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  1. I just made a little video (in Danish), mainly for some friends, as it’s always too complicated to explain everything, and why I think as I do, and then it ends up being a too long sausages of things! Anyway, I just made English subtitles on this video, so if you're interested, it can be found here: The topics are CO2, the “wild climate”, general science, cholesterol, vaccines, eugenics, HIV/AIDS, Corona, Measles, The Spanish Flu, The Metaverse, etc. 01:20:00 clip from a Danish press conference in 2020, where a "journalist" had sneaked in to this meeting and asked questions about "Corona-isolates". 01:36:00 Just a funny little clip from Søren Brostrøm, Director General of the Danish Health Authority. In May 2021, Brostrøm was elected a member of the Executive Board of the WHO. Anyway, he gives advices for how to celebrate Christmas, and here he explains that it's a bad to sing, because it "spills out with Corona" when you sing, so he advices us to hum. 01:53:35 Danish news, from the 27th December 2021. Allan Randrup Thomsen, Professor of Experimental Virology from the University of Copenhagen, is asked about the vaccine, and as he clearly says here, so did they already knew, that a vaccine was not going to stop the transmission of "the Corona". I know many will claim that we knew this, BUT, as I also show in an article after (from the very same week), where we see our Minister of Health, Magnus Heunicke say, that we need all school children vaccinated before they return to school after Christmas, so they don't spread Corona.
  2. Yes please start a thread with that :-) I'm also very interested in Thomas, but I also think I read these texts different than others. Ping me if you start such thread.
  3. Yea very easy. It still amazes me to look around me, example at my workplace (I work within care). And to see how the personnel swap from "check corona-pass, wear mask, keep distance", till not thinking about it because the rules have been gone for a while, dictated by the government - till the rule are back, and from now this is very very dangerous again. It's like switching a button.
  4. Yeah, maybe you are right. And even if I try hard not to, it's almost impossible not to send any negative energies out right now. I work within care, and we are 2 left in this huge company who haven't' got the jab. Even my boyfriend took it a few weeks back, and I have cried so much, because, he knows what is going on, but he felt pressured from his family and work.
  5. The "pearl", interesting. I have the past few years been studying in my spare-time some ancient Hebrew, went through the Bible, The Gospel of Thomas etc. I'm never going to be a member of a church or belonging to any religion, and I probably read the old text different than others, but "the pearl" is one of the thing we need to find, that's also what the texts tell us to.
  6. I have been thinking about the endgame for this agenda being played out atm. Both about the perception, the depopulation-idea etc., and there is one thing which I can't come to term with. So, as we already see, a lot of people are being sick/dyeing because of the vaccine, but; I don't understand why they don't just get rid of us, who doesn't obey and agree to the new system? All those who obey to it, aka take the vaccine, use all the bio-technologies, believe in the system, bring their smart-devices everywhere, they would be way easier to control than us. Maybe it's a topic you have already covered, but I would like to hear what you think.
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