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  1. what do you think about great spiritual awakening. DNA activation and recustruction? me i think is exist and happend now in all people on our planet earth
  2. its strange.and me not understund base on a mini researce on web i found is maybe happend something like great spiritual awakening in our planet but not sure and this sound in my ears is finally EMF EMF from earth's electromagnetic field because when i have this sound on my ear's i check shuman'ns resonance live and found the earth have 8.57 hz and the waves has about 50 circles the normal is 7.56 hz so i try to up my frequence but not sure for this because is more complicate.
  3. and most time when i see this is daylight ,in the night i see more for universe and when i am alone relax and mediate this sound is dissapear when i see all this events
  4. thank you forr your response. its continues sound like a sound from a horde in guitar elecric. i dont know how to say in english and light ball see when i close my eyes sound like dizinness and sometimes i see very bad dreams but no so often like good
  5. the number i see is the most times 9/10 6:66:666 and 1/10 3:33:333.what that means?
  6. hello my nane is george and i am from sparta greece 39 years old nice to meet you a lot of time searce for a forum like this.i have the same problem with numbers the last 6 months i see numbers and other things something is happen to me but i dont understund and i have strange sound in my ears like i bibm... and i see a strange lihgt ball and the cosmos and sometimes strange planet, with lot of tree and river and sometimes when is raining day i hear the sound of water in a river but no river exist.sorry for my english not good thank you for your time.no one to speak here for this in my town, i am going to crazy
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