthenise any resistance to the next plandemic(for which covid was a major dress rehearsal) in the next couple of years;this time they will not back down and with their recent power grab the WEF-FEW will attempt to inject the entire populace and put us down like vermin.
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