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  1. The UK's Met Office collaborates with the UK's NATIONAL SPACE OPERATIONS CENTRE. "The National Space Operations Centre (NSpOC) is led by UK Space Command and the UK Space Agency, in partnership with the Met Office. The NSpOC operates and develops the UK’s space surveillance and protection capabilities. "UK Space Command is a joint command based at RAF High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire. It is staffed by personnel from the Royal Navy, British Army, and Royal Air Force, alongside civil servants and contractors. UK Space Command’s mission is to protect and defend UK and allied interests in, from, and to space. "UK Space Command continues the UK’s commitment to the Combined Space Operations initiative with Australia, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, and the US, to ensure a safe, secure and stable space domain. UK Space Command also controls the UK’s participation in the US-led space coalition under Operation Olympic Defender, a multinational coalition formed to deter hostile actors in space and reduce the spread of debris in orbit. It also supports the growth of the NATO space enterprise." https://www.raf.mod.uk/what-we-do/uk-space-command/
  2. The bullet, allegedly. (photo by DOUG MILLS/NEW YORK TIMES)
  3. Is this relevant? No idea myself. "Worried About 5G? How To Tell The Difference Between Phones That Have 5G Mmwave EMF And How To Turn 5G Off There's real 5G and then there's 5G without the FAST millimeter wave or EMF. Because AT&T and other big telecom have been declaring "5G" for years and even displaying the 5G E icon next to your smartphone bars you may have thought your phone had been a 5G phone since 2019, but actually it wasn't. It was just marketing. The 5G E in the photo below means its 5G evolution, not 5G millimeter waves." https://techwellness.com/blogs/expertise/how-to-know-if-phone-has-5g-emf
  4. The RAF is expanding into space. "Space is a congested and competitive domain. Hazards in space range from space weather to space debris. The space domain also includes a growing range of threats, including nefarious activity from hostile and irresponsible actors seeking to maximise their advantage in the space domain. UK Space Command works with allies and partners around the world to make space safe, secure, and sustainable for all generations." https://www.raf.mod.uk/what-we-do/uk-space-command/
  5. But not the Thatcher/Major -Reagan/Bush era in the 1980s and early 1990s.
  6. Death Valley "The heat record would have been set on July 10, 1913 at Greenland Ranch, and would be 56.7 °C (134 °F), but there are doubts about its validity. The value of 54.4 degrees Celsius (130 °F) recorded in Furnace Creek in August 2020 and in July 2021 is more credible. In general, however, the temperature reaches 51/53 °C (124/127 °F) on the hottest days of the year. Here are the average temperatures in Furnace Creek (1991-2020)" July Average Max = 47.4 degrees "One reason why the Death Valley is so hot lies in the fact that the altitude is below sea level (Death Valley is a depression that reaches 86 meters or 282 feet below sea level), but above all, it's in the fact that it is surrounded by mountain ranges, from which a down-slope wind can blow which, with a compression effect, further increase the temperature." https://www.climatestotravel.com/climate/united-states/death-valley
  7. Or was it DavRos, creator of the Daleks? Starmer sounds like one of them.
  8. A lot of charities want you to donate to them in your will, which seems a bit odd to me as presumably they want your money now, not in the future. It might serve to break up the family unit as you are torn between charity and family.
  9. The author Stephen Saleh seems to me to be suggesting that the pyramidal roof of One Canada Square is directing energy at an angle down to the leyline, despite not itself being on the leyline.
  10. Greenwich Old Royal Naval College Queen's House Queen's House interior Royal Observatory Looking towards the Isle of Dogs Towards Blackheath All Saints Church, Blackheath Wolfe Statue Royal Observatory and the meridian line
  11. At the Isle of Dogs, did John Dee conjure up the British Empire? (Probably not). "Did dark magic conjure up the British Empire? Esoteric evidence points to a ritual performed by Queen Elizabeth’s court magician John Dee." https://bigthink.com/strange-maps/mudchute-omphalos/
  12. Are you a crypto millionaire? Regardless, extreme wealth goes hand in hand with a (relatively) poor majority. Crypto is just another Ruling Elite mechanism.
  13. A ley line running through Greenwich, London, is the basis of the novel, Dark Lines Of London, By Stephen Saleh &Tony Lee "Dark Lines of London is a pseudo-historical thriller with touches of sci-fi in the Da Vinci Code genre. Spun off historical facts and characters, it is a quintessentially British time-travel story with a strong conspiracy and government cover-up twist. The book is set mainly in Greenwich and the Docklands areas of London, with a storyline centered on events in the 16th Century and the present day, and is an imaginative reinterpretation of undisputed historical facts. The action is based around a real ley line which runs from All Saints church in Blackheath, SE London through to Queen Mary’s College (QMC) in Mile End, East London, and runs through the former sites of two nuclear reactors, one of which was based in Sir Christopher Wren’s Royal Maritime College." https://2159cc9e-ba0a-4769-b6ae-35bc1e9a781d.filesusr.com/ugd/df866b_fbcebb9d86914b94bed87ce1ea30659a.pdf?index=true https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dark-Lines-London-Tony-Lee/dp/1912700719
  14. Inigo Jones is said to have been a Grand Master Freemason, and a lifelong friend and Rosicrucian Brother of Francis Bacon.
  15. Black and white squares in the Great Hall at the Queen's House at Greenwich, London. The hall is a cube with 40 ft sides and was designed in the 17th century by INIGO JONES. https://www.uniquevenuesoflondon.co.uk/news/beautiful-rooms-great-hall-queen’s-house
  16. Another officially approved advert for crypto investing (CopyMyCrypto.com); this one preceding an Ickonic video. https://davidicke.com/2024/06/30/the-cult-agenda-money-no-object-david-icke/
  17. Cover of the BBC's "Radio Times" for 1-7 September 2001, the week before before 9/11.
  18. Blenheim Palace (North Portico, Oxfordshire, England) Added in 1928 by artist Colin Gill, these six eyes – three blue, three brown – greets visitors to the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill.
  19. Dua Lipa, with one eye covered up, on the cover of the "Radio Times" https://www.crazyaboutmagazines.com/ourshop/prod_8171698-Radio-Times-magazine-Dua-Lipa-cover-2228-June-2024.html
  20. Several weeks later and the Hajj is in the news because of excess heat, apparently, though the 52 degrees some have reported doesn't tally with the mid 40s recorded by Accuweather. "Horrifying video shows bodies being loaded onto trucks and Hajj pilgrims passing out in the streets after 1,000 died in searing 50C heat during religious gathering in Mecca" https://davidicke.com/2024/06/22/horrifying-video-shows-bodies-being-loaded-onto-trucks-and-hajj-pilgrims-passing-out-in-the-streets-after-1000-died-in-searing-50c-heat-during-religious-gathering-in-mecca/ 46 degrees was the max temp for June 6th to June 21st, according to this website: https://www.visualcrossing.com/weather-history/Mecca%2CSaudi+Arabia 50 degrees was exceeded for the 'feels like' data, though.
  21. Has the frequency always been 7-83hz? Difficult to verify.
  22. Most mainstream institutions are substituting old, traditional prejudices with newer ones, e.g. anti-vaxxers; patriotism; climate change deniers.
  23. Mont St Michel (France) to Staple Island (Farne Islands) This major ley line that circles the Earth was highlighted by David Icke in his book “The Truth Vibrations” (P67 – 72), though he focused on the English section of the line, which has 7 Chakras, starting at the Isle of Wight. Mont St Michel; Blanchelande Abbey (France) - a former monastery of the Premonstratensian order, founded in the twelfth century. Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte Castle (France) - a ruined castle dating from the 11th and 12th centuries. Church of Sainte-Colombe in Sainte-Colombe (Gironde) - a Catholic church and Romanesque house of the twelfth century. The Needles (Isle of Wight) - a chakra. Hurst Castle (on the Hurst Spit in Hampshire) - an artillery fort established by Henry VIII between 1541 and 1544; St John's Church at Boldre (Pilley, Lymington) - there are three sarcen stones in the early foundations of the present church, so it’s possible that the site served as a place of worship as long ago as 2000 BC, the heyday of stone circles; Mottisfont Abbey (Romsey) - built on the site of a former Augustinian priory, founded in 1201. Danebury Iron Age Hillfort - one of the most studied Iron Age hill forts in Europe and a Scheduled Ancient Monument. Fosbury Camp Hillfort (Wiltshire) - the site of an Iron Age bivallate hillfort. Church of St Michael and All Angels (Shalbourne, Wiltshire) - 13th century origins. Uffington iron age fort and its’ White Horse – a chakra and on several ley lines; Ham Court (Oxfordshire)– on the site of the medieval Bampton Castle. Diddly Squat Farm Shop (Chipping Norton) - on Jeremy Clarkson’s farm!! The Rollright Stones (Oxfordshire) - Groups of limestone boulder monuments and a stone circle dating back to the Neolithic & Bronze Age. The complex consists of three main elements: The King's Men stone circle, the King Stone, and the Whispering Knights and burial chamber. Holycombe Holistic Retreat Centre (nr. the Cotswold village of Whichford) - There is a stone circle on the old castle site. Archaeologists have excavated a Roman conduit carrying water from the springs in the nearby wood to the site and dowsers and geomancers have suggested it was a sacred site before the Roman occupation. They also believe that six leylines converge on the stone circle. A natural stream rises from a holy well in the nearby wood, passes though the grounds and down a waterfall. St. Thomas a Becket Church (Sutton under Brailes, Warwickshire) - 12th century origins. Brailes Hill (Warwickshire) - a chakra and the site of a Medieval motte and bailey castle. St Mary the Virgin church - Pillerton Hersey. Warwick Castle. Kenilworth Castle and Elizabethan Garden – a major energy centre, Icke was told (“The Truth Vibrations”, P43). Astley Castle (Warwickshire) - a fortified manor and former site of a 12th century castle; Nine Ladies Stone Circle (Derbyshire) - Circular formation of upright stones dating to the Bronze Age. Chatsworth House - a stately home in the Derbyshire Dales. Fountains Abbey (North Yorkshire) - one of the largest and best preserved ruined Cistercian monasteries in England. MARMION TOWER (North Yorkshire) - 15th-century gatehouse of a fortified manor. The Druid’s Temple (nr Masham) - not a real temple, but a nineteenth century folly styled after stone circles. It has two large stone circles, an altar, sacrificial stone and a tomb area. THORNBOROUGH HENGES (North Yorkshire) - Three circular henges – sometimes described as the ‘Stonehenge of the North’ – were built here about 4,500 years ago over an earlier monument. The Church of St Michael the Archangel (Well, North Yorkshire) - occupies the site of an earlier 11th century church. Chapel of St Mary at Snape Castle (Yorkshire) - site of a former 15th century castle. Jervaulx Abbey (Yorkshire) – a chakra; 12th century Cistercian Abbey ruins. Kiplin Hall (North Yorkshire) - 17th century country home. Durham Cathedral – a chakra; Durham Castle – 11th century. Newcastle Castle (Newcastle) - 12th century castle built on the site of a Roman fort. Warkworth Castle and Hermitage (Northumberland) - 12th century. Dunstanburgh Castle – 14th century. Staple Island (Farne Islands) - a chakra;
  24. There was a BBC2 documentary today about migrants to Greece being ruthlessly rejected by Greek coastguards, allegedly, including being kidnapped. ("Dead Calm: Killing in the Med?")
  25. Common sense says that the whole crypto currency scene is controlled by the rich. 2021 article: "Just 0.1% of Bitcoin miners control half of all mining capacity, according to a new study" https://fortune.com/2021/10/26/bitcoin-mining-capacity-ownership-concentration-top-investors-nber-study/
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