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  1. Seraphims are reptilian spirits, probably from the fourth dimension. In early Christian medieval art they are represented with long serpent bodies. The name also refers to the serpent nature: seraph = serpent.
  2. This country is very mysterious for me. They seem to be independent and anti-system. They always speak against the United States and Israel governments. They have their own resources. They follow the Islamic law, and from what I've seen, with that type of law, they have managed to lower crime rates. But I guess, the Islamic law is too rigorous and brutal, that's another topic. Iran said that the recent problem with the death of that Iranian woman Amini and the subsequent protests against the Islamic laws were orchestrated by the USA. This topic is controversial. I'm against any murder and oppression, of course. However, are they really independent? Did they actually managed to be outside of the Illuminati control or are there Illuminati families in Iran also? Is the Ayatollah Jomenei a good or bad religious figure? Are they actually against satanic powers? Or are they pure bluff and the same beast with another religious approach? Do they know about the reptilians? Do they do reptilian rituals?
  3. Something similar for Europe? Oh, goodness.
  4. That guy investigation is crucial. That absolutely is not any clickbait, a clickbait would repeating the same information and maybe providing a simple theory like saying it was a faux event without any additional investigation. No, man, this guy is very informative. He checked the information about the Pakistani Vice-chair of the Engro corporation. He read about the upcoming hybrid seed program of Engro, the conflict with Monsanto hybrid seeds in Pakistan, also the important esoteric meaning of the term "hybrid seed", he discovered that the submarine was shaped like a grain of rice. The important clue of the names OceanGate and Titan, etc. Man, that's not clickbait.
  5. Here it is the answer: It was a ritual sacrifice. It was the implosion of the last natural seed and the RISE of the seed of the Titans out of the abyss, the same Nephilim, just as the days of Noah. The submarine looks like a grain of rice (there is a play on words with "rise"). The Pakistani businessman that died underwater was the vice-chairman of Engro Corporation that was working on a hybrid seed program. This created a conflict for Monsanto in Pakistan, that also produces hybrid seeds.
  6. Don't fall for that. Those are lies. They only say that The Beatles were created by Tavistock but they don't provide evidence for it. Read this quote from that article: "Picture the scene. It’s 1963 and Lennon and McCartney are struggling struggle with the composition of ‘She Loves You’. “She loves you,” says Lennon. “What comes next?” “Yeah, yeah, yeah?” chips in Adorno. “Brilliant, Teddie, just brilliant,” says McCartney." That's bullshit. And the alleged reason for creating The Beatles and The Rolling Stones? Only to create a counter-culture, rebellious youth and drug consumption. Sorry, but I just don't see it. The evolution of Beatles music can even inspire you (if you are a musician) and their lyrics are more creative and poetic than only "to influence you to use drugs". Besides, a counter-culture and rebellious youth must be very counterproductive for the elite. Lennon even said that LSD was a misfire from the CIA because: "They brought out LSD to control people, and what they did was give us freedom". I recommend you checking this blog: https://beaconfilms2011.blogspot.com/?m=0 . It's actually very informative about The Beatles, occultism and symbolism. The Beatles were in contact with some mason individuals and magicians. But that's it. There wasn't any hidden individual who wrote their songs. Remember also the remastered Let It Be film that just came out. There you can see Paul McCartney creating Get Back out of thin air (and The Beatles working on their songs).
  7. My theory is that Tartaria was destroyed and reset by the Illuminati and reptilians. The reason was that Tartarian people was getting very advanced and gaining a lot of occult knowledge, not only in technology, but in occultism, spirituality, including the reality of the reptilians from the 4th dimension. That was the reason they were destroyed and from what I understand, that was also the reason Atlantis and Lemuria were reset and destroyed before Tartaria. But well, I will need to investigate more to back this up. Although, there is the YouTube channel Exponiendo la Verdad (in Spanish) and that guy is very knowledgeable and has a website with his references and books from where he's gotten info about reptilians and the Illuminati.
  8. Do you know if Russian government is part of the Illuminati? Do they attend rituals? Do they drink adrenochrome? Do they know about reptilian channeling in rituals?
  9. For me, this could have been an occult ritual related to Greek mythology: a Greek Titan perishing under the Atlantic (Atlantis). Also remember that the Moon phase for June 19th, 2023 was a Waxing Crescent phase. It's the beginning of the Crescent phase, so on that day there was a phase change. In every Moon phase change, there is a reptilian ritual, where the Illuminati is able to channel reptilians. But well, I don't have all the information about occult rituals, so I would need to investigate more about Greek Titans and this accident.
  10. We need other kind of people to gain power, people who don't come from the blue blood lineage, that doesn't have reptilian blood, and weren't raised by these Illuminati elites or lodges. According to the EnterTheStars Youtube channel, the purest human bloodline without reptilian taint comes from the biblical Noah. Or well, myself, for example, I think I don't have reptilian blood (or not too much, at least), LOL
  11. The problem is I cannot find the original publication or video made by Arizona Wilder herself saying that.
  12. That is very impressive and scary. Although, I would think that these rituals would be held in a more organized way, in a more secret place, by the elite, not at an accessible forest (accessible for the public). From what I understand, the rituals also need to be underground, where the Earth 3rd dimension frequency is weaker.
  13. So, Arizona Wilder mentioned this "Old Ones" on her interview with David Icke. Here there is a transcription: They are reptilian also but they appear to be different than the reptilians that are channeled by the royals during rituals. These Old Ones are summoned and they appear in the middle of a hexagon (from what I understood) and with other occult symbols, they are kept from going outside that hexagon. They see the bloody reptilian rituals. But well, who are these Old Ones? Were they here on Earth in the past? Were they the ones who first entered our 3rd dimension to mix with humans? What else did they do on Earth? Why are they summoned?
  14. I didn't try CBT. You are right and that is a little scary
  15. Yeah, you are right. I needed to explore more the psychological and emotional side of anxiety. I didn't think it was about some emotional trauma, because I know what my traumas were and are. I think they aren't too traumatic, lol. But well, it must not be so simple and I think you are right. I needed more guidance from a psychologist. But don't think I didn't try psychological methods to overcome anxiety. I tried: slow breathing, breathing with the abdomen, tapping technique for stress relief, etc.
  16. This didn't work for me. I know it is only a psychological trigger of only thinking or remembering the anxiety feeling but even being conscious that it's only psychological wasn't enough to calm my mind. Well, I think I needed to consult a psychologist, also. I didn't do that. I only consulted a psychiatrist and he only told me it was social phobia and prescribed pills. At least in the present it's more manageable.
  17. My wife says it is the true religion from the true creator god. I'm not convinced but well, read a little... But well, this the Shia branch of Islam. She understood that Shia Islam respects women and that men treat women better if they follow the Quran, that women are more protected and not sexualized with the hijab and islamic marriage. She says that the Quran improved on the Bible, that the prophets are more pious, better people and didn't indulge in sins like adultery or assassination. She also prefers the story of Adam and Eve on the Quran. That both of them were tempted by the Devil at the same time and that Adam and Eve were created equal without presenting the story of the rib. What do you think? Many analysts and theorists have presented great decodes about the Bible but maybe do we need to read the Quran more?
  18. I still have anxiety but now it's very manageable. Although, long trips on car or bus can be somehow hard with bad breathing and choking feeling. Sometimes I get fear of vomiting but I'm able to relax or distract myself with something else. Some years ago, it was extremely hard. I developed agoraphobia and many times, I was all day with the anxiety feeling. Some trips to my home town or to the beach could get very hard but I tried to take the trips as therapy. I tried many things, some relaxation techniques, slow breathing, passionflower extracts, natural remedies, you know, but none worked. What worked was sertraline, an antidepressant. That was the only thing that helped and yes, I think it improved my mood. I felt more confident, relaxed, and I think (I think) I didn't care too much about things!
  19. I read somewhere that Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon is tuned to 432 Hz.
  20. Well, you may be right but I don't know. How can you prove it is fakery? Well, I'm not contradicting you specifically but I need proof... Some report, some document, some photo that shows a staging of the mortar attack, etc.
  21. What do you think? What have you read about this theory? What are some good sources? Of course, Satan is referred as a dragon or serpent of old, so he sounds like a reptilian. Maybe it was him the first reptilian who entered our 3rd dimension? Or he was and is the most powerful and knowledgeable reptilian with the highest rank. I have also read the theory that Cain was Satan and Eve's son and that the sexual relationship between Satan and Eve was the forbidden fruit at the Garden of Eden. Was this the beginning of the reptilian Illuminati bloodline?
  22. What's the story behind those photos? Where is that body or sculpture located? Is it really Iran? Who found it?
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