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  1. The fighting was Holland not Austria ? In addition to that, there was a suggestion somewhere that one or two firms were out on the front line of that, so they probably muzzled up tactically ? One or two of the police knockdowns caught on vid suggested young pumped male. Certainly not complaining, more than happy for the firms to come out. Some bodies deserve a kicking back.
  2. Apologies if already posted. Article elaborates on Army and Police representatives indicating that they will not support certain government regulations. https://frenchdailynews.com/politics/3592-austria-rises-up-against-health-dictatorship
  3. I think the BBC were so shocked, that they simply 'reported it' and forgot that they should twist it with their usual bile. Anyway, well done to these people. Just need the 'communist collective of Canton arts centre' (You gotta be from Cardiff to get that joke) to follow suit.
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