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  1. macroagression is amazing!
  2. Didn't know that, would explain why the prices are skyrocketing everywhere. I head NYC is using taxpayers money to buy billboards in Miami to convince people to come back to NYC lol. I am from Brooklyn too , originally. After my mom passed I decided to buy a house in the burbs, best decision I ever made. However now I feel like I haven't left far enough, since I am still in a filthy "D" state. With Agenda 2030 on the way doubt Ill be able to retain my property forever anway!
  3. Ridiculous man. I work in NYC and live in CT. But I want to move as far away as possible. Not easy to leave everything and start new but it seems like the best option now. Maybe FL but it is super expensive and they are packed cuz everyone moved there already. The clown show gets worse each day, waiting for it to subside but it is a lost cause. Every day I am just more and more shocked how ridiculous everything has become, including the Ukranian flags in every corner. I have given up on this sheep society, and government.
  4. Disgusting man. I saw this guy but never knew he was the author of Sapiens. I started the book it didnt seem horrible but now knowing what I know I will not come near it with a stick. Life of inorganic matter, wtf is that? Their stupid AI dream that will never come to fruition, God willing.
  5. Awesome mate, will check out vid now
  6. I need names of some good books proving that HIV is bull. I know 2, 1 by Jon Rappaport called AIDS INC, other one inventing the AIDS virus. I know there has to be a bunch more. There is someone closet my family that is terribly worried he caught HIV from having unprotected sex. I want to send him a few books/ resources to ease his mind. What do you guys recommend?
  7. Thank you brother. The issue will be sending him to schools and such, as everything in the state I live in requires adherence to vaccine schedules. So I will have to isolate him from society. Not that he is losing much but it is good to have communication with his peers and other kids. It will be a tough road.
  8. Good point. The answer of the virologist will be however to say they cannot have a sample of a pathogen as a virus only exists in relation to other living tissue and cannot exist without it. Which is part of the scam of course.
  9. You are correct Dale, the problem is easy to spot but the solution is not. What I am doing is trying to open the eyes of people close to me, my wife for a start. We just had a newborn and my job for the next month is trying to explain to her why he doesnt need any vaccines in his body. But my problem with the half truths like China released a bioweapon with the help of Fauci gain of function research still allows them to keep playing the virus card for eons to come. We will blame some people but not get to the root of the problem and they will just be replaced. We will get played again. As long as it keeps lining the pockets of the Rockefeller establishment our chances are pretty slim. Media and education supports the narrative 24/7. They have been using fake germ theory for more than a century to control us. Here a great video from Dr. Cowan, author of The Contagion Myth https://www.bitchute.com/video/KcGd16OMAXVU/.
  10. Personally, I think it is necessary to overturn the fraudulent germ theory once and for all. That is the only way to "prevent" the next plandemic. Anything less than that still leaved all the weapons in their arsenal.
  11. Thanks for your story man I have a similar one. When all this shit started, I told my gf (now wife)something was off. Its like I have a sixth sense for this bs. We were on the boardwalk and the NYC had a barricade there as well as cars with loadspeakers that we were to social distance or something to that effect. Felt like the beginning of martial law. I think that was maybe March 2020, a month after my mom passed. So when the whole virus narrative ramped up, I was very suspicious. But spending a good portion of my life learning about virus and the diseases it causes it was hard to take Andrew Kaufman and his exosomes claims serious. But the past few years I have been researching non stop, and browsing on these forums almost daily. I have heard of the book What really makes us ill but have never read it. I have read most of Virus Mania and read The Contagion Myth. Now thinking of reading Bechamp Or Pasteur? but not sure I have to as I am convinced of the falseness of germ theory already. The reason I wasnt able to accept terrain theory of the idea of a virus not existing because I was surrounded by the mass psychosis and fear and it was hard to seperate myself from that. Finally I feel like I have breaken through, and it is a huge sense of relief. I was also half way awake and I had my faith in hydroxychloroquine, Trump, Ivermectin and such. But know see them as half-truths and distractions from the real agenda. Thanks again for your story brother.
  12. Sounds like we have a similar line of thinking. How long have you known this? For me this was a very recent revelation, even though I have dwelved into it in the start of the "pandemic" (Andrew Kaufman and exosomes)
  13. Well, it makes sense in simplistic terms. But sounds too good to be true hahahaha.
  14. Makes sense, Yin and Yang. Im honestly new to this energy thing but what the orgone guy was saying made a lot of sense. Basically these 5G towers are sucking the positive life force away from the planet. When he places his tower busters and other orgone devices sometimes water starts coming from the ground, it starts to rain, and wildlife flourishes. I know it sounds wacky but intuitively I believe it is possible. Its more as if the energy they are creating is artificial, grey, and souless. While the natural energy of the earth is life giving, loving, and healing. Please listen to the podcast to see what I was talking about.
  15. Geting sick is normal, it is our only way to "detox". So the more toxins, the more sick you get because there is more to detox. When you look at it in this way, eveything seems so much simpler than virus and bacterial infections.
  16. Have to look into that, but you are right pretty much everything is frequecies/ energies. I was listening to a very interesting podcast this morning on The Higherside Chats with Mitch the Orgone Donor you can listen to here: https://www.thehighersidechats.com/mitch-the-orgone-donor-orgone-energy-devices-towerbusting-the-geoengineering-agenda/ . Basically he talks about how all these satellites and EMF devices are like parasites taking the life energy away from the earth and bringing in death energy. And he donates devices to be placed around these EMF towers to change the frequencies. It is super interesting. As far as Kayne West, I dont know what to think. He made a song called Jesus Walks but then married a Kardashian, which is basically Satan's spawn hahahaha.
  17. I get it. But our minds make conclusions sometimes based on deductions that are not correct. I just ask you to keep an open mind. Thats all we can do, try to put the pieces of the puzzle together one by one and not rush to oversimplified conclusions. Believe me, If I read what I am writing a few years ago I would call myself a wacko loony. But I guess it takes years to get over the programming.
  18. Well, if we go by the 5G EMF field theory, everyone has a different susceptibility to EMF waves. But the difference in strength between 4G and 5G is exponentially higher. So it is only normal people will be getting sick as ever as the body tries to deal with this shock. Some people are more sensitive to it and some are more resistant. But I also believe the mindset / frequency has to do a lot with it. Catching "something" is probably more like an overload of toxins and bad frequencies your body is trying to get rid of and balance itself again.
  19. Hey Morpheus, this is not a surpirse. I have heard countless stories like this. One spouse being sick dying and the other catching nothing. It is a joke. The more I learn the more I realize germ theory is all an oversimplified sham created to perpetuate Rockefeller medicine. And I am pharmacist fully ingrained in the system saying this hahah. Just look at the Spanish Flu, deadliest pandemic of all time. They tried to prove infection by spitting in each others throats, and alas, nothing. Where is the proof. Where is the contagion. Emperor has no clothes. I have plently of the tests, but havent done the UV light test as of yet. Doubt it is true but I can check. Anyway the tests are a sham as well. All off them but especially these 15 minute at home tests. Testing for DNA code that is not specific to any virus but supposedly a glycoprotein of SARS-COV-2. Who knows what its looking for. Btw your wife sounds like my sister, she has an addiction to COVID testing. It truly is a new cult, following the religion of Scientism lol.
  20. Hey man, I was in the same boat as you. Caught so called covid in 2021, it was a weird disease then. Caught "it" again and felt different symptoms but was weird as hell. I would feel good one day bad the next and so forth. Brain fog and fatigue were the strongest symptoms for the second bout. As well as my tonsils being always inflamed. Headaches were common too. Overall a shitty feeling, but fatigue was debilitating. But then I did some soul searching, and came to these conclusions: -There is no virus, read Virus Mania or The Contagion Myth for a good start into this revelation. -All these so called symptoms can be caused with changed in electric/emf field, read The Invisible Rainbow. Coincides with 5G grid installation all over the planet. -There can also be an unlimited number of factor contributing in general unwell being: toxins released in food, water, chemtrails, massive fear, etc,etc. This is spiritual warfare my friend. It is not a virus released in a lab, but it was deliberate. It is a soul and mind virus trying to take all us out. But we will withstand, God willing.
  21. Hahaha I got you Human, I will pray you remain unjabbed. Yes ive been sick too but thank God I got through it alright. Now I feel better than ever. Now the jabbed are presenting with similar symptoms, cough, chest pain, body aches, bronchitis. Maybe its flu or whatever they call flu( no longer suscribe to germ theory). Anways it does seem if they release something serious, the jabbed are f*cked. Almost want to curse my sis now for calling me a science denier and now shes suffering. But shes still my sis and I love her. But she thought she was protected with all her boosters. Made her kids get it too. Its a sad sad situation, when we are awake but our loved ones are stubborn in their ingnorant beliefs of the world. And yes this winter has been cold af, at least in the northwest. Not sure its enginnered but wouldnt be surprised. Just curious why this slow kill, why not just release DDT and give us all polio lol. Well, sorry for rambling, the show continues....
  22. Hey guys, just wanted to let you know, all the double vaxxed and boosted are getting sick now. Including my sister and staff. Unfuckenbelievable.
  23. ahhh sorry cant help you then, if you happen to cross over to the states I got you on a few tests ;)
  24. Good luck on your journey, get back to me when you have some feedback. Also with any questions brother.
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