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  1. We need other kind of people to gain power, people who don't come from the blue blood lineage, that doesn't have reptilian blood, and weren't raised by these Illuminati elites or lodges. According to the EnterTheStars Youtube channel, the purest human bloodline without reptilian taint comes from the biblical Noah. Or well, myself, for example, I think I don't have reptilian blood (or not too much, at least), LOL
  2. The problem is I cannot find the original publication or video made by Arizona Wilder herself saying that.
  3. That is very impressive and scary. Although, I would think that these rituals would be held in a more organized way, in a more secret place, by the elite, not at an accessible forest (accessible for the public). From what I understand, the rituals also need to be underground, where the Earth 3rd dimension frequency is weaker.
  4. So, Arizona Wilder mentioned this "Old Ones" on her interview with David Icke. Here there is a transcription: They are reptilian also but they appear to be different than the reptilians that are channeled by the royals during rituals. These Old Ones are summoned and they appear in the middle of a hexagon (from what I understood) and with other occult symbols, they are kept from going outside that hexagon. They see the bloody reptilian rituals. But well, who are these Old Ones? Were they here on Earth in the past? Were they the ones who first entered our 3rd dimension to mix with humans? What else did they do on Earth? Why are they summoned?
  5. What do you think about this theory, the giant silicone-based trees from antiquity? Here is a good video about it: I think it is correct. All those mesas and mountains look like giant tree stumps. Also many ancient mythologies from the whole world mention giant trees or even fantastical trees of the Tree of Life type (for example, the Bible, Norse mythology, and many more). Many of these mountains, if not all, have basaltic hexagonal parts, exactly like trees. The hexagon shape is important in our matrix. This theory says that they were silicon-based, not carbon-based, although that part of the theory is very specific and interesting, I haven't found a more detailed explanation or description as to why they were silicon-based. The YouTube channel EnterTheStars explains that these giant trees were gateways to Heaven, so they had some kind of inter-dimensional property. EnterTheStars also explains that the elite, the Illuminati, knows about these ancient trees and they have exposed that information via movies, TV, art, media, etc. (for example, Avatar). Well, also, that video from YouTube mentions that the Nephilim cut down these trees. What I'm thinking is that the reptilian, the same fallen angels, cut them down to damage the Earth and to damage our extrasensory capabilities, to diminish our ability to enter higher states of consciousness. That helped the reptilians to infiltrate the Earth and create the Illuminati. Do you think I'm right? Was that the reason the trees were cut down? If the reptilians cut them down, how did they do it?
  6. I didn't try CBT. You are right and that is a little scary
  7. Yeah, you are right. I needed to explore more the psychological and emotional side of anxiety. I didn't think it was about some emotional trauma, because I know what my traumas were and are. I think they aren't too traumatic, lol. But well, it must not be so simple and I think you are right. I needed more guidance from a psychologist. But don't think I didn't try psychological methods to overcome anxiety. I tried: slow breathing, breathing with the abdomen, tapping technique for stress relief, etc.
  8. This didn't work for me. I know it is only a psychological trigger of only thinking or remembering the anxiety feeling but even being conscious that it's only psychological wasn't enough to calm my mind. Well, I think I needed to consult a psychologist, also. I didn't do that. I only consulted a psychiatrist and he only told me it was social phobia and prescribed pills. At least in the present it's more manageable.
  9. My wife says it is the true religion from the true creator god. I'm not convinced but well, read a little... But well, this the Shia branch of Islam. She understood that Shia Islam respects women and that men treat women better if they follow the Quran, that women are more protected and not sexualized with the hijab and islamic marriage. She says that the Quran improved on the Bible, that the prophets are more pious, better people and didn't indulge in sins like adultery or assassination. She also prefers the story of Adam and Eve on the Quran. That both of them were tempted by the Devil at the same time and that Adam and Eve were created equal without presenting the story of the rib. What do you think? Many analysts and theorists have presented great decodes about the Bible but maybe do we need to read the Quran more?
  10. I still have anxiety but now it's very manageable. Although, long trips on car or bus can be somehow hard with bad breathing and choking feeling. Sometimes I get fear of vomiting but I'm able to relax or distract myself with something else. Some years ago, it was extremely hard. I developed agoraphobia and many times, I was all day with the anxiety feeling. Some trips to my home town or to the beach could get very hard but I tried to take the trips as therapy. I tried many things, some relaxation techniques, slow breathing, passionflower extracts, natural remedies, you know, but none worked. What worked was sertraline, an antidepressant. That was the only thing that helped and yes, I think it improved my mood. I felt more confident, relaxed, and I think (I think) I didn't care too much about things!
  11. I read somewhere that Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon is tuned to 432 Hz.
  12. Well, you may be right but I don't know. How can you prove it is fakery? Well, I'm not contradicting you specifically but I need proof... Some report, some document, some photo that shows a staging of the mortar attack, etc.
  13. What do you think? What have you read about this theory? What are some good sources? Of course, Satan is referred as a dragon or serpent of old, so he sounds like a reptilian. Maybe it was him the first reptilian who entered our 3rd dimension? Or he was and is the most powerful and knowledgeable reptilian with the highest rank. I have also read the theory that Cain was Satan and Eve's son and that the sexual relationship between Satan and Eve was the forbidden fruit at the Garden of Eden. Was this the beginning of the reptilian Illuminati bloodline?
  14. What's the story behind those photos? Where is that body or sculpture located? Is it really Iran? Who found it?
  15. It could have been any virus or bacteria. It's better not to try to induce people to vaccinate.
  16. Their lyrics are satanic. For example, in songs like Mourning Palace and In Death's Embrace. Also Tormentor's of Christian Souls! (That title, lol). Although I'm a fan of them.
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