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  1. I'm convinced that some of the magic is real, and is psychologically preparing us for the energy science of the future. 'Beam me up Scotty' and all that. One of my favourite Dynamo tricks is the large quantity of fish that he conjures from a small bucket.
  2. It could be coincidence, but BBC1 had been scheduled to broadcast the psychopath slasher horror film "Halloween" this Friday evening, though obviously had to cancel it.
  3. David wasn't doing yoga back in the 1990s, so when he described it as a kundalini experience, that's just his interpretation; his label. He did a lot of channeling in the 1990s, so heaven knows what he was absorbing into his body. I think it is best to concentrate on your interactions with the people around you.
  4. It's possible that she is 'controlled opposition', deliberately behaving in an odd way, but David has to overlook this if he wants to get his message far and wide.
  5. The last of the short Bitchute clips: David talking to a protester for 9 secs https://www.bitchute.com/video/T7j8lH0fpKNf/
  6. until

    Halving the price might double the audience.
  7. Another short Bitchute clip: https://www.bitchute.com/video/hHxawzkacIZW/
  8. Here's some very short Bitchute clips: Marchers coming from Vauxhall Bridge: https://www.bitchute.com/video/j33Bjk4yKnon/ David seen at the end: 9 secs of London Medical Freedom March (bitchute.com) More to come...
  9. Before the photos, a few minor gripes: firstly, there were no major surprises on the march, despite what had been hinted at in the advertising for the event. At MI6 HQ I wondered if there might be a mass sit down on Vauxhall Bridge, but no. There was a noisy drum band, but they were Christians with Christian banners (no pandemic or medical messages), so just added to the myth that we’re unscientific. Secondly, the starting point of the march was not given precisely, so I went to the wrong Hyde Park Corner, at the Marble Arch mound. Fortunately, I met some fellow marchers who had made the same error, and who found out the correct location. I’ll supply the videos at the end of the photos, when I get the time. Hyde Park mound. Where is everyone? Funny looking protesters The inside of the mound. No protesters here. At last! David and his brother Paul Paul and Kerry and the Ickonic guy More to come
  10. A noisy feature of the London Medical Freedom march on Saturday was the group of Christians banging on their drums and holding banners that read "Jesus is freedom", etc. Were they just exploiting the march for their own ends, or was it designed to make the majority of protesters look like religious, unscientific, 'nutters'?
  11. I didn't say that Gates was a genius, nor did I say that he achieved his success single handedly, but I think that David is wrong to conclude that people like him are morons, and ignores the intellectual elites who have dominated world affairs. If the likes of Gates aren't clever, then who is? Are you implying that only good people can be clever?
  12. I'm talking about raw intelligence, not wisdom nor lies or evil. High functioning psychopaths can be very intelligent and cunning.
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