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  1. Grove St Catherine's Hill Winchester Cathedral The Great Hall, also on the line so I've heard. Outside the Great Hall
  2. I was able to visit 2 locations in the videos: Winchester and Quarr Abbey (Isle of Wight). The altar at the abbey (where the Belinus and Elin lines meet) was closed to visitors, but a member of staff did allow me to stand fairly close to it, but I couldn't have any meaningful connection with it. I hope they open it up again to the public. I also visited Ryde. In Winchester, I visited St Catherine's Hill, although my 'spirit guides' (allegedly) said that the pinnacle of the hill (the grove of trees) had dark energy (not that I can sense energies). There were better energies outside the grove, apparently. Quarr Abbey from the ferry Quarr Abbey Altar at the end Portsmouth from Ryde Isle of Wight from the ferry St Catherines's Hill The centre of the grove The maze outside the grove - also a meeting point of the 2 lines. Winchester Cathedral from the grove
  3. The nearest locations to Birmingham referenced in the video were at Stratford-upon-Avon (Holy Trinity Church) and BARR BEACON (Walsall). I think that the line also goes through Birmingham's Bullring and the cathedral, but I'm not sure about that.
  4. Was the original denial by the oil industry designed to make global warming seem 'true'? (Guilt by association). Here's a magazine article on the supposedly green Rockefellers trying to green the oil company that their ancestors started: Exxon. It is a lengthy article, but watch out 1/3 through it for the meeting between David Rockefeller and his daughter with Exxon executives Lee Raymond and Rex Tillerson. It's all theatre, I believe, as I think Exxon pretended to hide knowledge of CO2 and global warming when really they were releasing it, knowing it would contribute towards the CO2 hoax. https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2018/01/the-rockefellers-vs-exxon.html
  5. Gary Biltcliffe wrote a book about the energies at the Isle of Portland ("Mysterious Portland")(actually 2 books, but the 2nd was an updated version of the first), which is a peninsular on the South coast of England, in Dorset. I was able to visit it last year on holiday. It was famous for its' limestone quarries, used for St. Paul's Cathedral . Today the quarries are a natural reserve and there are sculptures and stone circles there (all modern). Isle of Portland Chesil Beach from the Isle of Portland The 2012 Olympic tribute Circle of stones in the Tout Quarry reserve St George's Church near the Tout Quarry Portland Bill
  6. From the Isle of Wight the 'Spine of Albion' enters into mainland Britain and makes its' presence felt at a church (St Peters) in the Hampshire village of Titchfield, which is associated with the nearby Titchfield Abbey through the Earl of Southampton and William Shakespeare. Titchfield Abbey The line goes through Winchester and Birmingham. Winchester cathedral Birmingham Cathedral I visited Stonehenge and Salisbury last year Midsummer Rise direction aligns with a natural feature Salisbury Cathedral from Old Sarum Site of the original cathedral at Old Sarum
  7. Those lines meet up with the Belinus/Elin lines in the region of the Uffington White Horse, although the 4 lines don't all meet at one point, according to Biltcliffe.
  8. Gary Biltcliffe posted this article about an unusual alignment of the 3 Norths in Britain in November 2022 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-dorset-63475943
  9. This links to the New Age notion that the human body is a biocrystalline vessel resonating holographically with a crystalline universe. But who created this electromagnetic universe, and why?
  10. David felt that the 'heart of the heart' was in a region on the edge of the Peak District, centred on a hill called 'The Cloud' ( Bosley Cloud), near Congleton. The producer of the videos received a psychic message saying that the most evil part of the Belinus line was at Clitheroe Castle, caused by male energies. I think it would be a mistake to assume that 'male is always bad' and 'female is always good'. It's what you do with the energies that counts, I believe.
  11. In the church at Quarr Abbey, the strongest energies, according to Biltcliffe, were at the altar directly under the church's tower, which acts as a "stone aerial", possibly connecting the water below ground with the orgone energy in the sky.
  12. I've just started watching the videos. David includes the stones at Carnac in France as belonging to 'Albion'. The male Belinus Line flows with the female Elin line. In Britain they first meet at CULVER CLIFF in the Isle of Wight, according to the author GARY BILTCLIFFE ("The Spine of Albion"), whom David interviews. They both agreed that obelisks diminish the female energies. The Elin line flows through Quarr Abbey.
  13. It depends on what is meant by intuition, as it is an ambiguous word. That said, I am suspicious of the promotion of intuition by occult societies and now by more mainstream organisations, and at the same time as the rise of the AI man/machine interface. Are the 2 connected?
  14. This thread is for anyone who wants to comment on Icke's 2-part video about Britain's leylines, or comment on your own experiences at those energy centres. For instance, he flagged up the Belinus leyline that goes from the Isle of Wight up to Scotland via Winchester, Birmingham and Manchester. In his promos he visited sites on the Isle of Wight, such as Quarr Abbey.
  15. Pele is said to have had COVID before he died. Channel 5 in the UK anticipated his death, seemingly, because today (New Year's Eve) they showed the film that he acted in, "Escape To Victory", but would have been put in the TV schedule weeks earlier.
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