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  1. It was this one: Control Group (vaxcontrolgroup.com) I don't know how much clout something like this would hold though in the greater scheme of things.
  2. No, it was a third party control group of some sort and they even issued a lanyard card to say this person is not to be vaccinated. I can't find it now though...
  3. Wasn't there some website where non-jabbed could register to be part of a control group? Does anyone know if they produce statistics on members who have been infected or had serious problems? I don't trust any stats we are being given 'officially' as it's quite obvious the government/s are twisting what they tell us.
  4. I have a question about Phase III trials if anyone knows the answer to this... When the Phase III trials end in 2023 - what happens in terms of legalities surrounding the EUA (Emergency Use Authorisation) granted? Also, what happens in terms of liability concerning adverse reactions? Do the manufacturer become liable? (I guess this will be when full authorisation is granted i.e. non-EUA/passes their 'stringent' safety narrative, whatever that is, haha) If the liability changes then I can understand the desperation the government etc are putting on folk and why 2022 is going to be another drag of a year with this nonsense... Just a thought that popped up in my mind. Cheers
  5. Is the disease important to get vaccinated against - I don't personally feel at risk, Chris. Do the vaccines work - By the looks of it, NO. Side effects - Plenty
  6. I agree. With the vax injuries catching up now though I feel that these injuries and deaths will overtake the c19 narrative completely... and when that happens they are going to have some serious questions to answer. It'll certainly be an interesting year, but they are going to fall quite spectacularly when it does happen. Time is running out for them.
  7. how much more of this for people to realise?
  8. The Jolly Jabbeer p.s. I agree with Owl in that it'd just create division and further resentment but I can see you just want to have a bit of fun. Ideally to avoid this you could have an underground pub or something like a 1990s rave where we meet in a field and the Police turn up an hour (probably 5 hours in this day and age) later and set their dogs on us (probably not a good idea but if we're all pissed we wouldn't feel anything!)
  9. There's also the Home - A Stand In The Park meetups although I've not been to any yet. I'm in Lancashire area.
  10. They've been deceiving the public for at least 25 years; Abdullahi v. Pfizer, Inc. - Wikipedia
  11. Some governments have gone way too far with their 'measures'. The cure is worse than the actual illness
  12. You're right, like you say once the infrastructure is in place to support all this then I can see it happening too.
  13. Anything to keep the narrative going, the end is nigh.
  14. I'm confused over the 'right to work checks'. Where does it state that vaccination is a requirement? Right to Work COVID-19 factsheet.pdf (britishchambers.org.uk) It talks mainly about illegal workers (I presume those who may come from abroad to work in the UK?) Sorry if I've got the wrong end of the stick! All I see currently is the usual government coercion tactics in relation to employers: COVID-19 vaccination: guide for employers - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) ?
  15. I wonder if these people will look back at what they've said in, say, another two years and think to themselves.... that wasn't right.
  16. There really is only ONE way to sort this out for good. Build a miniaturizing machine like in the film Inner Space (or Honey I shrunk the Kids) and go inside the human body (not mine) to see what's going on. We could also insert GeoffB and anyone who doubts him (I don't btw) to see what funky shit is going on with the vaccines. We could also build a Delorean time machine and make sure Boris Johnson ends up working in a cornflake production facility. Happy New Year (not sure about the Happy bit).
  17. WTF - Pharmacy Owner Pleads Guilty to Federal Charge Involving theVaccination of Minors Under 12 with the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine | USAO-PR | Department of Justice Has this been reported on here previously? I just happened to stumble on this when posting my last post
  18. I tried speaking with a family member who knows I'm unvaxxed the other day. Thinks I'm brain washed because I chose not to have it. Despite me explaining that I'm concerned of the long term affects and the dodgy history around some of these drug companies (especially Pfizer which I did research at the start of the vaccine roll out) + 100 other reasons I'm not going into... According to them a government website containing this document: Pfizer Inc. v. Abdullahi - Amicus (Invitation) | OSG | Department of Justice it's completely made up and fake. I completely give up - have as many facking vaccines as you like
  19. It's all a bit Dr. Claw for me now...
  20. So... the clocks ticking and I guess there will be a 'big push' on the cards in the next few months.
  21. Is she genuine or some kind of parody account? I really don't want to believe she's put her dog down for the moronic variant. Jesus give me strength
  22. Not sure but some say the main three pyramids were built prior to the dynasties of ancient Egypt by some lost ancient (highly technical) civilization. Brien Foerster - YouTube is worth a look - he mentions on several videos how there appears to be different levels of technology on show with how pyramids, monuments are fabricated etc It does get you thinking because some of the stone work probably surpasses even some of our abilities. Take the Lost City of Petra - that's not been carved out by someone with a hammer and chisel!
  23. hmm I wonder with all these revelations that the heat will be turned down on the unvaccinated. Who am I kidding? They'll probably roll out Ferguson with one of his doom and gloom charts.
  24. I'll never forget the Corbyn interview on GMB with SHillary
  25. The MSM lap this stuff up like ice cream - they're loving it. Is that Corbyn in the crowd?
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