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  1. What do you think? What have you read about this theory? What are some good sources? Of course, Satan is referred as a dragon or serpent of old, so he sounds like a reptilian. Maybe it was him the first reptilian who entered our 3rd dimension? Or he was and is the most powerful and knowledgeable reptilian with the highest rank. I have also read the theory that Cain was Satan and Eve's son and that the sexual relationship between Satan and Eve was the forbidden fruit at the Garden of Eden. Was this the beginning of the reptilian Illuminati bloodline?
  2. What's the story behind those photos? Where is that body or sculpture located? Is it really Iran? Who found it?
  3. It could have been any virus or bacteria. It's better not to try to induce people to vaccinate.
  4. Their lyrics are satanic. For example, in songs like Mourning Palace and In Death's Embrace. Also Tormentor's of Christian Souls! (That title, lol). Although I'm a fan of them.
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