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  1. I hear what your saying. But trust me, you don't need much of a science background to understand how this has been all a fraud. All in all it is pretty common sense. But they want you to fell that way so you stay confused and don't bother looking into it. Ive looked into the link you sent, it has some valid criticism (mostly verbal diarrhea and hogwash) and it does not discount the fact that no virus has been isolated. That is the point you want to focus on, not the minute details. Trust me, read the book, it is an easy read and easy to understand. Another one is Virus Mania, it breaks down virus by virus. Let me know if you need a link or something. When you are reading with something that resonates with you, it just clicks, and you feel like a portal of knowledge is opening to you. It is an amazing feeling brother. Very liberating.
  2. There is only 1 way to isolate a virus and it has never been done. It is truly mind blowing once you look into it. Read the book The Contagion Myth for more info. Virus that have been seen under an electric microscope are just exosomes that we need to clean our cells!
  3. This is what it is. The only thing I havent figured out is how valtrex( anti-viral) cures a cold sore in 1 day. I work in a pharmacy hahaha.
  4. Im on the same page. Most alternative media are still providing the virus bioweapon rubbish. People are coming in to the pharmacy inquiring about their free N95 mask that will be provided for. And of course free tests. They just cant wait to get their hands on it. It so sad, walking zombies. This is definitely not the light in the end of the tunnel, this is just the calm before the storm. Who knows what fun 5G and possibly 6G will bring. Its good to be optimistic but blind optimism is just dumb. We have to be real here, there is no way this is the end. I have to admit I was a bit happy to hear all the mandates being lifted. But it is probably just another tick off in the globalists plan.
  5. This is what I have been thinking. People are going to get extremely angry. Not only that theyve been duped, but that they had to put their health on the line for a big fat lie. Maybe this was the plan all along. Ordo Ab Chao. Its good to think positive but I dont think the battle has been won yet. This may be Plan B or maybe be going according to their original plan. Out with the old in with the new. Lets see how it plays out.
  6. I can relate 100%. The weakness was soul draining and I was wondering if working with the vaxxed had eventually got to me. My wifes mom was sick for 2 weeks, regular flu like symptoms, after she came from her country (DR). Then, she couldnt breath, we had to call the ambulance. They came, gave her a steroid shot, and left. She felt better for a day then next day she had trouble breathing again. So we called ambulance and they took her away. In the hospital they gave her oxygen and Remdesevir/Dexamethasone/ baricitinib(some drug I have not hear of before). Eventually she got better and they lowered the oxygen but I doubt it is due to the covid meds, probably just got better thanks to the steroid and time. But they are activating the 5G network, supposedly slowly over 6 months but who knows. Every region is different I suppose based on the companies and such. My interest is in rural areas, that have no 5G coverage, are people still getting as sick with "omicron". That is the question I reallly would like to know to confirm my hypothesis.
  7. Its coming, this one is going to be reallllllly bad, flu 3.0 lol
  8. I dont believe in shedding or the vaxxed emitting radiation. I believe 100% now that it is the 5G grid. I have never seen so many people ill at the same time, all around the world. Combine that with flu season, and it would explain this madness. Our bodies are having a hard time dealing with this change in the electrical field of the planet. This is coming from a pharmacist with 6 years of "medical training". I am now fully convinced virus theory is bs. And this is the only substantial explanation I have seen for everyone getting sick at the same time, in different time zone, climates, etc. It is absurd. And from personal experience, I have been sick on and off for a month. It was disheartening but I am finally out of it and feel like myself again. What a blessing!
  9. Yeah, going to have to become literally a tin foil hatter hahaha. Well anyway, this is my hypothesis, the EMF war has started on full force. And im sure they havent turned it up all the way yet. That is pretty scary. I am reading a book now called the Contagion myth and it pretty evident most flu epidemics were tied to electrical disturbances. Well that is the culprit in my view. Not a virus, not a bacteria. Just EMF and fear, enough for all these symptoms to occur. Im usually very optimistic, but getting harder and harder these days. Still, I keep my head up, for the future and for my family. And for all you freedom fighters out there. Happy(or as happy as can be) New Year everyone !
  10. Thanks, i can see the whole map is a dark blue, especially the Northeast. In this case, their is no escape. What can we do to protect ourselves, if there is anything at all? Because I have been taking the usual immune boosters, NAC, elderberry, zinc, wellness tablets, ginger, and it seems they hardly helped when I had that nasty flu. Maybe its just EMF poisioning?
  11. This is very interesting. I am around people all day, and they are all jabbed. I work in a busy pharmacy in NYC. I am not sure if I am worse at work, and better at home. However, more than likely whatever it is I am catching it at work, from the jabbed. Not sure I believe in shedding and the such. But as Jack said, I am having the same symptoms right now, and so is my pregnant wife. Runny nose, slight cough, etc. Just seems like a mild cold(not the same flue I had a few weeks back). Can you elobarate on the 5G switch being turned on? Is this confirmed? Because it would make a ton of sense.
  12. You are right. But what I meant to say is usually when I have the flu is 4-5 days and i feel progressively better. With this shit I was off one day better the next and so on. And it felt heavy on my mental but not sure if that is just me. Not saying its Covid, who knows wtf is going around. But people around me left and right are getting sick. Combined with covid panic it is almost unbearable. Especially when surrounded my sheep who are all vaxed. Supermarkets are getting cleared again, its like 2020 all over lol.
  13. Yeah man at least im not going crazy hahaha. My dad felt the same thing. Maybe they have activated the 5G now hahahaha. But I think two years of this crazyness has taken away some joy from us. And subsequently our immune systems follow suit. Just a guess. My son is going to be born any day now so have to stay strong, mentally, physically, and spiritually.
  14. You know what mate, your probably right. It just seems its a weird type of flu and people have been saying the same. With symptoms dissapearing one day and coming back the next. But you may be right. I guess all this doom and gloom has gotten in my psyche too. Flu is rampant every year. Not sure if flu is even a virus anymore after reading Virus Mania and listening to Andrew Kaufman and company. Or if any virus's exist at all or are just a construct of Rockefeller medicine. Our minds are easily influenced and sometimes play games on us. But here in NYC, people are at a tipping point. Everyone is begging for at home covid tests and they are nowhere to be found.
  15. Well, I have noticed everybody getting sick around my job and in general. Of course I think all it is is a weaker immune system, due to massive panic and fear everywhere. But people are complaining of being sick for 3-4 weeks, I had something similar for 2 weeks or so I cant brush it off as being in their head. Usually the common flu lasts a couple of days. Not sure what to believe in anymore. I know COVID is a big PSYOP to bring in draconian lockdowns/transhumanism and eventually NWO. But the fear and panic is rampant. Feels like they are draining peoples hopes. Maybe its cause im in the northeast it feels like this. A couple of days in the sun on the beach would probably sort it all out. Im just curious, what all these illnesses are going around. Not sure I subscribe to germ theory any more, especially virology which is a big sham. But what is it then? Are they spraying some shit in the air? Is the 5G active now? Whats next in the pipeline for these bastards.
  16. Just want to mention, I work as a pharmacist in NYC. Lately has been crazier than ever, in terms of panic. People are calling begging for the self home tests, and they are not available. Everyone is getting sick and everyone is getting tested. I feel like im in the twilight zone. This madness has to stop sooner or later. People are worse than sheep. It is embarassing.
  17. Just wanted to comment quickly on this. In the begining of this year, maybe Febuary, I got sick with covid (supposedly). I somewhat believed it was true, cuz I never felt a flu like this and felt like shit for maybe 3 weeks. I was tested positive and my fiancee wanted to get tested. I did a free test which was fine( they didnt shove up the q-tip far in your nose only on the surface inside) the test was in my car also and I controlled the movement of the q-tip. The test came in 2-3 days so it wasnt the rapid one. For my fiancee, she had insurance so decided to get a rapid test in a urgent care center. Worst mistake letting her go and do it. Still feel like an idiot to this day. They rammed it up her nose, causing her to have sinus pain/congestion and nose pain after. She also had some headaches as well. Prior to this she never even knew what congestion felt like. In general she has a way stronger immune system than me. She tested negative on the rapid test but got sick shortly after the test and then tested positive a week later with the same free test I did. Not sure what they put in that garbage, whether its nanotech or ethylene oxide. Never again.
  18. Hmm, can't comment on the average jew to be honest because im not even sure what that means. Theres so many different types of us that I wouldnt even know when to start. Hassidic jews and secular jews are obviously different creatures. Then those are super divided as well, based on type of hassidic jew, region where they live etc. Most secular jews look at hassidic jews like aliens. I think it really depends on a case to case basis. For example, a Russian Jew will see the BS with all these mandates and government policies just because of a background living in the Soviet Union or family stories from there. We escaped the Soviet Union and now we are seeing another one being formed right here in the US. Most American Jews will probably buy in the whole thing because they don't know any better. I doubt the zionist oppression will be stopped by just jews, but by open minded people who have done the research and have an innate feeling something is wrong with this world. For example, I felt this all my life. But as soon as the news of Covid spread I had a feeling like this is the beginning of the end, and not due to the disease. My sister is completely brainwashed and a microbiologist so she thinks she knows. I dont bother arguing with her because she is very stubborn. All her kids are triple jabbed and her as well. I think the average jew, has no freaken idea what their ancestors have done. Also you have to remember it is a tiny percent of Jewish people, may 0.0001% that hold the power and run the cabal. I want to fight this coming war but have a son coming and not sure what to do. Ive been browsing this forum for years now, and havent contributed much. Hopefully I can now. Thanks for keeping an open dialogue and looking forward to many more. God Bless us all.
  19. Hey man, Im Jewish/Russian. My mom was Jewish and so was everyone on her side. Everyone who came here to the US are Jewish refugees as well. My sister lived in Israel for 10 years and I visited 3 times. What can I say, im learning so many things about it myself. Judaism is considered more a race in my sense, not sure if thats correct but thats how its been. However the more I learn, the more I see the secret cabal/ octopus of Global Control is Judaic or at least pretending to be Judaic/hiding behind the Judaic faith, especially the fed and such. My sister is an hard core atheist but practices all Jewish customs just because of tradition/family. I was always in the middle of the the Jewish tradion culture people but still had an attraction to my fathers Chrisitan Orthodox side. I dont know what to believe but am learning more every day. Is Judaism to blame, or people pulling the strings using the Jewish faith as a protection to their evil deeds. I think its more likely the latter, we can argue Muslim terrorists hide behid the Muslim faith but doesnt mean Islam is to blame. Plus there are so many divisions of jews and all of them have different opinions, like the hardcore Hassidics that stood up for palestine, against Israel. Those are considered traders in the usual pro Jewish Israel people, surprisingly mostly secular which I was exposed to. Im ready for open discussion, I have nothing to hide. Sorry if I was random hahaa.
  20. Not sure abou the dark blood or red blood, however I do have a coworker who was double jabbed, maybe 6 or 7 months ago. She never had an abnormal blood test. Now her hemoglobin is low, and looks like she has anemia. Her MCH i think is lower than normal as well. She is going to a specialist doctor to find out the reasons why. Very interesting indeed, I pray there is no shedding going on.
  21. Tried posting this before, not sure what happened but it was removed. Let me try again. This is a email from CUNY letting everyone know they will be testing vaccinated students and staff randomly. The madness.... Dear CUNY Community, As part of the University’s multi-pronged strategy to monitor and mitigate the spread of COVID-19, CUNY is launching a random testing program for vaccinated employees and students accessing CUNY facilities. Starting this week, a number of randomly selected, vaccinated individuals across the University will be contacted each week to be tested for COVID-19. The random testing program complements CUNY’s mandatory weekly testing for employees who have not disclosed their vaccination status and students who obtained a vaccination exemption. If you are selected in any given week, you will receive an email from with instructions to complete your registration and will have to test at a CUNY test site within 7 days (no appointment necessary). Your test result will be available within 48 hours and you will maintain your Access Pass to CUNY facilities while the results are pending. If your test result comes back positive, your Access Pass will be removed and you will be contacted by a Coronavirus Task Force Liaison for guidance. If you do not show up to be tested within the required 7-day period, you will be contacted by a campus or program representative on next steps. Being tested when you are notified is not optional and is necessary in order to obtain campus-wide results each week and thus help keep everyone safe. For additional information about the program, visit this FAQ or www.adnas.com/CUNYhelp. If you still have questions, students should contact their campus), and employees their Thank you in advance for doing your part to continue keeping the CUNY Community safe.
  22. Hey guys, been following the forum for a while but having trouble logging in. Pretty interesting rountable convo, sorry if its been posted already.
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