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  1. On people feeling harder and less caring. I have to admit I no longer care about warning the mocking normies who treated me like a nut for trying to prevent them making the biggest mistake of their lives with the jab. In fact,scandalously shocking as it may seem...I actually anticipate their fate with some degree of satisfaction. There,I said it.
  2. While 33 is often everywhere (ie the start of the plandemic,the number of segments in the flat earth map on the UN) the hoax code to freemasons,the number 6,Satan's calling card is even more ubiquitous: Many Nefarious US House Resolution numbers were unveiled during the plandemic of 2020. ALL Barcodes 6s,on left,centre and right. ALL QR codes 3x6 sided cubes in corners. Logos for CERN,WEF etc. And now,to rub it on that the Satanists are the cause of our energy woes,they are giving rebates to dd payers that sum out to 6 × £66.666!
  3. Opening scene to new movie "CARRY ON -CAUGHT BY THE BALKANS"... ZELENSKY-"Hello Citizens it is me again!" FIRST CITIZEN-"I thought I could smell cabbage!" ZELENSKY-"Please,I have taken my beloved Ukraine back and taken the world stage for our cause! What would you have me take now?" SECOND CITIZEN-"A Running Jump!"
  4. Us over-50s don't seem to fare as well healthwise as our would-be Overlords. Reaching 90 is a given to them and they seem unaffected by normy conditions of cancer,disability etc. What's their secret,apart from eating the finest foods,no financial stress and a weekly dose of andrenochrome?
  5. My family and neighbours must have eaten a lot of turnips!
  6. Heads up,troops in London,all banks closing for a week in Oz,Vatican wants all assets home by Sep 30th and recent Bloomberg news item.
  7. Watching Max Igan on Bitchute today,he opened by mirroring an excellent 8 minute video reminding us of the media's heavily manipulating campaign for the vax:juxtaposed with clips of those innocents dead and injured by the VAIDS poison. The following "SHILLebrities" bullyingly or insultingly promoted the vax and ganged up against anyone who dared to question the agenda and should not be allowed to be forgotten and escape public justice. In the meantime please join my informal campaign to "Bin the Bastards" by throwing away any CDs and DVDs containing the following: MICHAEL CAINE ELTON JOHN JIMMY CARR JIM BROADBENT JAMES CORDON There are more but these 5 stick out most as evil drugpushers.
  8. Chuffin' 'eck! What with Latex Biden and that Bullfrog Throat Pfizer Creep it's becoming apparent that we seem to be under an alien invasion worthy of Dr.Who!
  9. "The Government" will pay for. Translation,taxpayers will pay for. Just like the footy fan who says "We Won" but "They Lost". Anyway regarding the date 24(6)/Sept(9)/2022(6) you have your 3x sixes again. Or 24/Sept(7th month Roman calendar) will be something affecting us 24/7. "The Simpsons" Series 24 Episode 9 has EMP references from space so watch for if the news starts to mention a massive Solar Prominence to shoot in Earth's direction to take the grid down,but only after the world audience first has a "live" cgi-fest to establish the narrative before going Dark Winter.
  10. Already this month we have seen events which are notable for various reasons,such as ; Biden's Puppetmaster Obama attending the Second Unveiling Ceremony of his and Michael's Presidential Portrait in the White House (Which has multiple occulted images concealed as Jonathan Kleck analysed) and the announced demise of that old biddy on the stamps,not to mention that it is 911 today,21 years later (Blackjack?) But more may be to come with the Vatican (Vatis= Divining /Khan=Serpent) demanding the return of all it's assets before September ends. A video of a German Minister saying that September 24th is a day that will be remembered like 911 was,has apparently been debunked although that date is interesting but the week after is certainly noteworthy. Sept 30th is the last Friday of the month so if 'Xfiles' predictions of "It'll happen on a Friday when all the banks are closed..." is correct then it is an ideal day to cause a banking collapse before the traditional October deadline previously seen in 2008 etc.
  11. When Boris returns to lead us a la Churchill he can alert us to where we can find a bargain kettle. Or tsunami incoming.
  12. Don't worry Liz "The Placeholder" Truss will be out on a Legal Technicality to allow Mr Churhill....I mean Johnson.....to Bumble Back Better.
  13. An interesting theory regarding the events of this week is doing the rounds. Apparently a new PM cannot be sworn in in Scotland,but must be in England. Therefore the swearing in at Balmoral may be null and void on a technicality meaning that Liz TRUSS (a masonary placeholder term)is an illegitimate premier. Does BJ intend to be back,Terminator style ("Hasta La Vista,Baby") to do a Churchillian return in time for the forthcoming events? Also of note is that Johnson "resigned" on 7/7 and he is the 77th Prime Minister and has a penchant for the word "tsunami" in many of his speeches.
  14. You've heard of antifa,but what about TIFA? The WEF,the UN,the WHO are all TIFA! "TERRORISTS IN FORMAL ATTIRE"
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