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  1. "Go Viral!" is divided into 3 levels: 1) “The Fearmongerer”, which is about exploiting emotions to manipulate people online, including outrage. 2) “My imaginary expert”, which tackles the use of fake experts, such as Doctors of Natural Medicine peddling fake coronavirus cures. 3) “Master of Puppets”, which deals with ‘contagious’ conspiracy theories, particularly around vaccines.
  2. A computer game designed to tackle ‘fake news’ (during the Covid pandemic) was developed by Cambridge University and the UK Government, and which was publicised by the WHO and the UN. Entitled “Go Viral!”, the game was billed on Cambridge University’s website as follows: “CAMBRIDGE GAME ‘PRE-BUNKS’ COVID-19 CONSPIRACIES AS PART OF THE UK GOVERNMENT’S FIGHT AGAINST FAKE NEWS” The advertising likens ‘fake news’ to a virus that needs to be eliminated: “The game gives players a taste of the techniques and motivations behind
  3. Oops! I made a mistake when writing about Tim Davie. He became the BBC's Director General during the pandemic, not before.
  4. When vaccines became publicly and widely available in the UK during the global pandemic in late 2020, the BBC’s Director-General, TIM DAVIE, wrote an article in the BBC’s magazine “Radio Times” for the new year in 2021, titled “Fake News is bad for our health”, in which he declared that the BBC were playing a role in “...tackling harmful coronavirus conspiracy theories. Now we’re turning our attention to vaccines.” (“Radio Times”, 2-8th Jan 2021). The BBC had initiated in 2019 the TNI (Trusted News Initiative), “... the only forum in the world designed to take on fake news
  5. He didn't believe that he was Jesus nor was he a Christian, but in a confused, semi-hypnotised state he said things that were interpreted by the mainstream media to be so. He started to break free from his 'Turquoise period' in 1992 and wrote of that change in 1993 books: "Days of Decision" and his autobiography "In The Light of Experience".
  6. I went to London just before the Tier 3 rules started on December 16th 2020. At Harrods in Kensington each entrance was manned by security staff enforcing the mask rule. When I said that I was exempt and didn't need an exemption card, the security guard said that the government regulations didn't apply to them because they are a "private" company, not a "public" one! Thankfully, other shops were easier to get into, though Selfridges in Oxford Street had a bizarre 2m regulation, but only enforced at the entrance, not inside.
  7. The most recent headline broadcast by David on the virus ("The Virus Hoax"). I stopped after 5 minutes as 150MB was used up. That's approx 1.8GB for an hour.
  8. Till recently, I've never had any problems with the cost of watching David's talks on his website, but in the last week or so (late November 2020 onwards) the amount of data that they use up seems to have risen steeply. Is it just me?
  9. The crisp and Walkers logo could be a zodiacal band encircling the Earth, or maybe Saturn and its' rings.
  10. I got 2 popups partially covering the graph, on my Android smartphone.
  11. Common Law got a mention in a BBC history documentary originally broadcast in 2010: "In Search of Medieval Britain" (Part 4: "Heartlands"). Its' presenter, Dr. ALIXE BOVEY, said that common law still applies today, adding: "...though most people have no idea of the rights they hold."
  12. Common Law has been around for many years, as have complaints about injustice, so why has it taken so long for human rights organisations, conspiracy researchers, et al, to become aware of it? If Common Law and the Common Law Court are a genuine threat to the Ruling Elite, then why weren't they removed years ago? It will be interesting to see if such a removal or modification happens in the near future.
  13. Sonia Poulton resigned from "The People's Voice". Wasn't she considered to a trouble maker there?
  14. Carry a face mask, just in case. Don't hang around at the end of the march, when most of the trouble, if any, tends to occur. Stand behind people bigger than you. You should be OK.
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