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  1. I want to thank you all for being my lifeline. Since I have been here, I've met some amazing people. Thanks to the Icke family too for this forum and being able to speak my mind. We may not always agree but we can respectfully agree to disagree and by and large, people do so here. I can be myself with you and that means a lot. There's a lot of wisdom, support and good humour at this forum. Once again everyone, thank you. I really appreciate you all.
  2. My neighbour and the 95+% of people who seem to all share the one brain cell.
  3. That's true however the PTB haven't gone to all this trouble to risk too many decisions on County level organisers.
  4. Meanwhile, after their 54th jab and 25 boosters they still won't be going on holiday and still blaming the healthy unvaxxed for their woes.
  5. I'm out of likes. I agree. It rejuvenates me like nothing else.
  6. No dog. Just 2 very affectionate but ultimately, lazy cats
  7. I'm going to get out today in fact. I don't know anyone who is awake but even just a walk outside in nature is better than being stuck in with my thoughts. I am sorry I wrote as I did because it is a depressing read however you really are all I have and you've been most supportive to me. Thank you.
  8. I am with you on this however there is only one issue I can see with it. If those who have taken the jabs start dropping like flies then the only people who will be left with be us 'lepers' who haven't taken it. There are enough of us to rise up and take the government and authorities on which they don't want. Or maybe they do? Maybe that is their game plan all along. Get rid of the people who were willing to take it. Those of us who would be left would be moved to settlements around the country so we couldn't rise up in any great numbers. Inside those areas, we would be paid far more than we had been, we would be able to (even in smaller numbers) do the jobs vacated by the dead and dying plus we would remain in line because a) we would have that extra pay and I am sure the PTB would make our surroundings very comfortable so we couldn't complain and b) we would know that if we did try something, we would be forcibly given the shots. A 'win' for us. We would be free of the self-righteous folk who sought to have us jabbed, live in a much higher level of comfort and safety so long as we didn't get any 'crazy ideas' and a win for them - they would have much more money and all the power. A lot of the people they mobilised as 'useful idiots' they hated anyway so they would be free of them.
  9. Why do I keep seeing Benjam!n Butterworth everywhere now? He's just been on talkRadio discussing how anyone who doesn't take the jab is an idiot. Who is he and why is he given so much airtime? Caution, the below image might give the one circulating of Jacinda, a decent run for its money.
  10. I totally agree. I've wasted far too much time hoping the sleepers awaken. They're even more comatose than they were when all this started. There's no hope for them. It's time to build networks of people who are awake and help those who are awakening. If we do manage to win out though, I won't have a thing to do with those who did nothing. I'm not going to battle for them. I'm going to battle for us.
  11. Very true. Gesture politics at best. We know it can be done and quickly at that because we saw so at the beginning of all this. They don't do it outside of crises because they don't want to. I agree.
  12. I've mentioned him quite a few times now but seeing my once friendly, chatty neighbour turn on me and become unpleasant and oddly combative doesn't bode well for the future. The PTB are actively getting the vaxxed to turn on the unvaxxed. They couldn't be clearer about that. Sajid Javid stated recently that if the homeless don't get jabbed they can remain in that condition. That was on Mayhar Tousi's YouTube channel very recently. I'm dreading the direction people are going in already. I think mandatory shots are coming and not just for certain sectors. For everyone.
  13. Hi. How does one go about setting up their own channel? Whether that's Bitchute, Rumble, YouTube etc and producing content? I don't wish to be on screen, I want it to be audio however I know nothing about editing or adding images, music and that type of thing. Is there a way I can keep it very simple yet with it feeling professional or at the very least, not amateurish? I am using a Chromebook and that means the amount of disk space is very low indeed, coming in at about 1 Gb of space. I have very limited financial means. I don't even know if I have a voice which is worth hearing as I don't have any specialist knowledge or expertise other than personal feelings pertaining to what's been happening. In the space of the last 21 months, I have pretty much lost all the people around me and I am thinking I cannot be alone in that. If nothing else, I would like to give hope to those who are losing hope by the day. Any tips, suggestions or feedback would be greatly and gratefully appreciated. Thank you.
  14. I have responded to the above linked thread. I am endlessly fascinated by this subject. Seeing all the coded numbers coming up.
  15. So butter, not spread? The cod liver oil delivers the A & D within it?
  16. I wasn't aware of Yo-Yo Ma the Cellist but yes, a lot of those names.
  17. I live at No.33 My birthday sums to 33 not including the year, which makes 44. My previous house was 44. The first place I lived was Flat 3. No. 23. The pandemic began on March 23 (323) 2020. The GE which installed Boris the puppet is on my birthday. Two of the most recently approved vaccines directly reference in their trade names, something of a personal significance to me. My name sums to 56, the Jesuits. I am not knocking all the weird incidences of numbers however how far do we take it? This is not a criticism by the way as this topic fascinates me endlessly.
  18. Wow! I was going to ask, why don't people in those places come forward and say these stories aren't real? Why would they risk it? Mainstream media wouldn't cover it. The police and local authorities would know who the person/people were. It wouldn't be worth their while. I have just seen this link. I don't know how true it is but the notes underneath the video seem plausible enough. https://rumble.com/vpot5p-dr.-david-martin-who-they-are-the-names-and-faces-of-the-people-who-are-kil.html
  19. Wow. Does that mean these stories are placed there purely to plant fear and have no veracity? No, I suppose not. It's just that, as you say, we go searching and we get even more horror stories.
  20. This is what I can't get with the numbers. Are they coding for the people who are behind this to know everything is working as it's been envisaged? Is the 33 (as well as 23, 323, 33, 333, 44, 66, 77, 88 etc) an insider code saying this (whatever is being reported) isn't going to happen but it's having the desired outcome, eg fear porn of the magnitude to keep the populations cowed? Or something else entirely?
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